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  1. I'll keep it short and concise, if needed or questioned, I'll elaborate on them further in replies. These are just off the top of my head. My perspective is from a veteran FPS & MMO player (20 years gaming & esports) Played the game for 500 hours now to be sure. My rig: i7 8700k, GTX 1080, 32gb DDR4 ram 3200Mhz, and I'm running the game from an SSD ofc. Starting off with UI/menu stuff: Opening traders and stuff is very laggy, which makes using menus/inventory management more tedious than needed. Crafting in the hideout is even more so laggy, loading in the "list" of crafts just makes the game poo itsself, switching between crafting stations is even worse. Managing crafting is way too tedious and boring, it needs to be optimized some way or another. Like not having to go individually to each station to receive then start a new craft. Maybe a RECEIVE ALL button for crafting? Also in general this mobile game type of waiting is super annoying just saying. Also fix the goddamn crafting station lists, it's super annoying that any time you reopen them after crafting the list is completely randomized, all items are in a new place. Also receiving items makes the slider jump away from where you were, again, very annoying and time wasting. Another thing: sometimes when you receive your items the crafting station (usually workbench) gets greyed out and you cant start any crafts unless you back out of the menu and reenter it. The game in general is a MASSIVE time waster so optimizing the UI/inventory management is a must, because thats where most of the time wastes away. Stuff like if you have a container open just let us ctrl+click items to go INSIDE the container not into our character's inventory. Very annoying to have to drag and drop everything. And let us assign poo to go into specific containers. Like if I'm buying barter/craft items off the flea market let me assign it to go into my lucky scav box instead of dumping it into my stash then having me go over all the garbage and drag and drop stuff into their containers.. Same with ammo, meds, ect.. This would save a huge amount of time. The stuff that you guys are doing to balance bitcoin is dumb. Just set it to a fixed value and if you really want RL to influence it, have ~20% of the value be determined by RL price. Also the hideout management and crafting grind is INSANE. Take a look at the values and set the max to whatever lvl 30 is right now in those 2 skills. The 3 item limit on the flea market is insane, it needs to be put up to 5 to start, the progression is good otherwise. In weapon presets when you want to buy weapon parts, it's very stupid that it searches for only traders at first, then you have to remove that option (which is usually behind the add offer button...) Also all the loading is insane in this game, its almost as bad as GTA online was back in the day. Starting the game? Loading profile... Enter hideout? Loading hideout... Enter Raid? Suuuppper loading. (Seriously, it sometimes takes over 5 mins to load into a game on freaking EU..) And after leaving raid gotta load aaallll of these again. And to close off the UI feedback: Please make us a way to create loadouts, maybe similarly to the weapon presets menu. So we can quickly equip stuff instead of having to manually go through our stash and containers, and in the end endup forgetting grenades, or a certain med, or something. It's a huge waste of time getting ready between raids as is. Now for the ingame stuff: Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way: Performance is very bad. Obviously it's being worked on, but yeah I can't gloss over it. It's insane how much ram this game eats up (and leaks sadly, cant go more than ~4 raids without restarting). I've taken multiple hours to optimize settings for this game (not just ingame) and the best I've managed is 75+ FPS (usually ranging from 75 to 150) and getting rid of some input lag. The game looks pretty horrible though to begin with. Mostly cause of anti aliasing poo. The game looks okay if you run it at 2x supersampling though. Weirdly it doesn't impact my FPS as much as I'd imagined if I do play with that option on, but it breaks sniper scopes soo.. Yeah, I'd say it's borderline unplayable otherwise, or rather just unenjoyable.. Partially related to this, the picture in picture rendering of snipers is so bad. Just go with fake zooming, or at least give us the option like in Insurgency. It's mind-boggling how some scopes have lower FPS INSIDE THE SCOPE (not talking about thermals and poo, but normal scopes), while outside the scope the game is running fine. Movement is very janky. It's just not enjoyable tbh. Hoping the inertia update will improve it though, but yea, running, jumping stuff like that feels so sloggy. (Why does it take like almost over a full second to jump? It feels like an eternity between pressing space and my PMC jumping..) Movement often feels like the early days of PUBG when the input-lag was horrid and you had to compensate early for your movement. I often get that feeling in EFT, but I think it's partially due to sloppy movement mechanics, and bad performance, which together equal input-lag feeling. When performance is good it feels noticeably better, but due to how FPS tends to randomly dip in EFT, it's often unreliable. Not sure how I feel about helmets, they just feel useless, getting one-tapped in altyns and rysts is just ugh... So lame. Remove quests that require you to use XY weapons or wear XY. Its just not fun to go into a PvP raid with a gimped loadout to waste time, especially after the first month of the wipe. Like WOW GREAT I have to go to customs wearing a freaking SCAV VEST and an USHANKA with only a shotgun, NICE, I love wasting my time and money doing boring tasks, fighting geared people in a turd costume with a poo weapon, and eventually getting rolled by Reshala and his aimbot goons, because obviously he spawns when I have to run a crap loadout for stupid quests... It just feels so lame how much time the game makes you waste in menus and loading and stuff, and then you have to waste your time on these restrictive boring quests for multiple raids, keeping you from having fun. I guess I understand if it's made to be a money sink, but gosh it's so boring, at least make it fun and/or rewarding. The most times I've alt+f4d and went to play a different shooter was during these dumb restrictive quests. (woods kills hello?) Remove shooter born in heaven while you're at it(or limit it to Woods only). Removing Interchange from it was a good move. Just take it out, its no fun (Tarkov shooter quests too, especially the last one, bin it). I assume it's because you want to show off sniper mechanics, or you want people to try out sniping as a playstyle. Don't force people into certain playstyles, let them play whatever they want. It's such a boring timesink. Plus it really brings out how poo the visibility/visuals are in the game (grass jaggies anyone?). Some popin and antialiasing things are straight up seizure inducing. It also enforces sniper ratting which is just the most toxic kind of playstyle. And even worse... Exfil camping... (people actually quit the game over that, ya know?) Since we're at the topic.. Can you please not encourage rat playstyles? It's prettymuch the best optimal way to play EFT, and so many features support it (also very afraid about the planned features, like having to use a lowered weapon stance.. all I can think of is it forces you to play more like a rat)... One of my friends literally just joins a game, sits in a bush somewhere that's relatively trafficked and plays on his phone until someone runs past, then he dunks on the poor chap. And he argues it's the most effective way to play EFT... And he's kinda right And yeah.. you know it, the netcode. Desync is so bad man... Constantly dying around corners or in even worse freak desync situations, its a massive bummer, I'd say number one priority along with performance (and cheaters obvs). A fix to zeroing would be nice too. I'll touch on the maps now: Interchange: its an okay map, the concept is fun. The spawns are kinda crap. More ways to get on the second floor would be nice, as it's pretty damn limited atm. The main problem with this map is the damn lighting is very rat friendly. Sitting at the side of some dark store with your dick in your hand? Yeah, easy kills on anyone passing by. Also hatchet runners are a plague, you guys really need to come up with a way to abolish them for the next wipe. On all maps. (Dynamic loot pls? New spawn system maybe?) SNOREline: God, I really want to like this map, but it just doesn't let you... The resort itsself is pretty good (except for the completely broken audio where you can hear everyone above you from the ground floor, and also the dark as poo lighting similar to interchange.. Very often you can look down a hallway and not see a dude staring back at you, cause its PITCH BLACK). However the rest of the maps is meh at best. The pier-gas station crossroad is a needless deathtrap especially with all the quests that lead there. Powerhouse would be cool if there were any reason to go there. Cottage area is okay. The abandoned town is pretty crap. Swamp is filler bs same with scav island. The BIGGEST issue with this map is leaving the map. It's rat's galore. Like if you wanna go get all looted up you can go to Resort and if you make it, you can have some fun there, fight people head on, get some great loot. Now as soon as you have to leave it turns to poo, either you spend a year slogging your way to an exfil overweight, PRAYING that a sniper rat doesn't see you, or get onetapped by a sniper rat, or reach the exfil only to be dumped on by an exfil camping sniper rat... And its just SUCH a bummer when you fight with blood sweat and tears to take down decked-out squads in the Resort, only to be 1shot by someone who's been sitting on a hill dick in hand the whole game, makes you never want to play the map again. The exfils are just so bad. Rock Passage is the best out of all, but still, it's not open half of the time, and it's VERY exposed and usually exfil camped.. Tunnel is sooooo far away, and very exposed, making it a prime spot for exfil sniping.. Road to customs is decent, but most of the way there you're exposed to too many angles for snipers again up until like the last quarter of the way. Pier exfil is a joke IT DOESNT EVEN SHOW WHETHER THE EXFIL IS OPEN OR NOT, THE BOAT'S LAMP ISN'T ON EVEN IF ITS OPEN, you have to pray your way through the deathrap that is the crossroads at gas station (again, very exposed to snipers), then run across the docks with literally no cover, exposed to half the snipers on the map, only to find out the exfil is actually CLOSED, so you have to run back through all those deathtraps again... And CCP is just useless.. First of all I've never seen it open apart from the very start of the game, and there's just no reason anyone would run to that exfil when you can run to Road which is always open and is closer. There's just no reason anyone would be around that area, especially towards the end of the game, you just wouldn't run through that open field to find out that it's closed again... Just have CCP open all the time, and maybe it would get some use... Anyway, I'd completely rework the exfils of shoreline. Add more, some closer to the middle of the map (like ZB016 on woods, or 13 on customs). I'd also break up a lot of sniper sightlines probably with trees and make the current exfils more safer, discourage exfil camping guys... Customs: This is a pretty good map now that it's been expanded. Good pathing, mostly clever object placement for movement. Biggest negative that comes to mind is the lighting in 3story dorms.. Especially on the 3rd floor. There's just no visibility there, I've had deaths where I've had to save the footage to watch it back to find out where my killer was along the hallway, yet STILL can't see him, eventhough I have saturation cranked up and postFX specifically tailored for that damn floor. Otherwise there's just some sound bugs (the garages around RUAF comes to mind). WoodzZz: Yeah, this one's very boring, just scrap it... If the visibility would be better in this game it would be okay, but man trees and vegetation are UGLY as hell. TXAA makes them a blurry mess, no AA is a downright disgusting pixellated mess (never seen a game look so bad without AA until I found EFT). The only way it looks okay is on 2X supersampling, but yea we know how bad the game's performance is by default, and the fact that 2xSS breaks sniper scopes is kinda the opposite of what you want on woods.. Basically the whole map is about getting cheap kills and a lot of wondering around. Not much in terms of exciting loot, Shturman is okay but a bad experience to loot tbh because of how exposed the lumber mill is to so many sniper angles. And the exfils are kinda too far apart. Also F the inner minefield, such a useless irritating feature. Plus the map is way too reliant on the weather. Like if it's foggy (which it often is) you might as well just leave the game. Just put this one in the bin, please... Reserve: Definitely one of the better maps. Wish there were some less restrictive exfils, but they're generally fun, like train and hermetic come to mind. Just enough sniper sightlines where they are still a threat, but not overwhelming. Underground is kinda cool, the atmosphere of the whole map is very cool. Again just get rid of hatchet runners, cause they are ruining the game. Especially cool spooky map at night raids! Factory: We'll see how it turns out with the expansion next patch. I like the audio ques, dislike the visibility (not lighting related for once, just color). Labs: This one's nice. Just PLEASE don't let squads into games with solos.. This map would be much more fun that way. Other than that, it's the lighting again that's my main issue, it's so hard to spot people sometimes due to them being basically a shadow among the same color of other shadows, also not a big fan of how sound cuts out at some places (mainly relating to elevation).. But otherwise, great map, FINALLY no snipers which makes it that much more fun. Nice covers & object placement, nice risk-reward gameplay. Raiders mechanic is pretty fun too. (Oh and obviously get rid of cheaters pls.) So yeah that's prettymuch it. Iron these things out and the game'll be 10/10 with a great foundation to build on, just need to get this dirty work out of the way. (would like to emphasize performance again ((especially now that there will be a shortage of new PC parts atleast for a year)))
  2. Servus, Gude und Hallo Es ist wieder Freitag und das heißt: FEEDBACK FREITAG! Was lief in dieser Woche für euch gut oder schlecht in Tarkov...jegliches Feedback ist willkommen, aber immer daran denken in einem höflichen Ton zu bleiben.
  3. buddymos

    Remove/nerf 5 man insurance

    I feel with 5 mans there is very little risk and alot of reward in EFT, especially on larger maps such as shoreline. I stopped playing 5 mans because it makes the game too easy and there is very little risk with the entire team sprinting through the map. If 5 man insurance is nerfed or removed it could make 5 man's have to play more tactically and have weight to their decisions and have to decide to bring their friends loot out of the map or take loot they find in raid out.
  4. KemVolt

    Stash management

    Once you get to higher capacity stashes, I've noticed its a bit of a hassle to move items. They always appear in the first slot they can fit in so after redeeming items from mail/quests/scav crates you tend to have a bunch of stuff where you don't want it. It would be really nice if there was something added to the stash like click and drag selection or shift click multiple items to select and move a large group of items without having to individually grab one, scroll down, scroll up, grab the next, and so on.
  5. Καλησπέρα στο Community, Εδώ και λίγες μέρες ο @PixiOsReformedκαι εγώ @Jmeker είμαστε Emissaries για το ελληνικό community. Ένα από τα πρώτα πράγματα που μας ζητήσανε σαν Task είναι να μαζέψουμε Feedback για τα παρακάτω θέματα. Ποιες είναι οι σκέψεις σας σχετικά με την επικοινωνία από την BSG; Πρέπει να επικοινωνούν περισσότερο ή επικοινωνούν αρκετά; Πώς νομίζετε ότι θα μπορούσαν να βελτιώσουν την επικοινωνία; (Γράψτε μας εδώ ή στο #📋╹emissary-questions τις ιδέες σας) Φτιάξαμε ένα Poll εδώ στο Topic αυτό και ενα strawpoll για να απαντήσετε στις παραπάνω ερωτήσεις https://www.strawpoll.me/45287664 Δημιουργήσαμε ένα κανάλι στο Discord (#📋╹emissary-questions*) για να στέλνετε γενικά ότι ερωτήσεις θέλετε ή και με PM προς τα εμάς που θα απαντάμε όσο το δυνατών καλυτέρα. *(Το Channel Είναι Private μόνο οι emissaries & Mods βλέπουν τα μηνύματα και ιστορικό)
  6. I'm a player who plays on ZA/South African servers which, while not unpopulated, aren't as dense as other regions. Despite this, the raid load times are often only 1-2 minutes to find a match. While this may seem like a good thing, it comes at the large cost of underpopulated/empty raids. These raids really suck the joy out of Tarkov as you no longer need to worry about running into other players. Please make players to wait longer in order to boost raid populations. I'd much rather wait 5-8 minutes and have a full raid than wait 2 and never run into anyone. There's only so many 0-1 player factories that one can take before just giving up.
  7. I do like tarkov, its a fun game with a good atmosphere, its challenging, its rewarding, But sometimes if you dont get that reward its a bit annoying, every time you play a match as a Scav, you have to wait another 20 minutes to play again, Its setting it up for some microtransaction BS that I am not into, If you're gonna put a time constraint on Scavs at least make another option during that counter with either little or no reward.
  8. Have the ability to use the pageup/down key to navigate in the stash, this would avoid some painful scrolling. Also, to be able to select items by drag mouse, and thus moving multiple item at a time. Those two little thingys would save a lot of time offraid, which means more time in...
  9. KobaTK

    Feedback 12.9

    Olá Operadores venho mais um vez trazer meu Feedback sobre o novo patch ! Atualmente level 41, muitas experiências boas e ruins. Como sempre aviso que leve em considerações meu ponto de vista e meu equipamento. Specs: i7 7700k 16gb drr4 SSD Gtx1060 6gb internet: fibra 120mb Internet: foi testada antes e durante e depois do jogo, tudo normal, até entrei em outros jogos e outros aplicativos, tudo normal sem problemas. Em resumo rápido, o que encontrei no jogo até agora: Muitas coisas boas... sempre falo da maioria porém como sempre falo nos meus feedbacks, os mapas/expansões, são muito bons, toda parte nova do adicionada no jogo sempre é visando a melhoria. Automatch do launcher totalmente desregulado, depois de ter alguns problemas testei deixar no automático, porém ele próprio me jogou em um server com 200 de ping, mesmo com a restrição de ping 140 max, isso deveria ser averiguado e se possível, correlacionado com o ping. Dsync ainda está ocorrendo, mesmo no server BR, porém em menor escala, fico com dó do pessoal que ainda não tem fibra ou infra piores dependendo da cidade. Eu sei que mesmo que o jogo esteja em beta, um problema grande de relacionado a jogabilidade de scav.... "caso venha ocorrer de você extrair, e o servidor tiver algum problema, você normalmente não volta na tela de transferência de loot, uma possível solução caso isso ocorra, o loot todo vá para o stash do jogador, se tiver espaço. Spawns ainda continuam um problema, ainda mais aquele do corredor da factory. Gostei de várias mudanças das missões, porém a maioria delas estão muito massivas na minha opinião, a pior missão no jogo atualmente para mim é a "shooter born in heaven" devido a vários fatores... mas o principal é que você tem que esta na hora certa no local certo e depender da "sorte" de ter um player passando por lá. muitos dos mapas um dos únicos meios possíveis de se fazer essa missão com um pouco de certeza é sentar a 100m da extração e ficar esperando. Fora outras missões, que dependem de uma sorte absurda.. por exemplo "regulated materiasl" as vezes você roda a reserva inteira sem achar uma tank shell sequer. RNG por RNG.... , conheço gente que so foi terminar essa missão no lvl 68 ...isso é extensão desnecessária da missão. eu mesmo achei 2 ledx antes de matar 1 pmc a 100m de distancia ou achar uma tank shell.., sei que existe algumas rotações e outras coisas pra ter mais coerência de tentar fazer essa missão , porém ainda sim depende muito da sorte. do mais a parte . Nos vemos em Tarkov ! 🤠
  10. سلام تیم توسعه دهنده بازی به دنبال اطلاعاتی راجه باگ مربوط به شنیده نشدن صدای نارنجک ها و دیده نشدن نارنجک ها موقعی که پرتاب میشوند میگردد. اززمان آپدیت های 0.12.8 چنین مواردی دیده شده. :اگر شما هم با این مشکل مواجه شدید در صورت امکان یک پیام حاوی اطلاعات زیر به من بفرستید تا ارجاع داده بشه شماره تیکت باگ ریپورت- یک ویدیو از این مشکل داخل بازی- تاریخ و زمان رخ دادن این مشکل- توضیحات بیشتر و مچ آی دی ( کدی که در پایین سمت چپ تصویر داخل بازی نمایش داده میشود)ا-
  11. I tested 3 times in offline mode and my results are always the same. I opened Reserve map offline with pve enabled and my fps are good for the first couple of minutes but then start degrading in waves. From 90-100 I go to 70-80 within less than 5 minutes. Then after a few minutes (when the next scav spawn wave is happening) my fps keep lowering even more, and after a third wave I end up with steady 40ish fps no matter where I am or where I look. I got gpu-z open in my second monitor to check that my gpu was mostly idle sitting around 30% usage, so it´s not lack of gpu horsepower. I could look straight at the sky, go to the underground tunnels or anywhere in the open, the fps doesn´t change at all. When enough AI scavs have spawned, my client simply cannot handle it, even if I have no one on sight, just for the fact that they are spawned somewhere in the map. Changing settings to the lowest did not make any difference either. Settings does not matter, I tested any combination possible and it made no difference. And to check it, I opened several times again the same Reserve map offline but with pve disabled. My fps where steady and smooth around 90-100 fps. I could run and explore the map with no issues and the game felt the way it was conceibed to be played. So I just open this thread because I don´t know if this is a known issue for the developers or not. It´s a fact. Having many AI entities in the map tank fps at least for some people like me. My specs: i7 4790k stock 32 gb ram @1600 Mhz RTX 2070 8gb vram ssd samsung 850evo 1tb Asus mobo z97 deluxe PSU evga supernova 850watt 80plus gold Windows 10 Pro Monitor lenovo legion Y27gq-25 1440p 240 hz g-sync 27´´
  12. Hello, I'm going to give a little feedback of my first 70 hours of play EFT: * Grenades are so broken, sound, parabolas, landings, etc... if you use grenades in a smalls rooms like shoreline, or windows, you are really fucked, you dont know where the grenade goes,and some of the times you will die because your own grenade.you see your grenade goes out, but you have it in your feets. *Ping , desync , net problems. sometime you can kill ppl that have longest loading times, fights with hatchet are totally random, your teammates will go like teleportation , and many more things.bullets than dont hit,doors that show closed but are opens. rush is the way. *Inventary, if you buy the normal edition(dont know now the name) you will be fucked until you reach the top levels of traders. all time seeking free space.i think in the future you can expand it without realmoney. *Inventary in game. Bugged, 2 guys in the same loot = bug, be fast doing things in the inventary = bug , some random bug that cant explain.for example: i have several items in my inventary but when i end the raid, all is gone and the think that you can put a backpack in a backpack in a backpack is ridicolous.its helps for maximize inventory slots, but must have a limit to do. *weapons: when you are in the inventary and you take out an ammunition clip of your primary weapon , the guy does an animmation but if you do in your back weapon ,it is instant. damage is random, whatever vest you have or not,if you have cover your legs and someone shoots you, your legs can be broken... when you aim, fps drops (GTX1070 i7 16gb ram) for real, and sometimes in fast battles you die. *Playing as SCAV . i think will be good that if you dont kill scavs, your timer for enter again as scav must be lest or zero, to reward the ppl that plays as a really scav. *Sound, hard to know if an enemy is up to you or down to you. On the other hand, *i like the amounts of ammo types, but when you start dont know what ammon type to use.or what dammage does. An ingame info will be good. *the quest of the traders gave to the game a reason to play. i like too. *and i like the others parts of the game. My suggestions: *Fix the netcode, this must be your priority- *Cheaters can duck the game, dont let they stay. *Fps improve. *Hitboxes and firing need some fix * Dont fail to the players, we are loving this game so much.(years of development kill the game) For the ppl that havent bought yet: *buy it if you dont mind about play beta, if you dont mind about dead from nowhere, if you dont mind about bugs, and if you are a hardcore gamer. *Dont buy it , if you think beta is a complete game. you can wait until the game comes out. this is my feedback , sorry my bad english thx for reading.
  13. SGTheKingz

    Grenade use slowdown

    As it currently stands death occurs often when another player throws a grenade at another one, which is ofcourse completely normal. But the amount of times that 3 or more grenades end up bombarding a location of 1 person is insane. Maybe it would be nice if the devs added some kind of cooldown in between grenade uses so one player can't just spam all of their grenades towards one enemy. Please add a cooldown timer in between grenade uses... thanks
  14. SupraMk3

    Meeting friendly PMC/SCAVS

    If you encounter a friendly scav/pmc you should be able to team up with them after the raid. My take on this is if you greet another player they will be shown as "recent players" in your friend list where you can have a special filter for it and then also when queuing up for a raid it should also be shown on the list. I think this would be a great addition to the game where you can interact more with friendly players.
  15. I started playing this game around patch 12.0, so I am not an old veteran but I definitely been hooked since I putted my hands on it, starting playing this game is hard because of all the systems and mechanics that you have to learn as a player, but it's also the most fun/interesting/rewarding moment of your journey as a EFT player, then you start building repetion and obviously the game becomes a little bit less exciting. But none the less, the only game that got me hooked as much as EFT was world of warcraft back in the days, wich says quite a lot regarding its potential. Since I've been playing EFT, I've been extremely interested in the studio behind this game, watched tons of podcasts, interviews, dev blogs etc. Even going back as a few years ago to see the progress that has been made until now. The devellopement of EFT has been one of the greatest to follow because the people behind this game really cares about it: they work hard, they are passionate, they keep pushing content, fixes, optimisations, trying to fight cheaters all the time. There is lots of issues with EFT going on right now, but even when the game is extremely scuffed I always keep in mind theses things cuz at the end of the day everybody wants this game to be great and what BSG is trying to do with this game has never been made, there is no other games like EFT. I played a lot of this wipe (got Kappa, hideout maxed etc) and my toughts about the current state of the game are the following, this is my feedback: 1. Current technical issues I live in Europe, play on Europe servers with a very good internet and there is currently major issues regarding servers/netcode. Every day I launch EFT hopping to play in decent conditions, but every day I see theses kind of things. It is very bad and I never experienced theses issues on a regular basis prior to this wipe: sometimes I shoot and the game register my gun firing but not the hitcounts (despites showing blood or aimpunch on my target), sometime it doesn't register at all that I am shooting, sometimes I shoot people and they die 2 seconds later or they shoot me, I take cover and die behind cover. All theses things used to be extremely rare, now this is the vast majority of my raids. Yes, the game is currently unplayable for me and trust me: I wish it was an exageration, but it's not. The headshot hitbox should be investigated. I have no dev/technical knoweldge on this topic, all I can say is that both the servers issues and the headshot hitbox started to become anormal after the change made regarding packet encryption to fight radar users. If I would have to take a guess, I would say that both of theses issues are related and result from bad server/netcode performances. I do not believe it's related to the "playerbase suddenly becoming better" because most of theses instant headshots are hipfires while moving meaning aiming or skill is almost not even a part of the equation, most of theses headshots feels extremely unrewarding and random. 2. TTK and game balance I want to prior this topic by saying that in my opinion, realism in a video game can only be good and make sense to a certain extent. Some elements from the reality can be implemented into the game under the form of a game mechanic and bring more immersion while some others are just useless because they simply can not fit into game without basically making it poo. This philosophy is shared by Nikita and already visible in the game trough many game mechanics that are tweaked to fit a playable game (such as the Surv 12). So invoking "realism" as an argument regarding every single feature in EFT is completely pointless and most of the time it doesn't lead to anything usefull or interesting. Even ignoring the potential head hitbox issue: the TTK in EFT is currently too short. In a game like EFT where you can get shot from anywhere, where a squad of 5 players can unleash their power against a single player: having a little room for mistake is necessary. I am not suggesting for crazy health pool, insane damage reduction. But just being able to tank a little bit more damage could allow better players to react and potentially take over unexpected situations, overall I beleive that it would make the game much more fun and a little bit more skill based than what it is currently. The changes made to existing ammo (M855A1 buff, FMJ SX Price nerf), the addition of devastating new rounds that are relatively cheap (7N31, .366 AP) and the recoil reduction of the AKM making 7.62 BP another extremely deadly cheap round in full auto (can be crafter for under 500r per bullet): at the moment, running good ammo that can easily penetrate more than 90% of the armors in the game is not even a question. Wich leads to increased issues related to armor balance: litteraly everything bellow class 5 feels almost useless in PVP, wich is the vast majority of armors and rigs in the game. The only point of lvl 4 armors and bellow is to protect you from scavs wich doesn't feel right to me, considerating we are talking about the vast majority of that gear category in the game. Some players don't even run armors anymore, and I have to say after trying it myself: it doesn't change much to my survival rate at all. You can hope in the stream of our fellow /u/NoFoodAfterMidnight and see that he doesn't even run armors anymore because it brings you more downsides regarding movements speed than upsides regarding protection, so when you have a decent amount of stengh you rather keep that speed than basically wear anything other than a slick wich is super expensive. Imho gear should feel good and be usefull all the time in EFT because going in a raid geared and prepared should make me more confident to fight. Right now I can go without helmet or armor, it honestly doesn't change much at all. BSG keep pushing extremely lethal equipements, such as the vogs and more recently the GL. I call this type of gear "click, boom" because there is not much tought or skill evolved into using them. You press a button, it goes boom and people die. EFT desperately needs more tactical gear and features such as proper smoke grenades to allow repositioning, evading etc wich will increase encounters duration in a natural and (actually) realistic way. Theses additions would be much more interesting than things like the GL that are nothing else than instant death sentences, contributing to reducing the TTK further more. There should be much more thoughts going into weapon modding than just choosing the biggest barrel and the same attachements for every weapon. Klean is probably the dude who talked about this topic the best way: heavy weapons should leads to extremely heavy ergo penalty (and why not, even movement speed penalty). Medium and short barrel should have a place in this game and they should actually be the preferred option for overall combat. Wich means shooting guns with higher recoil, harder to land shots and bingo: higher TTK. 3. Make the best gear in the game rare Nikita is right: the idea of having very strong equipement in EFT is actually cool. In any game actually, having the oppotunity to play with something OP is a great moment. What makes it way less exciting is when you can have acces to this gear all the time, then it just becames linear and it looses all his flavour. I don't know if it's for testing purpose (because let's not forget that we are playing a BETA) but if it's actually intentional: why litteraly every piece of equipement can be purshased from traders in this game ? Items like the GL, the T-7 and even slicks would be so much more exciting if they were rare drops from bosses that could not be sold on the flea market. This is where EFT could take notes from a game like WoW, where a rare item drop can leads to an exciting and rare reward after killing a boss. This would also solve the issue of very strong items such as the GL and thermals, BSG should not have to tweak them constantly to make them more and more poo because by design they are suposed to be strong items. So keep theses items strong but make then actually rare, so when you log into labs you don't hear a GL destroying everything 1/3 times wich is just boring and frustrating as hell. 4. Changing the game to fight cheaters I respect the fact that BSG is trying to fight cheaters and RMT trough pushing some game changes related to the economy or inventory tweaks, and I actually don't blame them for doing things that maybe didn't worked as excpected because at least they tried. But let's not forget that theses measures impact every EFT players. Measures taken against cheaters that impact normal players should not be stacked on top of each others and forgotten. At some point BSG should evaluate their effectiveness and removed theses limitations if didn't achieved their purpose. Did the changes like the backpacks stacking really changed something ? I personnaly don't have data on it, but from my point of view the game saw his peak in the amount of cheaters after all the changes regarding the economy and inventory has been made.
  16. Ok... So... I am new here, but not new to FPS. Boomer CS:Source Gun Game plebeian btw smile So... There are some hackers in tarkov. and even entertaining the thought that I am just that incredibly bad... there are some extremely toxic tactics that this game in its current iteration promote and encourage. lets get the hacker poop out of the way. for obvious reasons hackers completely eliminate the potential for fun. fun keeps booties in seats, booties in seats is dough-bucks for BSG. In a game like EFT where the, "High Risk High Reward" based economy literally controls the entire pace of the game for every single player, the negative feelings associated with a seemingly unfair loss are magnified... for some... greatly. Getting outplayed by a player with exceptional map knowledge, game sense, and gun skill... at least for me... never really feels that bad. an example : >>> I spawn into customs in the old gas station as a scav... make my way west and sneak into the warehouse with the factory key exit where Reshala sometimes spawns... its unlooted and i hear shots to my west indicating that for the most part i can loot up a bit quietly. i do so and go upstairs peek out to the west, see the kid killing a scav player near RUAF Roadblock and think ok... I can dip to the northish and push to smugglers boat probably. go downstairs... homie spots me... i panic... run northish anyway through a narrow passage between the two buildings to the north... only to find, he is partied up. his buddy has a 20 gauge shotty ADS's and ready to tear my head off, and he does. bags full of something like 350k rubles... gone. but i wasn't upset. i got outplayed easily and after the sting of loss went away i realized that i could have fallen back to OGS and proceeded north from there and likely would have been safer until i got near dorms. it was a learning experience and frankly ill become a better player because of that raid (maybe). several hours later though... I either got hacked or spawn camped... doesn't even matter which at this point because it made me log off and go somewhere else. I saw that my next scav run was going to be a 4x scope, silenced mosin by WITH L2 armor... SICK! I wanted to night raid woods, pray for no NVG players, and simply book to my extract no funny stuff. >>> Deploying, 3, 2, 1, Dead... Head Eyes before the scav even opens his eyes... all I hear is a heck of a lot of really big full auto spamming everywhere and in that moment I simply decided... I'm done now. Sure... maybe that wasn't a hack. Perhaps he was an NVG player in a group that was spawn camping scavs... but why? for the 100-200 xp for the kill? certainly not for the loot when you presumably are already in like 2-3 Bitcoin worth of gear. the point I want to make is that its a pretty toxic play regardless of the circumstance. cheat or no cheat its unfair and there is no counter play to it. *MY POINT* As Gamers today, we exist in an RMT culture based gaming experience. its ugly, I personally hate it, but it exists and as long as there is an avenue to make real world monetary gains from playing in a video game, players WILL do whatever they can to give themselves not just the advantage, but the greatest possible net profit per hour. Yep... I said it. The obvious implication is that the games economy fundamentally encourages RMT on a structural level, and you can even see it in the prices on the flea market (well you can... im only level 8 because I'm a loud BT magnet). how much is a T H I C C Case? like what? 14mill? IDK hypothetical... and whats 14mill cost? 50$ IRL maybe... and T H I C C Cases are unspeakably rare, profoundly impactful for QOL, and essentially unattainable for players who don't THOOM all day? I have seen this Economy structure in far too many games in the past few years and It really takes away from my ability to enjoy the game authentically. its even lead to me recently quitting Path of Exile in spite of the reality that i actually was one of the top 1% of players in terms of skill, knowledge, and personal economy because that kind of culture FORCES you down a path that may not be the way you actually want to enjoy the game. I am AWFUL at Tarkov... but I for the most part have been having a great time. Its been more than a decade since a game has given me a genuine jump scare to the point of hugely elevated heart rate, endorphin levels, Ive had to walk away from the PC several times (looting Shturman cabin coat and getting sniped from the rock to the north with zero audio clues for over 90 seconds prior). even though I get completely owned sometimes, the moments of getting genuinely outplayed and out classed, are kinda compelling... "Hey... Maybe I should try clapping some cheeks from that rock too tomorrow". But seeing players in game full sprinting through Interchange with a juiced out M4 one dinking everything without ADS'ing ever, or getting run up on from like 3KM away while I'm just camping a dark corner waiting for the clock to hit 5 minuets so i can sprint my cowardly little ass to the exfil with the lowest probability of interference knowing only 2 pixels of my body are showing and having not made a single sound for 15 minuets really takes the wind out of my sails knowing that a small percentage of the player base literally has a real world financial incentive to wall hack, aimbot, spawn camp, and generally resort to ugly and toxic means of stacking up them rubles so that they can pay their cell phone bills with T H I C C Cases and Bitcoin. In all fairness I do understand the argument in favor of RMT for folks who love to game but don't have the time to grind up the currency needed to get their T6 armor and Killa Helm and their decked out M4 ethically, but those players also kinda suck and I would wager that plenty of us could kill them and usurp their ill-gotten gains with relative ease more often than not. RMT isnt going away... and it DOES ruin games. The only solution I see to the issue is to have very strict and effective Anti-Cheat Software in Game, this will if nothing else serve to improve player experience on my level somewhat... which will help player retention... which will result directly in growing the economy at the top end (more players... more muns). Not only that, but it mostly eliminates the ability for hackers to take control of the flea market economy... which in turn means that only the very best players will have that ability to price fix (or even sell their gains for real world money which in a sense actually seems pretty fair imo... i also think the majority of players with that level of skill wouldnt even waste their time on something like that). Player Experience can be further improved by changing the way player spawn locations are generated. With fixed spawn locations, a subset of players WILL resort to camping spawns, slaying players with virtually zero resistance, and tanking player experience, which is obviously bad for the game. if players arent having fun... they arent going to play. I dont know literally anything about programming, but there must be a means of implementing an algorithmic spawn generation with some simple rules (no two players spawn within 0.4KM of one another nor can they spawn any closer that 0.4km from a scav boss and there should be some exclusion zones where no one can spawn). changing player spawn point in this way will still promote the cultivation of map knowledge and reward it... potentially even more greatly that it currently does, while also making it nearly impossible to spawn camp, which in all honesty is just scummy and awful (at least extract camp and take the risk of reaching your camp spot, I am actually not even opposed to this tactic, its plausible that it would work IRL too so, fair game IMO) Here is a likely controversial suggestion. if we assume that RMT will never go away... we have two options. Embrace it and find a way for game devs to legally sell in game currency like Blizzard does with wow... just straight up gold for dollary-doos... or, shift the RMT meta to Bitcoin farming while also reducing the potential for bitcoins per-day from the hideout as well as eliminate the potential of finding physical bitcoin in raid (which sucks for those of use who basically only get to scav). yes it will cause the value of the bitcoin to skyrocket, but that can be countered by tailoring the barter economy in such a way that the rats and the hatch lings can still scav up fun guns for Offline raids. then inject more quests for a wider variety of cases... they wont have a found in raid status if they come from tasks... but this will further shift the RMT economy towards a bitcoin gold standard while simultaneously encourage even the RMT players to still engage with the game in a more authentic way. let them buy all the currency they want, but force them to earn the cool stash and hideout stuff. Please don't ban me for this, I'm not encouraging RMT in anyway, I'm simply speaking to the reality of being a low tier gamer in 2020 while attempting to provide solutions to a problem that actually does exist and can be fixed. I genuinely believe that this game can and will be a roaring success if the player experience can be improved only very slightly... and i did so without even mentioning SBMM (because SBMM also ruins games). TLDR: If you cant beat em... usurp the entire market and tailor it in such a way that it simultaneously embraces the casual player base but doesn't undermine the true hardcore player base
  17. itsConquistador

    Feed back for 12.7

    Hey BEARS and USECS , My name is Coquistador_live my friends call me Conq, I dont know if any if you guys know me , i been playing this game since 2017 , almost daily since day 1 I`ve been trying to support this game the game I love , I want you guys to hear me and tell me your thoughts here in this topic if you may guys say what do you think about the 12.7 patch . For me guys , I started to play this game cause of the idea of Realism plus Rewarding and PVP , Before the hideout and the fleamarket happen , You could play 2-3 days a week ( on your free time You know we have daily lives we work 6 days a week ) , those 2-3 days were enough to enjoy the game and the content the game provides us as Rewarding and PvP , but now I started to feel I have to play daily 5-6 hours just to have some gear and fight and have some money to spend , ( Now its PvE farming and not PvP , I could go back to runescape or WoW ) they have same ideas but PvE works there. My thoughts about patch 12.7 : 1• The stims are ridiculous if you wanna know why you can check this clip as example of the 20% reduce damage 2• Customs was the map for PvP cause LABS are full of cheaters plus shoreline u need 20 minutes to have 1 PVP , but now Customs is the New Reserve. 3• Shoreline boss is cool , AI changes are great too i dont deny that. 4• The game Can`t see this now but as PvP`ers we were making money from PVP now we spend more money on ammo you barely take 1 gun and 1 armor then ur overweight u start taking attachments only , in this way You killing our Economy too you want us to loot and run around Reserve/Shoreline/interchange and now customs too for sure after expansion lots of loot there right ? 5• You added lots of stuff you didnt fix any of the bugs in the inventory that we have to reset the game each 2-3 raids witch is a bit annoying too cause the game needs a year to load too . 6• You added New amazing lovely Boss to farm in shoreline , atleast make new Extraction points in shoreline we dont have to buy 100k stim just to make sure to leave with everything . 7• No stimulation The game added is based on realism plus at least add it to the traders to buy it to try it , give it a good price not just some random dude buying all of the stims cause he play 24/7 and he have no life while we have 2-3 days . This is my feedback guys , I love this game Yes its beta too I get it , We need Battlestates to know that this game is not going as they promised us , its not hardcore now , its play more gain more witch is not fair for 90% of the players in this game cause they have lives outside of this game too!!!!!!! Hope each one of you guys tell me your Feedback about the new 12.7 patch plus what do you think about the game now . Enjoy your week my dudes Peace out.
  18. 2020-05-22 Hej allihop! Som några kanske redan har märkt så har jag återträtt till positionen som emissarie på Battlestate Games. Det primära syftet med positionen är att fungera som en sambandskanal mellan utvecklarna och den svenska communityn. Jag vill ge er en röst, och en möjlighet att ge feedback kring Escape From Tarkov. Den information jag får, sammanställs sedan och vidarebefordras till utvecklarna av spelet. Därför är jag intresserad av förslag, idéer, synpunkter och all annan information. Denna tråd handlar alltså primärt om detta. Jag tänker även posta den sammanställningen jag gjort och vidarebefordrat för att vara transparent. Med det sagt, så förbehåller jag mig rätten att korta ner/skära bort icke-konstruktiv feedback. Så - här har ni tillfället/möjligheten att göra er röst hörd! Vad tycker ni?
  19. Natalino

    Feedback | TwitchRivals Event

    Hello everyone, Now that the Twitch Rivals event have concluded, we would like to hear your feedback about it. Let us know your thoughts and how it could have been better if you did not like something. Thank you and make sure to follow the forum rules while stating your opinions freely.
  20. Buenas a todos supervivientes: Ahora que el evento de twitch Rivals ha concluido, nos gustaría escuchar vuestras opiniones al respecto. Hacernos saber que opinais sobre como fue el evento, como podría haber ido mejor o si no os gustó algo. Gracias a todos, y aseguraos de que seguís las normas del foro cuando opinéis libremente. (Por favor, nada de insultos o faltas de respeto. Solamente vuestra opinión.)
  21. ZioEnzo

    Feedback | Evento Twitch Rivals

    Ciao a tutti, Ora che l'evento “Twitch Rivals” si è concluso, vorremmo sentire il vostro feedback al riguardo. Fateci sapere quali sono i vostri pensieri e, se qualcosa non vi fosse piaciuta, come migliorereste questo Evento. Grazie e assicuratevi di seguire le regole del Forum mentre dichiarate liberamente le vostre opinioni!
  22. BiscuitMonger

    Beta Participation Feedback

    Figured since I've put in some good time into the game I could give some feedback: Not sure if its a bug, but after the first damage received (to single body limb), any of the first aid kits seem to cause damage or blood loss to all other limbs after applying it to the specifically damaged limb. Or is this just what the blood-loss effect does? Either way I feel the med-kits should be done a little differently. I think it should be a med-kit case you shove your bandages and splints and other medical equipment into. Then you would just use that med-kit on wounds and it would automatically use what was needed, with the time to use being relevant to how many pieces of such and such were needed. The different tiers of med-kits would determine the capacity. You could add quick-clots and tourniquets too I suppose. Also would be cool to have blood dripping that leaves a trail on the ground. Audio for guns is really good and frightening. However everything else really lacks, specifically the location of sound. Sound location is absolutely important for this kind of game. Sometimes even the gunfire nearby seems to be coming from everywhere. Ended up being knifed one time (night raid) and while I didn't take damage at first, it sounded like the guy was 3 meters away until he finally jabbed me in the eye. Sound also seems to penetrate through materials without any dampening or reverb to them. Makes figuring out what level somebody is on confusing and rather easy if you're on top of them. Ambient noises are obnoxiously loud and don't do a good job of reflecting the environment. As everyone else seems to agree, the AI needs some serious tweaking in all conditions. I do like that the SCAVS talk to indicate that for the most part they are scavs. But also perhaps some server modes that don't have scavs at all. Map designs are nice but feel cluttered where they're not supposed to and far too open with others. Factory is actually pretty much set, but really could use some additional paths or entryways in some places. Also would be nice to have a firing range map that lets you play with all the guns and equipment, just to unwind from the stress and suspense of the rest of the game. I know that you can play offline without bots, but you only use your characters equipment which gets boring pretty quick. Could probably use some more servers too. Connecting and gameplay are all synced up really well, but I get the 605 - no servers available error a lot. Would be nice to be able to remap some of the controls too (the options offered currently don't seem to work or just don't do anything) as well as the option to choose the amount of levels we want for speed and stance. Guess that's all for now. Otherwise game is immensely solid and satisfying. Sure I suck at it for the most part, but it's a learning process. I feel as more and more weapons and equipment and stuffs are added, players will eventually have some content to their characters and it won't seem like such an intense grab for equipment.
  23. After 364 raids and roughly 300 hours in the game ive decided to compile a few suggestions/gripes that ive experienced with the game so far, some of these criticisms are quite harsh but come about because I enjoy this game, I view all of them as constructive and will try to provide viable solutions/suggestions where I can Please note: I own the EoD edition and 0.12 is the first time ive ever played tarkov, all of my criticisms and suggestions will be based off of what I have experienced and what is currently in the game, dont flame me for something I said stating that its planned or going to be changed as I cant criticize something that I haven't experienced, same goes for the "its beta" argument, what we currently have is the closest to the finished game we will get until it actually comes out. Lastly this post will be separated into two parts, the first of which concerning bugs and issues in game and the second concerning BSG and the overall development process of the game, some parts of this will sound like a rant (kinda because they are), so please try to see through the salt and look at the point im trying to make instead Now that thats out of the way here goes (prepare for a wall) -- Healing After Raid With the announcement of this feature coming with the hideout prior to the release of 0.12 a large part of the community appeared to be divided over the necessity of such a feature with those condemning it citing that it literally institutes a pay wall for people to play the game whereas those praising it enjoy the addition of a new money sink and a cut down of hatchling spam, and for my part I cant help but agree with the fact that this mechanic is unnecessary. My PMC is level 43 and my hideout is entirely maxed out, keeping this in mind my out of raid healing rate is 12.18 health per minute (AT MAX LEVEL) with a water regeneration rate of 1.8 and a food regeneration of 1.89, this translates to a wait time of 35 ducking minutes if I die in raid and want to heal to full without purchasing meds AT MAX HIDEOUT LEVEL (I cannot stress this enough) with an additional wait time of 55 minutes if I need to fill my food or water. THIS IS DUMB, players shouldn't have to pay roubles to continue to play the game without huge intervals in between and because of how the games prices work, funnily enough low level players are punished for this the most, the most basic form of meds (the ai-2 cheese kit) costs 3413 roubles per kit and heals 100 health, a player who needs to heal up from 0 will have to purchase 5 kits to heal to full resulting in a per death meds cost of 17,065 roubles, whereas those with access to higher tier health kits such as the car or salewa only need to spend 12,218 and ~13,000 respectively, with the most cost effective health kit by far being the grizzly, which players can only purchase from therapist upon hitting max rank with her, so anyone actually looking for a money sink should just buy ai-2's instead of grizzly's to heal themselves after dying, after all its what they are looking for. This massive tax on players is one of the largest reasons why many of my friends have dropped this game entirely as the whole allure of tarkov is going in raid with gear and getting some pvp, instead all of them are constantly dishing out roubles on healing items and cant even piece together some poo tier gear set, I literally had to bring in pistols for my friends on multiple occasions as they owned 20k roubles total and would barely be able to pay for healing if they died, much less even afford a makarov and 2 mags on top of that. Most of them own the standard addition and as such cannot put nearly as much into their cases as I can, so even when they die the items they gamma'd (they have alpha cases but you know what I mean) only ever slightly make up for the medical bills with some money to spare, that is only when considering they were able to actually loot something before dying, however funnily enough this small amount of income is often spent on food and water anyway rather than actual gear because for some reason water costs 11731 roubles, this cycle is vicious, not because it is something that can be overcome by skill or game sense, but because there is now a mechanic in this game that literally prevents people from playing with full health, serving as a major roadblock for players who are starting out and/or those low on funds, punishing them by actively preventing them from playing the game the way it should be (not staring at your inventory screen for hours waiting for your health and food to go up). This mechanic does not cut down on hatchlings in the slightest, instead it leads more people who otherwise wouldn't to become a hatchling as it doesn't matter whether you have 15 health or 435 when you are a hatchling, you still die instantly and your goal is to make money, not fight. I find it laughable that this is being praised as a solution to the hatchling epidemic, if you are trying to stop a small group of people playing a certain style DONT PUNISH EVERYONE and then proceed to pass it off as working towards the problem. Now that the criticism is outta the way here are a few entirely possible solutions to this problem 1. Fix it or remove it, not the most creative I know but it will be met with a number of cheers from new players, in its current state the mechanic is too flawed to be properly implemented and rather than stick with it many of us would rather see it disappear and return when it is actually fleshed out and properly working, such problems include the fact that fractures will never heal over time, you are forced to use a splint increasing medical costs(I extracted with a fracture, went on vacation for three days, and came back to see my PMC still had a broken leg, if you dont believe me feel free to test it for yourself), and the fact that damage doesn't always match up, when you get shot in the head you take 35 damage and die, not because you lost 435 health but because a vital body part (head or torso) was blacked meaning that even though the person who killed you only did 35 damage (it will show this on their damage stats at the end of raid, try it for yourself shoot a scav in the head) you will have to heal 435 damage out of raid, if you ask me this should be changed so that instead of healing your whole body you should only need to heal what was actually injured, in a game praising realism it is hilarious that after getting shot in the head I have to heal both my arms, legs, stomach and torso 2. Adjust the recovery values: This mechanic would not be nearly as annoying if they simply made it so you passively recovered faster, 35 minutes for a max hideout is ridiculous, this timer would have to be severely reduced to something along the lines of 10 - 15 minutes, this way there is still enough of a gap in between matches that players can comfortably go on a scav run or mess with their stash and still be able to play with full health without having to wait to long, this solution happens to be my favorite 3. Lower the costs of ai-2 kits, the least effective health kit in the game should also be the most cost effective, it makes literally no sense that if you were to compare health kits the only more expensive option than the default health kit on a cost to healing done ratio is the IFAK, and the ifak can stop bloodloss Skills Before talking more in depth about skills there is something I would like to talk about first that will be consistently referenced throughout this post, this is the concept of artificial difficulty, quite possibly one of the most frustrating things a player can ever experience. Difficulty in a game is nothing new, when I play tarkov and get killed in one shot I accept that this is part of the game and I have no qualms with it, when a game does difficulty right the player will often have no issue with it, but when they artificially create difficulty they will immediately become the bane of every player. Artificial difficulty is what I would describe as something made a certain way just to make it nearly impossible to do or so ridiculously time consuming that the only reason it is difficult is because of all the hoops you must jump through. If i were to ask you to do a handstand you would be met with a mediocre yet entirely possible task, now you have to do a handstand while balancing on one finger at a 84 degree angle while t-posing and maintain that position for 132 hours straight, this right here is the concept of artificial difficulty and unfortunately it has ridiculous prevalence in Tarkovs skill trees. As previously stated my PMC is level 43, in a game with 100 levels i am nearly at the halfway mark so it can be expected that at least one of my skills would be around there as well, nope, not even close. As of the time I am writing this my highest skill in the game is perception at a measly level 16, my endurance is 12, vitality and health are 6 and 7, and by far the most pitiful of the bunch is strength at a piss poor level 3 (it would have remained level 1 if I didn't enlist the help of my friend to let me beat the poo out of his legs for an hour). Out of curiosity I asked someone I had played with in the past, he is currently level 51 this patch and his strength is level 2, ducking level 2. I've read that someone seeking to max out their strength in this game would have to spend 300 hours walking whilst overweight in raid or throw some ridiculous amount of grenades, now even though this is to reach max level this in itself is the embodiment of artificial difficulty, "make something time consuming for the sake of being time consuming" and the already extremely slow nature of leveling skills isnt helped by the fact that the game actively prevents you from earning too much skill xp per raid, for those of you unaware you can hover over each one of your skills in raid and be shown a percentage showing you how quickly you will gain xp for that skill, at first it looks pretty neat, saying you will receive 126 percent xp, so you go about gaining points for it until you realize that after gaining a measly 5 or so points that percentage has gone down to 23%, the percentage only barely crawling back up if you remain persistent in leveling that skill. BSG has stated that they want this game to have rpg elements, so let us THE PLAYERS actually gain decent xp for skills without having to actively grind for them, in a perfect world you would get xp for each skill just by playing the game, yet as of right now it is quite clear that in order to actually level skills like strength or health the only real option players have is to cheese it, indicating a huge flaw in game design. Once again here are some solutions 1. Balancing, half of the reason why BSG implements these stupid requirements to max out skills is because of how op each skill is, a player with high endurance and strength will never be outran by one with low skills, it simply wont happen, so in an effort to reduce the aids fest that is gaining skill xp you can simply reduce the effectiveness of each tier of a skill and at the same time make them easier to attain, I feel as though myself and and a huge amount of players would much rather have strength be less effective per level but actually possible to attain, we dont need 50 levels per skill, cmon thats ridiculous and poorly thought out especially with how grindy they already are, reduce the max to 25 or something so that some of us can actually have distant dreams of seeing max endurance 2. Get rid of the xp reduction while in raid, no matter how you cut it this was implemented as a handicap against players, this is anti player and absolutely stupid, if a player wants to join a raid and run in place for the entire hour to gain endurance xp or whatever, dont punish him for it, at the end of the day hes wasting his own time and working towards his own goal, if he wants to spend 4 hours grinding a skill he should be able to reap the fruits of his labor, as for those of us who tend to play normal raids this will also serve to benefit everyone of us because we can now expect to see a skill increase every 5 - 10 raids instead of the current 50 - 80, if you want an rpg like element to remain in the game you have to allow players to actually be able to use it without having to spend time grinding otherwise it might as well not exist The Loading Screen With the recent server issues that have been constantly occurring many of us find ourselves staring at the lackluster loading screen for ridiculous amounts of time, I have to say that the loading screen for tarkov has to be one of the most god awful creations manifested in the depths of hell as there is legitimately nothing to do while waiting. I cant sort my inventory, check the flea market, go to my hideout, I cant do anything but wait, and when I find myself staring at the same Pit Bull look alike for 15 - 20 minutes with nothing else to do I begin to lose it. I have absolutely no doubts that if players were allowed to mess with their stash, hideout, or flea market while in the loading screen there would not nearly be as many complaints about the loading time as we would actually have something to distract ourselves with. The Stash For the love of god please implement an auto sort feature Quests Unfortunately quests in tarkov are by far one of its weakest points and have to be some of the most uninspired and ridiculous quests I have ever seen in a video game, seriously who came up with bangers like collect 15 cans of meat for therapist or be dehydrated for 5 minutes so Jaeger can get a chubby from seeing you in pain. Many of these quests make utterly no sense in the world/lore of tarkov anyway, I can understand why therapist wants me to find water, but why the duck does Jaeger want me to kill scavs while in pain? how the duck would he be able to tell if I actually did this? Whats that? Now he wants me to blow off peoples legs from 80 meters away with a mosin, OK. These "quests" are more akin to achievements in call of duty or challenges rather than being things players were required to do in order to progress, and yes I mean it when I say required, ive heard many a recommendation to simply not do them but any player who actually wishes to get high end gear knows this is impossible, why? Because quests are the sole source of trader rep in the game right now, meaning that no quests equals no goodies and nearly every quest in the game reeks of artificial difficulty. Well at least the reward can be expected to be half decent right? think again dingus, nearly all quest transactions in this game result in the player losing money, quests like turn in 7 graphics cards from mechanic, or turn in 15 cans of meat to therapist result in the player receiving a literal fraction of what they would have received just outright selling the item to a trader. 15 cans of meat rewards you with a whopping 34500 roubles so as you walk your way out the door with tears in your eyes you can be reminded that therapist sells ducking CRACKERS for 9709 roubles, congrats, with all that hard work you did collecting that food you can buy 3 ducking crackers. Other quests drag on for far to long and cannot help but feel plastered into the game, right now I am on PART 16 of gunsmith for mechanic, why any quest would ever need 16 parts is beyond me and utterly ridiculous, this is a shameless padding of quest quantity with zero quality to back it up and severely needs to be changed. Lastly the quests in this game severely need more options, for peacekeeper you can literally only get one quest from him at a time, by the time I got multiple quests from him I already had him maxed out, this is ridiculous, you need to give your players options in regards to what quests they want to do, not forcing them to do peacekeepers bullshit suicide missions one after the other because you haven't unlocked any others. Onto the solution Due to the nature of quests currently being one of the most half assed aspects of the game there is no single solution, you legitimately have to fix everything, this means there needs to be accurate quest rewards vs what is being turned in, quests cannot be the only way to gain rep, there need to be other forms of rep gain in the game (the most obvious option being to tie it to money spent with a trader, it makes sense that if me and some guy were to exchange millions of dollars over a long period of time there would be a decent amount of trust built up), more quests need to be unlocked at once, there should always be at least 2 quests available to a player from a trader so that the player has a choice as to what to do, certain quests need to either be altered to make sense or removed (im looking at you Jaeger) and every quest requiring you to interact with something should have this timer changed from 30 seconds to 5 or 10, it is ridiculous to think that it takes a person 30 seconds to hide a single item at a time, either make it take 30 seconds for every item in your inventory or shorten the time it takes to hide poo and lastly there needs to be changes made to every quest that goes along the lines of "kill x PMCS/Scavs on x map while wearing x gear" change these to simply kill scavs or pmcs, do not force players to play in a way they dont want to or play maps they dont like, forcing a player to play a map they hate using a playstyle they hate because they have no other means of progressing will make that player hate the game, myself and a number of other players hate customs with a passion due to the amount of quests forcing you to go there, an opinion I feel that I wouldnt have if I wasnt forced to play it so much Despite all the flaws in the current questing system this game offers there is a slight silver lining, something that is actually done correctly that I fully hope will remain in the game, this is the idea of certain quests/challenges unlocking new items at the traders (not by leveling up the trader but through the quest itself introducing a new item), I absolutely love this idea and its implementation and this almost on its own is what spurs me on to actually complete them, please keep this The Hideout My only qualm with the hideout is that it can sometimes be very buggy, other than this I absolutely love it, the idea of my PMC having a little cozy home to rest at in between raids is absolutely awesome to me and the fact that through upgrading it I can craft poo and actually make some money off of it is awesome, this addition is amazing and I cant wait until it is built upon more, I would mainly like to see the crafting aspect built upon a bit as it is currently in its infancy and the future introduction of new "modules" is something I heavily look forward too, some of my suggestions for such modules being armor repair/crafting tables and hydroponics to grow food Flea Market Absolutely amazing, its become so essential to the game I cant even begin to imagine what it would be like without it, of course there are bots and other poo trying to ruin the economy but they have yet to succeed, I would however really like to see it become easier for players to gain flea market rep, personally ive made multiple millions but my rep is only at 3.53 and as I cant put up more than 3 offers im gaining rep at a snails pace Trader Inventories Back to criticism unfortunately, the traders and their multi hour restock times are absolutely awful for many of us. Limited items like high tier ammo, the tactec rig, and just recently folders with intelligence are impossible to get directly from traders as each time they restock they are immediately bought out and placed on the flea market for 300% mark up, this is currently one of the most heavily exploited aspects of the game by bots, slurping up every limited item within moments and getting rich off of it. Roll in the solutions! 1. Shorten the trader restock time, make it 1 hour, not 3 so that players have more of a chance to actually see one of these items and any bots trying to resell the items will have to spend 3 times as much to keep up with restock times 2. More stock, give traders more stock for items, if the game is suspected of having 100's of thousands of players what sense does it make to have traders give away only a handfull of items, with the current lack of stock it kinda seems like BSG is making way for these bots to own the markets 3. Introduce player specific stock, make it so each player is guaranteed at least one trade each restock whereas all extras have to be competed for 4. Make it so some items cant be put on the flea market, high tier armor and ammo should be bought with the intentions of being used, not resold Fix The Sound Holy jesus the sound in this game is awful, you cant tell if people are above or below you, half the time when I play with friends and we hear shots we all call out three different directions only for the guy to be right next to us, when wearing comtacs I cant hear poo over the sound of my own guy, and without them I cant even hear other people moving, Ive died a number of times to stealth grenades that made absolutely zero sound when the pin was pulled or when they landed and have been killed by people full sprinting up to me without making a sound, Steam sound was promised to be in 0.12, only for that promise to be rescinded right before it came out, and in the last dev stream nikita said that it wont be another month AT LEAST before it is even tested, this is what you call being dishonest BSG, and its not a good look -- I am well aware that this game is in beta, and I am also aware that tarkov was supposed to be fully released in 2016, in the wake of scams such as Dayz standalone and No Man's Sky, consumers are fearfull that the companies they put their faith into are lying to their faces and the product they are really receiving is by no means what it was promised. Personally I believe that BSG truly plans to make this game great but the manner in which they are going about doing so is utterly FLAWED. Quite possibly one of the most important things that can be done to show us players that there are plans in motion is transparency, players want to know whats going down with the game, what to look forward to, the reason behind shortages, and whats being done about it. BSG has transparency on par with that of Dayz and No Man's Sky, aka ducking none. Starting with the twitch drops in January players have been unable to play the game due to constant server issues and rather than explain to us the problem and what is being done to fix it we consumers are being absolutely left in the dark, only ever receiving some bullshit copy paste bot message posted to BSG's twitter, this lack of transparency and interaction does not bring a community together, instead it places a barrier between consumer and company. we suffered through nearly 2 months of these problems before BSG did something correct for once, earlier this week when they awarded players compensation this was quite possibly the first thing they have done right since these issues began. We dont want to see the same ducking message telling us you care or are working tirelessly, we want to see that you are genuinely sorry for the issues caused, when you compensate players this shows you care and from here on out this should become mandatory through issues like this. It is utterly infuriating to not be able to play and only get a bot response as compensation and awarding players roubles costs you nothing. In the podcast concerning tarkov yesterday one thing I noticed quite often was that when asked a question or faced with a problem concerning his game from the other people in the call Nikita would often respond by saying that such issues are known and being fixed or planned to be changed or something along those lines, and while this is entirely feasible I dont think its the case. It reminds me of Sean Murray from Hello Games before the release of No Man's Sky, whenever faced with a question about his game he answered in the most ideal way, stacking on the hype for his game and making consumers think it was going to be amazing, only to deliver a stinking pile of poo. It is OK to not have an answer to everything when put on the spot about your product, instead release it as it is developed and ready to be pushed out, dont hype us up only to never deliver as this has already happened a number of times. We are people, we all understand that a games development can be rocky, but dont mistake our understanding for ignorance, and dont staunch our impatience with hollow promises, all of us have the same wish, for tarkov to become a great game, so please for the love of god dont do anything that would impede that I made a point to relatively gloss over the server issues and instead group them in with the transparency argument as from my perspective those who are guessing what the issues are dont entirely know what they're talking about and BSG may not be entirely telling the full truth about the problem, I do believe that the issues are because of all the new players, but at the same time I believe that they arent exactly doing everything they can to fix it as the problem has persisted for roughly 40 days, I want to believe they are trying their damnedest to fix this but the amount of time passed coupled with the lack of response is leading me to believe otherwise, at the end of the day transparency is key for healthy development and if you could simply say to us "hey we dont have the experience to deal with this issue as its never happened before, we are working on it" you would find alot more people to be understanding and willing to listen This entire post is for the purpose of bringing to light some of the most prevalent issues my friends and I have experienced playing the game and hopefully fixing them so tarkov can become better as a result, it isnt for the purpose of bashing, hence why ive attempted to provide solutions to many of the problems, and as such I would like to make it known im not looking to argue with people, if you dont agree or have different ideas id love to hear them, after all not one person can know everything and I sure as hell dont have the solutions to every problem magically at my fingertips
  24. Hi everyone, after watching today's official stream from Battlestate on twitch I got a really bad feeling about the current situation. I am not talking about the state of the game or the current server problems: I am worried about the hours they are dumping into this project and the toll it might take on some individuals or the whole team. Now I want to be clear on one thing: Yes, the constant server crashes are annoying as heck. I get that. I am with all of you guys complaining about it and yes, I also lost a ton of good loot after killing players just as the servers went down before I had the chance to loot stuff. But having the developers work 24/7, basically living inside the office just won't help anyone longterm and that is what is happening right now, as they have posted on twitter themselves. Yes, I want to have all these server problems be sorted out, but I just don't want them to risk losing essential coworkers from burnout and fatigue because they want to make everyone raging on twitter happy. It is just not worth it. I feel like at this point, the normal development of the game can take a bit of a break, while the devs try to sort out the immense increase in their playerbase while also, and this part is important, maintaining humane working conditions. Sure, I'd like to see all the new features they are planning coming into the game, but heck, in my opinion as a relatively new player (about a month on the clock), the basegame itself is working great as is, apart from the servers. I don't know how the rest of the community feels about all of this, but I just hate to see people suffering from overworking themselves to keep a very vocal minority on twitter in check. I'd like to suggest taking things a bit slower, fix the issues in due time, maybe take a break and then continue to further develop the game. This will be better for everyone involved, even the players, since the game might never get to the point we all want it to be, if important talent just gets wasted in the dumpsterfire that is prolonged crunch. Just my thoughts.
  25. Hijack_Dallas

    Jahres Feedback 2019

    Für alle noch einmal ein frohes, schönes, neues Jahr ------------------------------------- Wie gehabt ist dies hier ein Feedback, aber dieses mal nicht für 1 Monat, sondern für das Jahr 2019. Man sollte sich daher auch nur den Feedback geben, der sich über das Jahr ereignet hat und was man sich für das nächste Jahr wünscht. Ich möchte jedoch nicht sehen, was sich nur im April ereignet hat, wenn es NUR April betroffen hat. Es geht hier einzig um das Jahr 2019, was passiert ist und was man sich für 2020 wünscht ------------------------------------- Die Regeln sind ja alt bekannt minimale bis keine Diskussionen Positive wie Negative Kritik sind ein muss, vorzugsweise konstruktiv Ideen und Feedback der einzelnen Monate "nur" erneut posten, wenn diese sich über das Jahr auch ereignet haben. Hier darf man Romane verfassen, aber bitte diese dann in Spoiler verstecken mit einer Überschrift Wahlweise kann auch ein YT-Clip hier reingestellt werden
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