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Found 38 results

  1. EG_DirtyKen

    Keine Extraktion möglich!

    Hy Leute, wisst ihr ob es möglich ist für einen Bug bei dem man alles verliert die Sachen ersetzt bekommen kann? Es geht um den schönen Extract bug, also den wo der Timer abläuft und am ende nichts passiert. Allerdings hat dieses mal Nichtmal die standard extract auf Customs funktioniert, ZB1011. Hatte einen schönen Raid und viel viel schönes highgear loot das ich ein paar Spielern abgenommen habe. Bin dann Dorms abgelaufen, Auto nicht da. Tanke, kein grüner Rauch. Zb12 oder so, Lampe leuchtet, kein extract. Toll noch 3 min. Also zu Zb1011 und stehe in der Zone und nichts. Timer vorbei Lost in Raid. Toll
  2. SmokeyChicken

    Shoreline Extracts Bad Design

    Shoreline extracts are needlessly frustrating. I dont really see a reason for a map this big to sometimes have 1 open extract per player. Road to customs sometimes being closed after a certain point basically punishes you for staying in the raid longer and only having one open optional extract makes it incredibly easy to spawncamp, which is something I feel like is not in the interest of the developers. For a map that big, either add more extracts or atleast make the extracts more reliable so players dont get all funneld into one extract for one cowardly extract camper to take them all out. I cant count the amount of raids where I had to run around the entire map to check all the conditional extracts because Road to Customs was closed and subsequently got killed by some coward hiding in a bush at rock passage. Its not engaging gameplay and is needlessly frustrating and should be fixed immediately imo. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. So today , i was playing on custom with PMC , I was trying to extract with the OLD GAS STATION , the ZB bunkers I checked firstly the old gas station but its was not working , i checked the nearest bunker not working . I checked the last bunker not working too ! and i just loosed all my inventory worth more than 2M . And its not the first time ! Omg iam so fk mad . I dont know if its normal that the old gas station and the bunkers are not working . (I cheked with "O" , ZB-1011 ZB-1012 , Old Gas Station)
  4. My friend and i got into a raid about half way through (Woods). We had an excellent game, tons of kills, good loot. We look at our extracts and we see that we can go to a couple of places. We knew UN gate was locked (it had been when we spawned in), and we couldnt go cliff descent because we had no paracord or icepicks. So when we go to factory gate and we need a friendly Scav in order to escape we realise we literally cannot escape. By that point there would have been no player scavs to be friendly with. To wrap it all up the game gave us no solid extracts and our only chance was to find a friendly scav in a game where the toxicity is measured in Chernobyls. These friendly scav/pmc extracts have been used like twice ever. And if the free loot from the fence is incentive, you'd get better loot begging on Thailand streets.
  5. ketom

    Couldn't extract from a raid

    I just lost all items from a raid beacuse i couldn't extract from it. It happened on customs on the RUAF Roadblock extraction point. How do I prevent this from happening and is getting back the items i lost a possibility since I have just started playing and dont have much.
  6. BurnardThe66th

    Extraction Mechanics

    Hi, I'm a new player, and I've been player for a couple of days now, enough to give me an idea of what the game is about. But one thing I feel the need to address, is extract point mechanics. Players spawn on the opposite side of the map from their extract point. This mechanic forces players to cross the map to extract. This result in the player having very little options.
  7. denizk53


    So there are some Extracts which got a ??? on them which i thought means it opens some time after the raid started. But do they open or can they stay closed the entire raid?
  8. Jefxd

    Bunker Hermetic Door

    I've finally started to play reserve and i've been wondering if Bunker Hermetic Door has a time and player limit, since every time i've heard the alarm go off and i made my way into the bunker the light was still red and i had to bring the power back up.
  9. DarkSoldier

    Scav Extraction System

    So my suggestion for my title is revolved around a scav run I had the other day. Was a very successful scav run, managed to get high end gear from multiple night op PMC's on reserve. When I extracted my internet went out for about 1-2 minutes, this occured while moving the gear from my scav to my stash, while this happened I got an error due to my internet going out for a short time, and unfortunately lost half of the gear, wasn't able to get back to the scav screen and missed out on the gear. Very upsetting but was on my internet and not the game. MY SUGGESTION is that instead of having a screen where you drag and drop the gear I would like to see a different mechanic such as the 'insurance' system, so when completing a scav run you are sent a message in your messages section like insurance where the gear can be pulled without the issue of possibly losing it. And the gear may auto delete after 3 hours if not collected. I feel the current system can have altercations. Scenarios where someone's game crashes or other altercations would make it more enjoyable. I have had 2 situations on scav runs where I have filled my gear up with items and when extracting I have only had the initial gear I had gone in with at the end screen. A suggestion I hope a lot would agree with. Cheers
  10. Ich war eine halbe Stunde im Raid (SCAV), extracte, klicke einmal auf "next" und kann dann nicht weiter auf "next" (loot in den stash übertragen) klicken, somit war alles umsonst was ich im Raid gelooted habe (Habe mehrere Minuten gewartet). Gibt es derzeit noch Probleme damit?
  11. LordDefiance

    Scav extraction issues in customs

    A scav run, my exfil was at crossroads or old gas station (both did not have question marks). I loot some pmcs and reach old gas station and cant extract. Is there something I don't understand? why would I not be able to extract since the extract, in this case, was not conditional? Can someone please explain. This is frustrating.
  12. Graaicko

    Where is Factory Gate 0???

    Where is Factory gate 0?
  13. As a fairly new player and Edge of Darkness supporter, I have managed to get 3-4 friends to buy the game, they all love it in principle but have all stopped playing because fo the frustration of not knowing where all the extractions are. I have to agree on this aspect. It ruins it, when you have had a great game then die because you don't know where the extractions are. Can you not implement a marker on a wrist watch that points us in the right direction with a distance marker? This alone will encourage many many people to keep playing. I do not want to have to go to google by alt-tabbing to find a map, its lunacy. If you improve the extraction system the player base will increase again. Love the game but extractions are a real negative. :(
  14. This has happened to me many times now on customs and I see others posting about it with no solutions yet. I've gone to all 3 different extraction points and none of them work, I've tried dropping gear and picking it back up, everything I can think of in-game and nothing will allow me to extract. My only options are to either let the raid timer run out and I lose everything or just disconnect and lose everything that way. It's very frustrating bringing out your best loot, killing a bunch of fully geared players and then losing it all just because of a glitch.
  15. MisterHades

    Extraction timer still not working

    Just ran a raid on customs, killed a team of 4 plus a team of two, got to the RUAF extraction and watched the timer go down to zero...and nothing. Waited 15-20 seconds, and nothing. Walked out of the extraction, then back in, only to be shot in the back and lose all my gear plus theirs. Thought this was supposed to be fixed.
  16. Discomachinegun

    Noob Extraction Woes

    Noob here. Is this a bug? Sometimes when arriving at an extraction point, it seems im about to extract, I get the countdown but then nothing happens and the countdown eventually shows a minus, Ex -2.00
  17. I just played svag and Got a M4 and a bunch of attachmemts so i went to lighthouse but nothing happend. WTF Now i Dont have a M4 which i should What is wrong with This game. Please help somehow
  18. PIG-Mathieu

    Payable extractions - Prototype

    Hey everyone, I wanted to make a topic about my idea of how the optionnal extractions could work. Summary : Currently, we have random extractions in the map, it's random and you can not decide anything about it. The payable extraction would be optionnal to buy, but you could open an extraction by paying for it. You would be able to select a time during which the extraction is openned (f.e between 20-30min of raid). After or before this time line, the extraction closes and the player must fall back to a normal extract. Different times cost different prices : the earlier in the raid the timeline is, the more expensive it gets. Traders would sell those extract, a little bit like insurances. Some extractions require special object in your inventory for you to select it : For example, if player has flare gun, then he can select the extract. With trader levels, you could unlock other options for your extraction such as a new extraction or different time lines to allow you to extract sooner. Selectable extraction points would show up on the map just like the normal extractions, but it can be selected : On selection a windows (similar to the one used for the insurances) shows up. You can select the time line of your extraction or the trader that gives you access to it : Some extractions require additional equipements to be selected (f.e a flairgun or a explosive charge). Player could then go in raid and interact with the item on the location of the extraction to turn the countdown on. Example 1 : You can select a custom extraction on top of one of the building in Streets of Tarkov, you selected the time line, and you need a flaregun to select it. If you have the flaregun equipped, then you pay the price and get in raid... Once in the raid, you reach the extraction on top of the building during the timeline you've choosen, then you use the flaregun and it toggles a 1.5min timer until a chopper arrive. Example 2 : Quest Initial equipement : flaregun Find the generator on the roof, use the flaregun and protect the zone while the chopper is coming. Therefore your get quest where you need to protect a zone, players are going to come to you because of the flare, and i could lead to some intense stuff. I'm taking the flaregun as an example because it represents the system pretty well, but you can also think about it with equipements such as breaching charges to open a door to an extract, drills to break into a sewer... Pros : It's hard to camp extractions. More interactions with the NPCs or with vehicles (extractions with car like on woods or with a chopper). Extractions become events : Some extractions could be loud (chopper, breaching charges..) so other players know you are extracting, therefor creating firefights around the map. Sorry of the image quality, photofiltre is not that good of a software. @Natalino This is how i imagined the extraction system we talked about earlier.
  19. DawNoFd3aTh

    Interchange South-East extract!

    Visual of the South-East Interchange extract, good luck! (1st pic extract, second for reference)
  20. rozh001

    Emergency extraction system

    The skyhook or fulton recovery system would a fun and expensive addition to the game. It would cost a hefty amount and should be only deployable in certain areas where there is nothing blocking the person in a 100 meter line. It of course should have some kind of a timer of a minute and a big ballon over your head so players can get alerted if you do the fulton extraction.
  21. TO: Escape from Tarkov Developers: Regarding Factory Scav run and the extraction points. If the exit 01 (Cellars) and exit 02 (Gate 0) are not working, can the dev's please take a moment to acknowledge this so that the multitude of gamers spending 30 minutes to try and extract are not wasting their time?
  22. NeOxALI3N

    Help Completing Quest

    Upon attempting to complete the quest where you have to mark the three Ambulance on Shoreline, the game wants to extract me when I go to place a marker on the ambulance that is located in the extraction zone 'tunnel.' Is there a way around the extraction zone so I can place the marker and complete the quest? Any suggestions are welcome!
  23. It's a bit silly, that you can't cancel an extraction (exept you run out of range) and that you cannot go near an extraction Point without getting extracted. This could be fixed by implementing an action to extract an to cancel an extraction. This could be just pressing f (like opening a door etc.). If there is the possibility to cancel an extreaction there should be an cooldown until you can extraxt again, that would counteract the abuse of staying inside the extraction and startimg and canceling it the whole time to get out of an sticki situation if needed. Maybe an extraction start could be have an animation (konocking on the door for example) like in "The Division". That qould counteract any abuse too.
  24. This is a heated post as I just got screwed out of one of my few successful PMC runs (and I had an AWESOME haul) I have been having MAJOR issues with the extraction system in this game 1- to a new player (me), when an extraction is titled "ZB-1011" how the duck are they supposed to know what/where that is? Apparently I need to buy a map, hopefully that will show me what I need. But if you NEED a map, why not just give a ducking map in the first place? And it would be nice if that was something ducking told to players 2- Explain what the hell your extraction system means In other words, the damn question marks. I googled what they meant, but too late (I hate googling to figure out things in game, but apparently, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO FIND OUT AS THERE IS NO GODDAMN EXPLANATION OF THE ducking SYSTEM!) I spent too much time trying to figure out why "Old Gas Station- ??????" wasn't working for me and ended up running outta time. Because apparently, the question marks mean these spawns are under conditions (again, HOW THE duck IS A NEW PLAYER SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!) TLDR- Players should not need to rely on google to figure your game out Devs, you GOTTA give more info to new players like: -Buy a Map -Question Marks means spawns are dependent on certain factors such as: BTW< this auto profanity filter is silly This is a game about killing people Your telling me you will portray death, but god forbid someone uses a naughty word
  25. DMALsenpaiii


    clink the foillowing link to my channel, showing the bug. BUG HERE Would not allow me to extract even tho the countdown went off, anyone else have this issue?
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