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Found 20 results

  1. Where is Factory Gate 0???

    Where is Factory gate 0?
  2. It's a bit silly, that you can't cancel an extraction (exept you run out of range) and that you cannot go near an extraction Point without getting extracted. This could be fixed by implementing an action to extract an to cancel an extraction. This could be just pressing f (like opening a door etc.). If there is the possibility to cancel an extreaction there should be an cooldown until you can extraxt again, that would counteract the abuse of staying inside the extraction and startimg and canceling it the whole time to get out of an sticki situation if needed. Maybe an extraction start could be have an animation (konocking on the door for example) like in "The Division". That qould counteract any abuse too.
  3. I just played svag and Got a M4 and a bunch of attachmemts so i went to lighthouse but nothing happend. WTF Now i Dont have a M4 which i should What is wrong with This game. Please help somehow
  4. This is a heated post as I just got screwed out of one of my few successful PMC runs (and I had an AWESOME haul) I have been having MAJOR issues with the extraction system in this game 1- to a new player (me), when an extraction is titled "ZB-1011" how the duck are they supposed to know what/where that is? Apparently I need to buy a map, hopefully that will show me what I need. But if you NEED a map, why not just give a ducking map in the first place? And it would be nice if that was something ducking told to players 2- Explain what the hell your extraction system means In other words, the damn question marks. I googled what they meant, but too late (I hate googling to figure out things in game, but apparently, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO FIND OUT AS THERE IS NO GODDAMN EXPLANATION OF THE ducking SYSTEM!) I spent too much time trying to figure out why "Old Gas Station- ??????" wasn't working for me and ended up running outta time. Because apparently, the question marks mean these spawns are under conditions (again, HOW THE duck IS A NEW PLAYER SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!) TLDR- Players should not need to rely on google to figure your game out Devs, you GOTTA give more info to new players like: -Buy a Map -Question Marks means spawns are dependent on certain factors such as: BTW< this auto profanity filter is silly This is a game about killing people Your telling me you will portray death, but god forbid someone uses a naughty word
  5. Finally !

    So, after many failed attempts i did manage to extract from customs with some acceptable gear (even killed 1 player) ! I had to be stealthy and not engage scavs to do so, and it was hell of satisfying !! Even better the player that i killed was 10 levels above me (not to mention that he was running like a p***y) ,and had decent gear ! So i come to the title , Finally i start to understand how things works in EFT ! Learning new things every day, and liking the game more and more ! Excellent game !! Well done to the devs, i have high hopes that this game on the official release will kick some heavy balls ! Wish you all a good game and may you have fun !
  6. How to Exctract

    So do you need to press a button to extract in the zones or does it start after a certain time in the extraction zone (is it the same with scav gear hunting)? This is kinda the only thing I don't get. Also in offline mode I know you don't get anything but can you even extract in it? Anything about extracting will help tremendously. Thanks in advanced.

    clink the foillowing link to my channel, showing the bug. BUG HERE Would not allow me to extract even tho the countdown went off, anyone else have this issue?
  8. Extraction bug?

    So I just had an extraction bug I just wanted to post on here. Language of the clip is German.
  9. This has happened to me many times now on customs and I see others posting about it with no solutions yet. I've gone to all 3 different extraction points and none of them work, I've tried dropping gear and picking it back up, everything I can think of in-game and nothing will allow me to extract. My only options are to either let the raid timer run out and I lose everything or just disconnect and lose everything that way. It's very frustrating bringing out your best loot, killing a bunch of fully geared players and then losing it all just because of a glitch.
  10. Unable to extract bug

    I hoped into a shoreline map, as a scav, ran around found a few guns and filled my back pack and vest. Get to my extract, at the lighthouse, for it to glitch out, not let me leave and then time down to 0 to tell me I've lost everything because I didn't extract. I tried leaving the exit and come back for it to count down again and do the same thing. I don't know where the other exit is, nor did I have time to try and run over to it with less than 5 minutes left of the raid when I got there. I should also mention that during this raid the game disconnected me twice. I think it was the entire raid that was disconnected because I saw a player sitting there, in the open, not doing anything a minute before it kicked me out the 2nd time. I let him live and what do I get for my good karma? A nice little glitch of not letting me escape. Kinda a game breaking issue.
  11. Factory night

    My exfil is reded out and i cannot extract in factory night, this has happened to me in my two raids please tell me what i am doing wrong
  12. Hi liebe Communitiy, Ich bin neu dabei und habe Probleme bei zwei Extraktion Points auf der Map "Shoreline" und hoffe um eure Hilfe Weder "ruined house fence" noch "south fence passage" kann ich auf Karten finden. Ich habe auch oft schon die Map abgegrast. Ich habe in gewissen Forum Threads diese Karte hier auf gefunden. Wo befinden sich die besagten ausgänge? die anderen habe ich gefunden und bin erfolgreich abgehauen Danke für eure Unterstützung im voraus und noch viel Spaß beim Spielen!
  13. Scav extraction issues in customs

    A scav run, my exfil was at crossroads or old gas station (both did not have question marks). I loot some pmcs and reach old gas station and cant extract. Is there something I don't understand? why would I not be able to extract since the extract, in this case, was not conditional? Can someone please explain. This is frustrating.
  14. Anfänger Frage

    Hallo liebe Community, wir haben uns Gestern erst entschieden EFT eine Chance zu geben und wollten direkt los legen. Nach einer Stunde rum probieren haben wir leider entnervt aufgegeben, obwohl ich mir fast sicher bin dass wir einfach einen simplen Fehler machen. Zu unserem Problem: Wie in diversen Anfängerguides beschrieben, wollten wir erstmal offline und ohne AI die Map erkunden. Wir haben mit Customs (nicht als SCAV!) angefangen. Um die Karte wieder zu verlassen muss man wohl zu einem der drei Ausgänge gehen. Dies haben wir mit allen drei Ausgängen auf Customs wieder und wieder versucht. Leider passiert immer das gleiche: Wir gehen in den Keller runter bis es nicht weiter geht und eigentlich der Countdown für die Extraction starten sollte. Leider kommt dieser Countdown nie (weder bei meinem Kumpel, noch bei mir). Daraufhin haben wir uns noch in ein Online Match gestürzt, es lebend bis zu einem Exit geschafft und mussten leider feststellen, dass auch hier das Problem das gleiche bleibt. Wir können nicht raus! Was machen wir falsch? Muss man erst Voraussetzungen auf der Karte erfüllen, bevor man extracten kann? Muss eine bestimmte Zeit auf der Karte abgelaufen sein, bevor man raus kann? Wie gesagt, ich vermute wir machen einen dummen und einfachen Anfängerfehler, wir finden ihn aber nicht. Vielen lieben Dank für Eure Hilfe und Antworten.
  15. Don't leave the raid

    So I have a question, What actually happens when the game time runs out and you haven't yet left the raid? Do we not get to extract? What happens when that timer is out?
  16. Ran Through?

    So i was in this raid for 55+ min plus being all stealthy and looting every bit of the map, and i get the ran-through status. Was it because i killed no one?
  17. Not a super huge deal i don't think, but about 2 hours ago i spawned as a scav, looted an akm and some gear, made my way to extract and actually completed the extract, but then once i was on the inventory management screen for the scav-to-inventory part, it kept giving me a move error (error 228 i believe) so eventually i just gave up trying to move my loot to my inventory and then just clicked next and tried to move back to the main menu so i could go spawn again, but then i had this big red banner above the "escape from tarkov" button and it said that i was still currently in the raid and that i would have to reconnect to keep my items and whatnot, i was a little confused but it showed my character with all of the items equipped so i assumed i would just have to run to extraction again after reconnecting, unfortunately that was not the case, i spawned back in with just a p226 and vest, so i had to redo it completely, and then extract again. im not super annoyed about this but i'm just wondering if it is a server issue or if its an issue with my account because i haven't really seen a whole lot of topics that have to do with this, i may have overlooked them but any explanation on this would bring a little bit of comfort. Thanks in advance!
  18. Tips on actually extracting

    How can you learn where extraction points are I've been playing for about 10 hours and haven't extracted once because I can't figure out where they are. Everytime I just kinda wandered over to where I think the points are with full gear and then I die and lose everything.
  19. Hi, After a few runs, you can remeber where does the loot spawn, where are extraction points, NPCs and so long. So what if the extraction points stays at the same place but you could escape only by one. I mean it like setting up some rotation between those extraction points and 2 of 3 points would be closed so you must find that one which is opened and escape. After some time, that extraction point which was open would close and another one would randomly open and so long. 2nd thing is how to make session more interesting and allow players to joining server constantly in waves or something like that. Sometimes when you're moving very slow, it seems like you're the only one in the session and even the NPCs are very often dead already. This would make session much more interesting because you can always meet some danger. I asume that loot and NPC spawning would be random in the future. If not, please think about it. This could turn game in to a little stereotype think after some time when you know what to do and how to move because you know what to expect... Thanks. Sincerely, Peejay_