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  1. Khaotics

    [NA] [18+] Gamers Union [New]

    Hello! We are NOT a big clan, we are a total of 4 friends that play similar games together but always like to expand our friends list with other like minded players. This is a new discord. Not really much going on right now. But the goal is to build friendships, not just inviting everyone. We use to play mainly at night but we are working our schedules for morning/afternoon time. There may be late night gameplay but with work schedules, time may differ. If you are interested in joining a freshly new discord with some pretty laid back gamers, this is your chance! https://discord.gg/ZVvEyw7Qhr Thanks!
  2. I tried to join a session. Waited over 30 minutes and tried multiple locations. I was finally able to load into a session. I spawn into the game for 5 seconds then I got shot in the back and died. Great game.
  3. FreeChloroform

    NA West looking for players

    Hey, I have played for 1 wipe. Looking for anyone who is 18+ and enjoys a chill atmosphere. Free Chloroform#1967 is my discord
  4. OnlineKeener

    South America LFG

    Need a duo player who speaks English in South America as I don’t know Portuguese or Spanish
  5. I'm writing this post in english, as I understand that swedish (my native tongue) is not necessarily understood by all of you. My task as emissary of Sweden is to gather the input on the current development and relay feedback and ideas to Battlestate. As I know that there is no representative for each of the countries, I have taken upon myself to also have my brother countries nations heard. Thus, should you wish to contribute to this list of ideas, feel welcome to do so in this thread. (It is OK to write here in English).
  6. Hi guys. First time posting, not really sure if this is the right subforum but whatever. I've noticed a lot of grammatical errors and unnatural phrasing in the English version of the game. I don't speak Russian so I can't do any translating, but I'm interested in proofreading/correcting the English text for this game, and it would be useful to have a word document to edit. I suppose I could just screenshot any errors I see and correct them on the image, and just send them to you guys, and allow you to implement the changes. Is that something BSG would be interested in?
  7. Slickmund

    The Mischief

    The Mischief "We are the rustling down the hallway, scurrying out of sight. Feeding of your efforts, that's our birthright." "We are the scratch marks on a corpse, retreiving spoils from demise. We are the true victors of conflict, the ones that you despise." The Mischief A community dedicated to the way of the rat. For if you are a coward, look no further, we have your back. Well your backpack that is along with the rest of your stuff, thanks for that. All jokes aside, naturally there is a focus on teamplay within our ranks, us rats scurry and scuffle together as one. For one rat is little more than an annoyance waiting to be crushed, a pack of rats is called a mischief for a reason. They cant check every nook and cranny, but we certainly can slither into each and everyone of those. If you enjoy the thrills of ambushing, looting opportunistically and winning with a low blow, join the Mischief. For we fight below the belt, exclusively. Requirements: 18+ (General rule, 16+ if vouched for), English speaking (You dont have to speak it fluently, beginners welcomed.), some level of common decency. Discord: https://discord.gg/VejB7u7 Feel free to ask questions, post feedback, or give us a good poke in the form of a reply below. Hit em with the rat attack! ~ General Sam
  8. OfficerKiloTV

    Looking for group - US East

    Hello! Looking for people to play with in the USA, currently just my buddy and I, he's PST and I am EST, but looking for more people to group with. Not the greatest players in the world, but getting the hang of the game. I also stream on twitch, so if we play together I will most likely be live so people can't be overly toxic or say poo that will get me banned, otherwise I'll do anything in this game. My name on discord is Krillin416#3243. If you add me on there I'll send you a link to my private discord server, or you can send me yours doesn't matter to me! See you inside
  9. YaBoiCamB


    okay so im new and having trouble finding the extractions even with the maps, so i wanted to join the discord so i could hopefully LFG and get some people to help me out a little but the server is down. is there anybody noticing this yet?
  10. Captainknots45

    English Speaking In and near Japan [DISCORD]

    I am looking for 1 or 2 people who speak english as it is my only language and also live in or near japan to play with. I'm tired of going up against groups solo. I have a discord. Reply if interested.
  11. Zeroa

    [ deleted

  12. h0ppy

    OCE Aussie LFG/P

    Hey guys, I'm here looking for some OCE people to play with. I'm a 28 year old aussie born man and i have been playing EFT on and off for the last 2 / 3 years. The friends that I have played with over the years have either moved away or stopped playing 😞 So I'm putting this post up to find some people to play with 1 or 2 would be perfect! Im level 36 and consider myself fairly skill (nothing special). I don't care what level you are or how long you have played for just so long as your cool and don't rage all the time hahah Thanks for the big read! Message me on discord or reply on the post if you're interested! Thanks h0ppy Discord: h0ppy#1919i In-Game: h0ppy-ck
  13. Dr3amCircl3

    Looking for Group - US

    Just looking to play with others... Let me know if you're interested!
  14. ThalonGauss

    English LFG ASI

    I started this wipe, I am around the intermediate stage of skill, I am an American living in China atm, so it is a bit difficult for me to find anyone to play with that I can effectively communicate with haha. If anyone is interested in a group lmk, I'm currently level 34.
  15. Fairly experienced player, had the game for about a year. I don't really mind how good you are, just don't be toxic or clueless. I live in the US, and usually am available to play 1-10pm MST ----> https://discord.gg/dQVvHdh ----> Mellow#0683
  16. gplay98


    Looking for Group pretty new but im good at killing not so much where im going.
  17. NiallUK

    LFG - New Player Incoming - Scav Runs?

    Hi all, I've been playing for the past 2 days and i'm loving it! Just wondered if there's any english speaking players out there who wanna play sometime? If so, add my discord and message me and i'll be sure to play! Region is EU. Discord name: NiallJones#5419
  18. theWaterGod

    LFG - New Player

    Hey! Been playing non-stop since I got it a few days ago and wanted to try playing with people. I'm in PST Timezone and pretty much playing most of the day as college classes are off for a bit. I'm up for any kind of play-style, but I do, more often than not, play casually. theWaterGod#6760
  19. GeorgeMc14

    Looking for English speaking people

    Doing labs runs etc if anyone wants to join, geared too join the discord or reply to this post https://discord.gg/TyceeE

    Looking for English person to play with

    Hi I’m looking for someone English to play with. I’m a bit of a new comer to Tarkov so could use any help available plus playing in a duo is more fun than on my own hit me up if your down I’ve got my own discord too
  21. KarlTwitch

    Looking for long term Mates

    Hello, since the German Section don´t have an LFG Forum, I am forced to search for some mates here, my English is not to good so please forgive me. I do not care for Clan and Discord Community Spams. If the following Statistic get your Attention feel free to Message me: •Alias: Karl/Kalle •Age: 22 •Nationality: German •Tarkov: Since 4 Days •Playstyle: Tactical, Sneaky, Accurate Shooting, Bad CC I know much except the Maps, level 6 USEC. I play serious but I also like to do some Jokes`n Trolls
  22. So, I'm not sure when this became a problem, but after one of the patches, my cursor hasn't been staying locked onto just my screen while in-game, even though everything is set to Fullscreen, that being in-game and in the client launcher. This makes this really difficult for aiming and attempting to shoot, being that it tabs me out of game due to the cursor dragging itself out of game, onto my second monitor. The simple work around would be to just use one of monitors while playing Tarkov, but being the only game that I have this unique issue with, I feel like I shouldn't have to do that. My question is: Am I the only one having this problem, or is this a known issue yet? And secondly, is there a fix?
  23. H0lyGoose

    To Anyone LFG..

    I imagine there are going to be a lot of new players looking for someone to group up with since the drop of free beta keys etc. You're all more than welcome to join my server, where there are a few of us of who love to play the game who will be willing to play with you. We're easy going, friendly, and have a bit of a laugh. We speak english and while it's not a requirement we'd prefer 18+ as the chat channel can be a little explicit at times. Here's the invite code: https://discord.gg/tYd9D2M Have fun! Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  24. Law_91

    UK team LF players.

    3 english players looking for more UK players to join our squad, 18+ & have discord
  25. I am kinda new to the game i have 60 hours in the game but i know the basics and callouts etc but i need a team to play with who play a lot. requirements below.. - 18+ - English speaking - Very good mic - Not toxic - Willing to help others and work as a team Not asking for much just need a good bunch of people to play with who take this game seriously but can have a laugh at the sametime! I am also a streamer so will be streaming every game we play! Leave me a message if interested or comment below and i will send you the discord HAPPY HUNTING!
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