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Found 4 results

  1. Engine upgrade?

    Hey guys Some days ago Unity presented a new version of their engine and what should I say? Its overwhelming! I know that the BSG team works on graphics and other stuff to make the game more authentic but also more "beautiful". So do you think there also could be an engine upgrade so there are more possibilities for the team or is there a higher chance to break the current game work they spent so they "destroy" the game? I mean i like the style of the current game building but when i see how grass looked like 2-3 years ago and how trees look like or move in the woods i ffel kingd of scared I believe in the team and hope they make good things come true... Until then Let´s escape!
  2. Hello, I am report this issue because it is detrimental to my game play. I bought the EoD edition for the SHEER reason of supporting the devs because what you guys have going here is incredible. I have only played EFT on an Alienware laptop (Trust me if I had the choice I would never have gotten near the thing ;P) and it works by using both Intel Graphics and a 1070 as conjoined member (I am unable to shut off the Intel graphics without the computer cutting off access to the 1070). Currently what is going on is EFT does not know how to function properly in this environment and splits the workload 50/50. Doing this is limiting the 1070 to run at the same speed as the Intel, and that should be a self explanatory reason as to why that is a red flag. I am willing to give the devs anything they need about my system to get this problem fixed. I'm currently running all other game fine and only getting <30 frames, <20 fps in combat, in EFT. With much appreciation- ShinyLeapFrog
  3. So straight off the bat, I go into a game on Factory with a Suppressed TT, I get 3 kills, all easy, 2 AK-74U AI and one hatchling, go underground and unlock the door to the Exfil, a few AI come down the ramp and into the long tunnel, I managed to kill them without any issues, I begin to slowly walk down the corridor in fear one more is there, next thing I know, the render distance blurs out end of the corridor where a Player Scav was waiting, as he peaked, I couldn't see him, just the muzzle flash, this has to change, I was half way down the corridor near the metal staircase when the render distance blurred out the end of the corridor, I have went into an offline match to recreate the annoying blur that got me killed. The map is seriously too small and that corridor shouldn't ever cause blur like that due to the fact I had my eye and TT pointed at that corner, personally I feel the dev team should make sure that the render distance on Factory is tweaked because of the small size of the map. Has anyone else had this before? If you look at the pictures, I have taken several, you can see how this blur occurs and when you get further, it goes away. One thing to note, on the image where I am furthest away, you can see the end of the corridor clearly, is has no blur to it and you can pick targets quite easily, whereas you get closer, the corridor then blurs at the end and then stops blurring after a certain point
  4. Outlook of the Unity Engine

    So both Contract Wars and EFT seem to be using the Unity engine. Are you going to be staying with Unity for future projects (like R2028) or eventually going to be using the CryEngine? I'm asking because the prealpha footage of R2028 was created using Crytek's engine, but it looks like Unity can do the job just as well, if not better. However, I was under the impression that since Contract Wars was a browser-based game, Unity was more suitable and CryEngine was better overall for client-based games. So EFT using Unity was a bit of a surprise for me.