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  1. Posted this on reddit too, but with most of the userbase there being... immature (nicest way to say it), I couldn't get any proper discussion going. Hopefully the forums have users who are more eager to discuss properly. So here goes. Opinions, suggestions & questions are very welcome. First we must establish a fact that most newer players are usually unaware of: The Traders are the main source of income & gear acquisition. The flea market was never intended to replace the traders, it was never intended to be the new main source of income and gear for players. Now that we have come to accept this fact, we can continue. The main argument against the flea market is the fact that it gives infinite access to (most) equipment in the game. As long as you have the money for something, you can go ahead and buy it. If people sell it, you can get it instantly. The flea market also makes certain quests and hideout upgrades a walk in the park. "I'll just get it off the flea" is something that every player says nowadays. So how do we improve the flea market without making it feel like there's nonsensical game-y restrictions? (See: "FIR" status, high-tier gear being unavailable without a believable lore explanation, only having 2 slots, etc.) Well it's not something that can be fixed with only one change, multiple things have to be implemented: Things bought off the flea market must require time to be delivered to the player. The time it takes can range from hours to days, this is up to play-testing to figure out a balance. Some items should take longer than others based on weight and value. This way we completely eliminate the instantaneous gear access off the flea market. People will no longer be able to instantly gear-up with anything they want after a raid. They will either have to buy the gear they want hours/days beforehand and take up space in their inventory to stash it or they will have to use the Traders instead. Scav karma should affect the flea market deliveries. If a player has very low karma, there should be a chance that his delivery gets "stolen" by scavs on it's way to his hideout. This will make people think thrice before going rogue in their scav raids. Imagine the look on some -6.0 karma player when he gets a notification from Fence that a group of thugs snatched his 10 million rouble weapons case or labs keycard during delivery. Of course, however this should not have a >80% chance of happening. A good starting point would be increasing theft chance by 5% for every 0.5 points of negative karma. Therefore at -6 karma there's a 60% chance that whatever you bought will be stolen by other scavs during delivery. The explanation for Scav karma affecting the PMC's flea market deliveries could be explained easily in the lore of Tarkov by the developers. For example, let's say that the PMCs make deals with the local bandits. A PMC who deals with bottom of the barrel thugs and psychotic murderers will become a target for other Scav ganks. (This is already a thing with the Scav Case in the Hideout). In order to buy things anonymously and safely they hire bandits to deliver the items to them. No need for deep lore here. Certainly a way more logical explanation than other peoples' items being instantly delivered to your stash through sheer magic (and more balanced too, which is the main point). You can only buy a set number of items per day on the flea. This is needed in order to prevent people from buying everything in bulk and driving up prices to insane inflated levels. Without this then the first suggestion will not work properly. If deliveries take time to arrive then people would buy in bulk and ruin the market with shortages. In order to prevent this, strict limits need to be implemented. Lore-wise, explain it with something like the scavs refusing to be your constant delivery boys or not wanting to do many deliveries per day because they could attract unwanted attention. Again nothing deep here, just a simple and good enough excuse. The flea market is an unstable network set up by random people with unreliable equipment. At least that was the lore explanation BSG gave us. Well, it should act like an unreliable network in-game too. The flea market should randomly suffer from server crashes, slowdowns and maintenance. At times it should be taken down for days on end due to special events. This way the flea market becomes an unreliable source of equipment & income. You may not always have the flea around to get the gear you want or sell that rare item you found. This makes looting in raids and using the AI Traders a lot more important. The developers have already tried such flea market crash events and it has proven to work. So instead of making it a once per wipe special thing, it could become a main part of the game. TL;DR - Currently the flea market grants instant access to gear and is available 24/7. With my suggestions however gear will take hours/days to arrive and the flea will not always be available. Traders become almost as important as they were pre-market days. Additionally, with these changes the developers could then ease up on previous nerfs that were brought to the flea market. There would no longer be a need to block certain items from being sold and we could return to having 3 slots as the default. I'm interested in what you think and why you like or dislike what you see here.
  2. Do you guys found this "New Event" more hardcore for this game? Thoughts?
  3. Naegrad

    Level 15 Flea Market

    Please reconsider enabling flea market at level 5. It's a very fundamental part of the game and I'm sure that most new players will stop playing the game before reaching level 15 without it. Level 15 can take more than 100h to reach, which is way too much time for a core feature like the flea market. I suggest lowering the required experience at least at level 10.
  4. MeRCyMadman

    A Slight Change to the Flea Market

    It would be nice if there was some way that the flea market would automatically sell items up for barter if someone else requires that same item for their own listing. I.E, if I list an 11SR for a Dorm Marked key, and someone else lists a Dorm Marked for an 11SR the game automatically makes the trade for you.
  5. The current flea market gives money a lot more value than barters, this proposition would make looting more interesting, flea less OP. (please read the exemple° Proposition: Everything is "barter only", but: -When putting an item for sale, you can chose the prices/ required barters like currently. -Flea Barters are kept like currently -buying don't give cash, but a certain value in barter items Exemple: -you want to buy an M4a1 on flea, you find one worth 60k roubles. -In your stash you have an ophtalmoscope ( worth 50k), a gas can (115k), a GP coin (25k) and 5 blots (2k) -you can buy the M4 with your ophtalmoscope + GP coin -you can buy the M4 with the gas can -you can buy the M4 with your ophtalmoscope + 5 bolts -you can't buy the M4 with the ophtalmoscope alone or ophtalmoscope + 4 bolts . This would allow flea prices to be more controled by bsg (by changing the loot value on maps), have a better progression curve (as players level up, they will have more keys, find more high value items... they will be able to buy better items) You still will be able to transform your barters into cash (by selling to traders) but not the opposite. This would require lucky scav junkbox to be less expensive, as barters items would be more important Please leave a comment about your toughts/suggestions, especially if you disagree
  6. Mobile app to manage hideout, stash and flea
  7. I'm at Level 14 and trying to complete about 18 more quests to be able to unlock Level 20 everything-sold Flea market (L20ESFM) Why do i need to unlock L20ESLM: -buy some items to upgrade to Lv2 Stash -buy some items to upgrade to Secure container Beta -buy some items to upgrade Hideout -buy some Lv4 armor vest when needed because it's hard to get in-raid or from Scavs -buy some keys needed to do some quests -sell some high value in-raid items that i keep in my Stash -buy some guns and silencers with cheaper price -completed all Gunsmith quests because i didn't get enough mods to do it before --- What is the current L20ESFM? L20ESFM is a great market, has everything you need except for things that require Found in raid, just have money you can buy everything from L20ESFM The outstanding benefits of L20ESFM: -if you are a rich player you will have everything -equip everything high-level easily without having to loot in-raid or loot from boss, just buy. Exp: helmet, armor vest, chest rig, backpack -no need to find keys or exchange items for keys (Merchant Lv required) to do quests or open marked rooms or open extract doors, just buy -upgrade guns to high-level, meta-mod, lowest recoil without wasting effort to find gun mod in-raid, just buy 1 set -buy in-raid only rounds as SSA AP, MAI AP or craft only rounds quickly, no need to loot or craft, just buy --- The negative when L20ESFM exists: -the richs get richer -the poors die more -there are super soldiers in the Factory or Lab with the highest-level of equipment possible -no need to loot in-raid or loot from dead enemies and still get the full-mod guns from L20ESFM, just buy -make 1 meta mod, lowest recoil gun very easy and fast -to get a large amount of good ammo too easily or too quickly -to get important keys just buy, no need to do quests then raise the Merchant level (Trader level) and exchange items for keys Some opinions are both positive and negative because it depends on who you are, high-level players or low-level players or devs --- Why did the devs raise Flea market (FM) level to 20 from 10: -want players to focus on doing quests instead of just loot and combat then easily unlock FM. From there they can buy good things, combat well, loot more, get rich and don't care about quests. Or change some players who are not interested in doing quests because they are afraid of difficulties -Lv20 FM is what makes the gameplay even easier for advanced-level players who have played well -Lv20 FM is what makes the gameplay of low-level players still as difficult as before because it is difficult to find items, sell items for little money and they are extremely jealous of those who have unlocked Lv20 FM -so devs can only restrict low-level players from touching high-tier items but can't hinder or slow down high-level players who can touch them very soon. The efforts of the devs to raise FM level to 20 from 10 is completely useless and even more unfair -why is it unfair, because high-level players and low-level players still face to face in the same raid and the difference in equipments will just increase more -many weak players will give-up, someone who still loves this game will go back to dark raids for a few people or play during low-players times of day to avoid high-level players =>Is this a sad story in your gaming world or is this game only for hardcore players, not casual players. Do you want the majority of people who love FPS to come to Eft from other games as CS-GO, PUBG, Call of duty series, Rainbow six series, FarCry series, Crysis series? --- I would like to suggest a solution to limit the over-high gear-up for Eft by limiting what is sold on FM to make the gameplay of all players more fair and better than before much more, players will have to focus on the quests because they have to buy most of things from the Merchants (Traders) instead of buying everything on FM like before. I call it Level 20 restricted Flea market (L20RFM) What will not be sold on the L20RFM? -armor vest -backpack -container & case -gear component -helmet -tactical rig -weapon part & mod -weapon -ammo -key --- The positives of using the L20RFM: -devs can slow down the progress of super players without affecting casual players -battles in raids will be more balanced -super guns with high-end ammo will appear much less often -low-level armor vest & helmet are still effective -casual players can confidently enter the Factory or Lab or bright raids -players' good equipments must be accumulated after many matches, not bought at once from L20ESFM -everyone has to link together, play in groups to use important keys instead of playing solo -enhance team strength, can't be just 1 high-end gears-up player against a 5 members team like streamers are still doing --- The negatives of using the L20RFM: -high-level players will be disappointed that a new FM is of little value to them -high-level players and rich players can't gear-up quickly as before, they have to collect gun parts and gun mods from guns that was looted from enemies or loot in-raid or buy from Merchants -some streamers will be extremely angry because they can't concentrate their power as high and fast as before, their business will be much more difficult. They have to find friends to go with them to increase their strength, not just a natural talent to know the enemy's position is enough -players who loot something should use it or sell it to the Merchants -players who want to gear-up what they want are forced to unlock higher levels of Merchants to buy or barter -many in-raid loots will be sold cheaper to Merchants -buying many things from Merchants will be more expensive than on L20ESFM -L20RFM mainly for buying barter item, provision, medical treatment to support to upgrade Hideout and barter with Merchants -all weapons, ammo, gear must be purchased from Merchant or loot in-raid or loot from enemies or crafting -finding keys for marked rooms will be very difficult, few players have enough keys for 1 map --- You will see a new world in Eft that is very interesting for all players, everyone will gradually get used to it and love your Eft game more than before Thank for reading! Let make this game a perfect game ;D Best regards
  8. I am actually not sure if it is indeed a cut feature, but i vaguely remember something said about flea prior to its introduction ingame: You wouldn't be able to buy things you haven't inspected. This could be quite big, as reaching level 20 wouldn't directly allow you to buy the best gear/ammo, as you would need to find and examine it first. and effectively slow down progression In one of the recent podcast (i think it was in the "Pogcast") Nikita mentioned the possibility to cut the flea into "tiers" to restrain the immediate obtention of every items at once when reaching level 20. This change could fill this goal in a more intuitive and coherent way.
  9. Skalden1

    Please remove Fleamarket

    Dear Developers, please remove the flea market from the game. It ruins so much things. Hackers, and/or professional Farmers, a complete destruction of the balancing for the loot and the PvP/PvE and it creates a toxic comunity. In the first time I was exited, that we will be able to sell/buy things to/from other players. But, if you see, that you now can buy 5 million roubles for just 3,50 € it is a sign, ho much ingame money the farmers are grabbing out of the normal player base. I see no advantages for normal players in your current system. Best wisches Karotte
  10. I think the level 20 Flea market is very overkill and will only hurt new players coming in. It doesn't really matter what level cap is placed on it the experienced players know to grind to get it faster while leaving the new players trying to learn the game far behind. Not to mention discouraging them by seeing how long they have to play to reach this new lvl 20 cap. I've played with a few new players that have just started this wipe and 3 weeks in they already feel that they have fallen behind and would rather not attempt to progress further.
  11. B3rl1m

    Flea market rework

    The current tought is: Let's level up our PMC and unlock Flea Market. It doesn't have to be like this... Let's explore our options: 1 - Now we have the Scav Karma(is working slowly): I can go and find my items by myself. I need luck, but, i can do it and many scavs are helping me with that! 2 - Streamers INSANE RUNS: Flea Market level based on wipe: Unlock Flea Market only after 30 days(for players level 10); 3 - This game cannot be only Flea Market.. I don't buy a game just to emulate Ebay shopping cart... 4 - Flea Market Fee to consumers(like taxes): Now with Scav Karma this game can be based on finding what you need and not buying everything from Flea Market. With taxes we can buy just what we really want and increase the "wipe" sensation. Another games like Diablo 3, turned off the auction system because players stopped playing just to sell items.. For this to work we need to nerf the Flea Market. We need to put high fees and encourage players to run for items and not buy them on the market.
  12. Is there a reason people can list more items that can fit in your inventory? I wanna buy a listing but I can't because the amount of items is literally too many to fit in a completely empty max stash. For example, if they list something that takes up over 680 total inventory slots, you literally cannot buy it. The image I attached shows Aquamari bottles for sale, 369 bottles would take up 738 inventory slots. I understand you can put items in containers for space, however you cannot do this when buying from the flea.
  13. As the title says once clicked on the "Add Offer" button, if the game can't determine which item is going to be sold, NO ITEM should be selected by default. I made the same post on reddit and i'm creating it here in order to attract devs attention. Feel free to chime in to voice your opinion but please be respectful of other's opinions and avoid being toxic. Tank you for the attention. Original reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lwveny/add_offer_window_should_not_auto_select_random/ Digest of Flea Market improvements suggested: Flea Market UI Each failed purchase should not add or at least add less to captcha counter "Add offer" button Decrease width in Preset window or put the filters in another row "Add offer" window DO NOT pre select any item Smaller, resizable with position persistence through sessions Highlight the item currently being filtered Highlight number and/or modal box on very high taxes (based on item) "Add Requirements" window Resizable with position persistence through sessions Focus on price input ADD on Enter ONLY IN THIS SMALL WINDOW Hideout crafting windows Smaller items Scroll position persistence for the session
  14. It would be great if the option "Autoselect similar items" worked so it selected ALL similar items in the stash, as it work now: if you have lets say a sugar just laying out in the open in your stash and one in your lunchbox it only selects the on you have out in your "raw" stash. So it should select all the similar items not only the ones you have in your "raw" stash. Also when you click add offer and then open lets say your scav junkbox and selects an item it only selects that one even if the option "autoselect similar items" is enabled.
  15. are you happy with that unecessary change to the trade from Jaeger @BSG ? Thanks for ruining my shotgun and sniper runs
  16. I like the idea of giving data about prices on the flea market, as it encourages people who want to gamble the market and trade at the right time. The min, max and average values doesn't seem to make much sense though. None of them seem to be related to what an item generally sells for. For example here are the data we get about SJ6 stim: Min: 12646 -> Maybe someone sold the wrong item. Maybe it's from before the time when the player base started fighting about farming Killa on Interchange. Average: 87247 -> That's really pushing it for an average price. I'm guessing a few anomaly values messes it up. Max: 711112 -> Someone sorted by highest price by accident. The seller either typed one digit too much or is trying to make easy cash on the aforementioned unlucky people. Here are some suggestions: 1. The data should have a time frame. Prices generally change based on the player base overall progression in a wipe, in combination with weekly fluctuation (demand up on weekends). For this reason I suggest that only the data from the latest 1-2 weeks should be shown. 2. The interface should tell us what that time frame is. 3. Get rid of anomalies. Perhaps replace min, avg, max with 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile*? I'm not a statistician, so someone probably has a better idea. The names doesn't necessarily matter. They can still be called "min", "median", "max" for all I care. Conclusions: The data should allow us to make educated guesses on whether the current values on the flea market are high or low. * For people who don't know what these are: Assume that 100 items are sold on the flea market. If you order them by price: 25th item = 1st quartile 50th item = median 75th item = 3rd quartile
  17. mister_rice

    Bitcoins as an independent currency.

    I think that it would stabilize the flea market prices if bitcoins are implemented as an independent currency that cannot not be converted to rubles by selling them to traders. The buying power of bitcoins could still be linked to real-world bitcoin value by making trader prices in bitcoin inversely proportional to bitcoin value, where the prices of trader items are fractions of bitcoin similar how bitcoin is used to buy/sell products or services in the real world. The flea market would still be affected by fluctuations in bitcoin value, but demand would be less sensitive to it because there wouldn't be a direct correlation between bitcoin and ruble buying power. Ruble inflation would still take place as the perceived value of trader items decrease with an increase in bitcoin value, but not because bitcoin value translates directly to the number of rubles in circulation on the flea market as it does now. It would also change the meta of gear that PMC's run, as they wouldn't be able to run meta gearsets and lose money in raid without depleting their ruble, euro, and dollar funds, which they would still need to purchase certain trader items and services not purchasable with bitcoins. I think in this system most items from traders should have bitcoin pricing options, but things like insurance, armor and weapon repair, and maybe even ammo shouldn't. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this idea but I'd love to hear feedback.
  18. Dear developers, I just wanted to sell an airfilter for 21k - I clicked on it - filter by item - checked the price and went to type in the price 21.000 then some bug occured (trust me it happens a lot but this time I didnt see it) and it had selected some bullets instead of the airfilter - the games fee system then taxed me over 900.000 rubels for a simple mistake. My suggestion to you is - only take the listing fee from the player after the item has been sold - this way I couldve seen my mistake and taken the bullets off the market. This simple change wouldve saved me a ton of money - which I had to grind for 1 hour to get. The other alternative would be adding a warning that tells players when they are about to list an item for MUCH TOO HIGH and it will ask them if they really want this and then they can fix the mistake. The way it is right now is just much too easy to duck up. Thanks
  19. I worked myself up after weeks to come back to the think I love The "Flea Market". After finally unlocking it, I just got disappointed. I can't sell anything anymore. It feels like such a downgrade of the game. To be able to sell the stuff you don't need or want so you can buy a bit better Gear and Ammo. Also I loved to be able to trade, by buying Weapons Modding them and selling them. (What looks like it not possible anymore neither) As a low level to be able to do that, has given me much Joy and Fun, it also help me to be able to Fight heavy geared Players and high levels that has it easy to get this type of equipment. If you Already take the low levels players there edge away not being able to combat those players, why not just make so that all that is under level 10 can't Fight players over level 10. This Is just a Low Level opinion after having played this game a long time and coming back to something that fells so broken.
  20. TheNoobYouLove

    GPNVG-18 flea market?

    So I prefer running nights and always buy these off the flea / peacekeeper without thinking about it, but now I wanna know how people are putting them up on the flea since I have never seen any in raid, on raiders or scav case, wondering if there is a specific area to find them in or if there is a bug abuse going on.
  21. Olá, sou jogador do tarkov há bastante tempo e tenho tido problemas com o jogo que só vem a piorar. Eu encontrei no fórum um cara gringo com o mesmo problema que eu (link no final), e que ainda não ouve correção. Esses problemas já tem mais ou menos 1 ano e acredito que tenha aparecido após o update 0.10. Já enviei pedido no suport do jogo, e eles dizem estar cientes do problema e que haverá correção, mas já faz tempo e está impossível jogar. Após a resposta do suporte da BSG vieram diversas atualizações, inclusive uma para corrigir problemas de lobby, mas nenhuma resolveu tais problemas. São eles: - Após sair de uma partida, fico muitos minutos travado em tela preta com o circulo girando no canto inferior direito da tela até alcançar o menu do jogo. - Flea Market buga do mesmo modo, fica travado e é preciso esperar muito tempo para resolver. - Vender itens para Therapist, Prapor etc, acontece o mesmo do flea, a opção "comprar" ou "vender" some, e/ou as vezes os itens de compra/venda também somem. Após o update 0.12.8 um problema adicional: - Preciso fechar o jogo e abri-lo novamente toda vez que vou jogar em grupo, caso contrário não consigo chamar ninguém e não consigo entrar em raid em grupo. Aqui no fórum português não vi nenhum caso semelhante, então resolvi criar este novo tópico. Após ler bastante sobre outros casos iguais, posso afirmar que quem tem os dois problemas acima citados, também tem este problema novo de lobby (pós 0.12.8) para jogar em grupo. * Vale lembrar que já fiz de tudo para resolver o problema, e está muito claro para mim que somente é possível a correção com uma futura atualização. Segue o post original do problema:
  22. AlphaPhiAlpha

    QoL change

    Dear Devs, could you please consider moving the “place on flea market” window slightly lower? The way it is now, everytime I press the add offer button, the window appearing covers the current lowest price on the flea. Everytime I need to move it downwards so I can price my item. This step has to be repeated with every single offer placed on the flea. I think this is an easy QoL change that everyone would benefit from and it doesn’t have any drawbacks!
  23. Hi Guys, is it normal to lose money if my rating in flea market decreased. cuz I lost about half of my money after my reputation decreased around 0.4 points. or is it a bug. and why is it decreased?! please help.
  24. Pontinz

    Flea Market LvL Requirement

    Put the minimum level to use the market back to 5, Level 10 is too high and pointless. The game is almost unplayable as my stash has been full since level 6. I have optimised space as much as possible. I am just holding items for no reason because Im not going to sell rare items to a trader for stupidly low prices. I cant even play as a scav to get weapons to level up my PMC because I will have nowhere to move the weapons to in my stash. Either make the lvl req back to 5 or make it so you gain xp from playing as a scav because I literally can not play the game until im lvl 10.
  25. kapriq

    Flea Market not working?

    My flea market isnt working for some reason, could someone please help me? I dont know if its meant to be or if it is just bugged. I tried really everything like restarting the game my PC too or just F around with the tags. Heres a screen: https://prnt.sc/tak7tn
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