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Found 6 results

  1. saojikao

    Some suggestions about scav mode

    I have some suggestions about scav mode. I heard that you are going to change the trade rep level to 15. Maybe its a effective thinking to solve the "running with knives" problem. But it's also too hard for players who mainly play scav mode to reach lv.15. Cuz scav mode do not earn exp. So, I suggest maybe scav mode can have exp like pmc but much lower, for example 1/10 the exp you have got in the game, as long as the resulting exp is not 0. Otherwise, it is very difficult for players who mainly play scav mode to reach level 15. And another tip that can make scav mode more interesting: When a player controlling scav killed another scav, only scavs who saw or heard this at the time would attack the player, I think this will increase the fun and strategic of the game. Best wishes.
  2. tullowitsch

    Post your record XP raids

    I'm starting with mine from today, silenced TT raid on Customs:
  3. HavoKizICeCoLD

    Leveling & Experience

    OK, so I can't seem to figure out if your PMC character level effects anything. I understand how the individual skill leveling works (Vitality, Strength, etc.) and I understand that trader relations are increased at certain PMC level milestones, but I'm wondering, besides for the aforementioned, what's the difference between a lvl 01 player and a lvl 15 player?
  4. mabarian

    Experience Points as Scav

    Hi guys, How is it that I already played two raids as scav and got around 2200exp and 1800exp respectively, but it only counted as 682exp? I'm still level 1. Is this normal? Thanks
  5. Oloo92

    90k expa :D

    mój osobisty rekord ktoś coś więcej ?:D można się pochwalić
  6. Trunka555

    Scav Summary

    Hello everyone, A quick question about Scav stats and summary that I noticed and I would love to understand. Recently I've completed 2 runs with success but here's what i don't understand: - First Run, 3 kills (2 AI and 1 scav players). The final summary said that I didn't killed anyone. Total EXP: 649 - Second Run, 0 kills, just a bunch of loot (gold chains, adapters, etc...). The final summary said that I killed 3 Scavs, giving me 4690 EXP Is this a common thing? Thank you for your time.
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