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Found 3 results

  1. Shyvannie92

    Knee/Leg Protection + Some guns

    Hello Everyone My name is Anna i recently started playing tarkov, and I love it. The game got me submerged always. Great job guys! So after a few weeks playing I came here for a few suggestions. Here I go: GUNS: BEAR: None, they already have a bunch ( No clue about new ones, Maybe the old dragunov , Even if the new model is already on ) USEC: M240B: Updated version of the M240 that includes a longer rail for more accessories and a barrel 3 cm longer than the previous one. Barrett M82A3: High precision semi-automatic caliber rifle, this has the longest barrel among the Barrett. Also ! i just think that we have a way to much as body armor but nothing for the legs, I know that if we want to be 1/2 fairplay we should make the game afordable for skilled people and also for experimented one, Would be unfair to have a full man armor since the matchup don't count the armor you have on so,m a guy with a pistol have 0 chance to stand against someone full armored. So i was thinking about Semi protectos for legs, more likely armor in the side legs, Like... : And then: Maybe add some lowtier armor for Scavs or Lvl 1 shop for pacekeeper : Tell me what u guys think about it... Probably already suggested but i don't know.. jaja Cheeky Breeky ! ♥
  2. Can we have solo matchmaking only as a option for players who don't want to play against groups of players? I think the largest group allowed is 5 players. 5 players vs the rest is not really fair to someone who just plays by himself. PUBG has the option for solo players to only match with other solo players. Can we have this function in EFT?
  3. I just want to start off saying, EFT is one of the greatest games I've played, with potential for being the greatest. For the developers, I have added an * where I believe the comment is most important. Groups and matching: 1) *Modes: I would like to suggest a mode, lets call it "competitive" where groups are matched against similar rank and similar sized groups. You could choose to be grouped with a random if not already in a group. I still like the idea of the way it is now where you have no idea how many/what rank PMC you are trying to kill. Though, it would be nice to play in a more balanced scenario where I know there are no groups larger than mine, especially if I am playing solo. Perhaps give some kind of XP bonus for playing in the current "survival" mode as you might call it. Lastly, an "arcade mode" where you don't earn XP but you can test your gear against other players without risk of losing it. Of course you could still pick up their gear and test out their gear too! 2) There should be official "clans", including a way to mark yourself as belonging to a clan which would help in battle for identification of groups. 3) *The ways for players to interact with each other outside of the live game is lacking. It should be easier to find players you play in game with, make new friends, and send friend requests, etc. Basically, if I group up with a random and it works out well, maybe I can see their name in the end game report? Maybe a report at the end of the game that shows who I played with/against. Other suggestions: 4) **For beginners there needs to be more introduction/tutorials/training modes. I am sure this is in the works. 5) *The weapon modding system is very difficult to learn. It would be nice to have all of the possible mods for a selected weapon be presented. Perhaps have a toggle in the weapon mods screen that lets you see what can be purchased versus what you own. It would be nice to be able to purchase the mods in the weapon mods screen. 6) It would be nice to have a quick start feature where it automatically buys out a customized gear layout you have designed and loads you into your preferred game mode/map. Basically, the launch time is a little tedious/cumbersome, especially with going through 5 different traders, each with their load time and cumbersome layout. Although, I could see where some might like the tedious nature of the preparation for combat. 7) **Currently the motive for playing the game is lacking, especially after you have a large wealth and high loyalty. I suggest a prestige rank that is either represented directly on the characters skin and perhaps their dog tag. I would suggest that this prestige require a combination of rank and perhaps you can buy it for say 1,000,000 Rubles. Maybe after you prestige you start over with the traders. But you shouldn't have to do the quests again, maybe you earn loyalty again through earning XP/rank after you prestige. 8) It would be interesting to have civilians. You would lose XP for killing the civilians. Perhaps the SCAVs look kind of like the civilians so its difficult to know who is a threat. 9) **Also, there should be a way to customize your skin/character. It would be cool to be able to customize your gun, perhaps with spray paint. A way to buy different types of camouflage outfits. 10) It would be cool to have "wild dogs" that run the map and attack you occasionally, giving away campers. Maybe they only go after characters with open wounds! Perhaps you can drop the dogs food to pacify them. 11) It would be nice that maybe in the "arcade" mode to have a "kill cam" or maybe a report that shows exactly where you were hit on the body (i.e. picture of your character with wounds), for how much damage. Even a kill cam where you can only see your screen would be helpful in some situations in understanding "what the #@$*" just happened. 12) The SCAVs ability to see through foliage is still too strong. Also, it is too easy to hatchet a scav. They turn about 15 degrees per second so you can easily run around them. Perhaps they should turn faster but their aim still be off. 13) It would be nice to have a combat grab. Basically when you get close enough you can actually grab the other character or grab their gun making their gun ineffective. Once in a grabbed situation both characters can activate the melee command, whoever is faster to melee wins. If you have a pistol perhaps you default to it instead of melee? 14) The loading of magazines is too fast. Need more incentive to bring more mags into combat. Of course, with this change you would need allowances for more magazine storage. 15) Grenades make a clinking noise when they hit dirt/grass? This should not be the case. It should be more of a thud. I keep thinking I dropped a bullet casing lol, then oh no! grenade! 16) I would like to suggest bear traps and trip wires with grenades. Perhaps the perception skill helps to identify these traps. Also, flash bangs/stun grenades/smoke grenades? 17) There should be some kind of XP loss for killing PMCs of the same organization? Currently there is no purpose to USEC versus BEAR. 18) Suggest different types of pants (more storage) and shoes (quieter). 19) Suggest gun fire effect the sensitivity of hearing? 20) Suggest at night time sight becomes better throughout the match unless exposed to bright light which causes you to lose your "night vision". 21) Use of painkillers should have a negative effect on some skills? Create an addiction? 22) Bullets should go through players if not already. 23) Night time flares you can launch into the air and light up an area? Bugs: Occasionally I get, a "move item" type error suggesting a simple bug which reverts all of my equipment moves back to where they were... Occasional, yet massive lag spikes, especially around other players. Sometimes, I am unable to transfer equipment from a dead body. I thought this was because my arm was blacked out, but it happened when both arms are fully functional. Occasionally, a spawned player is maybe lagged out/timed out and not able to be killed? Sucks to give away your position and not get a kill.
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