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Found 75 results

  1. Broken Scav Extract on Factory

    This has become more and more frequent for me the past couple of weeks. Initially my scav on factory would be bugged in the way that only cellars and gate 0 extracts were open. As you all know these extracts are keys only and I can never get out. However in these past couple of days, it is guaranteed for 1 out of my every 3 factory scavs to have the cellars and gate 0 extract, effectively rendering my scav useless. If anyone else is experiencing this, or knows a fix besides not playing factory please let me know as it is getting really annoying now...
  2. Scav Exits on Factory

    I've been having some luck with Scav raids on factory lately, resulting in some good gear to carry out. But I'm never able to actually do so because I can't access a single exit. Why is it that I'm assigned just two exits that can only be accessed with the factory key? What happened to the office window exit?
  3. Cant Exit Factory As Scav

    Cant seem to exit factory with all my loot as a scav, 4th factory run today with the same problem, has this already been reported? its the Cell/gate 0 exit on factory as a scav, if the doors are not open you cant get out, this is what it has just lost me lol
  4. Pile up in Factory

    Think there might be someone in the office, can't be sure
  5. Scav spawns on factory

    Hi. I love factory even though it gets a bit crazy sometimes. But Im getting shot on spawn as a scav repeatedly.
  6. Buying A Factory Key

    Im willing to trade for a Factory Key, anyone selling one at the moment will be on around 5pm EST to talk
  7. Giving away 2 factory key !

    Hey ! i got 2 Extra Factory Key and im willing to give them away ! to the two first one that they are going to PM me !
  8. Fort/XP Farming Guide

    The Preface This is a guide I wanted to throw together showing my personal favorite way to grind for fort armor and XP! This guide is for night time factory farming. I find it to be the easiest map to farm Scavs on, and unlike its day counterpart, seems to have a lot less PMCs per round. I've had some rounds where only one other PMC spawned into the map with me. I could be wrong, but it generally feels like night-time factory is your safest bet in a lot of ways. Scavs can't see you 99% of the time, and PMCs are few and far between on AVG. Where Day factory is a fight for survival tooth and nail, night factory is a waiting game. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be as on edge as daytime factory, but just that you'll have a higher chance of survival. The Gear I run each raid with: Set of Night vision - Don't want to be as blind as the Scavs! A Paca - Vital for survival/Cheap Comtacs - Lets you immediately tell if anyone has spawned near you A scav vest - You'll find plenty of real chest rigs on Scavs. Any form of AK with a suppressor - An AK-74U with a suppressor will do just fine. You don't have to bring a bag, but if you do just a Tri-Zip/Scav-pack to hold a fort This is how you should look once you're ready for the raid. Note: You might be tempted to throw on a fort and to chuck the NV goggles onto a Fast MT, but I find I die a lot more using good armor for these runs believe it or not. It might just be I prefer the light Big Boss-esque load out. Never mind if you do die, you'll exponentially increase the cost to replace the gear. Save your forts for normal factory or raids! Be sure to have level 2 Peacekeeper to have access to Night Vision goggles! The Run Remember how I said not many people seem to ever spawn in a night time factory raid? I've chalked that up to just not many people wanting to deal with a bunch of geared players with night vision in a small map, not even geared players want to deal with it! So I've found this makes night factory seem to have a low pop, which is a good thing to know for when you spawn in. When you spawn in, stand still and listen close for a second if you hear the slightest sound with your Comtacs. If you're in a good spawn to peek an angle on another spawn, do so, and play it slow. You're mainly here for killing Scavs, so no need to rush into fights with players without need. If You feel certain no one is on your side of the map, or you just killed all players on your side, begin making plans to move to the other spawns. Pathing through the tunnels is the safest bet, be sure to slow walk when you approach spawn locations, your enemy might also be using Comtacs. Once you've cleared both sides spawns, you'll want to make a perimeter check to be as sure as possible you're alone. Sweep the obvious locations, and prepare yourself to check the 3-story. I find a lot of Solos will run around in the scaffolding, while a lot of groups will with on stairs in 3-story, so keep this in mind. Once you've got the 3-story and scaffolds fairly clear, you can begin the hunt. I typically clear Scav waves in the bridge, this allows me to get good angles on most parts of the Factory. Another spot I enjoy is sitting by the blue fence-things near the pipes at the main extraction. Not sure what it is called exactly, but that area is another great fall back/camping spot to kill Scavs in. You can also ensure no cheeky Scavs enters the Extraction zone in hopes of setting up an Ambush. Everything is pretty self explanatory, kill blind Scavs, leave when you feel you're ready. I almost always kill around 15-25 Scavs a run, usually netting me atleast one Fort and around 10-15K XP. Very good if you need to level up for trader loyalty levels! Here is my current stockpile of forts I've all gotten from this farming strategy. These have all been acquired in one week, doing this strategy on and off. The End Thanks for reading! I hope you found this enjoyable and at least helpful! I've found this strategy to be my favorite way of farming Scavs. Any suggestions, Ideas, or complaints? Feel free to leave a comment! Have a nice day!
  9. So basically, watch the video, is this desync? because the dude should have been dead, not me. I'm not being salty about being killed, I have died plenty and can deal with it, it's just moments like this that seem like pure Bull***t.....
  10. Hello! Im wondering where people go to sell their stuff. I want to trade away my 2 gm counters my 2 gas analyzers, 2 marked room keys and 1 factory key. Rn they are taking up to much space and i dont want to give them away or discard them since their some of the rarest items ingame. If anyone knows please tell me. If anyone is interested hit me up
  11. Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  12. The Setup Just got done with a factory run. Kiver, Paca, Scav BP and a decently modded M4. I notice no one spawned on my side of the map, so I guessed there was a group of friends that spawned on the other side of fact. Sure enough I hear quit a few silenced guns as they fight Scavs. I move through blinking light hallway, as it all goes quiet. Move through the whole map, nothing but Scavs. Decide to loot the Scavs and head off. When opening the back door for the normal extraction point, three dudes unloaded silenced pistols onto me all while sitting comfortably inches away from the extraction point. No way to counter play it, without having to unload two mags of ammo to hit every corner of the room before opening the door. No way to shoot back when opening the door with the animation lock. I'm really disappointed. I normally wouldn't care to much if I had died to someone out positioning me in a fire-fight. But I get reeeaaal annoyed when I die to a bunch of little assholes friends camping a door that guarantees a free kill because of the animation time. I can replace the m4 and armor super easily, but it just sucks. They don't deserve the loot. Ideas to fix this Allow opening a door from the side Allow players to open doors without standing directly in front of the door I.E. where you're going to get shot. This could lessen the chance of being insta-killed without the ability to take cover or fire back in reasonable time. Some walls will be shootable through, like the walls in the Gate of factory, but it will certainly lessen the chance of being blown away in an animation. Not sure if this slated for addition later down the line, but if not I'd like to see it! Make the entire second room of Gate 3 an extraction zone This would give campers less of an opportunity to get the jump on players, but wouldn't entirely fix the problem only make them camp the first room, which is still a problem. However usually when opening the second set of doors, players have already let their guard down, so restricting campers to the first set would be nice. Put in some form of penalty for players who are found sitting for long periods of time within a certain radius of an extraction point. Here is a rough idea of what I mean by this. If a player is found sitting in this same radius of the extraction point, it will maybe fine the player, maybe lose a small amount of relationship with a trader? When the karma system is implemented, it could take away positive karma for camping. The Wrap up Now I know the best ways to not die to this is to play much more carefully. It is also my fault for having not farmed for the factory key yet, but I think these kinds of people are just a nuisance regardless. I rarely get upset at Tarkov, but this got me really annoyed. Any input on this idea would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!
  13. Scav Genocide

    Yeah so, I was grinding factory for XP with a buddy... this happened... Scav genocide!
  14. I've been noticing that at least 60-70% of my factory games are now being run on Singapore rather that from Australia I can imagine that this may be due to the fact that the all the Australian servers are full, and we are getting sent to the 'nearest' open sever for a game This makes geared runs a bit of a crapshoot, I'll either bring in a lot and have a 250-300 ping and desynch to deal with or get an Australian server and have no issues. Is it possible to opt-out of going to singapore and just wait for the Australian servers to have a free slot? Or to open up more slots here? Dealing with such high lag is really such a risk for all your gear.
  15. 2 Fatory Keys abzugeben!

    Hi an alle. Ich habe 2 Factory Keys die ich nicht brauche. Einmal melden wer einen haben möchte. Die werden verschenkt. Wer zuerst kommt malt zuerst. Privatnachricht an mich!
  16. Twice in a row now (and some other times too) I've been killed right after spawning on Factory, losing my newbie gear. I understand you're supposed to be alert right off the bat. The thing is that on maps that aren't Factory, you can try to avoid enemies after spawning. You don't need to face them. This allows players with significantly inferior gear to be alive for more than 10 seconds into the raid. On factory, however, the tunnel spawns are absolutely terrible. There are some spawns that leave you sandwiched between other players. If the gear is equal-ish it's fair-ish but the person with inferior gear (basically me, always) will always die right at the spawn (as long as it's in the tunnel, as I said). To "fix" this, I think all the players shouldn't spawn in some sort of "lane" of people, it would be nice if spawns were spread around the building a lot more. Obviously, players shouldn't spawn too close to loot spawn, though. Alternatively, spawns (or the map) could be altered in a way so spawned players always have 2-3 ways to flee. This would eliminate the occurrence of a) being stuck between other players that want to kill you and b) fleeing from one superior player and running into the arms of another one 3 seconds into the game. I'd also like to mention that this sort of stuff doesn't happen to me a lot on the spawns that aren't directly in the tunnel, so I guess those are fair. However, Tunnel spawns aren't. What do you think about this? Any other suggestions?
  17. Factory Spawns jus a lil brok

    So me and my friend were going into a geared factory raid just the usual. now i noticed we spawned across the map what i wasnt ready for was the part where i would die with in 9 seconds from spawning into the game. now i don't know about you but there's nothing for triggering than dying to something that's not your fault.
  18. Was running some factory with my good kits and I end the run to die to a camper and boooooooooooooooooooooy is it ducking annoying. My fault for not having fact key yet but man, I hope something is done to these guys. It's the worst.
  19. I look for Factory Key

    Hello, I'm looking for a factory key. Would someone like to sell me one? I will Pay well! 500.000 Rubbels
  20. Verkauft wer einen Factory Key?

    Steht oben.. Jemand interesse ? Nackt auf einen Raid joinen, dann kann die transaktion ausgeführt werden. LG
  21. Factory key room BUFF

    so ive been playing this game for awhile now. i have 800 raids this patch and i have one suggestion for the map factory. on the third floor of apartments is a room that is locked and can only be open via factory key inside the room spawns damn near nothing on the off chance you get lucky you will find a ak74n and thats pretty much it i would like to see a buff in loot in this room. right now the room is basically useless as of right now i would like the room to have the same looting potential as the marked room or a chance of fort Armour just a suggestion
  22. Factory Time Frozen

    Seems like servers freeze for factory and then no matter wat u do u wont be able to extract? MODS aware? Is it server side or me broken/possible fixs?
  23. They Wouldn't stop coming!!

  24. What key in the Factory?

    Hey! What key in the factory do you need to open up the tunnel door? I'm talking about the one right under the steps. I have the main factory key but it doesn't work for me. Thanks!
  25. Played 10 games on Factory after patch, After wiping all the PMCS (Fort lul) I experienced about 20-30 Scavs overall in each factory game. I am not complaining because they never killed me. But it is kinda stupid to see SO MANY Scavs in such a small map flooding in all at once, I even saw 6 Scav groups at times. Feels unbalanced getting 15k-20k XP Every game lol