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Found 8 results

  1. MrSandman98

    The Dark Zone - 18+ Community

    The Dark Zone – 18+ Community About us: The Dark Zone is a community of EFT players that accept anyone that is new or old to the game. We aim to create an active player base on our discord to develop friendships, team chemistries and having fun. Requirements to join: - Must be 18+ - Must have a good mic, or push to talk. - Must be able to take a joke. Discord: https://discord.gg/mpKJ9CN
  2. DrakeVanders

    New Event idea: Scavpocalypse

    So an idea for a future event and one I think that will test the servers performance with multiple AI is something called "Scavpocalypse". This would make larger maps more interesting to fight in while the smaller maps end up being chaos as Scav's roam in larger groups than before. Simply put this event has maps spawn alot of Scavs and when I say ALOT I mean a alot. Say 3 to 5 times the normal amount and areas where it's normally devoid of Scav activity spawn some more such as the Village and Swamp in Shoreline or the Gas Station and Dorms on Customs with maps like Factory having constant waves of Scav's pour in.
  3. keremit

    Ideas For Vendors.

    We all know that this is a game played by many people and many more to come nevertheless most of the players are from Russia and Usa moreover there are many items/weapons in the game relevant to those country's. And I have a idea for those are from country's like French, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany and Turkey. A supplier can come to Tarkov as an Event and can bring guns from their home country as a exchange of Russian and American weapons or money. For example Beretta rifles from Italy or Heckler or Koch weapons from Germany as well as MPT-76 from Turkey. These new events will make people want to come back to the game because of that weapon from their home country they want to play with and will make the game more interesting and fan for all people around the world who are playing this game.
  4. wolfsorrow

    Event Sugguestions

    After the sheer volume of complaints on twitter fb and here I thought what better way to combat bad or unwanted events than to post our own suggestions here. Simple Guidelines Keep your ideas to the boundaries of the games core storyline/mechanics (sorry no base building in raid or PUBG tournaments) Don't just shoot down one persons ideas cause you wouldn't enjoy it constructive criticism is okay but if you are going to criticize anothers idea you must supply a change to said idea that would make it feasible. Keep your ideas clear and concise so there is no misunderstandings to what you are trying to express even use bullet-points if need be I cant express this one enough, end goals be it a certain reward etc make sure it is balanced so joe bloggs who lives in a different timezone and misses the event doesnt suffer for having to go to work that day. If you post it MUST have an idea or involve a change to a previously stated idea. We are trying to help, not throw salt. two good ideas I have seen so far and will credit are: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/65487-weeklymonthly-events/?tab=comments#comment-1015037 By ShadowWolf20 and https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/63612-add-events-for-more-dynamic-raids-in-tarkov/?tab=comments#comment-999544 By ynnus86 Going by my own rule number 5 here if my first idea working off ynnus86's post particularly the convoy idea With the upcoming boss scavs a good random/rare occurrence dude to vehicle mechanics not being in game yet would be a squadron of scavs protecting their boss escorting him from point A to point B via Point C (Because all maps are "Linked") Of course the route they take is never set in stone repeated time after time. A good example is customs currently has 22 exits so thats 21 different places the escort could go after they go to point C for whatever reason they decide be it check an area, get a certain item etc etc The main goal obviously would be for the PMC(s) to kill the boss who when dead the remaining scavs would hunt for whoever the killer(s) are. Rewards: More Exp, and better loot off the main or perhaps items you would rarely see on a scav such as flash drives etc not a limited edition gun etc for that would be unbalanced but definitely something to be double the value of the resources you put into the kill.
  5. Hello guys, right now going in the raid feels a little bit static. You join a map and go for looting, depending on your spawn and on the map, have some fights against scavs which spawn at specific fixed locations (no surprises) and fight the pmcs. PVP has for sure the highest variation right now, but still there are points of interests like health resort or dorms which are visited often but lots of places are just abandoned. Also you have some quests, which are more or less well integrated in the setting (more, also story quests announced though). Now, what about having some random (rare) events, like a helicopter crash which is now heavily guarded by UN troops or a military convoy passing from customs checkpoint to RUAF roadblock? You could encounter these events randomly, but this could also be connected very well to the planed radio system. If you had a radio station in your hideout you could try to spy on some communication from UN troops or russian military where they announce a convoy for example in customs and from then on you will encounter this for like the next half hour when you go in the specific raid. There could be so many cool dynamic things happen in tarkov, like the UN or russian military taking over health resort with tons of ai army guys being there and you can decide to try an attack for getting nice military loot or just leave it. Or a helicopter (drone?) crash at shoreline where troops are guarding the crash site. Or a UN humanity convoy you could try to rob and get lots of food supplies and other goods. This could also be connected to dynamic quests where peacekeeper is hiring you for robbing the convoy or making an ambush on military troops at a crash site. I'd really love to so these kinds of dynamic events in tarkov to add more of a feeling of a living and changing world and less of a static raid over and over again. What do you think? Greetings, Ynnus
  6. So I was just thinking, if you take all the preppers into consideration, there could be hidden stashed scattered in the woods, basements, houses etc. You know, you walk in and there is tons of ammunition, food, drinks, tools, everything. Just google "prepper" if you don't know what I'm talking about. But of course it would be way too bad if wecould just open one doors and cash in. With hatchlings grinding Mark Room we can see that this game is putting slow, tactical and sneaky playstyle (the realistic one IMHO) at disadvantage. And it's the people using CoD/PUBG playstyle that have the best chance to get Factory key or the best loot possible (like Mark Room, small Gas Station, the blue tin or ritual spot on woods etc.). I dislike this. So, I was thinking: random events. Let's say, there was prepper in Tarkov that owned some land in Woods. He made himself a bunker. Just like the two we already seen. And he hid it. Players cannot access it normally under any circumstances. But let's say that once in about 10/15 raids (or even one in 30-50) there is a chance for earthquake/bomb/artillery shell/magic/whatever to happen and entrance emerges. At random time. It could be 5 minutes into the raid, it could be 40 minutes after raid started. It could be further locked behind a closed doors with key needed. And inside there could be nice loot. Like some food, drinks, chance for one or more weapons etc. This of course could be reason for special wave of scavs spawning in. Let's remember that Tarkov is an active warzone between 5 sides (in case you don't know: UN, Russians, private companies: USEC and BEAR... that's 4. You add civilians/bandits and you have 5). There is quick list of my ideas, of course they are just first things that popped in my mind, but I hope you will get the general idea. Prepper's cache Locations: anywhere. Hidden bunker/hidden basement in forested areas, basement of standalone house; locked for key Loot: mostly food and drink, some tools, ammunition, some meds, little chance for civilian/sport/hunting grade weapons (Veprs, shotguns, pistols, (OP-)SKS) Event: random bomb/artillery shell/earthquake uncovered the entrance Threat: group (3-6) of scavs investigating noise (they eventually break in, take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: medium Tinhat's apartment Locations: flats, tenements, locked for key Loot: weird stuff. All kinds of radios, counters, surveillance and scanning equipment (GM Counters and Gas Analyzers for example), food, drinks, maybe low grade weapons (melee, handgun) Event: random group of scavs "dug" access to apartment (barricaded with shelves, fridges, etc), but they don't have key Threat: group (2-3) of scavs trying to breach doors (they eventually break in, take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: high Police Station's Armoury Locations: some kind of police station, armoury locked for key Loot: armours (high chance for multiple grade 1-3 armour items, low chance for one/two better armour items), chance for multiple police/military grade weapons (PM, PMM, Yarygin's Grach, P99 Walther, P-2000, SKS, AKM, AK-74, RPK), grenades, ammunition. Nothing of much worth outside armoury Event: random bomb/tank round/artillery shell/earthquake destroyed outer wall leading inside the police station Threat: group (2-6) of scavs pillaging the place outside armoury Frequency: very low Charity Air Drop Locations: any Loot: high quantities of food and drinks with high chances for multiple first aid kits (including Grizzlys, Salewas, Morphine Injectors etc) Event: air drop Threat: group (2-5) of scavs closing in (they eventually take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: medium/low Shot down plane (crashing) Locations: open spaces (Woods, Shoreline) Loot: depending on plane's type Event: plane got shot down and is going down to crash somewhere on the map Threat: group (2-5) of scavs closing in to investigate (they eventually take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: very low UN Convoy Locations: any, moving across the map Loot: any/depending on convoy type Event: UN convoy with protection of squad or two of military geared NPCs Threat: group (4-10) of UN armed guards (they eventually escort convoy outside the map), won't shoot unprovoken. Scavs encounter them on sight. Frequency: any If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: Usage of batteries to power gear: link UI for loading mixed ammo: link Shift-click to fast open containers in inventory: link Hiding HUD: link
  7. Hello everyone, We are sure that you will notice soon in regards to the in-game events being announced in the Russian section from the link below: The first in-game event will be held on May 9th for the Russian community. Then after this stage, it will come over to the English community for you all to participate. It is not going to be just one event but multiple ones so that many players can participate. On this first event alone, 54 players will be taking part. We will announce the English side of the community in-game events after this with even more ideas that we have gathered from this first event. On the English side of the community event, we will also work on any technical bugs and issues we might have faced during the first event. Thank you all and we look forward to playing with you. French Translation of Event News Thanks to the French Emissary @AGN_YuD Polish Translation of Event News Thanks to the Polish Emissary @TheWay Portuguese Translation of Event News Thanks to Portuguese Emissary @predador Italian Translation of Event News Thanks to Italian Emissary @baggio Chinese Translation of Event News Thanks to Chinese Emissary @heiliumhk
  8. 大家好, 我們相信您將很快己注意到在俄羅斯論壇宣布的官方遊戲活動,鏈接如下: 第一場遊戲活動將於5月9日在俄羅斯語社區舉行。在這次活動階段後,將會在英語社區舉辦並歡迎大家參加。它不會只是單場活動,而是多場活動一起舉行,以便更多玩家可以參與。首輪活動中,將會有54名玩家可以參加。在此之後,我們從第一次活動中所得的經驗及更多想法整合後,就會公告即將在英語社區所舉辦更精彩的活動詳情。在舉辦英語社區活動時,我們還將同時處理在第一次俄語社區活動中可能遇到的任何技術錯誤和問題。 感謝大家支持並期待各位一起參與 原文
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