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  1. TarkovCitizen3998045

    Interchange needs a third exit

    The exit camping in interchange is getting out of hand. You need too add a new exit so its harder to exit camp interchange or add additional forest cover on the emer extract. The map should not have only one viable exit with a back pack.
  2. Tannheuser

    Woods Extractions wrong side

    Theres a number of spawns on Woods in the NW area of the map, around the Scav Bridge, Scav Bunker, USEC Camps that still have to extract at Outskirts on their same side of the map. This is a bit odd, and should be changed to the Extractions sites on the east side of the map for better map flow and traversal (ie the UN, N UN etc) Thanks, 12.12 is the best thing to happen to the game so far, keep it up!
  3. ThePhonoi

    Woods Car Extract Bug

    Hey ah.. What's up with the vehicle extracts? My three man squad all pays for their extracts and nine times out of ten there is one person left behind when the car leaves and the timer is up, even though we are all in the extract zone?? My last game, that person was me, I lost a lot of great gear and couldn't complete the 'Jaegers Camp' quest because of this garbage extract bug. Fix the game before you expand it, no? Anyone else experiencing some similar black magic f#*kery??
  4. 1st. VOIP - As it will be difficult to find the best way to implement VOIP without it being abused in multiple ways, my advice is to make VOIP connected with the stamina system, the more you speak the more stamina(breath) you lose, so that some really dumb people cannot scream into the mic. 2nd. Implementing a after raid section where it shows the names of the people you extracted with, I am certain this can be done, since we have our killers name pop up each time we die.
  5. So today , i was playing on custom with PMC , I was trying to extract with the OLD GAS STATION , the ZB bunkers I checked firstly the old gas station but its was not working , i checked the nearest bunker not working . I checked the last bunker not working too ! and i just loosed all my inventory worth more than 2M . And its not the first time ! Omg iam so fk mad . I dont know if its normal that the old gas station and the bunkers are not working . (I cheked with "O" , ZB-1011 ZB-1012 , Old Gas Station)
  6. I just want to know more about the car extract on Customs. Me and two of my buds went into dorms, one got a grenade case from marked room and the other the gold zippo (I got it too) all died to a from a grenade from a two man squad pushing Dorms while we were at the extract with the timer at 0.00 for well over 5-10 seconds after it reached 0.00 Grenade friend says lets go and starts the car extract timer, I dash for my quest item and the both of us meet up at the vehicle. We then both pay for our way out with 20 seconds left on the timer. About 5 seconds left on the extract we all hear movement to the left near dorms and open fire on the two players when they walked next to the wall going to the stairs. We all went through at least 2 mags firing at these two with one dying and the other guy dips back into the trees. A couple seconds later we hear an F1 grenade land at our feet. Grenade case friend said the timer went to 0.00 and then disappeared, my timer was gone, but after I died I seen the timer appear with 0.00 and my other friend said he watched the timer reach 0.00 and it stayed at 0.00 for a couple seconds before we heard the nade land by our feet. So what exactly happened and why did we not extract?
  7. gurqups

    CUSTOM extract

    Is on Customs extract "RUAF roadblock" for PMC still bugged? todey i played and tryed to extract there. The timer came to 0 and nothing happened, then I went out of the extract zone and re-enter and again to 0 and nothing happens... I run to "Trailer Park" extract and works fine. Have a good day all of you.
  8. Calico_Lobster

    Extraction Glitch??

    I was in for 16 minutes, although I didn't have the greatest items on my person, It is still a game breaking glitch. There was around 7 minutes left on the clock and I had extracts on the west side of the map which included Crossroads and Trailer Park exfil. The extract time popped up in the middle of my screen sitting at crossroad and the time went to 0 and it still kept me in the raid and I tried 2 times before I had ran to Trailer Park exfil and the same thing happened and I ended up dying to a person going to the same extract. I have saved the clip of the glitch and posted on youtube for easier and more convenience. Thank you. https://youtu.be/bTFvoEJYe60
  9. SushiVII

    Solution To Alleviate Campers

    People who camp the extractions can get irritating and are ridiculous. Although that is a tactic, (and a poor one at that) it makes things feel cheap. So a way I've thought where it could make sense on each map is if anyone who is hiding out in one spot for, lets say, 30 seconds to a minute, they release a loud beep/ping once every (about) 5 seconds, which can be heard from a far distance in the same ways you can tell the direction and distance of bullets being fired, until they move from that small radius to stop the sound from emitting. The radius of the zone could be about moving 15-25 meters away from the area they were stationary at. More realistically, with the game being called Escape From Tarkov, the backstory to this could be that all of the players could have had something planted into them, and drones high up in the sky overhead could detect body heat signatures if a player is stationary for too long, then those drones would capture a confirmed heat reading, and activate the pinging sound on that player who is camping for too long, alerting most or all other players on the map to that camper's direction. This would have players think twice and come up with new strategies and tactics if they want to keep figuring out the best way for them to take advantage of other players on their way out, because currently camping out is way too easy.
  10. Colonel_Bustard

    Game Crash on Exfil (SCAV)

    Title. When extracting as a SCAV: The "Victory" audio will queue, the screen will go black, my desktop mouse will show up randomly, the border appears on my fullscreen game and then game will close back to the BSG Launcher with the Error Message displaying the Game Ended Unexpectedly with no Cause or error codes given. This happens every single time I play, every day that I play. I use the Error Message Box to send a Report to Devs everytime, I have done this so often today alone I have hit my limit of reporting crashes, as I do most days. Literally can not name the date of last "successful" extract as a SCAV. Included is last dump when it happened. Reserve as Scav. 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 application.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 backend_queue.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 errors.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 nvidia.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 traces.log


    I don't know how many times I've made to extract in just enough time to where I'm one second ahead of the timer you can clearly see raid time at 9 seconds and my exit time at 8 seconds and as it counts all the way down to 1 I clearly leave in enough time..... but the next thing that pops up is my guy being MIA. Please fix if you're gunna have set times they should be set times whether or not some one makes it within a second or not.
  12. GraveyardDoctor

    Extracting when time runs out

    I recently had a very good run on factory, time was running out so I headed to my extract and took two seconds too long to clear it. I was only two seconds away from full extracting when the gametime ran out. My question and suggestion is, if the game time runs out when someone is in the extraction zone, count it as an extraction. It was frustrating to have played all my cards right only to lose everything because of a two second difference. This is a fantastic game and I think that this change will only make it better.
  13. Hi there, It's not the first time I'm trying to loot the vault at the office, end up forgetting that IS my extract and extracting middle search. The search process isn't even done and I end up extracting, worst even, I was looting the vault when I just spawned, which made me have a "go through" tag and literally nothing was marked as FIR. It's just dumb to put a lootable right in the middle of an extract. Please change this, make it smaller of further away from the vault.
  14. silkspoon

    Extract Bug

    Sometimes whenever you go to the extract the timer counts down to zero but nothing happens, i went to an extract twice and saw the timer count down to zero but i still stayed in the game. It wasnt lag because i got shotgunned just fine when i tried to get to a different extract
  15. Hi, I just finished a frustrating raid on Customs, was extracting on RUAF Roadblock, light was green, countdown to extract was also working, then when it hit 0, it didn't extract me, I tried it three more times, waited a full 30sec even after inside the extract, still didn't work, time was at 1min lef, so when I decided to go to Trailerpark, well guess what, raid ended midway going there, it says Missing in Action, all my super cool gear found in raid, no longer found in raid.... Pisses me off. Is there anything else to do. Can the devs restore item content to be Found in Raid at this point? I attached some screenshots.
  16. Jason369

    Extraction black screen bug

    So i played with my brother as SCAV on Interchange and when we wanted to extract, we got black screen as leaving, but stuck there, heard sounds and everything, but didn't load in the screen. When tried to restart the game, and reconnect it says server error. And we also cannot confirm leaving the game, it gets stuck on leaving... Sadly i cannot do video about it, so i attached some printscreens.
  17. Macaco_Mesa_79


    Estoy teniendo problemas desde el último wipe: cada vez que extraigo como PMC se crashea el juego. No pierdo lo que tengo en mochila, bolsillos, chaleco por lo menos... ¿A alguien más le pasa esto? Por otra parte intento reportar el bug pero el launcher me indica que he alcanzado el máximo de reportes y que lo intente al día siguiente; cosa extraña ya que no he reportado nada. Este extraño bug me sale desde hace un par de actualizaciones, ignoro el motivo y si le pasa a alguien más también.
  18. Did117

    Found in Raid is CANCER

    So let me get this straight... You guys added the new Found in Raid mechanics so this game turns into a "find something I need for this goddamned quest RUN STRAIGHT TO THE EXTRACT FORGET BUDDIES AND FIREFIGHTS AND WHAT NOT!" and "Hey, you know what, forget looting and hunting, let's camp the extract! LOL!" Am I missing something? Can you guys please start playing the game? Can you guys please learn a thing or two about game design? Can you guys please make this game more PvE, PvP and PvPvE oriented? Can you guys please drop the GRINDING WALKING LOOTING SIMULATOR oriented game design? Can you guys please stop making literally millions off of cheaters and start listening to the honest people who invested their time and money into this +5 year old beta access? Can you BSG? Can you really? 5 years for this? A half assed game whose black market cheater economy drive the actual game design and developer decisions? Can you stop lying? Or day dreaming in front of the keyboard? I thought the migration to unity 2018 would bring more patches, more content, less wait time, instead we got cheat galore heaven and the crummiest binaural sound mechanics from the early 1990's? 9 months since the migration and all we got was the chance to grind yet again, now with the bonus of COMPETING DIRECTLY AGAINST CHEATERS? No seriously, what am I missing here?
  19. Hi, I just play as a scav in customs. There were only two extraction points, admin gate and trailer park workers shack. I run to the trailers point following the map from the wiki and i was there but was not working. I was in the corner like the map shows but nothing, I run to the other point and lucky me i could extract but i want to know if the trailer point works or not, you coul put like a circle on the flor or some kind of indication or press a button to start extraction or something to indicate you are in the right place or to make it easy to see. Thank you, good game
  20. FreshDoubleDD

    Keine Extraktion möglich!

    Hy Leute, wisst ihr ob es möglich ist für einen Bug bei dem man alles verliert die Sachen ersetzt bekommen kann? Es geht um den schönen Extract bug, also den wo der Timer abläuft und am ende nichts passiert. Allerdings hat dieses mal Nichtmal die standard extract auf Customs funktioniert, ZB1011. Hatte einen schönen Raid und viel viel schönes highgear loot das ich ein paar Spielern abgenommen habe. Bin dann Dorms abgelaufen, Auto nicht da. Tanke, kein grüner Rauch. Zb12 oder so, Lampe leuchtet, kein extract. Toll noch 3 min. Also zu Zb1011 und stehe in der Zone und nichts. Timer vorbei Lost in Raid. Toll
  21. SmokeyChicken

    Shoreline Extracts Bad Design

    Shoreline extracts are needlessly frustrating. I dont really see a reason for a map this big to sometimes have 1 open extract per player. Road to customs sometimes being closed after a certain point basically punishes you for staying in the raid longer and only having one open optional extract makes it incredibly easy to spawncamp, which is something I feel like is not in the interest of the developers. For a map that big, either add more extracts or atleast make the extracts more reliable so players dont get all funneld into one extract for one cowardly extract camper to take them all out. I cant count the amount of raids where I had to run around the entire map to check all the conditional extracts because Road to Customs was closed and subsequently got killed by some coward hiding in a bush at rock passage. Its not engaging gameplay and is needlessly frustrating and should be fixed immediately imo. Thanks for your consideration.
  22. ketom

    Couldn't extract from a raid

    I just lost all items from a raid beacuse i couldn't extract from it. It happened on customs on the RUAF Roadblock extraction point. How do I prevent this from happening and is getting back the items i lost a possibility since I have just started playing and dont have much.
  23. BurnardThe66th

    Extraction Mechanics

    Hi, I'm a new player, and I've been player for a couple of days now, enough to give me an idea of what the game is about. But one thing I feel the need to address, is extract point mechanics. Players spawn on the opposite side of the map from their extract point. This mechanic forces players to cross the map to extract. This result in the player having very little options.
  24. denizk53


    So there are some Extracts which got a ??? on them which i thought means it opens some time after the raid started. But do they open or can they stay closed the entire raid?
  25. Jefxd

    Bunker Hermetic Door

    I've finally started to play reserve and i've been wondering if Bunker Hermetic Door has a time and player limit, since every time i've heard the alarm go off and i made my way into the bunker the light was still red and i had to bring the power back up.
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