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Found 5 results

  1. I believe the game would be improved by making it so that all barters, to traders and on the market, only accept Found-In-Raid items. This prevents Tetriz from being cheesed with a Secure Container. This slows down Real-Money-Traders, therefore raising how much they charge players, and (hopefully) reducing their impact on the economy. This will have an effect on trader barters that may necessitate changing them.
  2. I found a KIBA key in a brown jacket during raid, 90% sure I stayed in the raid more than 20 minutes as I was being a rat, the item was placed in my gamma into my docs case, when I then extracted later on it does not count as found in raid, what exactly is the criteria now? Thanks in advance.
  3. I just did a scav run and had pretty decent luck. I found a lone PMC taking out a double group of Scav Raiders / Gluhar's team. After one shot to kill the final raider because he was friendly, and another few to take out the PMC, I hauled my loot. Here it is, just as I started running to CP fence: Here it is on the Raid Ended screen: The helmet, the MP7,the sight, the grip, etc. I have the video to go with it, but screenshots are easier to post. Can we get verification that there isn't a problem? I don't really care so much about FIR as a PMC, but as a Scav when I'm looking for money items, it's kind of an issue when the item suddenly loses its tag after exiting.
  4. Please stop destroying the game as weeks go by! STOP making unreasonable changes to Flea Market and Cases! Some parts of the players, like me, aren't EFT Gods to be able to survive raid one after another! We can't play this game made just for the elites, like top twitch players. You need to start thinking of your hole community, not just Pesilty, and hackers. Don't make our game harder just because of them!
  5. In order to encourage people to utilize their hideout more, and also to give more actual usefulness to the hideout itself, items crafted there should be able to be sold on the market place.
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