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Found 8 results

  1. "Los profesionales" es un nuevo clan en formación por y para la gente de habla hispana, todos son bienvenidos tanto Latinoamericanos como Españoles. Sí eres una persona madura (+18), con ganas de aprender a jugar o pasar un buen rato pero manteniendo el objetivo del Tarkov y la concentración que amerita, alguien que llega después del trabajo cansado y con ganas de incursionar y escapar de Tarkov, este es tu grupo. Busco principalmente gente con ganas de jugar "en serio" y de aprender, soy nuevo en Tarkov pero muy fan de estos juegos y además las mecánicas que este tiene. Se que hay mucho
  2. FlipFlop942


    So I have a clip of a guy who killed me clearly hacking. Where do I post it or who do I send it too?
  3. Pikaxito

    Pikasito #7633

    Pikasito #7633
  4. ThomasKing

    The Lab - Wall Shooting

    So I'm sure many of players have encountered this like I have.. When a scav AI shoots you threw random things that should be bullet proof. For example; I believe it's going into Parking lot from upstairs, on the side there's an elevator looking thing, which no one can see threw and theoretically no one can shoot threw, however where there's a will, AI finds a way. Died twice so far from this, please fix. Thanks <3
  5. Hey users of the eft Forum. In my last week of playing eft i got killed two times by cheaters and managed to kill an additional one in the last second. So i was wondering if there is an option to report possible cheaters. Before you start commenting stuff like "sometimes you get tarkoved" or "maybe you made a sound which gave away your position" let me tell u this: Im not a guy who calls everybody whos better than me a cheater. I've been playing videogames for a long time now, including CS:GO and other competitive shooters for thousands of hours so i think i know what im talking abou
  6. didtmd156

    ducking 핵쟁이 쉐리들

    이 두명 전부 ESP 씨X롬들이고 pasha_3611은 스피드핵도 같이 곁들여서 쳐드시고 계시더라고요 메인보드 밴 좀 시키면 좋겠습니다. 한번 핵 맛을 들이면 김정은마냥 포기 못해서 다음에도 또하고 또하고 그러더라고요.
  7. Blackworm

    Wait for bannhammer

    Okay i play lots of raid ( 200+) i meet fking TONS of esp kids.. i wait the bannhammer but still not here.. the new patch was good, i love it.. an di know lots of ppl came bk and play this game.. BUT the bad thing is more player = more hacker, its ok all games have a cheater child. but now i ragequitting 5-10times / day (lol) this number more than normal i just take a breath some pause then watching other streamers like chicken/klean sequisha smoke etc.. lot more.. and these streamers also meet wallhackers.. so please dont start typing " u just noob, no one cheating in this game "
  8. 는 팩토리 도끼런 중에 앉아서는 달릴 수 없는 빠른 속도로 이동하는 자가 있어서 그걸 보는 본인은 눈치 못채길래 상자 까던 중에 뒤통수 날림
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