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  1. This idea is based on zombie apocalypses that will last October 29-november 1, Pretty much the AI scavs will become zombies with only ghoul masks and melee weapons (the knives and axe) but heres the twist they are extremely tanky with very high endurance and strength so they can run down anyone and hit like a truck with there knives. The zombies health should be massive im talking three warmage headshots too kill them and high damage resistance on limbs too fit the theme of zombie killing and destroying the head. The agro range should be massive due too only having melee weapons and target the closet player and run them down and the zombie spawns shouldent be normal amount but nearing horde amount if its stable enough. Sense this is gonna be a high AI scav event and they will be throwing themselves at you too they should lower the XP gain from killing them too stop farming the event for XP i was thinking a quarter of the xp gain from killing a normal AI scav. And too expand the event into battle for survival instead of slogging thru scavs i suggest we remove scav boss spawns during this event and replace all raider spawns with cultists and make it so cultists spawn in day and will more likely too shoot you instead of going for the stab. The cultists will be working with the zombies so players will still have too worry about a bullet going thru there head and too give a mystery too the event such as "are the cultists behind the zombies!?" and too give true fear too PMCS make it foggy and really foggy so when your trio of PMCs are rushing thru woods all you hear is a swarm of heavy footsteps in the fog and a horde of zombies rush at you yelling and screaming. and for player scavs you can still player scav in but the zombies will target you as well but you can kill them with no penalty. some extracts will be removed for lore reason such as all car extracts. TASKS FOR EVENT: THERAPIST: "Hello operator i come with an urgent request i must get some fresh bottles of water and syringes for blood collection, what ever is happening too the locals its spreading rapidly everywhere and we think the water may have been tainted with an unknown disease so please avoid drinking from any river or pond!" TASK: Give 20 100% water bottles with found in raid status, 10 found in raid syringes. REWARD: 20000 roubles and 1 purified water and 0.01 rep gain, 5k xp TASK COMPLETION: "Thank you operator these supplies will help save many men and women who were harmed by those freaks...kill as many as you can" PRAPOR: "AYYYY friend come in! now i must say what ever is happening in the streets right now is quite insane but ive been making a killing on sales! but these freaks are killing to many of my men and i want some gone for me and make sure you show my men aint too be messed with i want you too blow em up with some RGD grenades got it?" TASK: Kill 20 zombies with RGD-5 grenades (any map) REWARD: 10 vogs, 200 rounds of bt, 30000 roubles, 0.02 rep, 7.5k xp TASK COMPLETION: "Nice job! i could hear the explosions from here there were so many! i can hear it now "prapors men blow freaks up for fun!" thanks friend! FENCE (SCAV TASK): "ok comrade ill keep it simple whatever is happening is affecting almost all my men so many are either dead,turned,fighting too survive or in hiding...i had too recall many of my men running the paid rides so they can keep my supply lines secure. so heres my job for you, do it and i wont forget you." TASK: kill 100 zombies as a player scav. REWARD: 100000 roubles and 0.05 rep gain TASK COMPLETION: "comrade your a born slayer. dont worry ill pay you" SKIER: "Friend come in now. you already know whats going on i bet. what ever those hooded fucks did are screwing with my business and my men! i cant have this." TASK: Kill 50 zombies in customs, Kill 10 cultist. REWARD: 150 M855A1, 1000 euros, 3 MCX. 0.02 Rep. 10k xp TASK COMPLETION: "hell yeah! showed those hooded assholes who owns this area! thanks man here you go" PEACEKEEPER: "Mercenary i come with a bit of an unorthodox job i need you too collect some water samples in different areas dont worry my men marked the areas with bright red flares" TASK: collect water sample at the cottage area on shoreline, collect water sample on the river on customs under the bridge, collect water sample on lighthouse by the abandoned village. REWARD: 1500 USD, 300 rounds of warmag, 0.01 rep. 9k xp TASK COMPLETION: "never utter a word of this too anyone ok? here these rounds should put those fucks down in seconds." MECHANIC: "good your here. ok so whatever those cultists did are messing with the locals...bring me some cigs and clear out the factory area its hard too focus with the constant screaming." TASK: 3 malbros and 3 strikes. 35 zombie kills in factory area. REWARD: 50 ap-20 slugs, 50000 roubles, one metal fuel can. 0.02 rep, 10k xp RAGMAN: "Shalom brother now imma skip the formalities whatever is happening is destroying my supply lines and my men are low on gear bring us some AKMs too this drop point and a good bit of ammo and while your there clean up the mall got it?" TASK: Stash 5 AKMs insidde mantis store and 500 rounds of 7.62x39 rounds, kill 30 zombies in the mall. REWARD: 2 TV rigs, 1 AAPC rig, 2 Korunds, 65000 roubles, 0.01 rep, 7.5k xp TASK COMPLETION: "good job brother thanks my men arent much fighters we needed this man" JAGER: " come in fighter we have a problem that cant be avoided. what ever is roaming these lands its worse then some poacher these freaks must be killed." TASK: kill 25 zombies with headshots without using automatic weapons less then 25 meters away REWARD: 100 rounds of 366 ap, one air filter, one metal gas can, 10 rounds of magnum AP TASK COMPLETION: "good shooting fighter, even surrounded your aim didn't falter you should be proud." (sorry for any bad spelling}
  2. PeeJay_


    Hi, I have suggestion about PVP event after you unlock the full map for free roam. The idea is that from time to time, an airplane will spawn on the map, which will randomly fly above the map and drop airdrops on random places (only 1. max 2 drops at the same time). This airdrop could be marked by smoke or you could be noticed in radio about drop location when you carry one (this could make radio more rare and usable because every players group will use software like TS or Discord for communication instead of ingame walkie-talkie. DayZ already tryed this idea with radio comms and it never work that way, how they wanted it). The airdrop could contain better gear like bodyarmor, helmet, moded rare weapons, granades, NVGs, maybe drones if you're planning to add them, etc. This means that more players will arrive at the same place in the same time and it could turn in to a bigger battle for loot. When I imagine that battle, I already have goose bumps . Let me know what you think guys! If you like that idea, support it so the Devs notice it and maybe one day we will meet at the drop site! Cheers and stay save in the Tarkov! PS. Sorry for my english.
  3. Beninsa

    Please end Santa.

    At first.. i was gonna type words of emotion and rage. But I calmed my self down and decided to really get into why this needs to end. First the reason why I'm posting this. I have somehow managed to go all this time without killing Santa. which has been a real challenge. Because he has opened fire on me and my team on multiple occasions for killing boss which I don't agree with at all, and I have literally chose to die rather than kill Santa because I don't want to lose rep. THAT is an issue. Where I have to sacrifice my gameplay because of a broken AI I'm not allowed to kill. Sometimes I can get away but not all the time. I was on factory just trying to clear it and someone RUNS up the stairs at me and I turn and one tap him. Before I could even realize who he was he was dead and I saw that it was Santa and I just wanted to quit. My rep went from .71 (which I know isn't great but I'm trying slowly ok) and now I'm -.25 this was huge for me cause I always pride myself on being a good scav and I like the benefits of not being negative. That is all ruined.. for an event about a fictional character for a holiday that IS LONG PAST. Its not even new years anymore. The reasons why he should be removed immediately? 1. its not Christmas. Take the tree too I don't really mind. 2. Its not even NEW YEARS. It is January 5th for christ sake. Its over. 3. He was broken to begin with, attacking people that cant kill him and no ive never shot at him or even tried to engage him. I usually dont even go up to him for gifts because of all the bad run ins. 4. People are losing scav rep just defending themselves or over accidental kills. Sure I know some people just dont care about their rep, but f or the people who do PLEASE give us a chance to get our rep back. Give us a quest or something for those whove killed him once. MAX TWICE. Give us as the player base a chance to get our rep back. All in all I know this message comes off heated despite me trying not to. But it really does frustrate me and makes me not even want to try for my scav. But I know these messages dont usually lead to anything so I guess my venting session is over. I got ducking tarkov'd.
  4. درود آقایون روز جمعه 12/09/1400 یه ایونت تورنامنت CS GO توی تارکوف قراره داشته باشیم شرایط: .شرکت کنندگان در قالب تیم های 2 نفره در تورنامنت شرکت میکنند کلیه نفرات باید اسامی تیم خود را به همراه character name تاساعت 9 صبح روز پنجشنبه به آیدی دیسکورد @ewalker#9997 ارسال نمایند .هر بازیکن فقط میتواند در یک تیم شرکت کند. .مپ های برگزاری مسابقات متعاقبا اعلام میشود. در صورت دخالت عوامل خارجی(سایر پلیر ها، اسکو پلیر ها) مچ ریست میشود. در صورت مشاهده تقلب هر یک از بازیکنان تیم، تیم رقیب برنده اعلام میشود.(مثال های تقلب: استفاده از گیر و مهمات غیر مجاز ، ورود به مچ با اسکو ، استفاده از هرگونه چیت یا دریافت هرگونه آمار از شخص سوم و ...) انتخاب ساید تیم ها و دو تیم رقیب در هر مرحله به صورت رندوم خواهد بود. حداقل تیم های شرکت کننده جهت برگزاری ایونت 8 تیم دو نفره میباشد. . . . جوایز: تیم اول: 1x Labs Red Keycard + 1xLabs Green Keycard تیم دوم: 1 x T-7 thermal goggles + fully modded M1A with FLIR & fully modded HK-416 with Reap-IR تیم سوم:1x SICC case with keys of Shoreline + 1xSICC case with keys of Reserve Base تیم چهارم: 1x full kit gear + 1x full kit gear (edited) . . . .باتوجه به ساید انتخابی تجهیزات تیم ها به شرح زیر میباشد: -تیم Counter terrorists : *گان M4A1 default + rotor 43 muzzle device *پیستول Glock 17 *هدست Comtac 2 *بادی ارمور Korund-vm *آرم بند رنگ آبی *فیس کاور cold fear infrared balaclava *تکتیکال ریگ Azimut SS zhuk (black) *هلمت Ulach (black) *آیتم های هیل 1x salewa kit 1x hemostat__splint 1x CMS pain killers گرنید : 1 x F-1 hand grenade 2x Zarya stun grenade 1x smoke *محدودیتی در تعداد خشاب نداریم ولی خشاب ها باید خشاب stanag 30round باشند *گلوله های گان حتما باید 5.56x45 m855 باشند *گلوله های پیستول باید PST gzh باشند (edited) -تیم Terrorists : *گان AKM default *پیستول Glock 17 *هدست Comtac 2 *بادی ارمور Korund-vm *آرم بند رنگ قرمز *فیس کاور shemagh(tan) *تکتیکال ریگ Azimut SS zhuk (SURPAT) *هلمت Ulach (TAN) *آیتم های هیل 1x salewa kit 1x hemostat __splint 1x CMS pain killers گرنید: 1x F-1 hand grenade 2x Zarya stun grenade 1x smoke *محدودیتی در تعداد خشاب نداریم ولی خشاب ها باید خشاب AK 7.62x39 30round باشند *گلوله های گان حتما باید 7.62x39 PS gzh باشند *گلوله های پیستول باید PST gzh باشند
  5. 大家好,我是《逃离塔科夫》中国区大使、官方Wiki负责人 Wikiworker。 去年春季,《逃离塔科夫》开始支持简体中文,中国玩家大幅增加。为了方便中文用户查阅权威游戏攻略,我们于去年暑期进行了一次集中翻译,并建立了官方Wiki的中文站点(https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/zh/wiki/Escape_from_Tarkov_Wiki)。 为了了解国内塔科夫玩家的游戏情况及体验,并收集来自中国玩家的声音,我们计划进行一次问卷调查,欢迎大家参加。我们会将调查结果完整翻译并发送到BSG的相关部门。 同时,中文Wiki仍有未被翻译的部分,我们将开展第二次暑期集中翻译。本次翻译将公开进行,所有英语水平较好的玩家均可参与。我们会为活跃贡献者准备正版游戏周边等奖励。 如果您愿意参加本次调查,或有意加入翻译项目,请点击下方链接: https://wj.qq.com/s2/8587317/f65f/ *调查及报名截止时间为北京时间6月30日24点。
  6. WARNING FROM THE MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS (aka EMERCOM) The Federal State Budgetary Institution "UGMS of the Norvinsk Region" wans of a large-scale fog approaching from the northeast towards the Norvinsk Region, which is likely to last from 2-5 days. Precipitation of record density is moving towards the southwest and will cover the city of Tarkov, among others. It will reach St. Petersburg within ten hours. Be careful and take care!
  7. Ewalker_Duty

    Twitch rivals

    درود، ایونت بین المللی توییچ رایوالز بین شرکت کنندگان اروپایی روز سه شنبه بیست یکم اردیبهشت ساعت 19:30 به وقت تهران در دو مرحله بر روی سرور های خصوصی برگزار خواهد شد، با حضور بیست و چهار تیم سه نفره . مجموع جوایز این ایونت رقم 30000 دلار خواهد بود. در طول ایونت دراپ توییچ از چنل توییچ شرکت کنندگان و چنل های زیر فعال خواهد بود(میتوانید با تماشای ایونت از این چنل ها جوایز درون بازی دریافت کنید، فراموش نکنید که اکانت توییچ خود را به اکانت تارکاو خود لینک کنید) : English - TwitchRivals (https://www.twitch.tv/twitchrivals) Russian - BattlestateGames (https://www.twitch.tv/battlestategames) French - Mick3y54 (https://www.twitch.tv/mick3y54) Spanish - MrXavito (https://www.twitch.tv/mrxavito) Flemish - abulic (https://www.twitch.tv/abulic)
  8. Wikiworker


    塔科夫圣诞Cosplay大赛 来了! 这是个让人快活的季节,tralalalalalalalala!塔科夫里当然也要过圣诞, 但这看起来会怎么样?Reshala会戴上圣诞帽,和他的保镖们一起装扮圣诞树吗? Killa会不会给他的衣服加上亮光,或是用闪闪发光的LED来装饰他的RPK呢? 我们希望您能向我们展示你的Cosplay,这是一些规则: 参赛者必须身穿塔科夫相关服饰(Cosplay) Cosplay需要与圣诞相关 所处的环境(角色位置),感觉上应该是发生在塔科夫的某地 参与仅限照片(不包括绘画或其他图画创作) 必须由你本人原创(照片内不得含有其他版权关联内容) 参赛者需将照片上传至官方Discord——#xmascosplay-entry 频道 获胜者由论坛“反应”(贴子右下角点击Like或其他反应)决定 我们需要你在1月8日之前提交,并且会在1月11日公布三名获奖者! 奖品:3名获胜者各得一份EOD黑边版游戏激活码!
  9. Hello Escapers! WipeFest League and Sherpa/Emissary JustKilo are excited to announce the First pure PvP tournament for Escape from Tarkov! For the people looking play in a competitive sense, this is for you guys, the community to participate in: · Factory ONLY · 2v2 · The Tournament starts on Saturday, December 19th, 2020 4:00 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST · This will take place on North American Servers, servers can be agreed upon between teams · Format is World Cup Format: Group Stage made up of 4 teams, top teams go to knockout bracket · Gear Restrictions will be finalized December 11th, 2020 Gear Restrictions (will be updated): · No Grenade Launchers · No Thermals · No more than 4 nades (nades found in raid and flashbangs do not count towards this total) · Limited to 5 Stimulants · No Tier 6 Class Armor/Faceshield Current Prizes: · 1st place: $300 · 2nd place: $150 · 3rd place: $50 (If you wish to contribute to the prize pool, please private message me on reddit or reach out to me on discord) If we get enough donations, prizing will be extended and we can thank you at the end of the event.) Requirements: 1. Tarkov Account 2. Twitch Stream/Discord Stream Share 3. Discord Account 4. Valid Email Address How to Sign Up 1. Go to https://forms.gle/U3mCdc34ZeWeiU6c7 2. Fill out the Google Form and submit it 3. Join my discord for further updates/matchmaking details We're excited to run it! We can’t wait to meet the other teams who are excited to fight in a semi-controlled environment! Please feel free to ask any and all questions in the comments below. I will not be participating myself! Feel free to ask any questions below or by private messaging me! If you are interested in being a mod or referee for the tournament, or want to help in any other way, please reach out to me on reddit or discord. For the most recent information regarding the event please check the discord (https://discord.gg/eEaFdzKYRb).
  10. Estamos criando um evento na Interchange, no sábado(19/06) O evento vai das 22h00 às 02h00, no server brasileiro(San Paulo) O objetivo é simplesmente o PVP! Regras: não há regras. Para participar basta postar seu nick abaixo! - Nick: NCBR_HELLnnan
  11. I have a suggestion that i assume would be a interesting addition to the game in the future: Random Raider "Escort" Events (Here forth shortened RREES) Breaking down the concept in to parts i will explain why this would be a valuable addition to the game, how it would work and how it would impact the game. Starting with the reason why this would be a good addition we can just take a look at Shoreline and Woods. Two pretty barren maps with just a couple places for intense action. Every run you go in to either map you tend to have to move towards either Resort or Lumberyard. And i am not saying that it is a bad thing. I just imagine that it gets repetitive quite quick and you come to expect the same from each run. (would like some true chad input on the matter) Now if this was implemented i imagine the maps would become more dynamic at times causing people to change priorities mid way. Now lets get in to the meat of it, what i am suggesting. RREES would be a group of Raiders spawning in at a random edge of the map and their objective would be to transport high value cargo to the opposite side of the map. This could for example mean that the RREES could spawn at the "Road to Customs" extract and make their way along the coastline road to the "Tunnel" extract on Shoreline. There should be a decent size to this group, capable of challenging even fully geared 5 man crew's. They should not spawn every raid. I feel like having a 0.5% chance per raid would be pretty good in general. When spawning there could be some form of a warning siren giving off a alarm so that players could be aware of the event. Perhaps one loud siren on the spawn point and one at the RREES extract. Or flares. Either or, just some form of indication. They would carry pretty standard Raider gear except for the main RREES Raider that should carry a large backpack containing some neat stuff. Just have a random loot pool with a random percent chance of finding stuff like cases, high tier armor, weapons or even absolutely crap tier stuff just so we can have people's dreams crushed. Now to how this would impact the game. To be honest i doubt it will have a massive impact but it would make maps like Woods and Shoreline have something more alluring to them. It isn't really like the maps are bad. I just feel like it would be a great addition that would make people consider if they want to keep looting the main spots or if they should run out to see if they can take out some raiders for a chance at some really good stuff. It would also increase the value of gear brought in to these raids as perhaps people would prepare for the chance of dealing with a RREES. This would also draw in rats and Scav's all looking for either dead PMC's or dead RREES for that sweet sweet loot. All and all i would really like to see this implemented at a later stage of the game. Random events just adds more flavor if done correctly. Any and all opinions that touch this topic are welcome. (On a side note: Searching for "Random raider event" netted me 7.867 results so if this is a re-post, i don't care. I really don't.... i have no intention of going trough 315 pages of suggestions....)
  12. Ecco arrivare la prima edizione del Chi Vuol Essere Milionario Tarkov Edition! Cosa dovrete fare? Risponde a delle domande inerenti al mondo di Escape From Tarkov! L'evento si svolgerà domenica 16 febbraio alle ore 17:30. Il gioco funzionerà esattamente allo stesso modo del Chi Vuol Essere Milionario originario, e chiunque potrà partecipare. Contattatemi in privato qui sul forum oppure, su discord (Giamma#4533) per poter partecipare all'evento. La live dell'evento sarà disponibile sul mio canale Twitch: e quello della TarkovTVItalia!
  13. DavidMReyes

    SPAWN de los Raiders. (Sugerencia)

    Estaría genial que los Raiders hicieran SPAWN mediante eventos especiales como el aterrizaje de un AH-6 Little-Bird (obviamente no aplica para Labs) en lugar de simplemente aparecer de la nada. Adjunto imagen de ejemplo.
  14. DavidArmstrong1

    Can we stop DROP Event?

    Hey girls and boys, I have one question. Can we finally stop this drop event on twitch? Because the servers are lagging and everything loads very long. I mean all of the players should have enough loot already. So instead of letting this event run, it would be nice to stop it and be able to play it without lags again. What do you think about it? Greetings David
  15. Epineeri

    Pre-wipe Eventti

    Hyvät tarkovilaiset, Lähestymme nopeasti seuraavaa isoa Escape from tarkov patchia. Kuten varmaan huomasitte, viime päivinä BSG on pitänyt pre-wipe eventtiä. He haluaisivat tietää, mistä asioista tykkäsitte ja mistä ette tykänneet eventissä. Kirjoittakaa alas mielipiteenne eventistä, lähetän myöhemmin vastauksista pienen raportin Bsg:lle. Kiitos vastauksista!
  16. Hello I am the admin of the newly made: Escape From Tarkov Unofficial Competition Clan We will be holding competitions on a Weekly basis from: Duo Rumble (4 duo teams run Interchange to gather as much loot as possible) to: Slaughter house (Two 5 man team's compete to kill as many Scavs as possible) Rules will be mentioned in our Discord: https://discord.gg/FuKfqJw I hope to see ya there...
  17. pheonixcarnage

    JAG's Pug event is live.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, JAG Is hosting our second PUG (Player Unranked Games). This will pit two teams of four in a vicious fight to the death. We opened our registration on July 1st, or Canada day for all you non-Canadians. You will be pitted against another team in a sectioned off area of a map, guarded by enforcers. If you are successful in destroying the enemy, you will progress to the next round. So, go round up your three best comrades and equip them for glorious battle. You and your team will need to join the JAG discord (discord.gg/jagster) and register in #pug-event. Think of a team name, whether that is 'Insert team name' or 'Second team name'. We opened for registration on the first of July on a first come, first serve basis. We can only run with 16 teams, so grab your gear quick! We are limiting a few items of gear, such as no thermal scopes and you may not wear the same as enforcers (Don't worry, they likely won't be wearing the gear you want to run). Grenades and perfectly fine and we expect to see someone chucking frags like no tomorrow! Now for what you've been waiting for: The Prizes. We are awarding plenty of in-game loot (Plus those off your dead enemies), some Steam keys and some serious bragging rights! Come fight for gear and glory! Thank you for your time https://discord.gg/fxthc6P Disclaimer - if this is wrong place to post this event, let me know! Cheers and good luck yall !
  18. Chickinzooka

    JAG's PUG Event!

    Disclaimer: I don't know where events go so let me know if I posted this in the wrong place! JAG is back at it again! A second Pug event is being planned. The official start date of this will be July 1st (Canada day for all you non-Canadians). We would like to cordially invite you all to participate in our brutal 4v4 ladder team deathmatch. We will be pitting teams of players against each other in a different section of specific maps, guarded by enforcers. If you and your team are successful in wiping out the enemy, you will progress to the next round. Requirements - First you need to go on a prowl for your best friends, then arm them to the teeth, Join the JAG discord to register your team. Registration will open up July 1st (we will make another post with our link to the discord), so you have less than a week to prepare your team. Once the Registration opens up, all you need to do is link your 3 comrades, and give yourselves an inspiring team name like Hobos with Guns. There is a cap of teams we can support, so it is currently limited to 16 teams. Restrictions - NO IR scopes and no wearing the same gear as the enforcers. (Enforcer gear will not be anything too common more will be revealed once the event goes live) Prizes - The Winners will be graciously rewarded with in-game loot and some steam keys. Plus those sweet sweet bragging rights. See you all there! ~Thermosmagus
  19. Natalino

    21,000 Strong and Growing!

    Escapers, as you might know, our Official Escape from Tarkov Discord server have launched over four months ago and have been steadily growing ever since. Recently, we have reached 21,000 players mark, and we love seeing all the team coordination, Tarkov passion, and casual banter. The interaction is purely superb with over 6,000 text messages and 40,000 minutes worth of voice chat per day. We want to thank players like Kirylow_Grzmot and SoupyD who are incredibly active on the Discord server, the community moderation team who have contributed countless hours and the rest of the players who have been enjoying the server to gain all the Tarkov community experience. As we continue to strive in creating a fun, welcoming, and engaging environment, we will be hosting several events on our Discord server along with giveaways. The first of many will be a weapon modding contest where the winner of this event—who will be selected by the community—will have the opportunity to give out ten codes that will grant you the exact weapon they put together along with Escape from Tarkov access codes. This event will remain exclusive to our Discord server, and it will be hosted through the particular channel that was created for this event. Do not miss out on these events and the unforgettable Tarkov community experiences! If you have not joined already, be sure to join the official Discord server at https://discord.gg/escapefromtarkovofficial and join the 21,000! TRANSLATONS: Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Czech Emissary @Snork_Svk German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary and Moderator @Drombal French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Emissary @titi4600 Screenshot credit: Jack-bauer
  20. Good morning ya’ll. This is just a general reminder that the registration for the 4v4 tournament will be ending tomorrow at midnight. If you are interested in participating/representing your community this is your final chance (until the next time we run this). In order to participate, y'all need to join our discord, and tag yourself and your teammates, and your team will be added to the roster. Once the registration ends, the schedule will be posted, and teams in order of registration will be choose their slots. The first bracket will be played on the 20th-21st. If we get 16 teams, they will a total of 8 matches played, 4 on each day. The winning teams will move on to the next weekend, where the quarter finals will be played on Saturday, and the semi-finals and finals will be played on the Sunday (so the 27th and 28th). This is our first time hosting this type of event, so we are still working on prizes, but right now, if your team wins, your team name/community will be posted in a channel to remind everyone who won the JAG team death-match. Ingame loot and steam keys are being considered, more info to follow. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me or post here. Good luck and happy hunting. https://discord.gg/mykRWaE
  21. pheonixcarnage

    4v4 event Being hosted by JAG!

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and any hardcore operators who don't quite fit in a single box, the JAG clan and community would like to cordially invite you all to take part in our inaugural Escape from Tarkov 4 versus 4 deathmatch tournament! The rules are simple; find three of your most bloodthirsty friends, arm yourself to the teeth, and join our discord to register your team. Registration will be open through April 15th and there's room for 16 teams total. Matches will be played in the resort area of shoreline, with each team having a JAG escort to help coordinate things and make sure everything goes smoothly (and that we don't have any interruptions from cheeki scavs or opportunistic stalkers.). The only restrictions? Stay within the resort boundaries. Matches will have a 20 minute time limit; If 20 minutes pass without one team winning, the number of surviving players on each team will determine the winner. No Press Vest armor or UNTAR helmets: Our JAG enforcers will be wearing those so you can easily spot (and avoid shooting them. Killing an enforcer will result in disqualification). No IR scopes -- I know, I know I love feeling like predator, growling and shrieking to myself behind my monitor, my true alien form taking over as I smell the fear of my... uh, never mind-- Point is, let's have at least some warrior's honor as we do our best to outmaneuver and kill each other with every other dirty tactic Tarkov has to offer. And of course, listen to your enforcer to make sure all goes smoothly. And for the those who come out on top? Plenty of in game spoils to be had, and maybe a few game keys on steam... All of the details, as well as sign ups, can be found under the #4v4s-pugs-community-event channel on our discord. So come. Assemble your team, put together your gear, and give us your best war face when you come sign up on our discord. Happy Hunting, -Lizzie ❤️ https://discord.gg/p25EYxD
  22. Hello guys ! So, i had a discussion with several players of EFT and the current meta that is, sadly camping more and more. So i started to think, why is there campers when we're really near the wipe, and if these people will stilll camp after the wipe. My reflection let me think that it was for a good reason : Before the patch 0.8, the economic event permitted to every players to play EVERY stuff and unlimited, so all players (new and old) could learn to play every gear but most important, could finally forget the GEAR FEAR. I think that, because i started to play right before this event, and because of that i "learned" how to play Tarkov. The problem is that before the 0.9, because of many glitchers? This event didn't happen, so i think that it would be really benefic for the community (to have a better meta hehe) to brand new players or just veterab player that don't have time to get gear without any effort Disclaimer : No, i'm not a player that don't have enough money to get out with a PACA, i play 5-6 raids a day and always high GEAR, but i just want that the new players get the enough experience for the next wipe so they will not play like level 2 while they are level 52 Thanks for the reading, i'm sorry if i did some mistake in my english (almost sure that this sentence is the less english of my topic ...) And will be happy to share some opinion with you boys !
  23. weeping-pirate

    Newbie friday is close!

    Good day fellow Tarkovers, This is a general reminder that Newbie Friday like on every friday starting at 0001 hrs 19 October , and will end at 0001 hrs 20 October. Tarkov is a fascinating game, but it also comes with challenges. On newbie Fridays, members of the JAG discord prepared all week to help new players and returning vets get adjusted to the game. We help players finish quests, get some experience, and just have some fun while learning the game. This is our way of giving back to this great community. We will also be giving away a 30 day trail in the upcoming days (thanks for providing us with trail accounts bsg ) In order to partake, join one of the rooms with a red circle (will be designated by newbie Friday names). We will try to man the channels for 24/7 (we have members from all across the globe). If there is a team of 4 or less, feel free to join the channel and ask to join them (just don't interrupt them if they are in contact), if there is an empty channel, Post in Tarkov General and someone will join you. If there is any questions or queries, feel free to ask any of the leadership. Every Friday we help quite a few people out, if you need help or just want to play with a group feel free to join us this Newbie Friday. To get in our discord hit the following link https://discord.gg/5CEKG8c Thank you all, Weeping-Pirate
  24. We have very talented individuals in this community and we love showing them off when you share it with us. The following is a VIP extraction theme of Escape from Tarkov Cosplay done by the group "Uprzejmi Ludzie" - Polish ASG group. The amazing photography was by Okiem Pryzmatu . With this cosplay, we came up with the idea to make a contest. Your task is to build a story using the following 20 photos or do a whole new cosplay of your own theme around Escape from Tarkov. The rules and guidelines are as followed: Must use at least 10 of the pictures below. You can add other similar EFT pictures as an addition but 10 have to be from the following. It can be a video, slideshow, voice over, complete writing or anything. Your imagination is the limit but prizes will be different. You need to tell a story and it has to stay within the Russia 2028 universe (No Zombies or aliens). Only one submission per person 3 winning spots with prizes and emissaries will be selecting the final 3 winners. (If enough interest, a poll will be created for the community to vote) Your submission has to be done in this forum post Your submissions will be shared with the rest of the community to enjoy Alternative Submission: A whole new cosplay with the level of quality as the one below that tells a certain story (I.E: VIP Extraction) Cosplay needs to be at least 15 pictures worth Prizes! Special Prize: Press Key - If there is a submission that went above and beyond with quality, creativity, and level of effort as well as time put into it, we will give the press key in addition to the first place price (Preference given for the alternative submission) First Place: Standard Edition and five, 14-day access closed beta codes of Escape from Tarkov (Must be a video to qualify) Second Place: Standard Edition of Escape from Tarkov (Must to be a video to qualify) Third Place: Five, 14-day access closed beta codes of Escape from Tarkov (All submissions qualify) If you have any questions, please, be sure to ask and we will answer them. Let the creativity begin! Although this was posted and hidden since April 17. The event begins today and ends on May 11. Winners will be announced by May 14th. Best of luck! Translations: French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of France @LePatrick German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Germany @Cyver Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @REAPERBR Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Czech rep @PugMonk
  25. Olá Operadores Temos membros muito talentosos na nossa comunidade e adoramos exibir este talento quando compartilhado conosco. Abaixo o Cosplay de uma extração VIP de Escape from Tarkov feito pelo grupo "Uprzejmi Ludzie" - grupo polonês ASG. A fotografia incrível foi de Okiem Pryzmatu. Com este cosplay, surgiu a ideia de fazermos um concurso. Sua tarefa é construir uma história usando as seguintes 20 fotos ou fazer um novo Cosplay com seu próprio tema sobre o Escape from Tarkov. As regras e diretrizes são as seguintes: Deve usar pelo menos 10 das imagens fornecidas abaixo. Você pode adicionar outras imagens EFT como adicionais, mas ao menos 10 imagens usadas devem ser selecionadas das fotos fornecidas aqui. Pode ser um vídeo, apresentação de slides, voice over ou qualquer outra coisa. Sua imaginação é o limite, mas os prêmios serão diferentes. Você precisa contar uma história que se enquadre dentro do universo do Rússia 2028 (Nada de zumbis ou alienígenas). Apenas um envio por pessoa. Serão 3 ganhadores com diferentes prêmios e os emissários estarão selecionando os vencedores. Se houver interesse, uma enquete será criada para a comunidade decidir. Para participar, será necessário submeter o seu trabalho nesta postagem do fórum oficial e o trabalho será compartilhado com toda a comunidade! Tema Alternativo: Um novo tema cosplay com o mesmo nível de qualidade que conta uma certa história - exemplo: Extração de VIP. Precisa ter pelo menos 15 imagens Prêmios! Prêmio Especial: Chave Press - Se houver algum trabalho submetido que se destaque pela qualidade, criatividade, nível de esforço e o tempo investido, premiaremos com uma Chave Especial de Imprensa, além do prêmio de primeiro lugar (Preferência dada para Tema alternativo). Primeiro Lugar: Uma Edição Standard de Escape from Tarkov, e cinco chaves de acessos de 14 dias para o Beta fechado de Escape from Tarkov (Deve ser um vídeo para qualificar). Segundo Lugar: Uma Edição Standard de Escape from Tarkov (Deve ser um vídeo para qualificar). Terceiro Lugar: cinco chaves de acessos de 14 dias para o Beta fechado de Escape from Tarkov (Todos os tipos de trabalhos submetidos qualificam). Se você tiver alguma dúvida, por favor, não se esqueça de perguntar e nós vamos respondê-las. Que comece o concurso e nos vemos em Tarkov !
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