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Found 2 results

  1. So I joined the game as I normaly would any other day, get really lucky and find two PMC's that are looting, and 1tap them both with my scavs SA-58. I then start looting them, and is about to be on my merry way, when the server decides to crash. Giving the all to familiar disconected from server message from earlier patches. So i exit the client, and check seeing there is a update. No big worry I'll just quickly install it and jump back into the game. I then re-enter the game and make my way over to the assigned exit (This being the one behind Doorm's on costume.) The exit GUi comes up, counting down for me to exit. And it goes.. No exit.. So i step out of the exit area, and go back in. Same thing happens, it starts counting down, and nothing. So I decided to try and close the client again, open it and try the exit again. Still nothing.. I then decide to move over to the other exit, making my way there at a steady pace. When I arrive, and I try to exit, the exite won't even start then GUi to exit, so I look up on the forums and google, to see if any one has had this problem. Find a couple of "Answers" but most are pretty dated, and had no affect. After trying a couple of the diffrent metods, like Alt + F4 or droping an item and then trying the exit, I decide to make my way back to the original exit, since that's the only one that "works" But nothing, No way of exiting and no way of getting the loot. After that I go into the 3 story doorm, kill a few PMC's and scav's and loot them, before going back to the gate. Still not working. Any one have any thoughs or ideas on this, would love to hear your take on it. (Ps. Picture is from before I went back to the doorms after trying the 2nd exit I had)
  2. XxLuciferxX

    Cant Exit Factory As Scav

    Cant seem to exit factory with all my loot as a scav, 4th factory run today with the same problem, has this already been reported? its the Cell/gate 0 exit on factory as a scav, if the doors are not open you cant get out, this is what it has just lost me lol
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