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Found 5 results

  1. I played through an entire PMC run on Customs during the day. It was going fantastic, my best game since the start of the wipe, I even had a full inventory of useful items. I made my way to the RUAF Roadblock exfil with just under 10 minutes to spare. Upon walking up to the exfil (which had the light on signifying it was an active exfil) the countdown timer to exfil popped up, but then nothing happened when it hit 0. I couldn't leave the area to try another exfil as my energy had just hit 0 and I wouldn't make it because I was already starting to black out. I left and entered the exfil area about 4-5 times and the exfil timer popped up and fully counted down every time but nothing happened when it hit 0, I also did not move away from it during the countdown, which means it should not have stopped. After that last attempt a scav showed up and one tapped me in the head. I lost everything I had on me that wasn't insured due to a bug.
  2. Una guía de los puntos de extracción de PMC en Interchange, para los que van comenzando a jugar.
  3. Hola gente, una vez más les traigo una guía de extracciones para PMC y sus activaciones, por sí aún no conocen alguna.
  4. Aivoras

    vent exfil on labs broke?

    I recently started playing this game again after a friend recommended the new map The Lab. We did a few runs with no luck then finally a good run. found a vest 2 ak74Us and some smaller items. After frantically trying to find the extraction points we found the vent exfil. He was able to extract fine but when my timer hit 0 nothing happened. I moved out of the zone after waiting for a few seconds then the timer restarted. The timer got down to 1 again before raiders showed up and ended that run. Has anyone else had this happen? TLDR? game bugged out and I lost a decent run
  5. Hey all, first post, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Just had a game of shoreline where i started with nothing but a knife and some meds, and ended up dragging myself to the boat extraction, half dying by this point. Once i had gotten to the extraction point, it told me to wait in the area, and counted down 30 seconds, however it didn't extract me. i waited a minute, left the area, and entered again, it conted down the 30 seconds once again, and didn't extract me, i then died from dehydration, as i'd exhausted everything medical getting to extraction, losing 4 guns, a backpack, armor, helmet, and vest in the process. Is this a new feature? Or has the game just decided it didn't like me/want me to extract with anything? or this just wholesale some bug? After some really bad games, and a lot of lost loot, this was needed, but instead of got boned.
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