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Found 8 results

  1. Maybe not UI since it will make the game more unrealistic breaking games purpose. But something like a red head band or shoulder band only visible to a friend? it could prevent accidental kills. As well as something like when you die from a friend "accidental kill" all your insured items wont be able to be picked up or something in those lines? since sometimes it happens that people are killed by their teammates. Example: My and my friend are stuck in bathrooms in factory srrounded fighting off players & scavs. I crouch and try to heal while my friend confused over the shitstorm currently going on shoots me thinking i was an enemy. ( We were in a voice chat and talking to eachother but game & shots were very loud ) Good idea to punish people that camp near extraction zones. Maybe give them radiation timeouts when they're campting at extraction zones? happens very often at Gates. People camping in the gate. Its pissing people off and camping there requires no skill . . . Cheers
  2. Can we expect the scavs to get an IQ increase that'll reach the double digits, where they realize "Hey, this guy just domed the scav that was shooting at us, maybe he's on our side" instead of "Wow, that douchebag just killed 5 of our friends, but this guy who killed him is clearly an enemy as well." Cause right now, if some scav player shoots at you and you kill him in return fire, the other scavs become hostile. What're you supposed to do, roll over and take his big meaty scav shotty? Super frustrating poo right there fam.
  3. I think a simple arm band system that appears on each group members character would be perfect instead of adding any means of GUI. The team arm band colour is chose at random the group is informed of the colour before match start and once spawned into the game every member of the group will appear with and arm band on the right of left arm of that groups colour. Great game. Keep up the good work.
  4. harvey10106


    " But I set fire to the rain" --- ADELE I wont even lose my health in the fire how come?
  5. dougthedingo

    Make Party-Killing Give No EXP

    So me and a couple of my friends were in a factory raid where I accidentally killed my lvl 33 friend cuz his dumbass walks in front of me while I'm spraying a scav down. And after some yelling about FF and poo I escape and end up getting XP up in like 18,000. But I never killed the scav I was spraying at or anyone else except my party-mate, and came to the idea that this could be used for easy boosting if you had a few high level players and a newbie in your group and wanted to level them up fast. So I suggest that when you have someone in your party, there is no XP gain for killing them.
  6. hon0

    Suppressive fire

    Hello. I would like to know if and how players and NPC will react to suppressive fire. Thanks, Antoine from France.
  7. roldas

    Bump Fire Stock

    Hello, Devs. Have you been thinking about adding a specialy rare bump fire stock for RU and US weapons? They manufacture them these days! Adding explanation video. Thanks for the answer! Survivor Roldas.
  8. У меня есть вопрос по поводу того, будет ли в игре так, что в рейде можно будет убить своего, случайно или специально, смотря с какой стороны посмотреть, игровой момент это или просто нажива? Я задаю этот вопрос к тому, что как и в любой игре, да и в мире в целом, есть товарищи, которые нам совсем не товарищи. Проще говоря люди, которые ради наживы, будут убивать тимейтов, портя тем самым игровой процесс. Спасибо за внимание!
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