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  1. I'm a player who plays on ZA/South African servers which, while not unpopulated, aren't as dense as other regions. Despite this, the raid load times are often only 1-2 minutes to find a match. While this may seem like a good thing, it comes at the large cost of underpopulated/empty raids. These raids really suck the joy out of Tarkov as you no longer need to worry about running into other players. Please make players to wait longer in order to boost raid populations. I'd much rather wait 5-8 minutes and have a full raid than wait 2 and never run into anyone. There's only so many 0-1 play
  2. I'll keep it short and concise, if needed or questioned, I'll elaborate on them further in replies. These are just off the top of my head. My perspective is from a veteran FPS & MMO player (20 years gaming & esports) Played the game for 500 hours now to be sure. My rig: i7 8700k, GTX 1080, 32gb DDR4 ram 3200Mhz, and I'm running the game from an SSD ofc. Starting off with UI/menu stuff: Opening traders and stuff is very laggy, which makes using menus/inventory management more tedious than needed. Crafting in the hideout is even more so laggy, loading in the "list" of crafts jus
  3. I do like tarkov, its a fun game with a good atmosphere, its challenging, its rewarding, But sometimes if you dont get that reward its a bit annoying, every time you play a match as a Scav, you have to wait another 20 minutes to play again, Its setting it up for some microtransaction BS that I am not into, If you're gonna put a time constraint on Scavs at least make another option during that counter with either little or no reward.
  4. Have the ability to use the pageup/down key to navigate in the stash, this would avoid some painful scrolling. Also, to be able to select items by drag mouse, and thus moving multiple item at a time. Those two little thingys would save a lot of time offraid, which means more time in...
  5. KobaTK

    Feedback 12.9

    Olá Operadores venho mais um vez trazer meu Feedback sobre o novo patch ! Atualmente level 41, muitas experiências boas e ruins. Como sempre aviso que leve em considerações meu ponto de vista e meu equipamento. Specs: i7 7700k 16gb drr4 SSD Gtx1060 6gb internet: fibra 120mb Internet: foi testada antes e durante e depois do jogo, tudo normal, até entrei em outros jogos e outros aplicativos, tudo normal sem problemas. Em resumo rápido, o que encontrei no jogo até agora: Muitas coisas boas... sempre falo da maioria porém como sempre falo nos meus fee
  6. سلام تیم توسعه دهنده بازی به دنبال اطلاعاتی راجه باگ مربوط به شنیده نشدن صدای نارنجک ها و دیده نشدن نارنجک ها موقعی که پرتاب میشوند میگردد. اززمان آپدیت های 0.12.8 چنین مواردی دیده شده. :اگر شما هم با این مشکل مواجه شدید در صورت امکان یک پیام حاوی اطلاعات زیر به من بفرستید تا ارجاع داده بشه شماره تیکت باگ ریپورت- یک ویدیو از این مشکل داخل بازی- تاریخ و زمان رخ دادن این مشکل- توضیحات بیشتر و مچ آی دی ( کدی که در پایین سمت چپ تصویر داخل بازی نمایش داده میشود)ا-
  7. I tested 3 times in offline mode and my results are always the same. I opened Reserve map offline with pve enabled and my fps are good for the first couple of minutes but then start degrading in waves. From 90-100 I go to 70-80 within less than 5 minutes. Then after a few minutes (when the next scav spawn wave is happening) my fps keep lowering even more, and after a third wave I end up with steady 40ish fps no matter where I am or where I look. I got gpu-z open in my second monitor to check that my gpu was mostly idle sitting around 30% usage, so it´s not lack of gpu horsepower. I c
  8. Hello, I'm going to give a little feedback of my first 70 hours of play EFT: * Grenades are so broken, sound, parabolas, landings, etc... if you use grenades in a smalls rooms like shoreline, or windows, you are really fucked, you dont know where the grenade goes,and some of the times you will die because your own grenade.you see your grenade goes out, but you have it in your feets. *Ping , desync , net problems. sometime you can kill ppl that have longest loading times, fights with hatchet are totally random, your teammates will go like teleportation , and many more th
  9. SGTheKingz

    Grenade use slowdown

    As it currently stands death occurs often when another player throws a grenade at another one, which is ofcourse completely normal. But the amount of times that 3 or more grenades end up bombarding a location of 1 person is insane. Maybe it would be nice if the devs added some kind of cooldown in between grenade uses so one player can't just spam all of their grenades towards one enemy. Please add a cooldown timer in between grenade uses... thanks
  10. SupraMk3

    Meeting friendly PMC/SCAVS

    If you encounter a friendly scav/pmc you should be able to team up with them after the raid. My take on this is if you greet another player they will be shown as "recent players" in your friend list where you can have a special filter for it and then also when queuing up for a raid it should also be shown on the list. I think this would be a great addition to the game where you can interact more with friendly players.
  11. I started playing this game around patch 12.0, so I am not an old veteran but I definitely been hooked since I putted my hands on it, starting playing this game is hard because of all the systems and mechanics that you have to learn as a player, but it's also the most fun/interesting/rewarding moment of your journey as a EFT player, then you start building repetion and obviously the game becomes a little bit less exciting. But none the less, the only game that got me hooked as much as EFT was world of warcraft back in the days, wich says quite a lot regarding its potential. Since I've bee
  12. Ok... So... I am new here, but not new to FPS. Boomer CS:Source Gun Game plebeian btw smile So... There are some hackers in tarkov. and even entertaining the thought that I am just that incredibly bad... there are some extremely toxic tactics that this game in its current iteration promote and encourage. lets get the hacker poop out of the way. for obvious reasons hackers completely eliminate the potential for fun. fun keeps booties in seats, booties in seats is dough-bucks for BSG. In a game like EFT where the, "High Risk High Reward" based economy literally controls the enti
  13. itsConquistador

    Feed back for 12.7

    Hey BEARS and USECS , My name is Coquistador_live my friends call me Conq, I dont know if any if you guys know me , i been playing this game since 2017 , almost daily since day 1 I`ve been trying to support this game the game I love , I want you guys to hear me and tell me your thoughts here in this topic if you may guys say what do you think about the 12.7 patch . For me guys , I started to play this game cause of the idea of Realism plus Rewarding and PVP , Before the hideout and the fleamarket happen , You could play 2-3 days a week ( on your free time You know we have daily l
  14. 2020-05-22 Hej allihop! Som några kanske redan har märkt så har jag återträtt till positionen som emissarie på Battlestate Games. Det primära syftet med positionen är att fungera som en sambandskanal mellan utvecklarna och den svenska communityn. Jag vill ge er en röst, och en möjlighet att ge feedback kring Escape From Tarkov. Den information jag får, sammanställs sedan och vidarebefordras till utvecklarna av spelet. Därför är jag intresserad av förslag, idéer, synpunkter och all annan information. Denna tråd handlar alltså primärt om detta. Jag tänker även posta den sammanstäl
  15. Natalino

    Feedback | TwitchRivals Event

    Hello everyone, Now that the Twitch Rivals event have concluded, we would like to hear your feedback about it. Let us know your thoughts and how it could have been better if you did not like something. Thank you and make sure to follow the forum rules while stating your opinions freely.
  16. Buenas a todos supervivientes: Ahora que el evento de twitch Rivals ha concluido, nos gustaría escuchar vuestras opiniones al respecto. Hacernos saber que opinais sobre como fue el evento, como podría haber ido mejor o si no os gustó algo. Gracias a todos, y aseguraos de que seguís las normas del foro cuando opinéis libremente. (Por favor, nada de insultos o faltas de respeto. Solamente vuestra opinión.)
  17. ZioEnzo

    Feedback | Evento Twitch Rivals

    Ciao a tutti, Ora che l'evento “Twitch Rivals” si è concluso, vorremmo sentire il vostro feedback al riguardo. Fateci sapere quali sono i vostri pensieri e, se qualcosa non vi fosse piaciuta, come migliorereste questo Evento. Grazie e assicuratevi di seguire le regole del Forum mentre dichiarate liberamente le vostre opinioni!
  18. BiscuitMonger

    Beta Participation Feedback

    Figured since I've put in some good time into the game I could give some feedback: Not sure if its a bug, but after the first damage received (to single body limb), any of the first aid kits seem to cause damage or blood loss to all other limbs after applying it to the specifically damaged limb. Or is this just what the blood-loss effect does? Either way I feel the med-kits should be done a little differently. I think it should be a med-kit case you shove your bandages and splints and other medical equipment into. Then you would just use that med-kit on wounds and it would automatica
  19. After 364 raids and roughly 300 hours in the game ive decided to compile a few suggestions/gripes that ive experienced with the game so far, some of these criticisms are quite harsh but come about because I enjoy this game, I view all of them as constructive and will try to provide viable solutions/suggestions where I can Please note: I own the EoD edition and 0.12 is the first time ive ever played tarkov, all of my criticisms and suggestions will be based off of what I have experienced and what is currently in the game, dont flame me for something I said stating that its planned or going
  20. Hi everyone, after watching today's official stream from Battlestate on twitch I got a really bad feeling about the current situation. I am not talking about the state of the game or the current server problems: I am worried about the hours they are dumping into this project and the toll it might take on some individuals or the whole team. Now I want to be clear on one thing: Yes, the constant server crashes are annoying as heck. I get that. I am with all of you guys complaining about it and yes, I also lost a ton of good loot after killing players just as the servers went down before
  21. Hijack_Dallas

    Jahres Feedback 2019

    Für alle noch einmal ein frohes, schönes, neues Jahr ------------------------------------- Wie gehabt ist dies hier ein Feedback, aber dieses mal nicht für 1 Monat, sondern für das Jahr 2019. Man sollte sich daher auch nur den Feedback geben, der sich über das Jahr ereignet hat und was man sich für das nächste Jahr wünscht. Ich möchte jedoch nicht sehen, was sich nur im April ereignet hat, wenn es NUR April betroffen hat. Es geht hier einzig um das Jahr 2019, was passiert ist und was man sich für 2020 wünscht ------------------------------------- Die Regeln sind ja alt
  22. Mithril8791

    Feedback: Quest Items

    So if you didn't know, the game does absolutely nothing to warn you, that you are about to enter a raid with a quest item still in your inventory. So I lost Prapor's documents on Woods thinking it would automatically move in-raid items into your off-raid and I'm pretty pissed off. There should be a MASSIVE message PREVENTING you from going into a raid if you have a quest item in your inventory that isn't used on that map. The Quest inventory is on an entirely separate screen. And that alone means that I don't want to do any more tasks until wipes are no longer a thing. It's not
  23. With 0.12 came a lot of changes, both good and bad. Lets start with the biggest addition, The Hideout. The Hideout and Healing The Hideout in general is a great addition but certainly need some tweaking, the biggest issue obviously is the after raid healing. Its clear that it serves both as way to make tarkov more hardcore and as a money sink. Instead of tweaking the healing rates and therefor disrupting the vision of Tarkov do i think that adding a third option for people that dont have the time to grind up all the stations at the early stages. What i have in Mind is a Service from the T
  24. Nikita Buyanov, COO de Battlestate Games. Hola, Tarkovianos, ¿Cómo va todo? ¿Cómo van las incursiones? Continuamos con nuestra labor de hacer EFT un juego mejor, preparando el parche 0.12.1 con muchos arreglos, nuevos contenidos como siempre hacemos, modernizando la infraestructura de hardware de los servidores y demás. Así que, he creado este post para recoger vuestras impresiones. La idea es sencilla: escribe cualquier cosa que creas que deba hacerse, arreglarse o ser añadida en el futuro próximo. Postea las cosas que más te molesten, los cambios más deseados, tus ideas de crafteo para
  25. Greetings. Been with the game for a LOOONnnGGg time and after the great 0.12 patch release, I think I'm ready to put down my suggestions and try to impact a little bit if possible the way it's heading. Let the whining begin with core game mechanics suggestions as a lot of other suggestions are based on changes to those. Please note that i will not touch on gun mechanics as I 100% trust that BSG is doing the right thing for the game in the long term. GAME MECHANICS/INTERACTIONS Quests: Since we all assume that the current quests are more viewed as "achievements" h
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