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  1. Ozy4k

    New player here! pc specs?

    New player here! pc specs? I have a 8 gb AMD 580 gpu A 4.6 ghz i3 processer 3200 16 gb RAM 144 hz monitor What do you guys and gals think? ok? sub par? Or gpu meltage thanks
  2. jburke620

    Exits not working?

    Asking this for a buddy of mine, gamer tag world_premier We have played many scav missions & usually don’t have any issues escaping. But he has contacted me many times when going solo scav & regular player that he cannot Escape. Not as in he’s getting killed, but that the exits are not working. He will get up to the door and nothing happens, no countdown, nothing. If it matters, this has been happening on Customs, he has been too worried of losing more gear to test this on other maps. He ends up losing everything he has because the missi
  3. treej420

    Go fund me for servers

    we should start or organize an go fund me account for new servers.. if everyone donated 1 $ that would help their progression..
  4. Buongiorno a Tutti, Venerdì 24/01 ore 21 e 30 terrò una delle mie "Lezioni". TUTTI sono ben accetti ed il livello della spiegazione dipenderà dalle Vostre richieste, toccando anche argomenti un pò più "middle-game". Per ulteriori informazioni, lascio il mio contatto Discord : Enzo#0753 . Vi auguro un buon proseguimento di giornata, Vincenzo!
  5. o4ts

    Can't escape?

    I'm a new tarkov player and have been recently getting good enough at the game to where i can kill someone, grab the goods and go. I have been playing the map customs exclusively with the intention of learning one map until i feel ready to learn another. I know where 3 exits are but of the 4 runs where I've got enough loot to leave, 3 times of the 4 i run to an exit, make it safely, and there's no timer when i stand by the door. I'll stand around moving ever so slightly to see if i need to be standing somewhere else but nothing and when i give up i run to another exit, sometimes i make it some
  6. treej420


    this is getting ridiculous. its been long enough and there is still cheaters every day every raid. I either go to a server with no people or one with cheaters. anyone have any ideas on how we could help these tarkov devs combat this.
  7. treej420

    Raid Dead Every Time

    so every raid I go into theres literally nobody maybe 1 other pmc . iv gotten the scav boss every time and ill sit there to see and iv waited and just ran around with the pumpkin head on and still nothing, anyone else having this issue. I mean even on spawn theres nobody.
  8. RexRuthless

    Altruist Gaming YouTube Channel

    Hey everybody! I'm starting a new YouTube channel called Altruist Gaming. I'm gonna put links below that describe more in detail what my channel is about, but basically the goal is to help the less fortunate through my gaming channel: Subscribe for more content! ► https://bit.ly/2HsW60v Discord ► https://discord.gg/phkvNPu Patreon ► https://bit.ly/2JVLTI5 Outro Song ► Body Gold - Oh Wonder (Louis the Child Remix) Altruist Gaming is a channel dedicated towards helping those in need. We've all seen the crazy amounts of money that people donate to their favorite s
  9. Kuchen_Ger

    Escaping BITTE HELFEN

    Hallo, ich und ein Freund haben immer das Problem dass wir die Escaping rooms nicht nutzen können wenn wir uns vor die Tür stellen oder auch einzeln so können wir nicht escapen muss man irgendeine taste drücken oder anforderungen erfüllen ?
  10. Dead_Nation34

    prapor factory task

    is there a problem with the factory task for prapor where you have to survive and exit factory? i have planted the documents and all it say i have to do is escape and thats it. do i have to plant and escape all at the same time?? im lost some help is desperately needed.
  11. Hello! The United Gaming Center -UGC- are looking for more people to join our gaming community! We do mostly play fps and battle royale games but theres a kinda good mix. We have Escape from tarkov channels but also loads of channels for other popular games. Remember to read our rules FAQ when joining. Invite link: https://discord.gg/BzZ8kvc Hope seeing you there! /Matt https://discord.gg/BzZ8kvc
  12. FalschePommes

    Escape Bug

    Hallo allerseits ich hatte das Problem auf customs, dass ich nicht escapen konnte. Der EscapePoint war Schmuggler Boot welcher auch verfügbar war. Nach dem Ablauf der Escapezeit kam ich wie gewohnt in das Hauptmenu. Jedoch wurde hier gesagt, ich sei noch im raid. Nach einem Reconnect stand ich mit meinem "Escape" Loot an einer PMC Spawnstelle. Nach zwei weiteren Escapes, welche das gleiche Resultat hatten, hats mich dann letztendlich erwischt und der Raid war damit beendet. Hat jemand das gleiche Problem gehabt?
  13. Atlas432

    Buddy Carry

    Instead of having to loot a squad member and escape with their items to later return them to them in-game during a raid it would add to the realism and immersion if it were possible to buddy carry or fireman carry a dead or wounded squad member to the exit. That way the person carrying the squad member can keep whatever loot they already have and exfil their squad member who can then retain their loot. While doing a buddy carry maybe make it so that it is only possible to shoot a pistol for defense or only hip-fire other weapons.
  14. Hola, Escapers! Ahora presentamos Guía de Escape from Tarkov - Trucos y consejos para ganar partidas! Los escritores de Mundo Gamers han reunido algunos consejos realmente buenos para ayudarlo a comenzar y sobrevivir en Tarkov. ¡Disfrutar! https://www.mundogamers.com/truco-guia-de-escape-from-tarkov--trucos-y-consejos-para-ganar-partidas.2906.html
  15. Timster918

    Developer Appreciation!

    Just wanted create this post to say thank you to all the developers,moderators and people of this game! It's not easy when a game comes out and I know y'all work hard. Don't let the negativity of the ungrateful mess up y'all moods. Amazing game, keep up the great work everyone! Can't wait to see this game as one of the top played survival games of 2017/2018 and beyond!
  16. Cardboard231

    Scavenger Escape Screen

    When you escape as a scavenger I find myself spamming the next button like I usually do as a PMC meaning I skip the transferring loot screen. This could be easily avoided by not being an idiot though I wouldn't be surprised if others have had the same issue. Does anyone else have this issue.
  17. dmvlas

    Romanian Forum

    Can you guys do a Romanian section ?
  18. przemko07

    Can't exit raid

    Hey, i have 53 min left of raid in customs im stuck at the farest (?) exit and no timer is showing up. I standing next to vault door and text is not showing. I used that door many times. I need quick help.
  19. The overarching goal of the game is to escape. Some people hang on to the idea, for the lore of the game. Others, however, seem to have found themselves at home in Tarkov; the benefits of hoarding fancy military equipment and constant combat exercise make it worth staying in. So this poll asks the simple question: Do you really want to escape from Tarkov? Or would you do something to prolong your stay? Do you prepare for long-term residence, or are you packing light so that you'll have more chance to get out of there alive? Above all, does the name of the game truly apply to you
  21. krispiewaffles

    Tarkov Special Forces are recruiting

    Tarkov Special Forces (TSF) clan is recruiting new members Requirements: -Must be able to fluently speak English -Must be able to follow directions and rules -Dedication to the game and clan must be online often You do not need to join the clan you can still join our discord and play with the community if you'd like. Anyone is welcome to join us we accept every player. If you are new to the game we have many members that are willing to teach you and help you get gear. We have over 80 members in our discord so you will always have someone t
  22. Algum Brasuca aí? Vamos detonar geral.
  23. LordArmageddon

    Exit (Lag) in den Woods?

    Hallo zusammen, ich hoffe ich habe mich beim Suchen nicht vollkommen blind angestellt, daher jetzt doch als eigener Thread. Ich habe gestern das Game gekauft, daher fehlen mir ingame-Erfahrungen was die Exits angeht. Wir haben gestern im 2-Mann-Team die Woods durchstreift und sind letzt endlich in einem Bunker(eingang) gelandet. Dort drin gabs einen begitterten Durchgang der sich so nicht öffnen lies. Meinen Recherchen nach benötige ich ja nun einen Schlüssel, der wohl, so habe ich es in einem anderen Thread hier gelesen, noch nicht implementiert ist (oder jetzt doch?) - egal.
  24. nodramallama

    How Do you Escape?

    I've killed everyone and looted everything but I run around for the remainder of the match unable to find the exit and lose all my stuff? Anyone know what to do??
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