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Found 127 results

  1. PrinzScheisser

    Cannot download game

    whenever i try to to download the game, i get an error saying that "Unable to load the file "Client." Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed" it causes my download to pause, and i get it every 10-20 mins or so. i just need a fix or i need a way to get a refund. anything you know that might help, please share.
  2. Just had this weird glitch happen. I was sifting trough items and examined a greyed out thing in the shop. It didn't finish examining the object. I double tapped the item and got a new window. I couldn't close it. I pressed the Back button and the overlay of the store was still there.
  3. Upon the purchase of EFT the launcher downloads just fine, but after that I cannot install the actual game. After pressing install and directing the location to the same folder "Battlestate Games" which contains the folders "Bglauncher" and "EFT" the latter (EFT) being an empty folder. I have tried to direct the installation into the folder "EFT" and also into the regular "Battlestate Games" folder to no avail. I have disabled all anti virus and protection programs including my firewall while also whitelisting the launcher and folders. I have attempted to download the ".zip" directly from Chrome, but it gives the prompt "Failed - File Incomplete" after about an hour of download time. I have browsed all forums regarding this issue and have found no help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher and all relative files (even hidden files) from every account on the computer. I have run the launcher as an admin and I have granted full access to all accounts on the computer. It seems like there is nothing left to try. I will not purchase a VPN, which was suggested by another forum. (Images related) I left the game alone for about 5 hours last night to do whatever and that didn't work either. Also, do I need to get 7zip in order to download the direct ".zip" file? >http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ !!IF THERE IS ANY OTHER MEDIA YOU NEED TO SEE, PLEASE MENTION!! As of 8:34 a.m (CST) I have sent in a support request, but I am quite new to everything going on here and I don't know how long it will take. It says "several days" in the support info screen, but I want to try the Forum as well. Please help with this issue, and I really think I have tried everything.
  4. Hi guys, desperate help needed I hope this is the right place to post this. Can't raid anymore. Every time i enter a raid after taking a few steps i get an error saying: "Game stopped error:Corrupted memory. The integrity of the protection failed to validate. Reinstall anticheat #0|" I assume this has something to do with the critical update that came recently. Reinstalled the launcher and game twice already. I disabled automatic ram cleaner (from the in-game options) and nothing seems to help. Checking game integrity and checking for updates in the launcher doesn't bring any issues or missed updates up so i don't know what to do. If there is anyone with any ideas on what i can do or any additional info you need let me know. Thanks in advance
  5. Mein Problem besteht darin das die Verbindungen mit den Spiele Servern nur nach dem das Spiel versucht die Beute zu laden nicht mehr herstellt werden kann. Der momentane stand ist das ich alles versucht habe von Ich deaktiviere meine Windows Firewall bis hin zu ich lasse jede .exe Datei von Battle State Games einzeln in meiner Firewall zu. Desweiteren habe ich auch schon mehre male die Server Regionen gewechselt trotzdem ist keine Lösung in Sicht teilweise kann ich mal ohne einen Verbindungsabbruch eine Map betreten das ist aber nur kurzfristig der fall. Im Anhang sind Logs von meiner Letzten Verbindung zu den Spiele Servern dort wird dieser Hinweis aufgelistet: 2019-10-11 23:12:45.384 +02:00||Error|Default|NetworkGame.StopCoroutine error:Serververbindung verloren| 2019-10-11 23:12:45.525 +02:00||Error|Default|System.OperationCanceledException: The operation was canceled.| 2019-10-11 23:12:46.445 +02:00||Error|Default|Game stopped error:Serververbindung verloren| 2019-10-11 23:13:44.261 +02:00||Error|backend|<--- Error! URL: https://prod.escapefromtarkov.com/client/mail/dialog/list, error text: Unable to complete SSL connection | 2019-10-11 23:13:44.261 +02:00||Error|backend|<--- Error! URL: https://prod.escapefromtarkov.com/client/friend/list, error text: Unable to complete SSL connection | Nun da ich alles Probiert habe habe ich auch versucht diese Datei oder das Programm mit "SSL-Verbindung" zu finden ich gehe davon aus es handelt sich um eine IP Verschlüsselung die nicht richtig vom Server verwertet wird ich würde nun zu gern wissen ob mir jemand die Lösung dazu bringen kann. Ich würde mich jeden falls freuen wenn jemand mir bei diesem Problem weiter helfen könnte. Desweiteren falls mehr Informationen gewünscht sind oder gebraucht werden könnt ihr mich gerne darüber anfragen ich werde diese dann hinzufügen falls dies zur Lösung beiträgt. Wichtig ich habe bereits alles was mit der Windows Firewall in Verbindung steht ausprobiert doch falls jemand dazu noch eine Bessere Lösung hat würde mich das auch noch freuen. Auch kann ich noch erwähnen das die Verbindung meistens nur dann unterbringt nach dem Daten und Map geladen sind meistens ist es der fall das nur beim "Lade Beute" die Verbindung zum Server dann plötzlich weg ist. 2019.10.11_21-05-19_0.11.7.4174 errors.log 2019.10.11_21-05-19_0.11.7.4174 traces.log
  6. hakunamavodkatv

    Error Codes

    Hi Freunde, Bitte postet unter diesen Beitrag wenn ihr einen der folgenden Error Codes bekommt (natürlich auch die Situation kurz beschreiben) Denkt bitte daran keine Romane zu schreiben, wenns geht Stichpunktartig zusammenfassen. Auch bitte kein 'ich glaube ich hatte mal' sondern aktuelle Fehler. Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe! ------------------------- Error Codes: Kernel Errors 1000 - Unknown error while executing scripts Authorization 204 - Specified invalid backend version 205 - The client is not authorized 206 - Wrong email or password 208 - Logging in from this country is prohibited for your account 209 - Authorization code sent to email. You must enter the code 210 - No purchased game 211 - Wrong authorization code entered 229 - Profile is banned 230 - The account is locked. Maximum number of authorization attempts reached 231 - Wrong taxonomy version 232 - Wrong major version 233 - You do not have access to this server Common game commands 200 - Unknown error 201 - The client is not authorized or the profile is not selected 207 - Invalid parameter passed (sent to different commands) 224 - Maximum number of profiles created 225 - This profile name is already taken 226 - This profile name is not valid 227 - An error occurred while sending the command queue. Invalid command name in the queue 228 - Error sending the command queue. Invalid data inside the command 299 - Unable to perform this action. Profile in the match Launcher 300 - No version for update 301 - The version is deprecated 302 - Invalid parameter passed Trade 500 - Unknown error 501 - Unknown error 503 - Goods not transferred or not found by ID 504 - Invalid type parameter 505 - A trader does not have enough money to buy 506 - The player does not have enough money to buy 507 - The player does not have enough space in the cache for placing the goods received as a result of the deal 508 - The trader does not purchase this type of goods 509 - No money or goods for exchange for this good 510 - A script error occurred during the operation 511 - The merchant buys only the repaired goods 512 - Merchant is not working now MatchMaker 600 - Unknown error 601 - Invalid parameter passed 602 - Session lost. Re-login required 603 - This profile already in matching 604 - Server not registered 605 - No stocks available 606 - Invalid location ID 607 - Invalid Server ID 608 - Server ID already registered 609 - Server IP: PORT already registered 610 - Connection from this IP denied Group Matching 620 - Player alredy in group 622 - Bad invite 623 - Bad group id 624 - Group not created 625 - Group is full 626 - Bad user id 627 - Bad game version 628 - Bad location Quests 700 - Unknown error 703 - Quests with this id not found 704 - Quest is not available for you 705 - There is no place for awards in the cache 706 - Unable to complete the quest. The quest must be in the status of "running" 707 - Unable to complete quest. All conditions for completion are not met 708 - Fatal error when creating backend counters in profile 710 - It's impossible to fail the quest. Not fulfilled at least one condition for failure 711 - It's impossible to fail the quest. The quest must be in the status of "running" E-mail 900 - Unknown error 903 - Invalid chat id passed 904 - Invalid id of profile 905 - Invalid type parameter passed 906 - Invalid text parameter passed 907 - Invalid parameter Name passed 908 - An error occurred in the data being attached. More information is indicated inside the error 909 - The user added you to the ignore list Friend list 921 - Invalid profile id passed 923 - Invalid id request to add to friends 924 - Invalid profile of a friend Repair of objects 1200 - Unknown error 1201 - Wrong items are transferred. More information is indicated inside the error 1202 - An invalid user object was submitted. More information is indicated inside the error 1203 - No money to repair 1204 - Trader does not repair items Insurance 1300 - Unknown error 1301 - Invalid merchant id passed 1302 - Wrong items returned
  7. Every time I try to load into a match I get a server connection error and occasionally an authorization error. My internet connection is perfectly fine and I have literally no connection issues with any other game but this. Does anyone have a fix for these constant errors that prevent me from playing? This is really upsetting for me as I bought this game yesterday after anticipating a sale for so long. I just want to be able to play a game, I've already lost some starter gear because of this. I know this game is still in beta and is a "pre-order at your own risk" ordeal, but there should really be a grace period for a game like this to get your money back after a day or so. I've really wanted to play this game for a long time and now that I finally buy it I can't even play it. If I knew this would have happened I'd had just saved my money and bought this game another time.
  8. BiscuitBoy

    Error 214 reCAPTCHA

    I have been trying to login to the launcher for about 2 hrs now. I have reset my pc, reinstalled the launcher, and reset my internet. But the launcher doesn't show me a recaptcha and then says error 214. Is there a fix for this?
  9. My Game will not load into a raid, Ill stay on the loading screen for 20 plus mins and never go anywhere, here is a pic of what I mean. This all started as soon as .12 dropped and before I could download the update because my hard drive died, I used revo uninstaller to do a clean install of tarkov so i could download it to my new drive and ever since then my game hasnt worked and I have noticed I cant even pick a server to play on, I can only choose the automatic server feature. So Im lost and I have no idea how to fix this, I love EFT And ive been dying to play .12 but My game wont let me, any suggestions? I have also tried to contact support and they gave me this message and instructions to try and help me but It did not work for me. Im also waiting on support to provide a link to download the game but ive been waiting almost a week with no responce.
  10. SlimGravy

    1000 Backend Error I Guess

    Got a 1000 Backend Error when I left my PMC raid. Tried reloading the game and still getting it. Says to contact the forum, but based on previous posts I've seen of this, I'm not really sure what can be done. I'm just doing what the message says, and hope my stuff is there when the servers stop shitting out.
  11. megatron13


    Anyone else getting an authorization error after extract? I lose all my poo and it still counts as a scav run or if I'm a pmc it just resets everything back to what it was. Anyone know any fixes its so god damn frustrating
  12. I just purchased EFT and after installation, I jump into a game. For the first 10 seconds, I can walk around and interact with the world but after that, the screen fades to black and I receive the error message provided within the picture. I have already: reinstalled the game, uninstalled and reinstalled battleye, reinstalled Nvidia drivers, restarted PC, scanned for file errors, performed integrity check, and tried running the game multiple times on different maps. Still have not been able to play the game I have just purchased and have searched and tried everything. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge on this issue and how to fix it?
  13. beavxx88

    Anticheat loading failed error

    Anyone else experiencing this error on startup? I'm having to restart my game 2x every-time. It didn't do it initially when BattleEye was first released. I think one of the more recent updates messed something up. For me at lest. https://i.imgur.com/amnIbUD.jpg
  14. doveth

    I need an adult.

    I've been having an unfortunate error with the downloading of the game and ive seen many mentions of similar errors popping up that have some "not enough storage" error but mine is a tad more different from those. Its the same window and error, just with a different reason provided (buttonmash.png is provided probably under the text). The error message pops up every 5-10 minutes and pauses the download until you click 'retry', which makes it impossible to download the game overnight and keep my extreme hype up. I have not played the game so I am not sure if this is some beta issues or just current server problems. However, from some fellow gamers I have heard that this game recently blew up on twitch and it had a very sudden influx of the gamer population. So far I have downloaded about 3gb of the game and had to click 'retry' at least 15-20 times. ive tried to google my problems away but I couldnt find this specific case, so i have put my cards on the table, shared my theory and problem and now i've come to a halt. I am in a bit of a pickle and I require the help of those willing to help and hoping that some other people with an identical problem can aquire the help from the ones blessed with knowldge of this rare occurence. Thank you for your time in advance.
  15. That's pretty much it, can't play the game, i've tried to reinstall the game and the launcher but nothing changes, any suggestions?
  16. Hola, estoy tratando de completar la quest de Mechanic de la remington 870 y me encuentro con que no puedo comprar a Mechanic un M-LOK 2.5 inch, pero me dice que no hay stock. Sin embargo la imagen que comparto demuestra que no le compre tal objeto, de forma que nunca alcance el limite impuesto por el juego. Cuando quise comprarlo por flea market me encuentro con que cada objeto esta 25k para arriba. Ya envie ticket. Pero quería compartirlo con uds para que estén al tanto. Saludos.
  17. Littlescar510

    Game update handling Error

    I try to update my game then I get an error that says Game Update Handling error error during apply patch for file "UnityPlayer.dll". File State:Modiified Do not know what to do please help thank you.
  18. Anyone reading, I'd really appreciate your time checking this out. Hopefully, I can receive a bit of a following, to get this to the dev's attention. Now finally to my situation, I just bought four days ago, the standard closed beta access. Currently, every time I get into the launcher is give me a error saying,"UNEXPECTED CHARACTER WHILE PARSING VALUE." On top that the launcher requires a complete reinstall, Which I've already done, countlessly. I've did everything to fix this, on my part. I must be a small minority of people that have this issue, because I've looked around for answers already. Only few people have had this error, and those I've looked at haven't gotten a direct comment on fixing this. I'm confident that only really the dev's can handle this directly. I just hope this post gets a enough attention raised, for BattleState to respond to me, because god, I've been trying: their email, their forums, and their BattleState website, just to name a few. ANY ATTENTION HELPS
  19. reineto


    Boa noite, acabei de efetuar minha compra do game, e estou com o seguinte problema: segue anexo OBS: Nem mesmo consegui baixar o jogo pelo site, um amigo meu me mandou o launcher
  20. hey guys my friend is having trouble with black screens , long load times, error messages pretty much he cannot play the game. It says cannot connect to destination host. All this started yesterday after his game crashed it ran fine before. He has tried uninstalling and reinstalling serval times and on different drives... any other suggestions ?
  21. mrgoodtouches

    Hideout, Bugged Again....

    Initially tried submitting bug report, but thats bugged too.... Hideout is bugged.... Can't fuel generator, can't upgrade any stations, can't craft anything....
  22. Dninde

    1000 - Backend Error

    So I was having trouble buying things from the flea market, restarted the game and it timed out on loading profile data with this error message: Any ideas on what I need to do?
  23. danios

    keyboard / mouse issue

    My character keep spining i got only a mouse and my keyboard tried to unput and reput them nothing changed i can't even change my keyword that say me axis joysctick+1 i can not assign keyboard to any action.... each mouse click give me .....jioystick.... wtf ! come on guys ! ! config, keyboard, mouse....it's the begining.... I've just bought this game and i can test nothing can you refund until minimun stability ! mouse: steelsseries sensei, keyboard razer blackwidow
  24. klettasalat

    Why do i get this error

    I am getting so f***ing because of this error "Not enough space to save the file \\?\F:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\EftClient.". How do i fix this?
  25. SecretDucky

    Server connection/ craashing issues

    for the last ~3 months, every raid, up to about 4 times a raid i will lose connection to the game servers, be put to the main menu and have to reconnect. When this happens, my discord will still work fine, and every other game/program that uses internet will still work fine. anyone know of any fixes to help/ anyone with similar issues? thanks
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