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Found 16 results

  1. Exit Camping

    You've probably heard this a lot but I have not gone one game in the past week that did not have people camping the road to factory exit. This time I came across a group of about four of them just camping the exit. Usually it's only one guy but four!? They hit my leg and hunted me down. Exit camping has really begun to put a wear on both me and the three people I know who have this game. What can be done about it?
  2. Customs - Dorms V-Ex exit

    Hello, on the map Customs there is one "sort-of" hidden exit called Dorms V-Ex (middle top of the image), I have been looking in a lot of videos and using google, but I was not able to find more details or any player leaving through that exit. My questions are pretty straight-forward: Where is the exit (video/image would be useful for reference) and how can it be used? Are there any limitations? Is it based on spawn or do You need some rubbles to use it/kill some scavs? (img taken from: ) Thanks, TM
  3. Can't escape?

    I'm a new tarkov player and have been recently getting good enough at the game to where i can kill someone, grab the goods and go. I have been playing the map customs exclusively with the intention of learning one map until i feel ready to learn another. I know where 3 exits are but of the 4 runs where I've got enough loot to leave, 3 times of the 4 i run to an exit, make it safely, and there's no timer when i stand by the door. I'll stand around moving ever so slightly to see if i need to be standing somewhere else but nothing and when i give up i run to another exit, sometimes i make it sometimes i don't and the same thing happens. I've read on forums similar to this one to try and alt+f4 out of the game and reconnect in order to fix it but i tried that and still nothing. Is there a fix to this bug? Am i missing a core game mechanic that will help me understand whats wrong? Can someone please explain the escaping system to me if there is one? I want to love this game because its exactly what i'm looking for and i do understand that its beta so there's bound to be changes, bug fixes, and patches but i'm just very confused right now.
  4. Hey Escaper Ich bin noch relativ neu bei EFT und habe fast eine Woche nur Factory gespielt. (um das Spiel und die Map zu lernen) Jedefalls bin ich mit meinem PMC rein und konnte relativ ungestört looten. Zudem hat man kaum Schüsse und Schritte gehört, was mich auch etwas misstrauisch gemacht hat. Als ich dann vollbepackt Richtung Mainexit geschlichen bin (Timer war bei 2min.) und die erste Tür geöffnet habe, wurde ich von nem Spieler getötet, der bei diesen Rohren neben der Tür gecampt hat. Fand ich schon ein wenig uncool obwohl ich den Fehler gemacht habe und nicht alles säuberlich gecheckt habe. Nun möchte ich einfach mal in die Runde fragen, wie steht ihr zu diesem Exit-gecampe? Macht ihr das vll. auch selber oder findet ihr das Lame? Lg M4na
  5. Anyone else experiencing crashes when closing down the game? Never had this problem only since last dec patch. Happens every time now.
  6. Exits not working?

    Asking this for a buddy of mine, gamer tag world_premier We have played many scav missions & usually don’t have any issues escaping. But he has contacted me many times when going solo scav & regular player that he cannot Escape. Not as in he’s getting killed, but that the exits are not working. He will get up to the door and nothing happens, no countdown, nothing. If it matters, this has been happening on Customs, he has been too worried of losing more gear to test this on other maps. He ends up losing everything he has because the mission timed out. I’ve had him completely uninstall & reinstall the game but the same issue still happens. Has this happened to anyone or something similar? Is there a fix? Thanks!!
  7. Hier ein Video mit allen Exits auf allen Maps mit dem neuen Spawnsystem auf deutsch Wäre nice wenn Ihr den Youtuber unterstützt wenn euch das Video hilft.
  8. bug report stuck in trade menu

    hello, first of all i would like to adress that i did not find a bug report section so i thought the best way to report it is in the dev section. i was in the trade menu, at fence to e exact, when i tried to examine a can i found out i couldnt research it, then i was unable to exit the trade mene and it sorta gave me a blank,(see screenshot) i hope i was of good service to the developers in reporting this bug. sincerely, dion van der velde.
  9. "Are you sure you want to leave?"

    Dont get me wrong, this may sound stupid and foolish, but il'been closing the game for accident a lot of times... Because after a time of playing i want to get on action fast, and i move fast from my stash to the traders and quest and pressing the button "Back" at the end, some times i click "Exit the game" and i sends me to the Desktop (Like i say, Foolish) so thats why i want to ask for a "Are you SURE you want to leave?" confirmation... (And buy a new brain too, but thats not up to you) Greetings
  10. Scavenger Escape Screen

    When you escape as a scavenger I find myself spamming the next button like I usually do as a PMC meaning I skip the transferring loot screen. This could be easily avoided by not being an idiot though I wouldn't be surprised if others have had the same issue. Does anyone else have this issue.
  11. Camping in FACTORY at exit!

    Hello, I was playing a lot that game, and factory map, and i see that lot ,but a lot people camping at exit and when you open door you are dead. That way he get easy lot and you dont have a chanche to shoot him first. So is a way that you prevent that camping at exit at factory. I think if you put that IMMEDIATELY start count down extraction that they wont be able anymore to do that camping.
  12. Can't exit raid

    Hey, i have 53 min left of raid in customs im stuck at the farest (?) exit and no timer is showing up. I standing next to vault door and text is not showing. I used that door many times. I need quick help.
  13. exit campers

    been killed 3 times now in the passed 4 days to someone camping the exit after ive picked up a spawned in m4... and lost aks and others to alot of exit campers. does anyone know if they are going to do something so people cant exit camp or sit in the extraction room and just wait for people
  14. Cant leave the Raid

    Hello Guys This happened me already the second time since i play EFT (about 2 months). So, i play Online Raid, map is Custom. I play it, kill some, no desync, everything is fine (i can loot in seconds and not like grabbing something and it takes time about 10 seconds or something like that) So, everything is just how it should be. But then, i come to the Exit point, i will try to explain which ones, cause BOTH of them didnt work (btw, my english... yeah, isnt perfect^^) One is almost at the end of the map, at the railroads, by the silos, where you can go up by circle stairs. one is a little bit further, but also at the railroads (between them is a fence where you have to jump over it) so, i walk to one of them, doesnt work... ok... i walk to the other one and it doesnt work also -.- so, anybody did encounter the same bug? btw, i had to leave the raid and lost all the stuff, it doesnt matter, yes, but its still sad. i worked it hard to come here, started with only pistol and had an armore at the end and an ak and a pumpgun, so its a hard work till there and its very very sad to leave it like that...
  15. Exit (Lag) in den Woods?

    Hallo zusammen, ich hoffe ich habe mich beim Suchen nicht vollkommen blind angestellt, daher jetzt doch als eigener Thread. Ich habe gestern das Game gekauft, daher fehlen mir ingame-Erfahrungen was die Exits angeht. Wir haben gestern im 2-Mann-Team die Woods durchstreift und sind letzt endlich in einem Bunker(eingang) gelandet. Dort drin gabs einen begitterten Durchgang der sich so nicht öffnen lies. Meinen Recherchen nach benötige ich ja nun einen Schlüssel, der wohl, so habe ich es in einem anderen Thread hier gelesen, noch nicht implementiert ist (oder jetzt doch?) - egal. Wir sind auf jeden Nooblike zum Gitter, haben es versucht einzutreten, ging natürlich nicht. Haben den Bunker wieder verlassen und sind weiter. Ca. 2 Minuten später waren wir dann in diesem einzelnen mit Holzzaun (mit Plastikflaschen bestückt) umgebenen alten, zusammengefallen Holzhaus. Auf einmal ging ein Timer an das wir die Instanz verlassen. Zack draußen, Zack "you have survived". Wir waren irritiert. Hab erstmal nach Youtube Videos gesucht um rauszufinden wie denn jetzt nen Exit aussieht... hab dann aber nach den ersten 10 aufgegeben ;-) Ähm, also, ich hätte jetzt gedacht ich müsste, sofern eine Schlüssel vorhanden wäre, die Tür im Bunker öffnen um raus zu kommen. Hatte ich ja nicht. Und diese Hütte gab mir jetzt nicht wirklich einen Anhaltspunkt für ein Exit. War die Hütte der Ausgang? War der Bunker der Ausgang und ich muss nur in diesem kleinen Raum drin sein? Hatte ich massiv Lag? Generell wurde ich gestern ein paar Mal von Leuten umgeaxted die locker 8-9 Meter von mir entfernt standen - daher kam halt die Lag-Idee. Auf der anderen Seite ist ein 2 Minuten-Lag eher Timeoutwürdig Schon mal vorab danke für Ideen / Erfahrungen etc. etc
  16. Forest Exit

    I noticed an extraction location in the Forest was pretty open. Right next to the run down shack and the out-house, next to the broken car. Would there be a way to indicate that the player is actually standing in the extraction location? That way they wont exit unknowingly.