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Found 8 results

  1. DasGegenmittel

    My first Impression after 2xx+ Hours

    Dear Developers, If you are interested I would provide you some Feedback related to: Bugs (Game Bugs (Graphical, Engine etc.), logical Bugs), Gameplay and Features. This Topic is NOT ment to get commented by other Players. Please do not do so! First off: I like this Game very much. After years without anything in this Genre a good EGO-Shooter is in Development (last ones I played are "Operation Flashpoint"-Series or "S.T.A.L.K.E.R"-Series, Titles like Battlefied make me get bored after some time.. they can be fun but yeah..."with Friends" they are fun, alone I get bored..). I could provide plenty of "Input", furthermore I am a Programmer so I can maybe provide some hints about how to do something or I see what is already implemented and suggest to use it in another part of the Game too. Unsure to whom or where to address this (Forum, Tickets..) or how to phrase it: English is not my native Language but I assume none of you (Developers!) speaks german natively so I am forced to use english. Let me provide an Example: Your Flea Market is seriously flawed. How come? If I look for an ITEM it provides me also Options to EXCHANGE (except Pay with money). GREAT IDEA but how you made it is DEEPLY flawed! First off: The Offers for EXCHANGE ITEMS are ALWAYS not calculated to the REAL WORLD PRICINGS. What do I mean? Example (from "RIGHT NOW" DATA): Vest: PACA -> Somebody wants 4 Light Bulbs, YOU claim this OFFER is worth 6000 (ALL TOGETHER). Now searching for LIGHT BULB: >ONE< (cheapest) is offered for 9500R .... >1<!!! So the guy who EXCHANGES the PACA Vest wants 4 Bulbs, YOU claim this is worth 6000 (all 4 BULBS) but if I wanna BUY a BULB the CHEAPEST ONE IS 9500! So the Vest cost EFFECTIVELY 9500*4 MINIMUM...!! Your pricings are complete BULLSHIT.... Sorry to tell you this. How to reasolv? EASY! EACH HOUR (to not stress the Database and co) you sum up an AVERAGE PRICING of the ITEM listed for Exchange! Lets assume: 5 Bulbs get sold via FLEA MARKET, they get sold FOR: 9000,9000,9000,20000,10000 -> In Mathematic: (9000+9000+9000+20000+10000)/5 -> AVG PRICE (==11400). If 20751 Bulbs get sold you need to sum this up of course... So he wants 4 Gulbs then this VEST cost right now: 4*11400 (since this is the "AVERAGE" pricing for this Item) The price can go UP/DOWN each Hour related to market pricings of the Items he wanna have in exchange. What is getting resolved? If you SORT via PRICE you get those Offers (with your wrong price Tags) in front of all others... this will resolve this Bug. Furthermore: Add a FILTER to EXCLUDE ITEM EXCHANGE OFFERS where I do not have the ITEMS in Stock. So I can see quickly if I can trade or not without the need to buy a specific Item. That is one example of a logical Issue in the Game... The logic to sort it and co: It all exists. You do not apply it... Another logical Issue is in the Crafting: I can produce mediPacks: YAY! \o/ But to produce it I need: Painkillers (Pills), Bandage and a Splint. Issue: SPLINT itself heals BROCKEN BONES but the RESULTING crafted Medipack DOES NOT. So it is a DISADVANTAGE to use a SPLINT and WASTE it for this since you can not heal the same Issues. I get it that the Advantage of this Medipack is the HP it restores but the Requirements do not match since a "use case" ("heal" brocken Bones) gets lost. Better would be: Require 1x Painkiller and maybe 3x Bandages. Since Bandages stop bleeding, Painkillers reduce Pain.... If I put Splints into my Medipack in RealLife their "function" wont get lost, if I break my foot or whatever I take the Medipack, take out the Splint... Make it more realisticaly... Do not make "use cases" (Splint) disappear because I create a Medpack. then require more base-things wich shares the same use-case! I could make far more suggestions if you want.... Also: it makes no sense to be able to store ONE Backpack in another.... ENDLESSLY.... Did you ever tried this in real life? Sure you can store ONE Backpack into another.. but not endlessly... Why not introducing something in the Hideout wich enables Players to store Vests/Backpacks... It would be so easy... to introduce a "Gardrobe" or so... where players can store X amount of Backpacks/Vests. Sure 1 Backpack CAN store 1 Backpack of the same size, but not endlessly... Design-Flaw in the Game: SCAV do get XP I consider this a BUG, even if I play as PMC in a LOCAL VERSION (to simply enjoy the Map, spot locations) I GET XP: I consider this a BUG. Even my Skills enhance if I play as SCAV. What is your Game-Design for a SCAV? I thought your Goal is that Players enjoy the Risk of palying PMCs. But why should I if I can LEVEL UP as SCAV too and I can even do serval Tasks for Vendors... Why risking my PMC-gear then? My Idea: A Scav is an ALTER EGO from your PMC: It owns ALL Skills the PMC has, but it can NEVER improve them nor get XP (otherwise, like I do, People play SCAV to level up and make Task for Vendors.. why should I risk my PMC Gear? I can level up Skills and I can even do other things + I get free gear! Awesome!). That would resolv it: The GAIN of playing SCAV should be that you can use (and keep) all Equipment (for FREE) and apply it to the PMC. There should be no other BENEFIT (like Leveling up Skills or getting XP). Otherwise: Why should I play PMC? Suggestion: People who are playing alone (LIKE ME) play in a "hardcore" Mode and get matched against Groups. DO MATCH GROUPS AGAINST EACH OTHERS FIRST, be it SCAV or PMC.... Those People are mostly sharing a Teamspeak or so and have anyway an Advantage over a single Player. Match "Single Players" prefered against/with other single Players. Most importent (and i am SERIOUS about this): It pisses me off to QUIT THE GAME to REPORT A BUG: Make it possible to REPORT BUGS WITHIN THE GAME PLEASE. Why the hell do I need to LEAVE the Game to submit a Bug via the Launcher?! Since if I submit it via the Webfrontend this looks again differently. MAKE IT EASY for People to Report Bugs, YOU WANT THOSE REPORTS even 70% are maybe Junk... but you want this in the Beta Phase.....! I have PLENTY of Rendering Issues, made Screenshots, then thought: Do I relay wanna quit now.... Nope, and forgot about them then later... I am not kidding... after 200 Hours you "see" some Issues, be it minor or major... Likely I am not alone: Please consider it to make REPORTING Bugs easier and make it possible to for Exmaple Report Renderbugs + Screenshots from within the Game! Also: Please do ship DEBUG UTILITIES! I reported a Game Crash (had so far 2! VERY stable for a Beta I have to say but 2x the Game completly crashed). I got tools provided by the Support now but: Why do you not include those tools by DEFAULT?! It is a Beta: You want those Data.... If Game Crashs a user likely wants to press a Button and all data should get determined by the Application, this could icnlude crash dumps and co! it is a BETA... Ah and finaly: To make your Game smaler: Could you consider to use zsdt as Compression Algorithm? It should save serval MBs and decompression is as fast as deflate/gzip/zip. You compress ONCE anyway... Years ago I would have recomended LZMA but zstd is simply better. A and ONE last thing: for your MARKETING and SALES Department: ALLOW People to UPGRADE their Version.... I am sure some People buy the Basic Version to see if they like the Game and then "maybe" would support you more but they can not simply Upgrade (pay the DIFFERENCE..).. And if you gonna distribute the GAME: GOG please.... next to STEAM.... But the decission is yours...
  2. Hello everyone ! (I'm French so i'll try my best to speak in english) I have some ideas that could enrich Escape from tarkov and that could possibly fit into the lore. ****QUEST**** QUEST* : PNJs that could give you random scenarized additional Quest like in the division : You hear someone screaming, it is actually a PNJ tortured/traped by SCAVS or some weird hostile AIs : you can let him die and pass your way, or you can save him and escort him to somewhere safer and maybe HEAL him, give him water/food. Then later you 'll receive a reward like at the end of a quest (like prapor's) or in the hideout a "mystery gift box" with some things valuable or not. QUEST ** : Collect body part for a "weirdos faction" : "you know the new AI that would come with knifes and melee weapon." : One member of the SECT give you a quest : you have to kill 20 persons and then collect 20 body parts : 20 finger, 20 scalp, etc.... AND YOU HAVE AN ANIMATION OF YOUR PMC cutting the body parts like in read dead redemption when you gather Hides or meat on animals. QUEST*** : you can find Temporar traders in Raid : the trader 'll tell you to find something during this raid and to bring him, in exchange he will tell you where he Hid the valuable/precious Roller / USB key / God Tier Weapon -> This could lead to an animation with a shovel to Dig out the goods. "treasures Maps" QUEST****: You have to bring Vehicules Parts / Fuel to a PNJ in a Gaz Station : This will Open an dynamic extract : The Pnj will take 10min to restore the vehicule, you will protect him from scav attacks, then you will enter the vehicule with him as driver, and he will drive to the extract, during this you have to survive (30sec-60sec of driving at high velocity) -> This will give you extra XP and Extra Stuff as Rewards and Reputation because this dude was a friend of Fence, then Fence will give you Quests and better Prices. Plus some extra High Techs items. ETC........... ****GAMEPLAY FEATURES**** -->Dynamic Quest in Raid Given by PNJ -->Cutting Little Body Parts to collect them for Proof of kill like dogtags -->Additionnal Visual Dommage effect on DEAD body : example : When u walk on a land mine / Grenade and u die : legs torn off. More Blood / more Blood on cloths in case of high blood loss -->Dommage on weapons when you fire a big caliber : example : 7.62x31 bullet hit an Ak : Ak dommaged -->Unconsciousness : you have to drag/carry your friend's body in safe place -->This feature could lead to something more : you can capture uncouscious scavs for a quest ? Or you can capture a unconscious PMC from an other factions during a RAID and reanimate him, then execute him, maybe "film it" with special in game item for a special Quest. (could lead to bad Karma with some traders, and Extra karma with others) (Inspired by a Feature i loved in Reign Of King : capture guys with ropes) -->In raid Scripted light Vehicules Controlled By PNJ for quest/extraction purposes. -->Big Events Like Airdrops, Raider attack, scav vs Raider vs Sect Members vs PMC WAR -->Safe Zone With Ultra High End GEARED UN-PNJs : You can trade in those "safe Zones", or you can try to attacks Them for Quest purpose or For High End Loots -->Could take place near the docks in SHoreline, (the yet unaccessible zone) the UN-PNJs would have .50BMG Stationnary Weapons (you could have to kill them From very Far away with a sniper rifle and then prepare to Raid their base. (stuff would be artificially limited in a balancing purpose) -->I'll add more ideas if it comes to my mind (i'd be happy if BSG's members or The Big BOSS Nikita Himself, could read this and tell me if there are interesting things (maybe for DLC) in those suggestions. I think one or two things i mentioned are planned or at least in discussion) Thank you all for your reading.
  3. DISCLAIMER - this is all speculation, and has had zero input from the developers. It is merely an unofficial collection of ideas and images and should not be cited as reference material for future game content. You have been warned Welcome all. I had a few moments spare, and noticed there wasn't much in the way of a consolidated 'planned features' thread, instead news is dotted around the forum. Of course, none of this is 100% going to arrive and some features may have been discussed by devs in secondary sources (i.e. YouTube videos, stream etc) so please, take this all with a huge pinch of Tushonka. I have also included my own speculation on some of the features for fun. So, in order to educate new players and potentially re-motivate or remind older ones, I have decided to gather as much info as I can on where Tarkov will be heading in the near future. This will mainly concern content and new game mechanics that we know of so far. There is probably quite a bit I have missed, so if you have any images or info you'd like me to add PM me and I'll add them to the post! Cheers! Special thanks to my runners, @truskolasand @alex8xela Official Dev Roadmap: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/815cl9/2018_escape_from_tarkov_development_plans/ Game mechanics Weapons and attachments Gear Maps Interchange - coming on or before closed beta (dev/mod answer) Potentially followed by Streets of Tarkov (Q&A) "...after Intersection we are going to continue with Streets of Tarkov. On a parallel track, we’ll start building an indoor location with the same CQB spirit as Factory -- the TerraGroup Lab. This year we are expecting to finish all the locations necessary to release." (Roadmap) Trader - Mechanic Lore Cybersport interview Feb '18 Something else I found
  4. FroggMaster

    Couple of Suggestions

    1) Parties. The current party system is a little tedious, usually if I'm playing with a friend I will continue to play with that friend until they leave, or we both device to log off. Having to rejoin a part multiple times I've found is a little tedious. There should be a way to party with your friends, and not have to consistently rejoin each other every game. 2) Would love to see some sort of compass to display your current direction/orientation. 3) Dehydration is a bit much, I feel like it could be toned down a little. A scenario I recently encountered: Got into a fire fight with a squad of 2 at Resort/Hospital, they killed my squad member. Managed to kill them and escape. Found medical bandaged and completely healed up. Everything but my right leg, which was incapacitated was at 100%. Headed for the Ruined House Fence on shoreline, as I got to the church my hydration hit 0, instantly got a pain/tremors in my head and my stomach was dehydrated. Died within 40 seconds even with additional medication. That's all for now, love the game so far!
  5. Ewendel88

    Hearing/Eye Protection

    Firing a gun is loud and scary. A fun little mechanic to ad to the game would be eye and ear protection. Without eye protection you get stuff in your eyes from firing guns. With eye protection you are safe. But glasses can get scratched and smudged and whatnot. Better glasses can be smudge resistant or scratch resistant. you could wear sunglasses to reduce glare in bright light and switch to clear glasses in low light. taking a minute to clean off dirty glasses would be neat. etc. Hearing protection is another aspect of range safety. Obviously you could buy cheap foam earplugs and wear them all the time but that would severely limit your situational awareness. You would hear a lot less than normal. Alternatively, you could buy fancy ass active noise canceling earplugs or earmuffs. There are many types available in the real world. Firing your gun without protection should have an adverse effect on your in-game hearing. Permanent/long-term hearing loss? I don't know what do you think? In conclusion: fun with eye and ear protection.
  6. GordonThunder

    Stash Organisation

    I think having a click and drag to select multiple items, to be able to then move them about in the stash. e.g select shotgun ammo, move it down 2 rows and then move another weapon/equipment into the space that was there. - For quicker and easier organisation Could expand on this idea of ease of use within stash etc. organisation.
  7. MrCagey

    Future feature questions

    Hello Loving the alpha a lot. Impressive for such an early build. I do not regret investing in it at all. Like I told my friend: Basically imagine destiny and dayz had a child, but they were abusive drunks so the child was adopted and raised by stalker Anyways, I had some questions regarding possible future features. These have probably been asked before, but I didn't see them in the FAQ at least. 1. Will there be driving of land, air and sea vehicles at some point? 2. Will there be swimming? 3. Will any of the smaller raids be pure PVE or is PVP always something to consider wherever you are in the game? 4. Will there be any form of manipulation of the game world by players? F.example Set up sandbags, move stationary objects or guns and setup fortifications. 5. Will the skill system be implemented before beta phase? Keep up the great work
  8. IH23

    Character Development.

    Hi, i was curious to know if EFT will have a ageing effect on the character like in Fallout 4. Also will there a age of the character over time and become weaker etc? Also facial hair and scissors to cut it maybe as a option. Kill time in game. Just more realism.
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