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Found 17 results

  1. hi ive been crashing a lot recently loading into and extracting from raids, been having the same problem for around 6 months and it shows this error in the log... I have tried updating all my drivers etc and many other possible things but i am stuck on this one, Thanks 2021-07-03 22:10:52.492 +01:00||Error|Default|Log: calling UNET::NetLibraryManager::Disconnect this is likely comming from script
  2. ゲームプレイ中、下記のエラーを確認後ゲームプレイが不可になりました。 回避策を知りたいです。 During game play, after confirming the following error, game play became impossible. I would like to know the workaround.

    help me!

    hi ive been trying to download this game for the last 3 weeks no and theres been no luck. there was only one time that i managed to get the game working when i got hold of game support about the file checksum errors and they gave me a link to follow and download. after that i got it working. then i realized thats woods would crash every time i loaded up so i decided delete the game and reinstall again thinking there would be no problem. but no back to square 1. now the link they gave me doesnt even work. i also tried watching EZ Moneys video and followed every step but still nothing. pleaseeeee sort this issue. thanks.
  4. So I foumd a violet key for labs but since im only level 18 i don't bother going there. anyways, as i waited and waited for the match to begin BUT THERE IS NO COUNTDOWN TO GET READY?? I think the game is loading me in but some how i was already in and i got headshot AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I WAS IN THE GAME YET! i spent 300k on m855a1, 60 rnd mags, and about 200k on the gun itsself. then i was wearing 150k level 5 armour and a mint condition lzh[whatever] that accepts a mask. my quest was kill one more scav. so i wanted to make sure i could do that and extract as well i needed one more scav kill on woods. i spent essentially a million - the most money i've ever had for the armour, and the bullets. here is the video.
  5. Always been getting this stupid error messange when i'm playing with my friend. it sometimes even happends when i'm playing alone. i am really tired from this poo. i am constantly being kicked from servers, losing loot, money, and alot of other stuff, i tried everything, changing dns... vpn... videos on youtube... still, nothing. i paid 45 dollars a year ago for this game and i think this game servers need to be fixed. anyone has a soultion for this? or this is just a bug like anything else? this game is driving me crazy.
  6. Hi there... someone are experiencing this problems like me? I'ts imposible to play a single game because this errors appears in 7 of 10 games i play... if someone know a fix please help me. Ty anyways for all
  7. ArrangedTuba292

    My game is busted.............

    I keep getting 2-3 different errors consistantly, Errors like "NetworkworkError / SessionLostErrorMessage" as well as "Authorization error" i get both of these when i login even after i go into APPDATA and delete filed and or delete my launcher, hell even reinstalling the game didnt help me. Sometimes the game will log me in so i can access my gear, but when i go into a match it will never load me in, just say awaiting session start but no dice. The one time i made it into a match i played for 4 or 5 minutes before it gave me Lost server connection. Iv lost well over 700k worth of gear just trying to play, and these errors have persisted for well over 2 months........ I reached out to battlestate directly with a complaint and all that but they literally never got back to me. Its been a month now since iv reached out. Iv completed and i count 2 raids within the last 2 and a half months.......... Anyone know of a good fix?
  8. OGorila

    Problema com o download do jogo

    Olá, Estou com um problema recente, o launcher baixa o jogo, e na hora de verificar dá erro! Daí eu vou verificar a pasta onde foi baixado e não tem nada! Já desinstalei e instalei novamente o launcher, mas nada.
  9. nafro

    Error in EFT

    Hi, everytime i load up the game i get an error saying, "Error receiving queue status: unknown, Error receiving queue status: 201 201 - Client not authorized or not selected game profile." Any fixes to the problem? Thanks
  10. im getting a white screen or sometimes a strobeing screen when dropping into a raid Object Refrence not set to an instance of an object player eft.playercameracontroller.lateupdate this is repeated in the console ill post a screenshot also had it go complexly white i confirmed with a team mate that i was not moving in game ether
  11. I had 45 million before I went into a PMC match, and right when I got out, I decided to go buy some stuff from the FLEA to find that 43m Roubles have disappeared from my money container. I'm now only at just under 2 mill. I'm just now hearing whilst making this post that supposedly other players are losing money as well? Would it be possible to get this refunded if it's a glitch or is it goodbye grind?
  12. Dear Battle state In its current state your product is completely unplayable. Between long loading, matching times and constant server disconnects to where you cant even get back into a raid this game is not even able to be tested. If you do get into a game as a PMC you now get penalized twice for being killed in a raid. 1. you loose all your gear you had. 2. now you have to wait in order to play as PMC is fully healed or you have to spend hard earned money or items to heal back. In late game i can understand having to have some resource sink but having the Bunker should be more than enough. 3. Increasing the scav wait time to play only makes this even more painful.
  13. So every time ive tried to play today ive had issues. First i could not load into Reserve as a pmc or a scav, the game got to 70% loading loot and crashed. I managed to get two runs in as a scav on interchange, then i tried using my PMC on interchange with my friend, i used around 1mill worth of gear loaded into the game as soon as the game started i got kicked with server error, lost all my gear didnt even get to start. This game has had serious server issues in Australia the last few weeks i love the game but when you lose half your stash in a raid without even loading in kinda sucks. And for the record i tried to send an error report buy my error report got an error report....
  14. My problem is that when I open the launcher, I instantly get an error.. Error in the first launcher update stage.. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. I click "close" and I'm granted access to the launcher. Go to install my EOD edition, install at the C:\Battlestate Games\EFT(live) folder, then I get another error saying there's a lock file in there being used by another process, its a ghost file that can be deleted, but comes back when I try install the game again. Anyways click "close" again and try again, I delete that lock file and try again, this time its saying the folder is not empty and error 403 forbidden comes up again. Other INFORMATION: Game and launcher to install on my SSD (C:) drive. I have tried with disabling anti-virus, running as admin, updating windows, updating drivers and everything. I keep getting tickets closed by the support team who dont want to answer or help with the issue. Naturally since I cant install the game, the "set the path to existing game installation" is not going to work. If someone can please help with this as its frustrating the life out of me not being able to play a £100+ game -__-
  15. hunniepie

    error ao instalar o jogo

    Quando tento instalar o jogo aparece uma janela com a seguinte descrição de erro: "unable to load the file client." Ele não impede o download mas sempre que ele aparece ele pausa o download, atrapalhando seu termino e aumentando seu tempo. :^( HELP!!
  16. 99xtz


    Found this gem earlier after leaving a raid. Sad part, my character came back to stash empty, no gear whatsoever Anyone seen this error?
  17. XxLuciferxX

    Broken the game again

    Questions, simple really, devs/mods, please awnser them without the generic scripted response.... please 1, Why are we spawning 20-30 mins after the game starts? 2. why are we spawning inside other players? 3, why are the bots rambo? 4, Why has the desync got so bad again? 5. Why is the dehydration so fast after getting shot, also why does it only take 2 minutes to do so.l.. you are aware it takes days yes? i know the time goes faster in game..... but still *hardcore realistic shooter*..... Please awnser the questions with a response that explains what is happening with these issues, and how they are being solved. thank you kindly .
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