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Found 9 results

  1. On the flea market, it should remove the filter by item filter when you try to search, instead of having to remove it and restarting.
  2. Yogiyosh

    Sorting Filter

    Hi FNG here, so unsure if this has been requested before, but the inclusion of a sort filter to your inventory would be useful. Even just a basic sort by type would save some to the shuffling items around and would love to see this inclusion.
  3. shadowmaycomeTV

    item organization

    i dont know if this has been brought up before but i think it would be nice if we can have a organize button on our inventory or cases to help organize loot. for example if i put a bunch of different ammo in an ammo box i click organize and all the m955, ap rounds, bp, ps, tpz sp are all next to their respective ammos. the same can be for the lucky scav junk box or med cases. it will make working the inventory much easier.
  4. Moin. Bei mir gehen jetzt schon seit längerem die Nvidia Filter nicht mehr. Sie gingen bis vor kurzem noch. Immer wenn ich versuche die Filter über das Nvidia Overlay zu öffnen kommt eine Fehlermeldung: "Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte starten Sie das Spiel neu um diese Funktion zu verwenden". Dieses Problem tritt nur bei EFT auf. Bei anderen Games funktionieren die Filter problemlos. Ich habe schon mehrmals das Spiel neuinstalliert und die Treiber neuinstalliert, leider ohne Erfolg. Ich habe auch schon auf YouTube nach einer Lösung gesucht, jedoch bin ich nicht fündig geworden. Schon im voraus vielen Dank für Antworten und Lösungsvorschläge
  5. Please bring the filters to the TOP of the windows. Currently the filters pops up beneath any other window we have open. It would be more convenient to have the filters brought up above any window open, since it closes with an "OK". Side note: Pressing "ENTER" should activate any "OK" message (Keep the current ones that use "Y" and "N", since those are confirmations and not just a useless "SOLD OUT" message. "SOLD OUT" should be on the bottom right, how we get pop-ups for exp or something in our stash... I hope the filters get that little quality of life update. Thank you!!!
  6. Reading through the patch notes for DayZ, this line caught my eye: This made me immediately think of the potentials something similar could have for EFT's implementation of helmet visors. Perhaps a player who is speaking with his visor down could have his proximity chat muffled a bit? Maybe something similar for the various facemasks/rags players can equip to cover their mouths? Just a thought for later down the road Great job with the game BSG, I'm really looking forward to VOIP in EFT. Good luck with your podcast tonight!
  7. To keep it as short as possible: I would like to see filters stay locked if I refresh the trader! At this point any other objects should disappear in traders stash... Several filters should be lockable. That should make it much easier to find the object you are looking for!
  8. D3st1nY_00

    Trader Sorting options/ Filter

    One Thing i'm looking for is a sorting function, so that for example: sorting option 1: all ammo comes first, all mags, all scopes,, all scopemounts, all grips (main grips, frontgrips), all stocks, handguards, .... ect. sorting option 2: sort objects by trader level (lvl 1 items first, lvl 2 second, lvl 3 - 3rd, lvl 4 - last sorting option 3: by name... or just modify the filters already ingame... maybe the easiest option this option is just a modification of the filter already ingame... just modify it, that only those items selected are shown... Kind regards D3
  9. Searching for a item in trades is something that i would think and many others would just assume will be added down the line but what about filtering for attachments for weapons like right clicking on the weapon from your inventory and clicking "filter attachments" or something like that. Unlike you guys not all of us are weapon experts. PS. I thought of this while having a broken computer so I haven't played in a while and won't be able to for at-least 3 more weeks.
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