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Found 5 results

  1. For this game to actually be playable scavs need a rework. They headsnap me when facing the complete opposite way and haven't spotted me yet. In what world does a scav living in squalor have the ability to 180 hipfire headshot someone. And to make it even better you can headshot them while they are wearing no helmet with the best ammo in the game and they will just flick take it like a champ. There is no point building a 400k + rig when some cheeky little homeless boy is gonna go "I'll take that" and pull off the shot of the century.
  2. Parinoid_Onyx

    Server Issues

    Doing Ledx runs today not a single server issue except my last couple runs huge desync issues. I captured a clip of how bad this desync is and I feel like it needs to be addressed and worked on soon. Is there a solution or is there work being done to fix the desync issues players are having? I love this game and I hate seeing players having issues with a technical issue out of their control.
  3. TarkovCitizen3998045

    FIX the sound

    Its impossible to judge the distance of a shot in this game. It sounds the same regardless of how many walls its through it makes no sense. How many more years until we actually get good sound quality.
  4. Yello! I found a bug with the shop that lets you sell a weapon part for far more than it is worth with possibility of huge gains maybe even infinite money. I stumbled on this when i wondered if the price of a disassembled gun was worth more than a fully built one.
  5. I never have time to play this Game. I never can Grind hundred years! Thanks for wasting my time developers and thanks for this kind of experience. Bascially you can Heal in this Game since day one right ? SO why DO I CAN NOT HEAL MY SELF. Get into a Raid with decent Loot for a lvl 11 Guy. I KILL a Guy with M1 and after it i could not heal myself!> You are the worst devs. No joke! A Game where you litterally have ALWAYS to heal and you can not heal with any kind of medikits ? Untill i bleed out ? AND STILL NO FIX FOR THIS! I am really angry. So extremly angry! Are you kidding me developers ?
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