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Found 3 results

  1. My game mostly crashed while loading loot-piles but if it made it to the raid, it would crash during game play too. I lost a lot of loot due to my character loading into the game and then crashing. I didn't see the page file mentioned in the support documents. I set up the page file for windows and that fixed the problem. I've had no crashes since and it literally crashed every time for 2 weeks. Some people may have their page files turned off due to using M.2 SSD's and having plenty of RAM already available. Apparently turning the page file off is a bad idea. Hopefully this helps someone having those issues, but most people probably don't have their page file turned off.
  2. bladeraider

    FINALLY FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After making a post about an error I had, and got no response from the support ticket, " I do understand that they take time, but I was impatient ". Mr._Sheep replied and spent five days guiding and helping me figure out what the possible reasons for the constant freezing on the launcher. At the end it turns out I had a potential virus on my computer that kept blocking the launcher and causing these errors to occur. I really appreciate the hours that he spent with me. keep up the good game and the servers B.S.G sincerely BLADERAIDER007 p.s. Give Mr._Sheep a promotional raise.
  3. 大家好, 這篇文章將致力將所有已知問題,解決方案各個部分集合起來,包括啟動器,論壇和遊戲。您可以在頂貼找到內容和答案的鏈接。我們希望這篇可以幫助您解決任何可能遇到的問題。這是一個額外的文章,使你的遊戲更輕鬆。請享用! 解決方案目錄 常見問題/事件: 設備ID (Device ID)問題 / 出現"211- wrong activation" 預購包問題 付款不通過 區域鎖定(Region Lock)如何影響您 禮品代碼(Gift Code)問題 創建新文章的問題(新論壇會員) 如何報告錯誤 升級到更高的產包,但是遊戲資料沒有任何改變/沒有獎勵派發 遊戲常見問題/事件: 由社群玩家提供的初學者指南 地圖指南 控制指南 關於鑰匙和出口的資訊 關於武器資訊 有關醫療用品的資訊 遊戲技術相關問題: 登錄遊戲時出現‘’Error 231 - Wrong Taxonomy/Version’’ 物品不被保存/副本無存檔(離線模式) “Error299”卡在服務器中 啟動器相關技術性問題: 嘗試通過啟動器下載/連接時出現''Error 111 - No Connection'' 使用啟動器時出現“Error 102” 官方媒體及中文社區 Battlestate Games: http://www.battlestategames.com/ Twitter : Battlestate Escape From Tarkov: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/ VK : Escape From Tarkov | VK Twitter : BetaEFT Facebook : Escape from Tarkov Instagram : Official Escape From Tarkov IG Escape From Tarkov中文社群 : Facebook社團 : Escape from Tarkov 逃離塔科夫 Discord : 《逃離塔科夫》中文交流頻道 - Escape From Tarkov Chinese Facebook粉專 : Escape Form Tarkov 逃離塔科夫 戰隊/團隊招生集中貼 戰隊/團隊招生集中貼 其他Q&A Q:Closed Beta 在甚麼時間? A:2017年夏季(7月28日)開始 Q:遊戲會在Steam平台發售嗎? A:會,由遊戲完成品公告後就會申請登上Steam平台。 Q:遊戲會有中文化嗎? A:目前已在進行中,有興趣可以參與 https://translate.escapefromtarkov.com/ Q:我己購買產包,請問甚麼時候會知道自己可以進入遊戲? A:得到資格時,你會收到郵件通知。 Q:會有亞洲伺服器嗎? A:香港,韓國及部分亞洲地區已建立伺服器,日後會繼續增加 Q:遊戲有防外掛系統嗎? A:有,系統是由我們自己開發的。 Q:會推出VR實境嗎? A:有可能。 Q:季票有期限嗎? A:沒有,季票會包括日後所有DLC。 Q:玩家可以自製模組嗎? A:部分可以,但要經我們審核。 除了這些,您可以通過點擊這裡獲得支援中心的其他幫助!我們的論壇支援團隊也可以在三個分壇上為您提供幫助。謝謝
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