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Found 9 results

  1. So I have been playing Tarkov for a good while now with my friends, and I thought about upgrading to EOD. But when I went to check on upgrading my account, I found out that it costs more to upgrade than to just buy EOD in the first place. Here, let me explain: |Okay yo so the Standard edition is $35 and the Left Behind edition is $58 58-35 = $23 In difference But to upgrade from standard to Left Behind it costs $30 Okay, well lets try with the Edge of Darkness One which is $110 $110 - $35 = is a difference of $75 But it costs $95 to upgrade to Edge of Darkness from the standard edition. I am not saying it should be less money, but that the cost of upgrading should match the cost of buying. It just seems like a scummy move to increase the price.
  2. I know I am not the first to mention this over the years, but I can't find a solution other than waiting or who ever posted never posted the solution. I bought the Escape from Darkness around 5 days ago and still have not received the items and expansion stash. Anyone know a solution other than wiping the progress?
  3. I upgraded my account yesterday (27/12/2020), from standard to EOD, and right now i dont have the message from the system with my new stuff, and i dont have the stash either, i have been looking at websites and forums, and all the answer are from 2019, some people said that you have to reset the profile and others that its update and you dont need to, i wrote a ticket but they didnt answer, anyone have any idea?
  4. Ich habe Per Mastercard über Trustly direct bank transfer die EOD version gekauft. habe weder eine mail zur bestätigung erhalten noch die Edge of darkness version. was soll ich jetzt tun oder sind die 90 Euro weg ?
  5. So I was given the standard edition by a friend who lives in the EU but I live in the US so everything is in euros for me. If I upgrade using my card will it convert to euros or do I need to jump through some hoops to do it?
  6. so a few minutes ago i upgraded to EOD, but 5 minutes before i reset my account. i havent recieved the upgrade message everyone on the forums is talking about, should i have not reset my profile before the purchase? my in game profile has the crown now and its recognising i have EOD but i havent redcieved the message. Honestly dont want to wait 3 more weeks if possible for the upgrade.
  7. I need some help for my account , at 13-2-2020 i buy EOD pack , it’s still good , i have gamma , stash 10x66 , but I don’t know why today 23-2-2020 my account lost EOD pack . I still keep email i buy EOD pack , i so sorry my english not well . If you guys don’t understand pls see 2 pictures.
  8. Noenkel

    Upgrade not arriving

    Hi I've bought the upgrade from standard edition to EOD this morning but my upgrade has yet to arrive. Both my account and client tell me I am playing the EOD edition. On other forum people have told me they received it instantly after buying the upgrade without having to wipe their account. Can someone explain me why it's taking this long for me? Is the upgrade bugged? Thanks in advance
  9. soul7wolf

    EOD questions

    hello escapers, I have couple of question about this package i recently got. If it has been asked before forgive me but I'm dying to know. 1. "Bonus equipment at start, Additional equipment and resources in stash, Large field backpack, Even more cash at the start and Combat tactical tomahawk." my question is which one of these do I re-spawn with if I die and which i lose forever if I die? if so at the beginning of the game is there a way for me to store them in the stash before moving on ? 2.What is "Unique secured container"? 3.If my region is locked in AE ( United Arab Emirates, Dubai ) does this mean I can't join EU servers ? 4.Who is excited as much as I am to play the game ? thanks, escaper Soul7Wolf,
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