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  1. I know I am not the first to mention this over the years, but I can't find a solution other than waiting or who ever posted never posted the solution. I bought the Escape from Darkness around 5 days ago and still have not received the items and expansion stash. Anyone know a solution other than wiping the progress?
  2. OppaHyuna

    EoD rep bugged

    Anyone else having their trader rep bugged? I have EoD and i'm lvl 14, almost 15 and prapor is only on 0.08 rep atm. Only Ragman (questline not started yet) has 0.2, all the other traders don't seem to get the EoD boost. Anyone else with eod expereiencing this issue? and anyone knows how to fix? https://gyazo.com/fde146dac3896bd448425a6e40381003 as you can see ragman is 0.20 but rest is far below what they should be on an eod-account
  3. I was told to bring this issue here to the forums. sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, never been here. I upgraded my account from standard to EOD because I really enjoy this game and wanted to support the development. After having played for more than 100 hours, I think itd be nice if EOD purchasers had the option to decline the extra gear and stash upgrade and start the game "vanilla" upon full release. Id like to be able to earn the extra stash space rather than it given to me. And no, I don't want to just buy another copy.
  4. Preminger

    EOD upgrade not received

    Hey there! I've bought EOD on May 28th, and I've not yet received any of the upgrades. The only thing I've received is golden name and the crown displayed. Does anyone have any other similar issues since 20 days have passed since the purchase was made. My launcher and website both display EOD but there are no messaged from system in-game. Best regards!
  5. Upgraded to Edge of Darkness on Dec 27th and i have not received my bonus items from the in-game mail. I have opened a support ticket almost a week ago but still have received no reply.
  6. I upgraded from standard to EOD during Black Friday Sale. After some hours I received the items (like the EOD melee Weapon), the golden name and the bigger stash. Sadly the Gamma Container is still missing. Saw that some people had this problem, but nobody, who found a solution to get the gamma added to their account. So, does anyone know a way to get the gamma (hopefully one without resetting my account)? Or do Mods just look for those problems to fix them?(If you are a mod and could handle the problem, it would be very nice of you to fix it❤️)
  7. ÖÖÖhm mal ne Frage, habe aufgrund einer fälschlichen Annahme nen Account reset gemacht und habe eine Sperre bis zum 4. April. Jetzt habe ich mir aber die EoD Limited geholt und kann meinen Account nicht zurück setzen um dieses zu Aktivieren. Was ich persönlich sehr Schade finde. Würde es mal ein klassisches Eigentor nennen, hoffe aber trotzdem das man mir hier weiter helfen kann, da der Support ja mal 10 Tage brauchen kann bis zur Antwort MfG
  8. BlackCowboy

    EOD reset

    Scenario: If I had the EOD edition and I decided to reset everything will I lose everything that came with EOD or will it reset to EOD items?
  9. I don't know who to tell. It's already been 3 days. The support's already been sent. I think some of the others are having a problem. I don't know. I'm starting to think about set all. ...
  10. Spear_dragon

    Account Upgrade problem

    Hello, I upgraded from a standard version to EoD version. I got a unique nickname, but I didn't receive any other Gamma Container, Stash or Items. I request support(#3734531) and I also have a XSolla receipt. I don't want to reset my account and I hope this problem will be solved soon. I am sorry that my English is poor. Thanks.
  11. emltong245

    Upgrading to edge of darkness?

    Is the edge of darkness worth the money and if I already reset my account as a standard edition and upgrade to edge of darkness edition will the reset timer allow me to reset my account so I can get the benefits of edge of darkness?
  12. chiquitita

    Purchased EoD, nothing changed.

    I purchased EoD edition on 5th of January. I can see that I bought it. It shows me on my website profile that I have the EoD edition. Launcher also shows me that I have the EoD edition, but system did not give me my new items and also my stash is the same as the old one. It was Prepare for Escape edition. I upgraded it as I said, but nothing changed. There is neither gift nor the stash got bigger. I also uninstalled the game and re-installed it, nothing changed again. By the way, i don't know why did that happen but I took my christmas gift on 26th December. When I purchased EoD at the night of 5th January, I accidentely clicked on "RECEIVE GIFT" button and it gave me christmas for the second time. Is it the problem that system did not upgrade my game edition? It would be awesome if someone can help me about this. In the screenshot you can see the crown icon next to my nickname, but in the next screenshot you will see that my stash is not EoD edition stash. Thank you for your time.
  13. The_HyperBeast

    Upgrade von Standard auf EoD

    Moin, ich habe gerade eben auf EoD upgraded und habe auch die P90 etc. erhalten aber mein Inventar wurde nicht vergrößert. Muss ich den Account nochmal reseten, weil mein Loot von vorher ist auch noch da? Vielen Dank, Mike
  14. Not sure if this has been already suggested but couldn't find any widely popular opinion on this, but I think it would be nice if you could add a slider in your profile where owners of EOD and the other editions, could change their stash size to the standard edition size. Now with the hideout implemented, I think it would add another thing to work on without having to suffer from a small stash size for the entire game.
  15. Jemahne

    My Container Suggestion

    Hi Nikita, devs, and the Tarkov community Hopefully the developers may look at this versus the current Reddit posts flooding about, and I would like to share my opinion on containers. Currently containers are in a good spot, but they can be improved and become better. My idea is to have containers only be usable once in a raid, and that's it. What this means is having to actually scour a loot location before making the decision of accessing the container to put items inside the container itself. The only limitation that I am suggesting is that you can only move items inside the container itself once in the raid. You will still be able to use your keybar, docs, SICC case, etc, and you should still be able to utilize the items as well as meds. I understand this is a part of hundreds of other suggestions, but I hope that this one stands out a bit more.
  16. knotiice

    EOD ending next patch

    so apparently next patch there ending edge of darkness so what is going to happen to new purchases are you going to be able to get larger stash? gamma case ? gold name anymore ....thanks
  17. zdravko010688

    upgrade package

    hey guys I wanna upgrade my game version to the largest version but have a lot gear already and i wanna keep the items i have now will they be send to me after the payment or what. does anybody know thanks
  18. Hi guys, do someone know when will be EOD *only* content released? This question is bothering me all the time. Thanks for answers And have a good night, od day :D. See ya in Tarkov!
  19. I'm not exactly sure if this is the correct place to ask this aside from a direct developer question so bare with me. I was looking to upgrade from standard to EOD, and I was wondering if it was only the stash and equipment that transferred over, or if the other content came with it. Like the "Initially good standing with all in-game traders" and the 400k Rubles. Thanks!
  20. I tried to upgrade to EOD and it said the transaction was cancelled, so i tried again and it still said the transaction was cancelled and now im left with no upgrade and a double charge.
  21. Pozer57

    Upgrade to EoD mid wipe?

    I'm a somewhat new player and didn''t want to drop $150 before even playing, but I've come to love the game and haven't had this much fun playing anything in a long time. I have a full stash and most of my traders are high level. My friend said he upgraded to EoD and received some of the items without having to reset his account. Is this true or do I have to restart if I want to upgrade?
  22. Hallo Leute, das letzte Giveaway ist noch nicht lange her, aber wir planen schon das nächste Im September wird es erneut ein Giveaway geben, indem wir 2 Gamekeys von Escape from Tarkov verlosen. Eine Edge of Darkness Edition ist schonmal im Topf, diese hat sich aus dem Rabatt während des letzten Sales ergeben Für eine weitere Edition, haben wir jetzt angefangen, Spenden zu sammeln. Also mal schauen welche Edition die Spardose ermöglicht. Soviel erstmal zur Info. Sonstige wichtige Daten zum Giveaway werde ich im Laufe der nächsten Woche hier einfügen. Geplant ist das Giveaway grob etwa gegen Mitte bis Ende September, also round about in einem Monat. Vielen Dank für euren Support, euer PIK
  23. BlazinMenace

    Hideout and EoD

    Hello Devs, I have looked, and admittedly not as hard as I had wished. There has been a lingering question that I have been dying to know the answer to. What will be the changes or the extra perks for those of us who bought EoD (or as the outsiders call it "pay to win", ha) since we will no longer have the extra space above everyone else. I understand how this can sound selfish, but when you raid and are greedy it carries over. Thanks, Ryan "BlazinMenace"
  24. Armin

    Edition Upgrade Change?

    how i understood it you need to upgrade your edition and reset your account to get bigger stash and the weapons. will it get changed in the near future? so you can upgrade without starting from scratch?
  25. Mal eine Frage: Wenn ich jetzt die EoD kauf bekomme ich dann trotzdem das Geschenk mit der Keybar und dem anderen Zeug oder ist die Aktion vorbei ? Have fun in raid
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