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Found 25 results

  1. While searching for a streamers video on YouTube, my introduction advertisement for the video was for a website that allows you to pay for carries, rubles, items in game as well as tasks to be completed for you. I do not know where to report this kind of thing, and would prefer not to post the link for the page publicly as to further promote this crap. If there are any Dev's out there (i know you guys are crazy busy and imp not sure if there is anything you can do) out there that i can send the link off too that would be great. It concerns me that they are now advertising something so against TOS online, and this game would be so much better without this stuff. I love you guys, love the team and love the game just want the best for it. Thanks!
  2. Grinyaa

    Spieler Melden

    Hallo zusammen, würde gerne einen Spieler melden aus Zwei gründen. Einmal wegen einem Obszönen Namen und Zweitens wegen Exploit using. Als Beweis gebe es ein Video. Für das benutzen des Exploits wird wohl ein Ticket vom Support nötig sein aufgrund der Art wie es BSG regelt, gilt dies auch für direkte Sachen wie Namen?
  3. There is a huge exploit on reserve where a player can lay down and lay sideways into a wall and see the entire map from underneath in the tunnels. I was in the Tarkov official discord watching this guy play on reserve and he was sitting at D-2 with an impact grenade waiting, he was laying on the ground, sideways looking at the entire map waiting for a player to start making there way to D-2 so he could impact nade them. I watched him do it. I told him that it was an exploit and cheating and his response was if you're not cheating you don't want to win.... You can email me if you want further evidence of this exploit I recorded the second raid he did so I would have some proof. This exploit is game braking for reserve as the player using it can use it anywhere in the lower part of the map and see where almost every player is at all times. This exploit is super game breaking! If you need more evidence or video I have it I will upload pictures of what it looks like. Thank you! here's an imgur link to better show what I'm talking about, my pictures weren't uploading to the site properly!-https://imgur.com/a/ChESwG6
  4. CarbineJack


    Just wondering if we can fix the fact that one can walk out the window of third story building and land on the second story window ledge to get a cheeki flank. Its a cheap tactic when they should be forced to push down the hallway or go to the other stair case leading to the second story. If one walks out the window they should fall to the ground not move their pmc mid falling straight down.
  5. tase404

    Shoreline water exploit

    During a scav run on shoreline, I bumped into a lvl 49 player that I managed to unload a full magazine into before he even reacted (he was running and just went past me). While I was reloading he just went next to the water, and threw his items in. Making them inaccessible (in the photo I was as close as I could get). I don’t know about you, but this makes it highly frustrating for me. I get it if you throw something on a cliff or etc, a place that I truly wouldn’t be able to access. But having items just lay there inaccessible in only half a meter of water just ruins any immersion I would otherwise have had in the game. The only reachable thing was his body (even that, only while prone), where I could only take his dog-tag (because he can’t throw that away). I don't know about you, but I would consider this to be an exploit. Again, throwing stuff off a cliff, over a fence, or etc where it is truly inaccessible, that is ok with me and should be a game mechanic, but having the water be inaccessible is just senseless. I think that this can easily be patched by making the invisible player barriers, also barriers for items (except throwables like grenades, that would allow “trickshots” with the wall). Also now that we might get a quick release backpack/chest-rig mechanic, this exploit will be even easier to achieve (and adds a risk of doing it by mistake, imagine losing your backpack by mistake in half a meter of water). (apparently I digressed into a rant, but hey, I think it makes sense, what about you?)
  6. I'm just wondering if using a rail like in the picture to get a thermal in your secure case is considered an exploit or if this is functioning as it's supposed to. The developers restricted thermals from the containers but using this you can still put them in using the aksu rail also allows for using 1 space instead of 2. If it is a exploit it would be nice if it got fixed as it has been like that forever and seems to be easily fixable if the code looked deeper into the attachment chain than top level.
  7. They should make it so that every container has a cooldown that works like this: If you go in naked with nothing but a hatchet and die/extract/quit/run out of time <-- doesn't matter, if you go in naked then after the raid you get a 6h long cooldown on your secure container. I'll get into why exactly 6h in a minute. While the cooldown is on you are unable to use your case. You can't empty it, you can't put anything in it, you can't use it at all simply. "Why not just put a cooldown on going in raid then?" Well because that would stop you from playing all together for the day, this way you can still play like noral just with no case for 6h... if we put a cooldown on playing completely we would not fix hatchet runners, we would just make all the "hatcheters" quit all together... aka killing off 50% of the playerbase for the day, or maybe for good. So why 6h? Well first of all this would mean you could only reasonably do one hatchet run a day, therefore putting on gear would be more worth it as that would mean you would keep your case afterwards. Basically this would make gear play the new hatchet run as it would allow you to use your case over and over but the difference this time is that you have gear on (killing the problem). Sure one could do a hatchet run and then quit for the day and come back tomorrow, but who would do that? You don't know if you will get good loot spawning so one a day is too discouraging to be repeated. Secondly the reason for the cooldown being specifically 6h is because I thought this through and this is how it should work: Helmet = -1h of the cooldown Armour = -1h of the cooldown Rig = -1h of the cooldown Pistol = -1h of the cooldwon Primary = -1h of the cooldwon Backpack = -1h of the cooldwon Every item you bring in takes an hour off of the cooldown post raid! So this would mean a fully geared player would have no cooldown at all. Sure one could just buy crap gear to counter this, but I'd rather have low tier gear than nothing for my M995 I just wasted on a hatchet runner. Also before you armoured rig runners freak out, armoured rigs could have a -2h cooldown as it obviously covers 2 item-slots. As for the people freaking out over having to bring a pistol to get that last hour off, well maybe the cooldown can be only 5h... Idk... this is just an idea relax, they are not implementing this tomorrow dammit! Also another solution could be that a pimped primary with attachments and such is -2h on the cooldown or something, feel free to come with ideas. ^^ Also before you say anything, I know what you are thinking, "They will just buy a bunch of gear and toss it in a bush and get it back on insurance and only run hatchet!" and to that I say, it is about time they nerfed that long ago anyway. You should get your gear back on insurance if you ((die)) with it ((on)). Tossing it away for someone elses gear is broken and should not work! So by implementing my method and nerfing that part of insurance you are killing two major flaws of Tarkov at once, one being the hatchet runners and the other being the insurance abusers. For those who don't agree with the insurance thing well look at it this way, insurance basically means "We got your back ((IN CASE)) something goes to poo." you throwing your stuff away is not "In case" that is just you doing it intentionally. That would be the same as hiding your stuff IRL and telling your insurance company you got robbed and want it back on insurance to get duplicates. That is illegal and therefore it shouldn't be allowed in this game as it is meant to be a realistic one. Lastly this is off topic ranting so if you came here for the hatchet solution then you can stop reading here. ^^ This is for those that will say, "Realistic game blabla it is still JUST a game, get over it." well like I hinted above, Tarkov is being marketed as a "realistic shooter" therefore no matter how many reality breaking rules it might have, it is still meant to emulate reality, and my suggestion is making it more realistic, cool? Ok. Besides if no matter how realistic a game might be it is still "just a game" to you, then by that logic there's no tactical difference between Fortnite and Tarkov right? Also by that logic if no game is tactical enough to be considered "realistic" by you, then the only reasonable way I could "play a realistic" game with that logic would be by actually joining the military as that seems to be the only "realistic enough shooter" out there acording to you. Please stop. ^^
  8. NodGaruda90

    AKS-74U Gas Tube Exploit?

    Hello, if you use AKS-74U Gas Tube you can fit into a 1x1 space up to 5 attachment, is this an exploit? If so, i will get rid of my gas tube Example:
  9. Yello! I found a bug with the shop that lets you sell a weapon part for far more than it is worth with possibility of huge gains maybe even infinite money. I stumbled on this when i wondered if the price of a disassembled gun was worth more than a fully built one.
  10. So today I was solo in interchange and yes 2x 5man groups (10 players total) were teaming up together all fully geared. I sniped 2 of them and killed 5 more with p90 but this is just rediculous that people are abusing the group limits.. This is just LOW of the lowest, 10 of them and still 7 died all with top gear. I'm a veteran player but other people won't stand a chance against such groups. Would'nt be surprised if they run around with icases to collect all from their fallen low skill comrades. There should be a system to counter this behaviour, and if it was up to me they could all have their character reset for this lame exploiting. I played this game for 2 years and I've never seen anything like it.
  11. cimbulimbu

    absurd amount of ammo sellers

    Hey, i just wondering is it bug or what , how comes people selling like absurd amount of ammo for low price. Just a couple examples. there is no way (as far as i know) to craft that amount. And if people just buying off and then selling they are loosing absurd amount of money, so that's not an option.
  12. Getting real tired of people exploiting a current glitch in the Bulletproof windows of The Labs Key area - Laboratory Block 2, Level 2. The glass is able to be passed through from the outside, therefore able to not only bypass the locked door but also able to ambush anyone inside that doesn't know about this exploit. Namely noticed a group of two commonly using this exploit (names removed) on the Sydney servers. Hopefully this warning helps those who are unaware survive any such encounters.
  13. This exploit where you can run silently needs to be addressed. Sound is one of the key factors in this game. If one person can run around silently that gives him a massive advantage over anyone else. We need to as a community stop this. If you do it stop. Be a real gamer Nikki we need you here
  14. WaffleTheBlob

    Trading with cheater

    I have recently bought an item for a player of the same community since his traders are at insufficient loyalty level. I have just learned that he is actively duping money, using desync gamma-case weapon glitch and using other exploits to gain an advantage. I am afraid I got some of "dupe" flagged money from him and will get my account wiped. Does anyone have any suggestions what should I do?
  15. strid3r114

    So this happened...

    https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticDelightfulGullDansGame Feel like people exploiting this should get a temp ban or something.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. So, apparently there is a group of squeakers (teenagers) who are just buying out the traders of any/all resources that are necessary to (effectively) play the game. They are targeting the following items: kevlar helmets Salewa health kits Fast MT helmets Paca (Level 2 chest armor) Ammo Guns Level 1 Helmet (don't remember its name) Morphine Water Every round when the traders reset, they instantly (and completely) sell out. Its pretty obvious there are some kids who have all the cash but no idea what to do with it have taken it upon themselves to troll us until they run outta cash. Given the prices are so low and that cash is a pretty easy/high commodity in the game, its unlikely they'll run out any time soon. One could request that these players be banned, bu t then there isn't really anything to ban them for. They aren't breaking the rules since there are no rules to regulate this sort of thing. So - some simple proposals: a time limit of being able to buy these type of things (you may buy 10 paca armor every 10 minutes, for example) these items become unlimited in available quantity there is a limit to the amount of money players can horde or just reset everyone (however, this is not a permanent fix as the issue will come up again once they build up enough money and mommy and daddy let them play video games during their next sprint/fall/summer break) Either way - can we please do something about this?
  17. Snorf

    RSASS Glitchers

    I have played a couple of games lately and I have come across a couple of people using a glitch where they have a RSASS rifle in their secure container (Pouch) and somehow glitch it out, so they can use it. This glitch they are using to me seems worse then the pistol glitch because of the killing capability of the RSASS. Me and my friends were playing on shoreline and we got shot up by this one guy called Adore. If any one else comes across someone they think is glitching but are not sure whether it is a bug where the player was looted or a glitcher just check the gun stock and if the is not buttstock and just the Colt buffer tube, then they are a glitcher. This needs to be addressed by the Devs before it gets out of hand like the pistol glitch. This is a video showing me looting the guy, as you can see the tell-tale sign of no buttstock. I have seen people speak about this glitch on reddit, but did a quick look to see if anyone else has posted about this on the EFT forum and I didn’t see anything. So I just wanted to put this out there to let people know what is going on.
  18. Kinowa

    You might want to see this

    I was playing on shoreline, killed a guy outside the window. few moments later i hear someone running outside there and went to a crawl. First thought was that he was looting the body i killed, i looked out and see nothing.... And the rest you guys can see. https://plays.tv/s/LbD4_ugw-eWa The only thing i can see is his head, and he obvious could see me cause he shot 5 shots towards me with his m4.
  19. Hollowman21

    Customs Floor Exploit

    Devs pretty pretty please with sugar on top fix the exploit where you can jump from the first to second floor of the 3 story apartment on customs. I could not see the player model of the person firing on me and two others until they had killed me and my squad. We were able to replicate the bug on our own the match afterword. The player model of the person who does the jump is invisible for approximately 5 seconds after the jump. Love the game. Please patch this out.
  20. Title says it's all. Used iFaks sell for full price currently.
  21. This is probably the worst case of this 'Left Lean' glitch I've seen. More and more people are doing this as your head cannot be seen by the enemy... but you can still get clear line of sight if you are ADS on anyone coming around the corner. This obviously makes no sense to do unless you have armour on, but if you're wearing FORT it is especially effective as no one has a direct one shot to your head. Is this a known issue? Is there any prospect in nipping this in the bud, so to speak?
  22. hey, im not sure if this is a exploit, something what was forgot to be nerfed since getting EXP is now harder. But there is a way to get 50 000+ EXP By sitting somewhere, starving and healing for the whole time and then leaving in the last minutes of the Raid.
  23. Please, im tired of those ... doing this who has no balls and cant play the game legit. Get good at the game. Peace.
  24. MoltenBlade

    Scav on scav violence

    Will there ever be a more severe punishment for scav-on-scav violence. I need to wait way too long just so I can get shot in the back of my head after half a minute by another player Scav. I know that the other scavs will turn on them as soon as they shoot at them, but that's just not enough. They exploit the friendliness of the other scavs only to get multiple free weapons. As someone who wasted countless hours waiting for a scavrun I think this has high priority.
  25. Strel0k

    Yet another gamma glitch

    So I just found another gamma glitch, which works in off- and online mode. I just created a support ticket with steps how to reproduce it, is this the right procedure?
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