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Found 99 results

  1. 0Cousin0

    Rat's in the Factory walls.

    Hello everyone! Just hopped off a intense and flavorful streak of exterminating the rats caged within the Factory walls. I highly recommend using the AP-20 rounds loaded deep in a power-mag topped with the Saiga 12G. Something about the sound of their lifeless hatchling bodies hitting the cold bathroom floor makes my mouth salivate💦 knowing 5 less Rats are on the loose in mine and everyone's temple, Factory. What are some of your preferred Rat exterminating tools? Cheers, and happy hunting! 😁
  2. Cfxsquad

    Nederlandse Factory Guide! [VIDEO]

    Dag Nederlandse Tarkov Community! Ik heb een Nederlandse Factory guide gemaakt om nieuwe spelers opweg te helpen!
  3. Hi there, It's not the first time I'm trying to loot the vault at the office, end up forgetting that IS my extract and extracting middle search. The search process isn't even done and I end up extracting, worst even, I was looting the vault when I just spawned, which made me have a "go through" tag and literally nothing was marked as FIR. It's just dumb to put a lootable right in the middle of an extract. Please change this, make it smaller of further away from the vault.
  4. arneson


    Hello all, I have been playing Tarkov pretty faithfully since the start of this wipe, almost 400 hours in so far and loving every minute of it.... Except when I look at my task log and realize I am quest locked because every time I load up factory and load into the match, no matter what I try my computer shuts down without fail and within 10 seconds or so my computer is back at the windows sign in page. There arent any specific areas I notice that shut down my computer more than others within Factory. I literally had to recruit 3 friends to come escort me through factory to get some quests done so i could get passed level 30 and continue down important task lines. My specs: AMD RYZEN 5 3600 CPU XFX RxAMD 5700 8GB GDDR6 GPU Corsair CX750M PSU B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard Ripjaw V series 16 GB RAM Every time my computer shuts down I get these repeated events within Event Viewer for windows. (I will be walking around looting in factory or whatever I may be doing and then my computer components all stay on none of the LEDs or fans turn off, but my monitors go blank and I get the typical start up sequence until I am at the windows log in page like my computer was just turned on for the first time of the day, none of the previous apps are open and I re-log over and over until i get too annoyed and give up.) Critical 8/6/2020 6:32:01 PM Kernel-Power 41 (63) Error 8/6/2020 12:13:05 AM AppModel-Runtime 65 None Error 8/6/2020 6:32:05 PM EventLog 6008 None Warning 8/6/2020 6:32:07 PM ESENT 642 General Warning 8/6/2020 6:37:05 PM DistributedCOM 10016 None I have run temperature tests on my CPU as well as GPU showing no signs of the temps being the issue here, temps are never going over 65 degrees which is well below my equipment's limits. At this point I am at my wits end, from my research I have found that potentially the Ryzen 3600 may have issues with some specific games. I was having issues with CS GO where the exact same thing would happen within competitive matchmaking until recently they did a big update and now I can play CS GO with no issues. I really love tarkov and would love to not play around this annoying factory bug, and at this point the only thing I can think of doing is replacing hardware but this kind of issue never arises during any other games at this point and I have already spent a fair amount on tarkov seeing as how I bought the highest beta package you can get, let alone now buying a new cpu psu or what have you. Any help would be appreciated, also would love to see if any other AMD users may be having this issue that keeps happening to me. Like I said Tarkov has never shut down randomly like this on any other maps which is so confusing because they are much bigger and more complicated when it comes to loading intensity on my computer. Also my computer was built in January of this year with all of the most recent mid range parts for the time of purchase so components are more than capable of running this map. Cheers and thanks in advance for your help, Arneson
  5. Is it normal that the last 4 to 5 game i did on factory was unplayable. what i mean is that im doing my 3 kill pistol quest but cant get my last kill since i keep getting rush by 10 scav NPC as soon as im in the game and no matter where i run they always come ramming speed while i only have a pistol. is it just that im rlly unlucky or am i having a bug
  6. MurlocBerserker

    Are spawn kills on factory common?

    Why and how does this happen? I mean aren't players (that abuse it) and developers ashamed of this blatant issue? I'm new but this doesn't give me any will to play more... I just had decent gear and thought "let's try the factory map", yeah I guess not.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODtUmR4KLEg EXIT CAMPERS! \ Escape From Tarkov \ Factory so many questions in this clip, one of which being how am I so bad lol.
  8. Ares87

    Mappe in alta risoluzione

    Salve a tutti, ho acquistato da poco questo magnifico gioco, purtroppo come saprete per chi come me è agli inizi è molto difficile tenere a mente le varie aree del gioco, per questo ho deciso di realizzare un piccolo sito che ospita tutte le mappe (interattive) in alta risoluzione che di tanto in tanto andrò ad aggiornare con i relativi punti di spawn, zone di fuga, oggetti e tanto altro. Potete esplorare le mappe qui https://goo.gl/hik2Bb se volete contribuire inserendo i vari oggetti o tutto quello che reputate utile in mappa contattatemi e vi fornirò le autorizzazione per poter accedere. Spero di aver fatto cosa gradita per la community di EFT. Ciaoo
  9. Anttarax

    Factory BUG + REPORT

    The players are intentionally located in one place and cannot be looted.
  10. SirSourPuss

    Factory player scav count

    The number of player scavs that can spawn in Factory is absolutely ridiculous, with some parts of the map being covered with over 30 bodies every other game. This causes the gameplay to be ridiculous, in the vein of the Shipment map in the latest CoD game (never played, saw videos). A limit to player scav spawns must be added for that map.
  11. Whenever I try to join Factory as my PMC, I cant seem to find any games and takes forever. I don't know if my client/game is glitched or not, but whenever I play as Scav I get into a game quickly. I feel as though the only issues right now is Factory, other maps seems fine, but I like playing Factory more as it is quick games and fast action. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. tDANKEY

    Factory Scav War Horde

    Scav War on Factory with horde enabled HAS to be the most intense experience in Tarkov, for your computer and you. Until Raiders at Labs finally get fixed to work in Scav War and spawns with horde are increased there is no better way to see these kinds of body stacks in confined areas, and when body stacks get THIS high, especially in the stairwells of the stairwells, you can't identify dead from living Scavs (See pic 4, pompom hat right above my shotgun). -Personal recommendation: Play easy, since you're going to be getting 10fps anywhere that a Scav will be, chances are if you don't drop them quickly them you're gonna lose a leg before you get your next frame.
  13. nabboboy

    0.12 NEW factory boss sneak peek

    Should have a new unique weapon with 80(+?) pen AMMO
  14. NA Server - Selling Shmaska - Propose your prices or trades - Factory Trades Only
  15. JhonnyYOficial

    Hacks or Bug?

    Just tell me hack or bug? Hack ou bug? me expliquem namoral nick - #######
  16. Wotcnt

    Factory Lighting

    I feel as thought the lighting in factory is a bit off, it would be a lot nicer if the hanging lights weren't on, and leave the chemlights laying about that'd be fine, because i question why they're there in the first place if all the lights are on, and half the roof is ripped up letting in natural sunlight that doesn't seem to come inside properly. What i want to know is how's this place even running? there should be a padlocked generator somewhere in the map the uses the factory key, for someone to turn on and all the emergency lights kick in. It'd make torches viable for some blinding action. There are points across the map where the red flashing lights go through floors and walls, and some natural lights looks different to others. And the last two screenshots, that hanging light distributes more light than any other hanging light? 3rd last is prop collision a pipe going through a tarped fence. Theres a few more screenshots i could add, but i think thats enough for the time being, i think plenty of other players have seen, and have their own screenshots in regards to this. Screenshots aren't showing it that well, but if you goto these spots in factory you'll see what im talking about. If you've seen more please do post, as i was playing on medium settings with shadows on low.
  17. robertacedane

    Man Eating Factory

    i am not kidding the factory itself is a man eater
  18. These people that are too scared to play the game correctly ruin the experience for everyone else. I'm hoping that this will be fixed soon. Here's a clip of me dying to another limp dick glitcher in the factory, maybe he can be banned based on this video. The account name is JH_. I can only submit a gif version to the forum so the quality is a little grainy, but if anyone would like the .mp4 file message me and i can share it. https://gph.is/2vKgbbq
  19. AlienatedMax

    Factory Key for sale

    Hey guys, I've just found another factory key on a scav and as I have no use for a spare I was wondering as to whether anyone would be interested in purchasing the one I've found. Price is highest bidder. Happy bidding,
  20. Nico16931

    Problème de déploiment sur des cartes

    Bonjour, bonsoir à tous, Je fait ce topic parce que j'ai un soucis au niveau du "déploiment" sur certaines cartes (nottement factory et woods) où je reste coincé dans le chargement, et plus précisément à l'étape "Maching" alors qu'il y avais du monde présent dans le lobby. Je précise également que cela me le fait aussi bien en pmc qu'en scavenger. En soit cela ne me dérange pas plus que cela puisque je suis surtout sur customs et shorline, mais dans le cas où j'aurais envie d'aller sur factory ... ce n'est pas possible. En attendant une réponse de votre part, je me cloitre dans shorline . Merci de lire ceci en vous souhaitant une bonne journée. Ps : ce screen temoigne de l'attentente interminable (ok 11 minute j'aurais pu mieux faire mais 3 fois de suite... c'est étrange je trouve, surtout en sachant qu'en générale sur customs et shorline, le temps d'attente moyen est de 2 minutes).
  21. XxLuciferxX

    Cant Exit Factory As Scav

    Cant seem to exit factory with all my loot as a scav, 4th factory run today with the same problem, has this already been reported? its the Cell/gate 0 exit on factory as a scav, if the doors are not open you cant get out, this is what it has just lost me lol
  22. LongestChicken


    Anyone else find an m4 on the factory weapon box I'm so excited about it because its my second m4 I've ever had. I cant get a picture but its by the pillar next to the stairs leading into the hole on the third floor building
  23. Pues eso.. una guía de los puntos de extracción para Factory, espero que les sea útil a los que se van iniciando en el juego
  24. Tenz0r

    Factory matching times

    Can't get into a Factory raid! Just get stuck on Matching... I wonder if i have to reinstall the game? Anyone else having the same issue? Have been like this 5 days now. Need quest!!
  25. SafeHandsGRANT

    Average Key Prices

    How much (In roubles) would you say the following keys are worth? Factory key Marked Key Checkpoint Key San 314 I'm just looking to get an average price for each of them
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