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Found 9 results

  1. JacksonBarret

    Ask the Escapers - Cover Art

    This comic follows 5 PMC's in their mission to escape the Norvinsk region.Once enemies now allies they focus on their friendship and team tactics to escape meeting friendly PMC's on the way or even groups. What to expect in this comic and what kind of a comic is it? This is a ask blog comic,which means that you will get to ask each character a series of questions. There will also be random encounters with streamers and of course they will participate in questioning as well. So far we have TweakGG Ghost Freak And of course,Vertias There will be of course more to come,but let's just get ready for chapter one. See you there Operators.
  2. xJustin_Case

    Fan Art & Duvar Kağıtları

    Merhaba kaçaklar! Tarkov'la ilgili telefonlarımıza ve bilgisayarlarımıza duvar kağıtları aradığımız ya da bazı arkadaşlarımızın çizdiği şeyleri göstermek istedikleri oluyor. Bu içerikleri ve çizdiklerinizi tek bir konu altında toplamak istedik. Herkes beğendiği ve kullandığı bir görseli atsa bile güzel bir kaynak olabilir bizim için.
  3. Rollinmohawk

    Tarkov Fan Art

    I am pretty much hyped by EFT these days. I made a sketch inspired by this awesome game. More to come. Cheers!
  4. LazyHippo

    Tarkov God of War

    What do you think my brother got shot in the face and he ended up looking like the God of War
  5. Rollinmohawk

    Tarkov Fan Art #2

    I am still on the hype train with this game. (got it? badum tss.) Anyway here is the next one. Cheers!
  6. Missise

    FAN MUSIC - Averse Regards

    Hello! Just figured I'd share some fan music I made of Tarkov. I'm sure it's nothing too special compared to what a lot of people make but I wanted to show my love for the game, and support! It's called Averse Regards and you can find it here! Hope you enjoy it!
  7. TheColdVein

    Factory Raid: Fan Video

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present to you a Fan Video from one of your fellow community members, David Hanus. He has done an incredible work, capturing the look, feel, and ambiance of Escape From Tarkov. He has even painstakingly gathered the sound fx to add to the video, for authenticity! Creations like these show the potential for EFT as a feature film! Prepare to watch this a million times...Please make sure to like, and share this video so it can be seen all over. Thanks to all the crew who helped in the making of this video, and we look forward to your future content.
  8. JacksonBarret

    Escape From Tarkov - Lyrics

    Walking alone,in the unknown,no one can hold me back,looking for friends and for foes i want to get out.My family,my friends,and all the relatives they are hoping and praying for my return.Rainy days,foggy nights making my way through the town,looking around looting towns and killing Scav's no idea what to do,where to go,who to turn,who is a friend or foe,i don;t know anymore.I just want out,let me out of here,i want to escape this mistake of horrible job,i should've been a regular man,not working for the Lab.But it's too late to go back,i have to keep going,it has to be close,the big wall,endless length it's even worse then the chinese wall!Help me!I want out!Let em out of here!Endless days never pass,this is real hell!Fighting every day for my life,any moment can be my last,no friends,i don't know who is friendly or a foe!I don't know anymore what the hell is going on,how did i even get my self into this mess?!Help me!I want out,get me the hell out of here!I am so ducking done,no more killing!I want to get out of this hell hole!Shooting every day and every night it's too much for me! i have to try and Escape!Escape From Tarkov!
  9. Just Russia 2028 Universe things. [If this is somehow not appropriate @kwahamoT, @Natalino let me know] NOTE: I already got all my Hired Ops Bonuses Unlocked, so this is not a trick to get sign ups.
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