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  1. Hugh_G_Cunt

    Quicksell to fence after raid

    I think it would be interesting if you had an option after SCAV runs to sell anything that you can't fit in your stash, as opposed to discarding these items after the raid. The only stipulation would be that you HAVE to sell the items to Fence, and not to any of the other traders. I think it may give player scavs more incentive to loot more, and could lead to more high-risk high-reward gameplay for scavs. It also might push players to work on raising Fence rank for better prices when they are forced to sell the items that they don't have room for. Hopefully this is in line with the vision. Thank you to any members of the Dev team that read this for all your hard work on the game. Looking forward to seeing the future content.
  2. Hello, they said if you got -1 Rep on Fence you can get a quest from fence that gonna give you +1 Rep, but i didnt got any. Tryna be a good boi for Fence and atone my sins.
  3. I have a suggestion for implementation of some mechanics in relation to the scav case, scav raids, scav karma, fence; and the gear he sells. My thoughts are potentially giving scavs an incentive to remove some loot from raids and the flea market side and allow scavs to collect certain items like a daily and weekly list of items or even pmc dogtags/traitor scav kills. or possible allow scavs to leave raid at some kind of fence extract where instead of leaving raid to work with a pmc. give an option to "donate" the loot to fence to be put on his market and create a scav style flea market system. Would help reduce the overall loot bloat and how easily entire maps are cleaned out and players can easily make massive fortunes and lose interest quickly post wipe. I know a lot of us want more epic firefights and with the scav karma things can turn into a loot fest late in raids with 0 firefights to be found. I think scavs could spawn earlier with a particular goal in mind, and minimal rewards for collecting things outside of that area. I think the incentive of the scav would be to trade whatever he can find that is deemed "valuable" to the connection that can get him what he needs to survive. Scav should be their own person each time and able to decide to extract with fence(+karma, loadout bonuses for consecutive survivals) or your pmc. (Transfer scav loot to pmc stash) but I think you should have to build the scav case in the hideout before you can choose pmc extracts. Maybe the amount of money you pay for the scav run becomes his gear budget at fence? something like that. Some thought I wanted to share. Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration. Love the progress so far!
  4. As a new player as of this prior week to Christmas I find this game fun and enjoyable except for SCAV and FENCE. This dude just randomly has -rep with the only indication is a 2 second pop up at the bottom right that you lost rep for killing a dude who was shooting at YOU?! I understand the whole oh be friendly thing, but none of my friends can spot a PMC from a SCAV, this idea of this being a good thing in the game is just ridiculous to me. Also considering that we lose reputation with a SCAV trader for killing a SCAV boss as a PMC?? Considering the developers want the game to be finished by the end of 2022 I'd highly recommend you developers do a lot of changes for Fence, new players will not understand why their Scav timer is going up. I've heard some old players dislike this SCAV reputation too so its not just one sided. At least add a way to get +0.1 points not +0.01 points constantly, killing someone that is shooting at you for it to then take away something that you can't get back unless you do 100 scav runs? Doesn't make sense to me and I'd like to think to anyone else. Cheers.
  5. Like me, many of you must be on the same situation. I killed Santa 2x (of course by mistake). Thing is, getting back rep with fence is way too hard! So.. here´s a suggestion : Many other traders offers quests or ask for a payment to reset your bad rep from quest deliver choices , why not add a quest on Fence (or quests) to do the same? Could be just handing FIR items or paying money depending on your rep status, to the point you become neutral (0 Karma) not going further than this. Hey, just a suggestion. If you don´t like it please don´t reply with nonsense hate comments Happy new year to all!
  6. Hey guys, I have problem with AI scavs.. my karma was +0.71 when it started. Now I'm +0.10, because they were shooting on me every run (and I had good stuff, then I killed them all) and its still continue. Everytime when I spawn as a SCAV, then every SCAV on map are near me and everyone of them is shooting on me.. is it bug or what happend actually. I can't even make a single run without shooting with AI SCAVS.. Can someone tell or help me what the fck is happening with my game?
  7. from my perspective the scav karma system is doing more harm than it is good, it seems like every single scav raid i end up losing karma for defending myself or die and waist my time due to not shooting back and dying. i think what would fix the issue or at least make it better is if they added rep for you dying assuming you didnt shoot first.
  8. Finnevius

    Fence messages

    Hey! has anyone else received a message from fence that is just a combination of numbers and letters? The one I got is 24 letters long so it doesn't fit into the promo code field
  9. AlphaPugnator

    How to gain Reputation for Fence?

    As each kill of a Scav as Scav-Player will decrease reputation for Fence by 0.02, one have to find out, how to increase the reputation. Quests and what else?
  10. Just an idea to help with scav on scav violence by more easily differentiating between good and bad scavs.. Maybe loyal scavs spawn in with some sort of non removeable marker from fence ( Possibly in the form of a visible shoulder patch? Front chest patches? Similar to common military decorations , maybe with different tiers? ) .. This way, good scavs can easily recognize each other and team up. Bad scavs do not receive the marker and have no access to the marker, making it easier for good scavs to work together, and hunt both pmcs and bad scavs without having to worry too much about hitting the wrong target. Also a viable option for people who do not like VOIP. Essentially, we have a ranking system for Fence to develop his own PMS operation / business ( Private Military Scav operation). Similar to what they currently have implemented, Scavs would move up and down the ranks, and receive better benefits, loadouts, and surprise loot as they progress. Maybe even new specific clothing / fatigues for high ranking scavs.. After all, Fence would probably want his top ranked scav soldiers out there working for him with higher teir kits, so his Private Military Scavs can be more effective while out on their missions. ( Missions being to hunt bad scavs, PMCs, and get juicy loot .. Maybe random Fence quests eventually.) --- Additional thought --- Maybe we can gain rep by buying and selling direct with Fence (only with Fence), as a scav, post raid .. Essentially we are provided two options at the end of our scav raid before returning to the main menu .. ( 1. ) As a scav we can sell to, and buy from fence (Only Fence) using profits from the current transaction / scav raid ( The scav's money only, not your pmc's stash ) ... ( 2. ) Transfer items to stash as usual... Rep is only gained when items are sold to Fence by his scavs. As our rank / rep increases, we should receive better prices. Eventually reaching a point where its a viable option to sell to Fence often. This profit increase only applies to scavs, post raid, based on rep / rank. We should gain rep for transacting with fence, as it helps his Private Military Scav business flourish. Any comments / thoughts / something to add ? Thanks!
  11. So my standing with Fence reached -0.07, but I managed to raise it up to -0.06 due to my in-game actions. However, I noticed that for seemingly no reason my standing balanced out again? Like I said, it was -0.06 when I last checked, then I did a Scav run on Reserve, did not fight anyone but had friendly engages with other Scav players, and then I exfiled via the hole in the wall by the mountain. After that match my standing with Fence somehow was boosted up to 0.01, that's a full 0.07 standing boost for doing nothing. It even stayed despite re-logging a few times. Is there positive standing increases for passive Scav games, or using certain solo exfils? I know that the Scav/PMC duo exfil gives you positive standing.
  12. I have been looking for a reason to use Fence, and I think I landed on a feature that will make Fence much more used by the playerbase. If objects sold to Fence kept their "found in raid" status, and they can be bought from Fence at his high prices while maintaining the "found in raid" status, then people will use him much more often!
  13. Kr3stus

    Fence + Insurance rework

    Hello, May I suggest to change Fence trader to be a "Collector" ? And also the only one to offer insurance. Idea is as fallows: All the un-looted items from players will be collected by Fence. Items of non barter character can be selled to Fence for 90% of their original value. Fence will offer players a chance to buy back insured items - 1th right of buy Player can choose what items he wants to buys back in similar screen as is (Character - Gear). You select items (clicking on box of item slot turns green) and buy them back for 50% of traders sell price Fence will offer insurance in 3 tiers (possibly 4) Gold - 30% Price from insured items value (Selling value to Fence) / Return time 2hours Silver - 20% Price from insured items value (Selling value to Fence) / Return time 12hours Bronze - 10% Price from insured items value (Selling value to Fence) / Return time 24hours Bonus tier locked behind Quest line - Juncker - something like collecting Kappa items 5x from each and also reached sell value to Fence 50Mil (Subject to change but it should be harder then Kappa) Platinum - 40% Price from insured items value (Selling value to Fence) / Return time 10 min Also Fence will offer an inquiry for Loadout/Item Same screen as described before (Character - Gear), clicking on box of item slot gives you a slider with items name. For example I want to buy Loadout that Has: Headwear - Ulach 90%> or Tier 4 with Dur 100% Face cover - Half-mask Body Armor - Slick that has 70%> durability or Gen 5. with 70 durability > Tac. Rig - BlackRock or Any 4x2 Main Weapon that is M4A1 with 80> durability, 3<MOA, 60 ergo, 50 Vertical Recoil, Any Horizontal and possibly like1 or 2 specific weapon parts like eg. DD wave suppressor, 370mm (14,5inch) barrel. This will be offer in 3 tiers only Gold - 70% Price from requested items value (Selling value to Fence) / Beats Insurance Gold, Silver, Bronze Silver - 50% Price from insured items value (Selling value to Fence) / Beats Insurance Silver, Bronze Bronze - 25% Price from insured items value (Selling value to Fence) / Beats Insurance Bronze If Fence gets what you asked for then you get screen like Buy back and have to pay rest of the 50% of the items value. I think that this change will somewhat balance solo vs squad play (squads having higher insurance returns) also it could help new player to get idea for weapon builds and simplified loadout buying. Also Fence will have a meaningful role in game. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your Hard Work BSG ! Don't give up we are with you !
  14. AceOfShaws


    I've been seeing a lot of players running on top of walls and fences. I'm not sure about concrete walls, but it doesn't seem too realistic for players to be tight-roping on top of the picket fence around the sanitorium at shoreline, for example.
  15. Jennacide

    An idea for Fence or a New trader

    Since fence is useless pretty much, maybe he would collect any uninsured items and sell them when the raid is finished, or something along the lines of that.
  16. BloodyDuty

    Make Fence of use

    So the other day i was in the marked and looked over the Traders and i saw my lvl1 Fence and thought: whats up with you mate? Here is the Idea i came up with: What if Fence had a percentual chance of gaining the Gear players lost in raids wich was not insured or they missed an insurance. So instead of the Gear go lost people could buy some full attached weapons or hight tier gier at Fence for a price wich is a little bit highter than the original worth/price of the Equipment players payed for it. So it would be rentable for people to buy. I think especially new players may benefit from that kind of system within Fence because they mostly do not know how to mod Guns and what parts to use. So instead of grindig traders and maby struggle to achieve the ability to mod guns they can buy alrdy moddet guns. That would help em getting through the first early to mid lvls a little bit easier. Pls tell me your thoughts in comments below. PRO and CON would rly appreciate the community reviews about it. Thanks guys stay cheeky. (ps pls do not mention my grammars thanks.)
  17. JWiley

    Fence and Pricing

    I find the Fence vendor completely annoying in many aspects. I've teased out why he and the concept of him moves me so. A 'fence' can be compared to a pawn shop or thrift store. This fence, however, buys at prices that make sense but sells items at a price higher than 'retail' This makes no sense. The Fence's inventory is constantly full or clogged because it makes no sense for anyone to buy most things off him. His current value is in items that are hard to find for everyone or for armor/ammo/eq for those who are not high enough level to purchase those from another vendor. Suggestion: Sell all inventory items, which are obtainable by other vendors, at lower prices. This will facilitate people buying parts and items consistently from him, which will give incentive for people to search him and put together guns piece by piece. Example: water - Fence sells water at 1326 Roubles. The Therapist sells water at 1122 Roubles at vendor level 1 (anyone and everyone can buy it). There is very little reason someone will buy it from the fence. Water in the Fence takes up 2 inventory slots which, depending on how the inventory is displayed, is taking up room for an item that may be more important/relevant. If the Fence sold water at 1000 Roubles. People who are looking for it now have a reason to shop the Fence before The Therapist. In my opinion that would add a level of immersion to the game and overall make Fence more enjoyable to sift through. Keep up the great work -w
  18. After the recent update it seems only the Fence will buy armor and stripped weapons? PLEASE do not sell your armor and stripped weapons to the Fence!! It's capping his inventory and making it harder for vital items to be listed; such as item cases, gun cases, etc. etc. Just discard that crap. It is not hard to make money in this game. Just dump that crap and move on. Seriously, please. I was getting ready to upgrade my game and sold all my cases and whatnot in hopes of helping others and I never saw any of them pop up in his feed. Thank you, Hookshot http://prntscr.com/iiv4by
  19. TheColdVein

    Fence Issue

    Dear, Escapers... Fence was not feeling good... We investigated. He should be fine now.
  20. Can someone give me the low-down on Fence? I completely mis-understand this trader/part of the game and I can't seem to buy anything from him no matter how quick I am on clicking the item I want. Is he some type of multi-trader and is it worth gaining reputation with him? also what's the future going to be with him? thanks guys, please share you knowledge.
  21. crankb0lt

    Sellers - Restocking Fees

    Hello! Enjoying this game so much! I'm a bit frustrated with the purchase system and it's relationship with the stash. I was thinking that maybe a container is better like how it's done with sales. I have such a small chance of being fast enough to make a purchase. (Fence for example) for days I have been trying to buy a pistol case and when I finally beat others to it, one of my grid spaces was offset and I did not have "space" for it when really I did. Also I have been trying for a sniper rifle for soo long and last night & I bought one...but it's super rare to get ammo for the dvl-10 Saboteur (at least at my level) Since I had no time whatsoever to even look at the gun before hitting purchase..I just had to take the risk. I was wondering if there had been an intermediate container for the transaction to take place and I had some sort of restocking fee instead of Fence''s insulting buyback price....would I have completed the transaction and moved my purchase to the stash to finalize the deal. I could understand this dynamic from an "buy it now" from an auction but not from a seller. I hope this is helpful in some way. I'm tired of clicking refresh for days..it makes me feel like I am wasting so much actual time just to play a game. I like the rarity of things, but it may be more "lively" if there was restocking fees. Thanks! -Crankbolt
  22. Helgrind64

    Fence Stock??

    How does Fence get his stock? I cant see why people would sell items at such low prices when they can sell them to the other traders.
  23. I seem to have run into a problem or something that i am not aware of. It looks like that I have met the requirements to get Fence to level 2 but the game is not making the transition. I have heard of people having this problem with other traders and it resolving itself within 3 days, but this issue has been like this for 5 days now. If anyone has any advice or info it would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hi liebe Communitiy, Ich bin neu dabei und habe Probleme bei zwei Extraktion Points auf der Map "Shoreline" und hoffe um eure Hilfe Weder "ruined house fence" noch "south fence passage" kann ich auf Karten finden. Ich habe auch oft schon die Map abgegrast. Ich habe in gewissen Forum Threads diese Karte hier auf redd.it gefunden. Wo befinden sich die besagten ausgänge? die anderen habe ich gefunden und bin erfolgreich abgehauen Danke für eure Unterstützung im voraus und noch viel Spaß beim Spielen!
  25. ViscontiRogue

    Is Fence bugged or...

    Am I just to slow in buying keys from him? Every time I refresh Fence and a key pops up, the "Trader is out of Stock" pop up happens, even if I am very quick to click the purchase button. Are people just farming Fence keys, bugged, or am I just unlucky?
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