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Found 10 results

  1. OGBustaGut

    Simple Fix to Exit Campers

    Seems easy to me. And you make it more complex but not sure you really need too. Why not have an equation that negatively awards late game kills within X feet of an exit area. I think this would help with the PMC/Scav joint exits too which I really don't understand anyhow. You can ramp it up but this would require more camping with and idle time for someone who has not moved in X amount of time from an given X by X area. Than for the punishment take increasing amounts of experience away. 1000, 10000, 100000 etc. It doesn't happen all that often but it is annoying based upon the looting concept of the game. MD
  2. Guten Tag ich habe mal eine Frage mein Freund und ich ware heute in ein paar Runden und wir hatten immer unterschiedliche Exits obwohl wir vorher einen Lobby erstellt haben. Ist das bei euch auch so ? (es waren auch Scuf runden dabei) Liegt es daran das er die andere Fraktion hat ? Wenn ja wie kann man die Fraktion wechseln ? (weil das fucked echt ab wenn man unterschiedliche Exits hat weil wir gerade erst angefangen haben) Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe MfG
  3. When I first saw the description of the exit "Scav Lands" at Reseve I instantly thought "That's a waste of an exit, no-one will ever be able to use this", but then 2 days ago they have released the update with the new "Scav Camp" exit at Interchange and it was clear to me that the devs maybe should play this game a little more before putting out exfiltrations like that. A SCAV and a PMC WILL NEVER cooperate, it is totally impossible that they will trust each other: maybe it could be possible if there was voip but even then I seriously doubt that a PMC would resist to his instinct to wipe out the SCAV from this world as soon as he sees him, and vice versa. I feel that these two exits are just a shame because in both maps you could really use another exit that would't be so hard to activate (Reserve) or so easy to camp (Interchange). Devs, think again about those exits and try to come up with some better ideas.
  4. This has happened to me many times now on customs and I see others posting about it with no solutions yet. I've gone to all 3 different extraction points and none of them work, I've tried dropping gear and picking it back up, everything I can think of in-game and nothing will allow me to extract. My only options are to either let the raid timer run out and I lose everything or just disconnect and lose everything that way. It's very frustrating bringing out your best loot, killing a bunch of fully geared players and then losing it all just because of a glitch.
  5. dzk99


    This map is in some dire need of more than one god damn exit! Like at least 2 so then maybe there is a chance that you don't die to a bush camper somehow having "fun" sitting there for 20 mins. One can argue to look around good but it always happens a couple times even when being cautious. Maybe its just me I would like to hear other thoughts on this. Thanks.
  6. Vadrome

    Scav Exits on Factory

    I've been having some luck with Scav raids on factory lately, resulting in some good gear to carry out. But I'm never able to actually do so because I can't access a single exit. Why is it that I'm assigned just two exits that can only be accessed with the factory key? What happened to the office window exit?
  7. Hi. The exit old station at woods for scavs did not work just now. It counted down, the screen began to turn dark as usual, but went back. The count down timer turned to -1. Did somebody else had these problems? I am putting this under suggestions to make this bug noticed and see if other players had this problem. Suggestion: fix. If there is a better place for this, please tell me.
  8. Tabatchnick

    Requests for playing as a team

    Ok I can understand you wanting to make this a hardcore game. Nothing is sacred, the only sure thing is death. But when working as a team with other players why do we spawn in different locations and get different exits? It makes no sense at all. We are a TEAM, same spawns, same exits but still getting your ass shot off by a pro Twitch streamer. Also. Put in a compass for gods sakes. Any professional soldier has a paper map and a compass at the least.

    All locked Factory Locked exits

    I know I need a key to get out Some of the factory but if I get these three exits that need it is there even any way to even get out of the factory? I don't have they key yet unfortunately but I don't want to lose all my gear again. I looked at a map and went to every exit yet all where locked. Was there a way I could get out?
  10. Razorchicken

    Cant Exit Factory

    I cant seem to exit anywhere in factory and my exits are red on the time.
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