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Found 4 results

  1. Its hard to explain but i'll give it a try. i noticed that Mosin Dudes somehow ignore Physics/Ergonomics. I often see them strafe walking, jumping and easily one tap me in the Head, sometimes they shoot while reloading and strafing and perfectly hit me in the Head. Whenever i encounter someone with a Mosin i tend to run away no matter what Gear i wear because that poo happens to me everytime. When i use a Mosin it takes like a second to Aim down Sight, in that time usually get killed, also i have to perfectly allign the sights to make a somewhat accurate shot. When i run it takes even longer to stop, bring up the gun and THEN allign the Sights. So how are Hatchlings with Sniper Mosin able to kill me while strafe walking ,while reloading, without having the time to properly allign their sight ? Sometimes Hatchlings run towards me, with the long Mosin, stop, lift up the Gun and give me a Headshot in less than a Frame, i cant even ADS with a Pistol that fast. Another thing, i got killed multiple times by mosin players which havent had direct line of sight to me, sometimes i can only see their barrel ( pointing in a different direction ) but they still hit me. I dont get it, i play the Game for 3 years now and thats something i cant wrap myhead around. And no, it doesnt have to do with Desync/Internet/ Hardware, because it only happens with Mosins. I changed servers multiple times over a course of a year or so. I have an averrage of 120FPS on Customs, constantly less than 20ms Ping, no stutters, nothing. 125mb/s Downstream, 50mb/s Upload. And thats something Friends who play with me have noticed too. So, is there a trick, an exploit or bug ? I know this game is fucked in terms of bugs/eploits/servers and bad gameplay elements, but that cant be normal.
  2. Hey guys, This shouldn't be just a simple question I asked in the title. Like... Of course the ergo itself isn't something near in realism (I suppose). The stuff I rather wanted to ask because I found nothing in the internet about it is, how exactly realstic is the duration of you holding a gun in game at low ergo compared to a soldier aiming with a gun while standing. Take a gun that is 5-6kg as example. Any ideas how long a normal soldier would be able to hold that god damn thing in their arms while standing and aiming?
  3. Pictured are two otherwise identical M4 rifles. The only difference is barrel length and handguard option. The rifle M4 has both better ergo and recoil than the carbine. I would expect the carbine to be a little jumpier because it's lighter and smaller - but if ergo is a measurement for how easy it is to "handle" a weapon, then how is a rifle beating a carbine in maneuverability? The rifle even has a scope on it vs iron sights. I just don't get how a larger and heavier gun is easier to shoulder into position than a lighter, small one.
  4. mustybeaner

    Idea for faster weapon swap

    I know that some people complain of how slow the weapon swap times are in tarkov, especially when you're deep in the sh*t, while others just deal with it. However, considering how ergonomics improve ADS speed, it would make sense that it should also affect weapon swap times. Again it just an idea.
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