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Found 11 results

  1. So here we go. Built a new PC . build specs: Ryzen 7 5800x CPU Corsair Vengeance LPX ram 32g 3600MHz ROG Stryx B550-F motherboard Corsair RM850x 850 Watt power supply Wester digital Black SN750 SE NVMe Battlefield 2042 3edtion m.2 Drive Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 graphics card (Yes its an old card, waiting on a 3070) This graphics card ran Tarkov fine on low settings in old PC So mid raid my PC is hard restarting. Not windows restart but completly shutting off and rebooting. NO sign of as to why. Heres the trouble shooting i could think of that i already did. 1. Replace the power supply. From a 650 watt to the current 850 watt. 2. Re-sat all my hardware (hard drive, ram, graphics card.) 3. Monitored all the temperatures while game is open and running. (hard drive, ram, graphics card.) 4. Monitored the resource usage while game is open and running. (hard drive, ram, graphics card.) 5. Tried running Different games to see if the issue is concurrent. (C.O.D., Counterstrike, Battlefield) 6. Left my hideout open to Max out the GPU usage and temperature for 20 mins. no issue. 7. Moved the graphics card down a bay so that its no overheating any motherboard capacitors 8. Ran Benchmark tests to see if there are any rendering issues. If anyone else is having the same issue please let me know. Or has heard of or knows any fixes. or has some insight. much help would be appreciated. Ive attached the log files. I wouldn't know where to look for errors. 2021.09.13_20-31-24_0. application.log 2021.09.13_20-31-24_0. backend_queue.log 2021.09.13_20-31-24_0. FilesChecker.log 2021.09.13_20-31-24_0. hideout.log 2021.09.13_20-31-24_0. notifications.log 2021.09.13_20-31-24_0. nvidia.log 2021.09.13_20-31-24_0. traces.log
  2. Coldless


    Hello there, welcome aboard gamers !! Check our new video here win / fail compilation about tarkov : [LINK REMOVED] (RIP KAPPA xD)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODtUmR4KLEg EXIT CAMPERS! \ Escape From Tarkov \ Factory so many questions in this clip, one of which being how am I so bad lol.
  4. I cant login into my Account in the Launcher because when i type my data in and click login it says "Please enter reCAPTCHA" but the reCaptcha window doesent show me also it didnt pop off ...There is no Recaptcha window .Pls Help
  5. Instant karma fail, double ricochet headshot suicide just before extraction on interchange... that 1 in a million chance
  6. Vigilant

    Doors of Tarkov

    How many of you have been killed through the door when for you the door still closed but for the enemy it's open already. Same when your friends opens the door and you have to open it again. I've died fully geared a couple of times because of that stupid error. It's really annoying and I hope it getstays sorted soon. The list of things to get sorted must be getting long.
  7. Предлагаю делиться курьезными игровыми моментами - смешными, глупыми, тупыми, косячными и т.д. - любыми, где есть над чем поржать, и, в частности, как не надо делать Например, сегодня у меня был рейд. Просрав все вооружение, пошел топористом, надеясь кого-нить зарубить, снять ствол с трупа или по пути набрать гранат (и таки набрал). Со старта, как перебрался на другой берег, снайпер на крыше вынес мне башку в 0, и в таком состоянии я дважды ушел из-под ураганного обстрела. И вот еще одна стычка, в которой я опять превозмог, но...
  8. rancherson

    Lost connection to server

    I lost connection to the server but my internet was completely fine? When I tried to reconnect my character was naked and all my gear and loot was gone. I don't think that this is fair considering it wasnt a connection error on my end.
  9. PeterM

    Dissapointing update

    I have found a terrible mistake at Shoreline on the playground, what devs simplyoverlooked. Maybe it won't be a gamebreaker for many players, but I think it has to be fixed ASAP. I made a screenshot to better understand my concern. This part of the map MUST!!! be opened up and allow players to walk trough. Enjoy your holiday guys and have great new year!
  10. Cudzy696


    Does anyone have the message "access denied" when they start up the launcher? Its been three days since i tried to get on and nothing...i've tried manually checking for updates etc but this doesn't help. Also tried running as admin but again to no avail...? Help please.
  11. Labrie_6910

    Requisitos para Instalaciòn

    Hola comunidad estoy tratando de instalar el Juego pero me encuentro que el instalador simplemente no inicia, alguien sabe si debo actualizar Net Framework o algun otro componente de windows 10 para que funcione el instalador? Gracias por la ayuda
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