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Found 5 results

  1. BallzDeep69

    More realistic movements

    Two things i would like to see changed. Number one is a slower transition from prone too a standing position. Right now in the game you can get up from from prone and be standing faster then someone can stop running aim and fire. Number two is Running while reloading should not be a viable alternative until you leveled up your mag drills. Its far too easy too run and gun at full sprint without a strap how can you run with a AK full sprint and reload it properly?
  2. Smile_King

    Death Recap

    I'm sure its already been discussed plenty of times before, however I think it'd really benefit the game if after you die you could get a more comprehensive guide to your fight. IE if you were engaged with a single person and shot them a handful of times, and they shot you a handful of times, maybe a character map of where they were shot, and where you were shot so you can better understand what happened during the fight with informatics on if you took fragmentation damage as well, what gun you were killed with with what ammo etc. And then a Death cam as well from your shooters point of view. However the death cam would only be available after waiting 30 seconds, that way if say youre in a squad, you dont have access to unfair information that might otherwise change the outcome of a fight. If you got sniped, you wouldnt be able to immediately tell your team "hey theyre hiding in the rocks close to xyz". It would also force exit campers on some maps, and snipers to regularly adjust their position as well keeping the game fluid. Not to mention, it would force cheating players out into the daylight, an easy tool that could be easily recorded and sent in to be reviewed.
  3. Give ONE good reason developers, for not doing the easy fix to make your character temporarily disappear or similar if your game accidently crash or disconnects while in a raid. It's not fair in any way because it's not something you can help, especially in a game like this, buggy as it is, at it's "current state" with all these crashes and server problems, and when considering that this game's thing is about risk and much to lose, more so when compared to most other games... Then you shouldn't have your time and work wasted and lose stuff when you can't even defend yourself due to disconnection of any sort, by no fault of your own, so some irrelevant, lucky, undeserving player could get you as a free kill and get free loot off of your work, because you're just standing there like a defenseless idiot without really being ingame... That's just an unfair, accidental malfunction of the game and have nothing to do with the realism with risk this game obviously trying to achieve... It's just an unfairness that easily can be removed! If you lose connection to the server and get disconnected for no reason of your own, your character SHOULD temporarily be removed or something similar Until you are reconnected and back in the raid again, and if you can't join the raid again, for some reason you can't help yourself, you should get back the loadout you started with. There's no reasonable excuse for not having a function like that in a game like this... If you can make things fair there's no excuse for not doing it, that applies to everything in life regardless of what reality you find yourself in, period. And this is not some salty advice from some greedy, loot hungry "rat" who's geared feared out of his mind and upset because he can't handle losing stuff... cos I'm the tuffest "chad" around okay..! It's about making these simple functions fair in these games that are supposed to be enjoyable and so that right people get what they deserve. There's too much rewarding non skilled luckiness and cowardliness today as it is in this game and many others already... So in a game like this it's not making sense to not make it more fair since the Loot is what it's almost only centered around and players put in A LOT of time grinding, just to see it get lost all too often due to unfair crashes and server problems... So a EASY fix like the one I have suggested should be a priority and I'm really surprised after all this time in developement that it's not in place already... Step up guys! P.S. I still love the game! - PinkDanger
  4. SilentSpinach

    Is there any kind of matchmaking system?

    Is there any matchmaking system in place? I’m new to the game and struggling to survive against other players. I understand this is down to multiple influences such as not knowing the maps as good as the other raiders, and not being in tune with all the controls, mechanics and physics of the game. But I also seem to find that the other players have better armour and weapons than me. I’d like to be comforted by knowing that I’m only playing against other level 5’s or similar, rather than level 60’s butchering me because they have every advantage over me.
  5. Hello guys, So... I started my first game with some strangers and got killed instantly after spawning. Like those guys were planning to kill me on start. I don't wanna write the name although I took note. I decided to write the name, just in case, if you see this guy, inviting you, better reject: "SPG_Jamaica". What's going on with this? That's not funny. There needs to be a fix from the developer for this!
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