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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! MVP Sweden is a gaming community on Discord and some of us plan to play Escape From Tarkov on the new wipe tomorrow. We're still growing and you're all welcome to join us for some raids! Invite link: https://discord.gg/P6dNWH Not Swedish? You're still welcome. Most of us speak decent English. 😉
  2. Edgar_Sanchez

    Change Region to Europe

    Hello. I bought Tarkov in a different country, but when I returned to my country the game indicates the error "208 bad region". When I want to upgrade to the Europe version indicates payment methods when I really already have the game purchased. Do I have to buy the game again when I want to upgrade to the European version?
  3. ciutarobert

    [EU] Looking for duo

    European, playing on/off since .11, currently on a daily basis. I'm a couple of quests away from kappa this wipe, only need the guide and some night PMC kills. I have decent enough ping to play on east coast occasionally (beauharnois, seattle around 100-110) I obviously play this game for PvP, and I do not enjoy playing in big groups or hardcore ratting. RobertC#1089
  4. Kapnikaris

    Ever heard of Ishtar? (EU)

    She's the Babylonian goddess of Fertility, Love, Storms, and War, and where our little community has it's name from. We were just going out, to see, if we find some more people, to hang out and raid with. So if you're interested, come and check this out. We, by the way, don't care about any skill level, whatsoever, and are more then happy, to help new players, as well as hit it up with more experienced ones. https://discord.gg/NyD8eh
  5. Foxyprox

    Looking for duo [EU West]

    Hi! Sometimes a chad, often a rat. 35yo and looking to get back into this game. No hours played yet this since last wipe. I'm looking for a teammate to play as a duo. When I get into a game, I like to play it a lot. Preferably have a teammate that is on a lot too. Not a novice myself as I've sunk plenty of hours into this game. That said I don't mind if you are as long as you're up for teamplay. Country: NL (you don't have to be Dutch, I'm fluent in English) Timezone: CEST Playtimes: late afternoon until late at night, sometimes during the day
  6. GrimmCro

    Time For A Break

    I'm on EU servers and I usually play from late night to early morning. About the same time (2:20 AM as I'm writing this) the Chinese crowd starts VPN-ing into EU servers. The moment that happens, it's game over. Now, I heard Nikita and what he said in the podcast so I understand BSG's inability to deal with this, but at this moment in time it's ruining the game for me. I'm not gonna talk about just dropping dead to a non-existent shot while so deep behind cover not even Nikita himself could neither find nor see me (which happened three rounds in a row, btw) or having Jackie run around the corner to get hosed all over his thorax and head (BP ammo all over his chest, face and head while he's wearing a penis helmet) and I still get one tapped through the Fast MT face shield (that's last two rounds on Reserve). I've reached a point when I get killed by a player like that, I'm done with Tarkov for the night. They VPN to EU servers and desync like it's the name of the game. I'm not strapped for cash, I'm pretty much done questing (save Jaeger which I'm not even inclined to do), I just want to kick back and practice PvP for the next wipe. But it's beyond hopeless with this lot around. There, rant complete.
  7. HarleyB9

    new player looking for teamates

    new to tarkov, enjoying the game a lot but running solo as a new player can be rough when you don't know the maps and run into squads. looking mostly for British/EU.
  8. BlackBanter

    LFG EU

    Hi, I am looking for some bois or gals to play some Tarkov with. Currently level 29, first wipe, really enjoying the game. Only thing missing is a few peeps to play with. If anyone is up for a game, hit me up on Discord: Ujednon#4792. (I am Dutch, but my English is a´ight)
  9. Country - United Kingdom Timezone - GMT 0 Preferred play time - Evening but depends can play mornings hit me up if u wanna play on discord, i will play with anyone! as long as you enjoy tactical hardcore games discord - janek#0889
  10. JustLee

    Looking for EU/UK duo

    New player looking for duo UK EU /w discord
  11. pedroluz89

    Brasileiros na Europa

    Algum Brasileiro que mora na Europa aí? Com o novo server em São Paulo, ficou impossível pra gente continuar jogando com a nossa turma, Vamos criar um grupo nosso pra jogar nos servers Europeus? É nois, se quiserem só me add direto no Discord: AngelDragonwake#9787 Abrax!
  12. Just want to state that you can hit me so i can give you few advises and give or get you some gear. I am always online at the weekends and should be often during working days. And also I am native to polish language(so poles can hit me as well)
  13. VeganSpaceman

    The Team - Tarkov Squads EU

    Good day Raiders. we have a fair few tarkov players now and welcome anyone that wishes to join us for squad runs and others games too. The TeamSpeak address is: theteam.xyz Our tarkov focus is on good comms and teamwork with a highly successful extract rate and loads of fun doing so. ":^)
  14. PiedCrow


    Hello there! Lotus Entity is recruiting, we are a new multi gaming discord server focused on communication and sense of a real community. Our main goal is to allow people a place to find people to chat and play games with, our staff has plenty of experience both in running creating and moderating discord servers and communities. We are looking to run an event every week or every two weeks, to spice things up and bring people together. We encourage people to join us and give us suggestions, we will be running weekly community talks to hear everyone’s concerns and suggestions. We will also be running weekly staff meetings to make sure each member of the staff is performing up to standard and to discustion the suggestion made by the community. We have strict rules to ensure the enjoyment of our dedicated members, and we require all members to act in a mature and respectful manner so we can assure others will act the same towards you. Looking forward to seeing you in the server, and on the various fields of combat! https://discord.gg/fYEG7Sz
  15. Kuchens

    EU Sherpa needed

    Hey guys, i started the game today, and to be honest, i have no clue how to play the game properly. From finding exits to spotting players, everything is a problem for me. If any of you would be willing to do a few educational runs with me, would be cool. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey! we have recently added Escape from Tarkov to our game list, I personally started playing this game so much and I love it. We have a small group that plays together a lot on a daily basis but we always look for more players. Our current group is by no means top level but we enjoy the game none the less if you are new to the game we can help and teach you the game and maps or if you are a long time veteran you can find people to play with or also help newer players who join. (I at least found that teaching the game to new players is just as fun as going into factory as a hatchling or even more) And if you play any other games you can probably find people to play with as well. https://discord.gg/V3ffp6X
  17. DarkMinersDK

    Some to play with

    Anyone who want's to play together on the European servers? Type your Steam/EscapeFromTarkov names in the comments Hope to play with some of you.
  18. DarkMinersDK

    Some to play with

    Anyone who want's to play together on the European servers? Type your Steam/EscapeFromTarkov names in the comments Hope to play with some of you.
  19. dionvdvelde

    region lock issue

    i have noticed that the russian players in my region have a really bad connection and this is causing game breaking moments, please look into this.
  20. Hello. I would like to upgrade to Europe version possibly, to maximize my ability to connect to servers with this game and play with people all over the world. I however wanted to make sure that this was a safe decision, and I need to know if this Europe version will always be able to connect elsewhere, or if by some margin the Europe version is going to be the only edition of the game capable of accessing servers outside of the region lock. I also am curious as to if I can continue to play with region-locked friends while using the Europe Version, as I have one friend, American like myself, who would then be region locked as "Other" as well. Finally, is any of this due to change in the future, or is my best and most logical bet to buy into the Europe version?
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