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Found 59 results

  1. **Just a heads up, this is something that worked for me, there is no guarantee that this will work for you. Please understand this before you complain about it not working!** Alright so if you're here I'm sure you should already know of the stupidly slow install speed of EFT. Well I searched everywhere I couldn't find a definite answer that ensured results. But one thing I did, (whether recommended/safe or not) did seem to drastically work. This "fix" is a simple change of your DNS server. Before changing this I was getting the usual 15 - 50 KB/s, but afterwards I was getting 750 KB/s - 1.5 MB/s. If you don't know how to access and change your network DNS I will be providing a link to where I found this, otherwise if you do know how to access and change your DNS, you will be changing your Preferred DNS to: and your Alternate DNS to: After successfully changing this, restart your PC, and try your download again. Just as a side note, I also do run the program as administrator, not sure if that makes a difference. So after this process, if it does work, you should see a very obvious change in download speed. If this did not work for you, I'm not sure what to say. Really hope this helps! Link to site of information, just scroll down to (Part 4 Changing DNS Settings on Windows ---->https://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Internet-Speed
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich habe Probleme mit der Spielsuche, wenn die Maps geladen werden oder ich in der Warteliste der Spielsuche bin wird mein Bild eingefroren. Das Problem tritt zu 80% bei jeder suche auf, ich muss erst das Game schließen und wieder öffnen um auf die Map zu kommen. CPU, GPU und RAM sind nicht überlastet. Habe noch keine Lösungen im Forum oder auf YT gefunden. Bin ich alleine mit dem Problem? Würde mich über Antworten freuen.
  3. LoneRanger666

    Player online limit

    Hello! I have one suggestion how to make servers and game stable for the most of players. What about limiting how many players can actually play? Like setting the amount of players that can be ingame/online and put others in a queue at the launcher? I think this would be much better and let most of players play without interruptions than letting everyone in and crashing everything and none can play normally. If i remember right, League of Legends had queue at their best times and it was not that bad at all. You could be in the game in minutes. Wish you all the best, LoneRanger
  4. 1.Click the windows button,type in cmd. 2.Run CMD as administrator 3.type in netsh winsock reset and press enter, and restart computer 4.ENJOY, -Sobolewiok
  5. BandCampBully

    Its been to long bsg....

    So im sure everyone knows this, because its been a problem FOREVER but its somehow just swept under the rug after a year of waiting for it to be fixed so i will expose it again: when using any 1/4 or 1/6x variable zoom optic the 4x or 6x performs amazing no issues. On the other hand the 1x variable on ALL SCOPES that have zoom levels is highly slowed down on ur sensativity making it EXTREMELY unuseable when trying to aim at someone moving. Its ridiculous already fix the sens on the 1x so we can enjoy scopes!!!!!!!
  6. Hi all, So after having a terrible start to gaming on Tarkov (what with having to wait nearly an hour just to get into game)(Fig.1) I went digging around the launcher and some of the crash reports that I have had and I think I found something. So on my trials through my files I noticed that I seemed to be only connecting to one server, London (UK), even though I had selected multiple servers on start up to connect too. Thats when I went into my server settings via the launcher (Fig. 2) and noticed that my *use Automatic Server Selection* was ticked on (Fig. 3). I thought that was strange since I didnt even remember there being an option to select that in the opening set up. I immiediately turned off my automatic server selection and re-selected all the servers that I originally selected (Fig. 4) and entered the game. I jumped into a game and sure enough I found that I was in a game with Scav in less than 7 mins. Once I had finished my game I shut down the game and re-launched to check if the servers were still okay and sure enough my launhcer had specified one server, London (UK) (Fig. 5). I changed it back to my requirements and the game seems to be allowing me to enter games at a much quicker pace. So in essence I implore everyone to check their server settings before leaving the launcher just to make sure that your server isnt being locked to one server to choose from. Dev's I am sorry for immiediately jumping to conclusions but this is a severe bug that does need fixing right away as players who dont care about going into files to fix the problem will just leave before being able to understand the issue. Thanks, Addx9
  7. Long story short I was handing over MVSS backpacks to Skier for a quest and the game decided in its infinite wisdom to hand over the backpack (out of the 6 MVSS's I had in my inventory) with all of my currency stored in. In an instant I went from 800,000 rub, 2200 eur and 11,000 usd to 0 across the board, this CANNOT be working as intended as I am now effectively screwed, had to sell all my barter items and most of my weapons to get some currency back, please please please address this issue, dump players inventory into there stash if a backpack being handed over has items contained within, or better yet inform the player when performing the handover that 'you are about to lose *items listed here* in this handover would you like to proceed? Sincerely, One very perturbed USEC

    fix for long loading times 2020

    ive figured out how to take load times from 5 to 10 mins solo and groups could take 10 plus minutes or even not work at all. well ive read everything on all the forums with no luck. so i played around with a bunch of different stuff tell i figured this out. it took my solo load times to 30 secs and my group ones to 1 min 30 seconds hope this helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hRleMAB3c&t=1s
  9. BandCampBully

    Will this ever be fixed?

    Soo its been a issue for over a year now... it was said to be looked at but never was, i will bring point to the issue again because it feel its a big one for alot of us. Rendering 1/4 and 1/6x scopes unuseable because of the 1x zoom sensativity is so ridiculously slowed that u cant even track someone without having 4 mouse mats.... please fix
  10. doveth

    Lost in time

    I accidentally came across the sickest game breaking glitch. I spawned into customs doing a scav run and right off the bat I heard something similar to non-stop machine gun fire (I thought it was some boss because I am a newbie) and ran to it to rat some loot, on my way there I saw some scavs standing around, decided to leave them alone because they weren't opening fire on me. As I was getting closer to the epicenter of now 10 minutes worth of continuous fire, I saw a highly geared player standing still, thinking he went AFK I shot him in the head, his character reacted by doing the headshot head-bob animation, but not dropping dead. After a solid 10 bullet magazine to the head I deciphered that something is not right, I came over to look and there was another geared guy with an AK that seemed to be making the "continuous machine fire" noise. around them they were about 2 bodies and a person with a knife running and stabbing without moving at all (I promptly tried to shoot all of them but again, the characters did some head-bobbing animation but didnt die) then proceeded to loot the bodies. I was able to loot some trashy gear like starting (presumably the loot the geared guys didnt take in the real time dimension of this server) but some good gear that they probably took kept going back on the body as soon as I would take it. Thinking that this is an interesting glitch and I would like to see what happens if I extract (yes the timer was working and no I wasnt lagging, my ping was regularly updating and it was in the green 30-40ish). After turning off my sound (I was still hearing the gunfire) I started running to my extraction point and about 30 seconds later I just dropped dead (not sure why, maybe I was shot in the other dimension of the server) and in the end menu I got 200xp for shooting players. Did anything similar happen to anyone else or did my scav have some time controlling powers?
  11. Logging and constantly writing to the hard drive is one of the biggest performance hits a game can have. Not to mention SSDs have a limited number of writes before they go bad and I'd like mine to last as long as possible. Hopefully a decade or more. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to modify the file 'NVLog.config' and disable logging. I attempted to disable it or set it to at least minLevel=Fatal, but then the game has to reverify and download the NVLog.config file again or not allow me to play at all if I set it to read-only. Also, re-linking the 'logs' folder to a nonexistent location(which works for just about every other game) makes it so the game is stuck in an infinite loop on load. For now I guess I'll just have to redirect the logs folder to an HDD and deal with the inherent performance hit; and hope you can fix this soon. I fully understand wanting logs on by default, but more advanced users should be able to disable them if they wish to. If you really need the logs for your self and are uploading them to your servers for some reason then I'd recommend storing the log data in a system memory variable that you just periodically flush after uploading to your servers. Thanks for your time and the great game.
  12. SCTyler

    Friend from the West Part 1

    Copied from my Reddit post Friend from the West part 1 is a level 9 quest to introduce Peacekeeper an absolutely ESSENTIAL trader for early game progress. With the changes to the AVS Vests into plate carriers and bumping their price up to 117,000 roubles and LL3 Ragman (Level 30 requirement) it's EXTREMELY difficult to let alone find an AVS in raid but to extract it and then turn around and turn it in. The cost is crazy especially if you consider it costs more to do a level 9 requirement quest than most level 20-30+ req quests. I suggest changing the requirement from AVS Vests to either Blackrock rigs, WT Rigs, or other similar cost / rarity rigs. Price of AVS Rig: https://i.gyazo.com/59384772207b6b5ceb919f2981eb848e Friend From the West Part 1 quest requirements: https://i.gyazo.com/a0774aa0fdc8a974929b2f33235147d0
  13. P3pperHD2

    "User Action Required"

    I'm just making this post to help some people that might encounter the same problem as I did. Forgive me if it's in the wrong Topic or Section. I've been dealing with the "User Action Required" error for a while, and was managing to work around it by manually downloading the Zips from the Logs file. However, since the anti-cheat update, I couldn't open it properly as it would say "Battle-eye did not load properly (something like this). The fix I got, and I did not see anyone mention this or try this, is to simply change the default web browser that is set for the computer. I was having issues while using Mozilla, even by downloading the files manually, they would sometimes not download. Swapped it with Chrome for example, and it worked fine, and now the Battlestate Launcher works like a charm. Hope this helps anyone, see y'all around Tarkov, comrades.
  14. PlastoredPastor

    no play button on launcher

    I have been playing the game for about 2 weeks now with no issue, but when i opened the launcher today the whole area where you press play just wasn't there. has anyone had this issue, or know of a fix?
  15. Sebodon


    Hi this is the first time I have made something like this and I am only making this because for the first time in my thousand of hours on tarkov I am fed up of dying to lag or a hacker or some bs where I disconnect from the game just to load back in a be dead. I really try to have fun when I play tarkov and I find my self disliking the game more and more... back when I first picked up tarkov I loved the game, I would get home from a day of work and look forward to playing the game I was one of the best games I had ever played and still is but I just can't continue to play this game with all the bugs and hackers there are. Tarkov has great potential and I could see this game going somewhere but that's if you fix the bugs I the game. It's small things like when I go to shoot someone and lag and die or when I'm in a gun battle and I disconnect from the game. Like I have said I really want tarkov to do well but I find myself playing other games that aren't tarkov, It's the same with my other mates they would much rather play something that isn't tarkov because they don't have bugs and hackers... the game is ace but I am unsure if I want to keep it or not. If you have read this thanks for your time and any feed back on what you guys and the community think would be nice. Thanks Seb
  16. For anyone who is lucky enough to find a Red Keycard for Labs, I have been running Arsenal a bunch and have found a glitch (and working around for that glitch). On the top of the arsenal storage shelf there is a spawn for a ProKill necklace, which is worth 116k roubles. With the spawn on the 2nd to top shelf, you aren't tall enough to grab it, but I found a workaround. This works best if you have low weight, like 20 kg. If you hover over the shelf you almost can reach and a white square appears in the middle of the screen, then the ProKill necklace is there. Close the cage door, open the bottom filing cabinet, close the search window and immediately sprint and jump on the filing cabinet. This will let u on top of the filing cabinet and you can lean over to grab it. Hope this helps anyone who has Red Keycard / or gets it in the future. Good luck!
  17. To improve performance, I switched to a lower resolution. But then, I couldn't see distant objects very well. A nice compromise would be the option to set a higher resolution in a small rectangle in the center of the screen, and a lower resolution in a frame around it. That way, you can see well in the center where the important stuff happens, while still getting higher fps thanks to lower resolution in the outer frame of the screen. Even better if you could set a few frames like that for a gradual change in resolution. Could also simulate peripheral view. So the game would look something like in the screenshot (but the HUD would be in full res ofc). But on the other hand, I haven't ever seen a solution like this, maybe there is a good reason why it hasn't been done before.
  18. kevin23649

    fix the servers

    the servers are so laggy and preform poorly plesae focus on fixing this problem
  19. Kennedy

    Labs Adjustment

    While labs is great, it by far made the economy unstable, and made end game tier loot just too common since people make a lot of money or get the end game loot. The maps is amazing, but to make it more balanced my suggestions are: 1. Make the player pay a certain amount. For example i make around 200-300 k per raid on labs, when running as a naked with a pistol, if the fine for example was 100 k rubles this would make the layer more cautious in labs, thus improving the tactical experience. 2. The second way i can see this issue resolved is by adding a timer for raid, like 20 mins , so people can't spam and farm in labs. This way there will be almost no naked people and they will more likely take better gear to profit the most. This would increase the endgame value of labs and the fact that you can't farm from it constantly. 3. Third option is to make a keycard to enter labs, for example like a quest. You go to lets say for this example Shoreline Health Resort, you go to room like 214 or something and you find a terra group card. You get it, you survive, now you have the option to put the keycard in the of raid items, thus not being able to access labs, but having it in your quest items allows you to do a raid in labs. This would just make labs and even more so End Game place, making sense that items can't be recovered by insurance and etc. Oh and if you die, you lose the card, so you gotta go get it again. This is a minor fix for a major issue in my opinion, cause while it is fun to run with a fort ant altyn, the gear becomes less and less worth due to this. These are just ideas, and hopefully valid ones Have a good day, Reader -James Kennedy
  20. fix iron sights also you mind adding a buyable compass so I can tell where the enemy is instead of telling them they are next to a tree when I'm on a map where there is a sh*t tone of trees just saying thanks devs
  21. xXErenJaegerXx

    This game is doo doo

    Recently I've been on a spree of getting fu**ed in the a$$ constantly, over and over, getting one tapped by everything left and right(even in the chest), and having my opponents always eat my entire mag, and so a lot of rage and screaming ensued, but I always came to the conclusion and told myself "it's probably not the game, I'm just poo and need to get good." Then this happened. I've got nothing else to say.
  22. It has happened several times where ill be spraying someone with my AKM and the bullets either are not registering or they're health hacking or something but this is getting ridiculous! Please fix this bug asap! I keep losing where i shouldn't because the lack of diligence and proper game functionality. All I ever see is the developers adding new guns and new mods. Like I really don't care. Just make this game "playable", please! Please fix this issue. I have a laundry list of game bugs that i can rattle off so please work on FIXING the game before considering adding more content. Procrastinating the important parts of the game over pilling on more content is irresponsible and negligible. Please, I really do think this game is such a neat idea, it would be such a shame to see it succumb to such ignorance. Thank you, KAMAARA PS. Ill try to record some "game" footage to further support this claim. My HDD isn't too large so I'll have a hard time doing this but I'll at least try.
  23. So I got to the quest where you need to turn in 2 Pilgrim backpacks. I had been constantly saving them because they are so big and useful, so I had about 10 of them stacked, with 5 tri-zips inside those as well. I also had a set of fort, helmets, and all my gold chains in the last tri-zip, which was inside all the pilgrims. So, not knowing which bag was which, or that it would even let me turn quest items that were not empty, I turned in two. When I went back to my inventory the whole stack of bags was gone, including everything that was inside it. So I am just asking that you DONT let players turn in quest items that are not empty, or at least put the items that a player lost in an insurance message. Thanks, hope you fix this.
  24. I was told by 2 of my friends that when they upgraded their game package, that all of their items in their inventory was deleted along with the fact that the trader standings got reset, why is this a thing, why dont you fix this INSTANTLY along with his player rank, WHY does it do this?
  25. I found using a program called Memory Cleaner stops the freezing that's occuring for some players. Specifically those with only 8gb of ram, and on the maps Shoreline and Customs. This also fixed the freezing I was getting during gun fights that was causing me to get killed. This is a temporary fix, as I'm sure this is something the developers are working on. I just wanted to help out those who are struggling in Customs and Shoreline. For a more detailed explanation of the program, here's a video I made showing you what options you should use in Memory Cleaner, and what the program does. Hope this helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJx7_7aTgvU&feature=youtu.be
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