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  1. After Four hours of trying to figure out how to fix this, discord Tech Support sent me a link to the files needed to download the fix for this. Fix is as stated below: -First, find or make a folder in which you will path the install for the game installation. -Go to http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ and download the game files. -When you download the files, extract the files into said folder from before. -Put said folder in the Battlestate Games folder -From there, you're going to set your
  2. Arcos_1024

    Interchange crash workaround

    I just wanted to get this out in the open for others to find. It certainly helped me a great deal. Interchange crashing every time I go near the center of ultra Game crash zone in Interchange Anybody else has this problem? Is this still an issue for Windows 10 Pro N users?
  3. Litteraly shot 4 bullet in this scav face and he didn't died. Fix your game look at my channel it's full of tarkov problems.
  4. After much consideration I beleive I have figured out the perfect fix to balance the player economy and flea market for all players of all levels. My solution is a simple one. Only Found In Raid items can be bartered on the flea market, including currency. This means only FIR cash can be used to purchase stuff off the flea market. FIR cash would be any Roubles, Dollars or Euros that a player finds in raid or recieves from a trader as a quest reward. Any cash a player receives for selling an item to a trader does not count as FIR. Any Cash that is exchanged on the Flea Marke
  5. Brand new computer with i7 10th gen, NVIDIA 2070 with current drivers, 8GB ram, and graphics settings set to the lowest. Yet the game will still crash at random points loading any other map besides factory. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

    fix for long loading times 2020

    ive figured out how to take load times from 5 to 10 mins solo and groups could take 10 plus minutes or even not work at all. well ive read everything on all the forums with no luck. so i played around with a bunch of different stuff tell i figured this out. it took my solo load times to 30 secs and my group ones to 1 min 30 seconds hope this helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hRleMAB3c&t=1s
  7. RatteMitLatte

    Pls fix/change this, thanks

    - Fix the "NEXT" Button - Fix the noise system - Fix your desynchs - Fix your email verification system - Fix the raid load system....it went from two to four minutes in the last 18 months - Fix the raid load system when leaving the offraid healing area - Fix ammo to disappear when dropped on grass Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread thei
  8. Ullekulle98xD

    Hands are busy BUG

    I've been playing this game for almost a year now but I keep running into a bug/glitch? where my character cant do anything but run and jump, I cant shot a single bullet or heal or use anything at all and when I tab into my inventory it says that my hand is busy. I had so much with me into the raid too and end up with a stupid bug as this that I've experienced since day 1. It's really frustrating and I know you want the game to be unforgiving for the players but damn, fix this bug at least. It's not fun to have this poo happen just to be 35min into interchange game and run into a playerscav wi
  9. I feel like doing runs where I primarily do PVP are less rewarding money wise than those where I just loot. Selling my guns and armor to traders that I get from fighting actual players that bring that loot in the raid is less rewarding money wise than just popping an SJ6 and running to the loot spots. I suggest an easy fix to this problem would be allowing certain items like; Guns, (most) Attachments, Armor, Meds, Magazines and Ammo, to be sold to the flee without being found in raid, this would make doing PVP runs way more profitable than just bolting to Resort, Techlight, etc. Another thing
  10. ToxicBlueApple


    ok guys spent a very long time,, 2 things I believe is happening 1) I ran as admin and signed in and it sent the code 2) there maybe a cooldown for code sending i.e. if u sign into the website then try waiting 15-20mins to sign into launcher i hope this helps someone i have icloud for mailing
  11. Hello, people from Tarkov! This is not a regular "I have this problem and dont know why"-thread, more like a documentary about a problem i had (spoiler: its in the title) and how i fixed it. This may or may not be an obvious thing, but it took me several days until i finally pinpointed the problem and a few hours to fix it, so maybe it is useful to someone else. Warning: It may be a bit technical. THE PROBLEM I HAD (AND WHAT I COULD HELP YOU WITH) Iam playing this game for several years, since the beginnings of the alpha. Made it through many of technical errors and probl
  12. There needs to be a kill cam to deal with these hackers, the report button is not enough and never will be. There is no reason not to have a after raid kill cam sent in the mail from prapor besides being lazy and not wanting to implement it. Plenty of hardcore squad games have it. It would end hacking in this game if you had video graphic proof so only two reports are needed not 20+ people reporting this dude for esp which you cant even prove without a kill cam.
  13. lutegoblin

    Cant Shoot

    Ive been dealing with the issue of not being able to shoot off and on since my first use of the game, about a year ago. Why haven't I found a fix for this. I've found alot of people who reported this same issue starting 3 years ago up to now. There's been plenty of time for this to be worked on and fixed. What's goin on Tarkov?!
  14. To improve performance, I switched to a lower resolution. But then, I couldn't see distant objects very well. A nice compromise would be the option to set a higher resolution in a small rectangle in the center of the screen, and a lower resolution in a frame around it. That way, you can see well in the center where the important stuff happens, while still getting higher fps thanks to lower resolution in the outer frame of the screen. Even better if you could set a few frames like that for a gradual change in resolution. Could also simulate peripheral view. So the game would look something like
  15. Why don't we restrict the secure containers to items only that you brought in raid with you? So items that you bring with you in raid - you can move in and out of your secure container, but any other item is a no go. This can potentially increase the meaningfulness of loot, and the idea of extracting. So when you find something incredibly high value, you can't just lock it up in your container and bar it from other people just because you got to it first. The loot doesn't get recycled and loses majority of its value. But if you restrict it, if someone kills you it is fair game, and theyre en
  16. FPSNutsackTV

    Market Transactions: "Out of Time"

    For starters the "boo-hoo you missed your timer" for insurance makes total sense. Tough luck when working with someone else's schedule. Totally on board with that. What I don't understand is the "pick-up or delete" timer applied to market sales. Seeing as the game is designed to be semi-realistically inconvenient for people, wouldn't it make sense to at least offer up some kind of convenience to your player base that doesn't break your back? Reason why I feel like this is mis-guided realism is worth bringing up, is because mail in the real world doesn't have a timer or disappear. For example,
  17. rooster158

    bsg please fix this

    https://streamable.com/7g7hoq as seen in the clip i just kept taking random dmg this happens way too often
  18. I wanted to make a mega QoL/UI thread of things that could be improved usability Market 1) “Add offer” covers prices of items https://i.imgur.com/knwDgDE.png 2) When you “Filter by item” search for an item on the market, and then “add offer” you should attempt to sell the similar item in your inventory https://i.imgur.com/0gDOyiC.png 3) When sending a captcha to block bots, send it AFTER the purchase not before. Often an item will be purchased if you get the captcha. 4) I am not sure what the MIN. is when you “add offer” on an item but it never makes se
  19. I'm doing the peacekeeping mission and met a scav player after reloading a mag my pmc held the gun in 1 hand and couldn't do anything else I had a pistol and a secondary and I couldn't do anything not even taking out the knife I had to die to watch how the scav player shanked me to death How is this still in the game ? isn't this poo years old now ?
  20. BallzDeep69

    Fix your servers FOR REAL this time

    Not only is a ping of 120 or higher every game unacceptable in fps game, the fact I only connect to the U.S servers and your servers still cant handle basic traffic of players is sad. Plus the fact that i have to restart the game after every raid to sell to the vendors is retarded and has been the same since 2018 and you have never fixed the issue. You need to stop adding poo and work on the foundations of the game. If the server are garbage, no one cares about new content.
  21. IMerlinI

    Is this working as intendend?

    So before you start harrasing me about this notorious topic - SCAVS, know that I don't think they should take 4 mosin bullets to the chest without armor, before dying and then 1 tapping you from ridicilous ranges with god aim. So I went in with a mosin, that's packing LPS GHZ rounds, I come across 2 scavs. I start shooting them, they just wont die, I counted 4 confirmed hits to the chest before he died. I went to loot him and he had no armor/helmet/armored rig. My question is, is this supposed to be like this? I don't think that when people say that LPS one taps thorugh
  22. Found something interesting, just wanted to know if there was any confirmation or truth to it from any mods/admins
  23. BandCampBully

    Its been to long bsg....

    So im sure everyone knows this, because its been a problem FOREVER but its somehow just swept under the rug after a year of waiting for it to be fixed so i will expose it again: when using any 1/4 or 1/6x variable zoom optic the 4x or 6x performs amazing no issues. On the other hand the 1x variable on ALL SCOPES that have zoom levels is highly slowed down on ur sensativity making it EXTREMELY unuseable when trying to aim at someone moving. Its ridiculous already fix the sens on the 1x so we can enjoy scopes!!!!!!!
  24. GloriousandGrea

    A FANTASTIC suggestion (Glass).

    I have a great suggestion. Fix the "bulletproof" glass in the game that has been broken since its been put into the game. There are multiple locations in Tarkov where the glass is completely and utterly broken. Lets list a few. 1) Green keycard room on labs - The glass does not function at all, in fact, it breaks game-play. Damage shooting into the green keycard room from outside is significantly higher. I'm sure that enough people have experienced this problem where you shoot someone that is outside an absurd amount of times, to only get instantly dropped through the glass from the outside.
  25. Hallo zusammen, ich habe Probleme mit der Spielsuche, wenn die Maps geladen werden oder ich in der Warteliste der Spielsuche bin wird mein Bild eingefroren. Das Problem tritt zu 80% bei jeder suche auf, ich muss erst das Game schließen und wieder öffnen um auf die Map zu kommen. CPU, GPU und RAM sind nicht überlastet. Habe noch keine Lösungen im Forum oder auf YT gefunden. Bin ich alleine mit dem Problem? Würde mich über Antworten freuen.
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