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Found 17 results

  1. I decided to make a small animation in the style of Cowboy Bebop with a Tarkov flair featuring a few buddies of mine who I play with: https://youtu.be/k7r_hafVX1s
  2. MrXavito

    Concurso de Fanarts de Tarkov

    ¡Queridos supervivientes! ¡Nos enorgullece anunciar un nuevo concurso de arte de Escape From Tarkov! Hemos visto en muchas ocasiones Fanarts hechos por todos vosotros, vuestra creatividad y habilidad en el diseño son increíbles, y es por ese motivo por el que queremos recompensar a los mejores artistas y permitir a la comunidad ver todos esos Fanarts. Recompensas: Ganador del Primer Premio: Edge of Darkness Edition Ganador del Segundo Premio: Prepare for Escape Edition Ganador del Tercer Premio: Left Behind Edition Ganador del Cuarto Premio: Standar Edition La manera en la que podéis compartir vuestros fanarts entre vosotros y la comunidad es compartilos en nuestro discord, en el que hemos creado un canal especial llamado #artwork-submissions para vuestras participaciones: https://discord.com/invite/escapefromtarkovofficial Por favor, os pedimos que solamente compartaís arte en ese canal, no escribais mensajes, pero si que podéis votar con las reacciones especiales. Usar las reacciones bajo los fanarts enviados para votar por vuestro favorito, cuantas más reacciones obtenga, mayor es la posibilidad de que el autor obtenga una recompensa comunitaria especial. El concurso empieza hoy y termina el último día de mayo, el día 31.05.2020 el canal será cerrado y se elegirán los ganadores. Reglas del Concurso: Es obligatorio que la temática sea el Escape From Tarkov. No deberían ser ofensivas para nadie. Un fanart por usuario. El artwork debe haber sido hecho por ti. Mucha suerte a todos!!
  3. trying to make some art work in photoshop was wondering if anyone had links to some renders or screenshots i could use
  4. xJustin_Case

    Fan Art & Duvar Kağıtları

    Merhaba kaçaklar! Tarkov'la ilgili telefonlarımıza ve bilgisayarlarımıza duvar kağıtları aradığımız ya da bazı arkadaşlarımızın çizdiği şeyleri göstermek istedikleri oluyor. Bu içerikleri ve çizdiklerinizi tek bir konu altında toplamak istedik. Herkes beğendiği ve kullandığı bir görseli atsa bile güzel bir kaynak olabilir bizim için.
  5. Alexispeil

    FanArt Customs OutSide Dorms

    Newbie in game , i'm started to play 3 weeks ago and i love it... This Is my FanArt About customs maps... Tag in game: iXeL My DeviantArt : https://www.deviantart.com/alexispeil
  6. JacksonBarret

    USEC Design

    This is Zack Barret,USEC Operator specialized in technology and in mechanics. This is the first WIP of him but he will be mostly without his face mask.
  7. JacksonBarret

    B.E.A.R Design WIP

    This is Nikolai Gregoriovich,as you can see this is WIP sketch. Nikolai is a B.E.A.R Operator specialized in Demolition. Of course he's bound to be changed because he won't have the belts around his neck since he won't be using an LMG but a modded AK-74M. Hope you guys like it,if you do you can support me or ask me anything either on the forums or DA:https://www.deviantart.com/jackson-barret
  8. Rollinmohawk

    Tarkov Fan Art #2

    I am still on the hype train with this game. (got it? badum tss.) Anyway here is the next one. Cheers!
  9. SlyTheSamurai

    Tarkov Fan made Song (usec 1)

    i make random music from time to time this one is very much tarkov inspired. GO USEC Enjoy! -sly
  10. Hilaz

    Escape from factory

    Heya guys, heres a little artwork i wanted to do for a game i like watch out for those crazy hatchlings!
  11. ShadowDee

    The enemy is always there

    The enemy is always there Here's my first fanart for EFT which I initially made for the fanart-contest by @necuja. The intention was to capture a common in-game situation with all it's atmosphere and mood. I also chose to not make a graphic image of one killing another, but to show the situation in a time, where a human and ethical interaction would still be possible, as I support this in any way possible. And I'm not talking about self-defence as it's different and heavily depending on the situation itself. In creating the interior environment I made use of the technique, commonly used by professional conceptartists in the industry, called "photobashing". Here are a few example videos: mechtank_part1 mechtank_part2 environment_concept Basically it's assembling photos together to create an environment, object, etc. and then manually shading it to fit the scenery. It saves time and is intended to meet tight deadlines. The two characters were entirely done by me from the ground up though. Same with the lightshafts, particles and some details. All in all the whole process took me roughly 10hrs to accomplish and finish. There's still alot space for improvement here and there. But I'm quite happy with the outcome. Was my first time photobashing. It's also on DeviantArt: http://bit.ly/2nJ76sA And here's the initial pencil sketch: See you in Tarkov. Cheers Your Shadow ...
  12. JacksonBarret

    Jackson Barret Fan Art #3

  13. JacksonBarret

    Jackson Barret Fan Art #4

  14. JacksonBarret

    Jackson Barret Fan Art #2

  15. JacksonBarret

    Jackson Barret Fan Art #1

  16. JacksonBarret

    M4A1 Colt Finished

  17. JacksonBarret

    The Nightmare

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