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Found 22 results

  1. Earlier today I bought my first couple docs cases, and being fairly new I wasn't sure exactly what to expect with them, but is it normal for everything you bring into a raid inside a docs case to lose it's "found in raid" status? All my keys lost the status, including one I found during a raid and put in my docs case. Is that how it's supposed to work? The keytool doesn't do that, so I'm a bit confused why the docs case would.
  2. Tarkohn

    Range finder

    pretty simple idea i dont know how much i could elaborate but i think a range finder would be cool for long range sniping and also identify good targets for SBIH more of a quality of life thing over any thing i think. let me know what you guys think
  3. While mindlessly scrolling through the flea market and examining things I have not examined yet I thought of a neat idea. Not sure if this is the correct place to put your suggestions but here goes: Introduce 1 use items that can by found in raid that act as item catalogs (like a shopping catalog/gun magazine) that, once used (consumed), "examines" items for that topic. This could be an objective based way of unlocking items for the "presets" function and the gunsmith quests. It could even be a quest item that doesn't take up inventory space and can not be sold. You could limit it per weapon type or gear type. This could also be used for modular gear when that gets implemented. Edit: if made into quests, the experience received from these quests could offset the experience you lose by not examining them the current way Thoughts?
  4. SGTheKingz

    Grenade use slowdown

    As it currently stands death occurs often when another player throws a grenade at another one, which is ofcourse completely normal. But the amount of times that 3 or more grenades end up bombarding a location of 1 person is insane. Maybe it would be nice if the devs added some kind of cooldown in between grenade uses so one player can't just spam all of their grenades towards one enemy. Please add a cooldown timer in between grenade uses... thanks
  5. HulkTheUnicorn

    Trader Services

    Hello Awesome Devs at Tarkov and awesome community, I recently discovered that in Tarkov you have a Service Tab for Traders(Ragman only one active) to get cooler clothes which gave me the Idea that maybe I should pitch some ideas for some of the Traders and what they can offer you in exchange for your money . Let's start with Prapor : Option 1 : Make it so at services you have a better detailed on what insurances are about to arrive and see a small status of what will you get back in exchange for rubles (only weapons found, some armor pieces retrieved) which will indicate if you need to spend money on making yourself another weapon or wait 3 more hours and your old baby will be back into your hands . Option 2 : While I still want to see better details on what insurances are pending to come.. how about a function that will let me spend x amount of rubles to get my items right away . Now this I can see why it's not an awesome idea as people with 100mil rubles will just instantly press that button . But if you can implement an algorithm that for example..my insurance was 100k , and I should get my items in 24 hours.. Make it so if I want to get something back and it's over the 24h mark it would cost me : insurance + (hours left *30k) and I don't think people will abuse it that hard then since it would cost 820k rubles just to get your stuff faster with 1 day.(or you could devise a better formula) Or just add a mechanic that I can pay X amount of rubles which is calculated based on how much my insurance was to just take 5 hours off my time of return. Why ? it's like in real life sometimes.. IF you want "priority/express services " you pay extra than everyone else right ? Option 3 is basically a bit of both and maybe even a "cancel insurance" why ? maybe If i remember this will only bring me back a mosin and a backpack I can cancel and get x percent back out of my insurance . I see a lot of people complain about quests that involve mosin and when they flood their stash and another dozen come from insurances Next Up The Therapist : Option 1 : Sometimes I forget to heal myself up so having to go to her and pay that amount of money for her to heal me..I like that..it's simple and worthwhile Option 2 : Is having her inject you with combat stims pre raid . What does this mean .. Let's say you go in raid..buy yourself the stim that gives you movement speed and instead of taking it with you in the raid.. Therapist gives you the shoot and you start the raid with it Active.. I don't think it will be major game braking + I have very few ideas for Doctor Lady as usually with doctors you either Heal or get buffs and I don't want to ask for some "unknown stims" that might feel ..unrealistic. Let's go for the Mechanic as he is cool : Option 1 : As you can unlock clothes for your PMC based on rep and money and level the same can be done for your gun, like I would like to pain some of my handles pink..cause I can. Or put a sticker on my AK (yes I know you will lose it but it's nothing wrong in having some customization options for your favorite gun) Option 2 : And this again is based on rep/money/level Is you give him a weapon.. let's say an AK and you give him some money and he will deliver you a custom AK . I got this idea from his Gunsmith quests that since he doesn't have time for it does not mean he does not know how to do it. So You can even add a thing in which you ask for specific parameters to be obtained like Recoil under 40 and he will do the best to add the best in slot items so your recoil will under 40 but maybe at the cost of other things like a cheap ass sight or what not. Option 3 : Is have him be like a Once every 4 hours he will have a custom weapon for sale at X amount of rubles. And you just go and buy it and use it. For Skier and Peacekeer atm I have no real good ideas and I hate Jeager soo much I don't want him to have a Service (would be nice that everyone has at least something) I'm really excited to hear what everyone has to say about it
  6. Abgesehen davon , dass wir gestern auf Reserve dreimal hintereinander Spieler mit ESP und Aimbot trafen und ihnen unser überteuertes Gear überlassen durften, gab es im Anschluss eine gute Runde. Ich hatte drei PMCs geholt und der eine lief mit Thermal herum. Natürlich war meine Begeisterung dementsprechend , aber als ich aus dem Raid kam war es nicht mehr an der Waffe. Nun die Frage, ist das ein möglicher Hack oder nur ein Feature seitens BSG? Grüße
  7. Suggestion: make sure non-teamed PMC dont spawn on top of eachother plz. died 2 seconds into the raid.
  8. NaX0n

    Crafting ate my mags

    I just lost all of my mags (in 2 mag cases) From crafting a junk box in the hideout. I am a pretty now player which made it pretty frustrating. I feel like the game should not be able to grab non empty cases and such for crafting and should instead handle it like when trading. First of. Is this by design or is it an oversight, and what are your thought on handeling non empty cases in general.
  9. Suggestion for OPTIONAL insurance system to help with "gear fear" and other related issues; Replacement gear delivered in return for a hefty "tax" for all item sales plus a "service fee". For example: - Flat 50% tax on ALL items SOLD, cutting potential profits in half. - 30%-40% service fee (from items price) for item replaced. (- loose access to playing as scav while items are insured / time delay)? + Get replacement gear identical to ones you lost when you died, once the "service fee" has been paid. Why? To help with those of us with tendency towards what many refer to as "gear fear" aka fear of loosing valuable gear or gear that one has gotten attached into AND help lessen the frustrations related to replacing gear, at a price. Also it helps with a little personal problem of mine. You see, I like to have a certain look for my character, a look that is lost every time I die. Yes, I could buy yet another pair of sunglasses, but that starts to get tedious after a while. That, and feel that I'm obligated to bring the absolute cheapest gear possible with me every single time I play online. The current insurance system is not that great, and knowing that you will get your stuff back is at least for me worth a really hefty price. Yes, I know that there will be point in a game where one has enough money to not worry about price of replacing their gear, but that's not a point most players reach (having a job, hobbies ect...) and even then that's only part of the problem. Look, I'm not asking for you to add a glowing aura on mags we accidentally drop or anything like that. Risk of making that kind of mistakes and loosing your half full mag in the grass is part of the reason many of us got into this game. But I feel that the game currently kicks you while you are down a little too much. Some players do not care about losing all their gear and that's why these kinds of things should be optional (and come at a price) but for one or more reason for some of us that aspect of the game kicks way harder than for others. And before someone offers the advise of "gid gud", I would like to ask how do you "gid gud" against a dude that sprints at soundspeed above the treeline instagibbing everything? poo happens, and as the game says when you first launch it "you will die a lot" but I feel that for scaredy cats like me the game punishes dying a little too hard considering how easy it is to get yourself killed. I'm not asking for a freebie either, the "tax" is there to counter the lessened risk for those that want to use this service. Less potential risk = Less potential rewards. Also the "service fee" is there that there is still some feeling of imminent loss for bringing the most expensive gear possible with you. (wouldn't want that lvl3 noob that looted your fancy stuff having too much fun now would we Not sure if devs read this sort of things but I thought to just put it in here just in case. "Gear fear" is very real and a main reason I hesitated for so long before finally getting into this game, and it's rather deterring for many others it seems.
  10. Hijack_Dallas

    Bugs = Feature?

    Welche Bugs in EFT sollten drinnen bleiben? Es gibt zahlreiche Beispiele, wo ein Bug als Feature eingebaut worden sind, Atombomben Ghandi in CIV z.B. Eines was ich selbst bisher noch nicht erlebt habe, jedoch sehr gut fand (und wohl möglich zahlreiche andere Spieler), den Scav-Horde-Bug auf Interchange. Natürlich stelle ich mir die Frage, ob der schon in-Game ist oder immer noch ein Bug ist. Natürlich dürfen keine Game breaking Bugs drinnen sein. Aber welche habt ihr getroffen und sollten als Feature angepasst werden?
  11. Hallo zusammen, ich schätze das die meisten hier den Discord von EFT verfolgen und bereits die geposteten Waffen gesehen haben. ***Ich möchte mit diesem Post nur nochmals betonen, wie wichtig diese Features für die Einführung neuer Waffen sind, BSG sollte imo der Entwicklung dieser Features eine höhere Priorität zuordnen.*** Obwohl mir neue Waffen stets gefallen, bräuchten wir meiner Meinung nach erst die folgenden zwei Features, damit die neuen Waffen den gewünschten Begeisterungseffekt haben: 1. Realistische Trefferzonen / Schwachpunkte für Westen: Damit neue MPs, SMGs, Pistolen und Schrotflinten einen realen Nutzen haben bräuchten wir zuerst dieses Feature, da es für die genannten Waffentypen und ihre zumeist Kleinkalibermunition auf gerade diese Schwachstellen in der Rüstung angewiesen sind. Ohne diesem Feature wird das Einführen dieser Waffen kaum Begeisterung schaffen, da sie quasi nutzlos wären. Solche Schwachstellen sind natürlich sowohl die Bereiche, die von der Panzerschutzweste nicht abgedeckt werden. Wie zum Beispiel Schultern, Achselhöhlen und Hals. Aber auch die Schulterbänder als auch das Band am Körperseitenprofil, das Zücken und Brustplatte miteinander verbindet bedtehen meistens aus ellastischen Materialien mit wenig bis gar keiner Panzerung. Kevlar oder nur Textilfasern und damit ideale Schwachstellen für Kleinkaliberwaffen. Leg-Meta wird durch weitere Schwachstellen in der Rüstung erweitert. So bleiben mehr Waffentypen im Late-game interessant. 2. Möglichst realistisches, stufenloses Gewichtssystem Wie im realen Leben sollten Debuffs mit jedem zusätzlichem Pfund zumindest steigen. Debuffs steigern sich über viele kleine Stufen, anstelle von nur extrem hohen 2-3 Stufen. Dadurch werden leichte Ausrüstungskits, bestehend aus Kleinkaliberwaffen etc., wesentlich nützlicher, da sie einen agilen Spielstil begünstigen. Im Moment gibt es diese msgischen Gewichtsgrenzen wie bei 40 kg und 70 kg, die man nicht überschreiten will. Ein (fast) stufenloses Gewichtssystem dagegen wird sich viel realistischer und fairer anfühlen. Solche magischen Gewichtsgrenzen würde es dann nicht mehr geben. Nicht alle Debuffs sollten in gleicher Weise ansteigen und Gewichtsverteilung sollte eine Rolle spielen. Viel Gewicht im Ruvksack würde nach und nach die Drehungsgeschwindigkeit reduzieren und mehr Ausdauer kosten. Mehr Gewicht auf Schultern und Arme sollte ADS Dauer verringern als auch "gehe in ADS" Animation verlangsamen. Damit bekämen Kleinkaliberwaffen einen weiteren Vorteil. Last but not least würde ein realistischeres Gewichts - und Ausdauersystem auch das störende Bunny-Hopping nerfen bis ganz unterbinden.
  12. The last game which I played before EFT was Red Dead Redmption 2 Online. There was a only tool one could use to view the map and add notes to it. This feature was made by a fellow player which published his project under the following URL. I would love it, if EFT had a Webapp with all the maps, so that you could add your own notes to it. I am a Software Developed and would be willing to commit my own time to develop such a tool for EFT, but for that, I would need to have either high resolution images of all the Map (Like this but better resolution) or a TileMap so that I could deploy my own API. So basicly I have two questions now, one for the community and one for the developers: Community: Would you guys be interested in such a Website, which allows you to add your own notes to every single Map of EFT? Developers: Would you be willing and able to provide me with either a extremly high resolution image or a TileMap? Thanks reading this post. Happy looting Comrads!
  13. Zolty47

    Personal wishlist for EFT

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a list of features, game mechanics, guns etc. that I would like to see in EFT. On map Labs Features: 1. Raiders can also spawn if you use a keycard. The load outs of these raiders are security level dependent, juggernaut level for red and black keycard rooms. These Raiders investigate for intruders at the opened door, inside the room and surroundings. Then patrol around the disturbed security area. Actively looking for intruders. React to gun fire and movement noise. 2. Reduce the extract points from 7 to 5. Are a bit too much imo. Features for all maps: 1. Minimal raid time of 20 minutes for above level 15 players, after these 20 min raid are gone, extract points will be activated. 2. Secure container is locked against any loot for above level 15 players, these 2 changes make the raids more livid, fight for loot, defend it, easy looting for beginners only. 3.  Balancing hatchling runs vs geared runs, speed of hatchlings brings them first to loot room, but then they will have to still defend the loot. 4. Thermal scopes work realistically: A. Body and clothing have not everywhere the same temperature, even games like Splinter Cell 1 had already a more realistic thermal mechanic. B. gLass blocks thermal sight 5. Anti-cheat: Possible to send a kill-camera-feed with the name 6. Fix the micro freezes 7. Realistic armour with weak points: A. Example: Armour vest is weak on side profile (only flexible material, no ceramic or metal plates), shoulder parts and armpits. 8. Fix shotguns please, they seem to be severely bugged 9. AI personality and skill set: Give AI a more profound personality pattern, scavs should have different skills set on a table from 1 to 10, following possible skills: A. Talkativity B. Grenade throwing C. Sneaking/Stealth D. Recoil control/ gun handling E. Precision F. Situational awareness G. Team work H. Reaction speed from 200 ms to 900 ms. I. Seeing in dark places, recognition speed of intruders, like in Splinter cell Blacklist 10. More map interaction: A. Light switches B. Motion sensor bound lights C. Fuse boxes in basements D. Power supply for buildings can be turned on and off in the basement E. Destructible wall parts to find hidden loot or alternative entrance. F. Locked crates, that can only be opened by a crowbar or blow torch G. Doors can be relocked H. Ladders can be used I. Usable Curtains, Drapes J. Fence cutter, feature for extracting for example K. Dead letter boxes from traders (rather complex feature to dedign and balance) 11. Random loot spawns, only buildings are fix, but room and exact location is random 12. Skills can increase but also decrease depending on playstyle (endurance and strength can decrease again, slowly, if not used most of the time, muscle get sized down by body if not needed) 13. Treasure chests / personal hidable stash boxes: A. 3 different versions: 3x3 fields 6 kg heavy, 4x4 fields 10 kg, 5x5 fields 15 kg B. 1 Chest per map maximal for you, can spawn only in your game session, can be looted from other spawned in players then too. 14. All keys and keycards have limited usages, also the paracord. 15. Gun and drum mag jamming, galling of special gun parts over time, needed to be replaced after some time. 16. Healing should be more realistic: A. Binding your arm for example has to be completed to heal you, knoted the binding to hold B. Blood loss debuff, blood conserves, how realistic it will be to do it by yourself?? C. To fix broken bones should be a longer animation 17. Step-less weight system: A. Starting by 0 kg, every pound / 500 gramm debuffs increase slowly in a realistic way. 18. Stamina bar has 4 zones: A. Green 100 % - 75 %: gives buffs Yellow 75 % - 50 % : no buffs, minor debuffs Orange 50 % - 25 %: middle debuffs Red 25 % - 0 %: major debuffs Make the effects realistic as possible, think about your own body, how he reacts if you go to your limits. 19. Goal: raid for needed gear, not just money. A. Only what you found personally can be sold on flea market. B. Top 30 % gear can either be traded against other „found in raid items“, dollar and euro OR to this terms only sold and bought to traders, not allowed on flea market at all. Traders will give you much less than they would demand for the item. 20. List the names of all competing players that played on the map after the raid. Possible to tag him as a cheater and send video proof, 15 seconds death cam or personal feed. A. For players IP adresses should be of course concealed, only visible for server, server also get to know hardware data of every player. To identify using platform. B. 2 way identification for player account, bound to smartphone and personal ID. 21. Clothing should be possible to be recolored, to create team based looks. Carmouflage pattern and pattern for guns, backpacks and clothing. Realistic skins. Can mix up to 4 different colors into the pattern. 22. Carmouflage color for the face 23. Carmourflage disabled for top 15 % of armour backpacks. 24. AI able to use mortars and MGs, grenade launchers, but only elite AI, not scavs. Precision should be bad. Please feel free to add your own points and critisize mine in a fair way.
  14. Zolty47

    Dead letter boxes, stash boxes

    Hello everyone, I had recently the idea about dead letter boxes. Every trader has some dead letter boxes on maps ( not every map ). In these you could put your gear to extract it, if its insured. You can also put loot in it, but it will cost you 50 % of its value to buy it from him back. Has to be bought back immediately after raid, otherwise you loose the ownership on it. The dead letter boxes are marked with the symbol of the owning trader. Every map has some dead letter boxes, but not of every trader. Only 4 dead letter boxes per map. Labs has 2. Factory has 1. Second idea: buriable stash boxes Dont be worried, I take load times into the account, and other details. 1. Can be aquired via quests, and bought for much money 2. Sizes: - 2x3 fields, weight: 2 kg, takes 6 fields in backpack - 3x3 fields, weight: 4 kg, takes 9 fields in backpack - 3x4 fields, weight: 6 kg takes 12 fields in backpack 3. Is like a hamster bag, can be buried or hidden somewhere on the map, can be looted from other players. But they are hard to find. 4. Good for hatchlings, against exit campers 5. Take the loot from the buried stash box if you feel safe making it out of the map alive (bc you are heavily armoured and gunned) 6. Its like your own treasure box, you should remember its position or make an in-game treasure map. 7. Looting this treasure map from a corpse makes you a treasure hunter! 8. Buring this stash box and unbury it is only possible with the shovel. Its a melee weapon with an unique ability. I am excited about your feedback. The stash box is intended for loot, the secure container could be changed to "owned gear" only, not anymore for loot. Stash boxes, spawn mechanic: A. Your stash box spawns only on your game session. So on a map where 12 PMCs spawn can only be 12 stash boxes for example. The wont be loading problems. Maybe more than 100.000 people play this game. But only your stash box and your opponents stash boxes will get spawned, so on a max 12 PMC raid map, only 12 stash boxes can spawn. I hope that was precisely enough discribed. I am excited about your feedback!
  15. Zolty47

    Buriable mini stash boxes

    Hello everyone, what I would like as a feature is a stash box, that could be bought by a trader. Buried in earth or hidden somewhere you like. Aspects: 1. Can be hidden on a map, it respawns on this map, if you play it again, of course only in your session. 2. Is 4x2 fields big 3. Only 1 hidden stash box per map maximal 4. It can be found by others too, but only in your game session. Example: if you hide it on Woods and leave the map, then it only spawns on Woods again and only in your play session. You are always in control. 5. It should replace the secure container as a safe loot box. Secure container should be brought in gear only, no loot allowed 6. Loot put into this mini stash box stays on the map, if you want it then take it an later run, if you feel more confident in surviving the round. 7. Since it CAN be buried it is almost impossible for others to find. But others can still get the interact symbol, by directly looking at it at close. 8. In woods, when 8 PMCs spawn for example, then can be only 8 mini stash boxes be hidden on this map. Only spawns with the player who owns it. 9. In a scav run the stash box does not spawn. 10. Burying it in sand / earth takes 15 seconds.
  16. PattyPN

    Raiders and other features idea

    The problem with how easy raiders are to kill I've found a easy way to solve the pistols and low geared people is to give them visors to prevent any pistol headshots. And when sprayed by smg to the visor they will flee and scream in which they reach a panic mode. And to prevent easy money collecting "even do the keycard thing is coming" they should guard key rooms so hatchets cant gets loot without fighting. I have talked about a raider leader as well before and he dares I say it again be better than the average raider and definitely fully geared. THERE SHOULD NOT BE A SINGLE WAY TO KILL HIM WITH SMG PISTOLS. and well he should be apart of the last wave which should be included 10 raiders splitting up in 2 teams leader in one of them. Voice lines should be added to for them to say BEHIND THE BOX. HES RUNNING special voice lines for them to say in American mostly since well most of us understand English not Russian. Interactive extractions should come eventually to all maps. But I think its difficult to figure out what kinda extractions they can add to the maps currently. Maybe even make it so the boat on shoreline only arrive if lighthouse has been activated in which scavs and players will hear the boat alarm if close enough and come to you. Making it a tower defense until the boat arrives. Raiders should replace players when player slots have not to be filled where they will loot killed players fight boss scavs and extract (They can extract as seen in one of the hangers-on labs they disappear when in extraction either dead or alive) and their main target is to go to all gunshots to get involved. Mostly go to the one that sounds the most dangerous to get the real fights on. Even spawn them in groups for the entertainment. So if factory is missing 1 player replace it with a raider. Back to the voice lines, I think some raiders should have names of streamers and streamers could be asked to voice them as well with custom voice lines as a special feature Cant wait to see what they do with offline mode. It needs a coop and many features are arriving soon enough. Cant wait to see what happens. Not much else to say but am excited to see what they continue to do. THANKS FOR READING Jesus I went all out.
  17. I think it would be better if wit haddtion to having a 'compatible with available ^' in inspection menu of gun parts and mods which shows what guns the parts are compatible with in your inventory, there should also be 'compatible with ^' which shows guns that are not in your inventory, this would be more convenient, as you will be able to see all the guns the parts are compatible with. I think this kind of thing should also be done with mounts and attachements which need mounts, so you'll be able to see what kind of mounts can be put on a weapons and which attachments adn mounts are compatble with each other.
  18. Hazel

    新功能 - Hideout(藏身處)

    親愛的玩家! Escape From Tarkov 的Closed Beta準備工作正在全面展開,但是,我們目前的工作並不僅限於Closed Beta相關的任務。現在,我們很高興地宣布這個遊戲的新功能之一,在EfT開發的早期階段就已經提到的功能 - Hideout(藏身處)。 從Tarkov逃跑的過程並不如想像中快速。我們需要一些地方安置下來,恢復能量,儲存物資,藏匿發現到的裝備和武器。 換句話說,一個為通關作準備的地方。 玩家需要從頭開始建設及安排藏身處 – 最初它被發現時是一個荒廢混亂的防空洞,沒有任何有助維持生命的設施。玩家需要不斷擴建和升級防空洞的設施,例如建設發電機,集水器,通風系統,醫療設備,前哨站,暖氣系統,浴室等多種擴充,幫助治療人物在副本中得到的各種負面狀態,比如身體健康狀況,傷口,口渴度和能量恢復速度。玩家還可以從藏身處內各種資源中獲得藥品,彈藥等補給。哨站的升級令玩家可以從商人得到新的工作機會,還有安排加入Scavs等等。 我們現在已經有超過13個正在製造中的模組,每個模組具有獨特的加成,並且各需獨特的建設要求。玩家將需要使用不同的資源,訪問各種商店和升級必要的技能,來解鎖模組建造和升級的可能性。 為了保持藏身處能夠順利運作,玩家首先需要安裝的是發電機,它需要消耗燃料。由於缺乏燃料,資源的生產和狀態的恢復將會減緩或中斷。還應該注意的是,倉庫的大小將直接取決於Hideout倉庫的級別。具有Edge of Darkness Limited Edition的遊戲的玩家將獲得最大,第三級的倉庫。 除了Hideout的基本模組外,玩家還可以建造更精湛的模組,大幅度提高生活水平和藏身處的安全性,可以加快技能升級,生成獨特的物品和資源,並為您的新家居添加溫馨的感覺和舒適感。 更值得注意的是將會有一個完善的射擊場,你可以在那裡測試射擊你的武器。 藏身處將成為遊戲生存的其中一個重要部分,在離開副本時的身體狀況將會完整地帶進藏身處,藏身處在倉庫大小,商店的新服務,物品研究等在Escape from Tarkov有很大作用性。 這個重大更新與公司遊戲主體並行。而且我們打算在Open Beta中推出藏身處。 敬請關注!
  19. Hello, sightseeer here, Friends of mine got the idea to allow us players not only to play as scavs, but even to hire, equip and level scavs as a new feature. As not every scav on the maps is controlled by a human, that feature would add the possibility to let the progress of the bot be transferred to the player having hired the bot a.k.a. non -player scav (for x amount of spawns/time etc.). some ideas or lets say examples of what may be implemented : high level scavs we hire could be 3rd wave sniper scav aiming at the chest, every kill/damage xp gets rewarded (run a multiplier for adjustments) to the person hiring in some kind of way. low level scavs can be the first wave scavs, we have lower costs to hire them for their smaller effectiveness. But you can boost their different skills (perception, movement speed l etc..) with time and tell them how to work with different equipment (fast with shotgun, long time precision sniping, spray and pay autofired Ak74N...) you can give them specific gear (paca, silenced mp5, grenades... ) and send them to training to level them up, it would increase endgame content and allow a new dynamic : encountering scavs would be less linear. scav hiring sl they spawn at different places /time should result in different costs. equipped scavs may be playable by other players who transfer a portion of the gained xp to the "owner" of that scav when their raid ended. what do you think? with kind regards, sightseeer
  20. Hey guys i just wanted to post a topic of things i personally think should be added to the game just to make clear this is just my opinion and i would like to know what you guys think so listed below are some things i think should be added to the game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☢ AI are you sure you want to continue sign after depositing gear from a successful scav run to main inventory (you don't know how many times I wasn't paying attention to it a clicked through my gear transfer screen.) ☢ AI scav's that fire when in close proximity to you (I know this is a good thing I shouldn't complain about but I can easily sit corners and hatchet scavs and they try to back up to fire but of course its to late, IMO this is to easy to get gear from scav's and I know this isn't something i should complain about idk why i think it irritates me as it seems like lake luster coding but what do I know) ☢ HUD display for teammates you partied up with before entering match ( I know this has been talked about and the dev from my understanding want to keep it "realistic" as possible but again this topic is about what I think I want from his game) ☢ the old healing system back including the bleeding/status effects hud notifications (further explanation can be found below on my other forum post) ☢ Snow weather affects/dynamic weather (I know this is difficult from a CPU/GPU intensive coding stance but very few games have done a good snow effect including footprints such as the newest tomb raider did again i know this is PC intensive but even a rudimentary snow weather would be nice like re texture object with snow on them and replace rain with snow flakes would be good enough for me and even mid match weather changing like it starting to rain and clouds creating an overcast mid round would be nice side note: water on scope lenses and on gun would be a nice touch) ☢ renaming a lot of the in-game items (for example an AK-74N butt-stock is names something like "s8np06" and the civilian AK (Vepr) butt-stock is "s8np05" or something of the sort they should rename it to something like "AK-74N B. (s8np06)" again I don't have the game in front of me ATM so i don't know the exact name that is just an example) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is all I can think of ATM if something else pops into my head ill be sure to post it in the replies below! Let me know what you guys think and any idea you have up vote this topic so the word can spread and more people can give there input as we have little power in the development process of the game and it practically end at the forum post level unless you know a guy who knows a guy kind of deal but up voting this topic will help hopefully in the hopes the right eyes see this topic and are willing to make a change.
  21. Klaus_Quarter

    Fidelity discount on specific items

    I come with a idea about how works your relationship with traders. I have seen many hours of live stream latly and I see that many players actually do hatchling runs, not because they run out of money nor guns or gears but only because they are frustrated to loose their finest gears. Psychologically they said in their minds "forget it, why do I go in raid with expensive or rare gear just to loose everything in a instant". So even if they have tons of Aks or M4 they leave them in their stashes because they do not want to loose them. So they buy a TT or do hatchling runs. What I proposing is basically a features that introduce a fidelity discount on one and only one weapon. This favorite weapon can be a modded weapon, all accessories will be take in account in the discount. More you loose this weapon and buy it again from traders (multiple traders because of the accessories) more it will become cheaper. Of course until a certain extend, let's say maybe -50% or 75% maximum or whatever. With this system, many player will constantly using their favorite fully decked weapon so that fight this syndrome of the hatchling run because they are mad about losing their beloved gun. I think it come nicely with the fact that is only affect weapons they can buy regarding their level of affinity with the traders, so newbies will not have acces to discounted full customized M4 or AKs. That way it is well integrated with the already existing progression system. I think it's something that already came in the minds of the BSG Devs because in the traders tab there is a heart tab but I don't know what it is exactly, so maybe it's something already planned.
  22. P4YN

    Missing features in game!

    The game is no doubt the most intensive and hardcore game i ever played. But the game is missing some important features which would be really beneficial to us. Features needed: Ping counter Ability to browse servers More Servers **South African servers are really needed** FPS counter. **Game would crash with third party FPS counter** Use game currency to increase Stash size **More realistic** More weapons Weapons skins Ability to customize character's clothes **for better recognition between player mates and enemies** Clan system These are my suggestions to the dev and i hope some of them will be considered to be in future updates. If i'm missing some features that will be really helpful, yours are most welcome!
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