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Found 9 results

  1. clebenstein

    Flea Market Bot Solution

    Hello, I was thinking about the issue with flea market bots and desync between countdowns for items on the flea market. Maybe implement a five second timer after the first purchase attempt, register all other purchase attempts in those 5 seconds and use a sort of dice roll mechanic (similar to WoW maybe) to determine who the successful purchase goes to? This gives everyone attempting to make the purchase a fair chance to successfully buy the item, acting as an equaliser between players and bots. For those that think this may put them at a disadvantage due to bad luck, I imagine it's still better than losing out on purchases to the same bot every time. This could at least be a temporary fix until a more solid solution to the bots. I would be interested to hear anyone else's thoughts on this, it's just a thought I had.
  2. Skalden1

    Please remove Fleamarket

    Dear Developers, please remove the flea market from the game. It ruins so much things. Hackers, and/or professional Farmers, a complete destruction of the balancing for the loot and the PvP/PvE and it creates a toxic comunity. In the first time I was exited, that we will be able to sell/buy things to/from other players. But, if you see, that you now can buy 5 million roubles for just 3,50 € it is a sign, ho much ingame money the farmers are grabbing out of the normal player base. I see no advantages for normal players in your current system. Best wisches Karotte
  3. Nut911

    lost flea market items

    I recently spent a week buying and selling sp-6 on the flea market and put a giant offer up of over 10000ish sp-6 and it was removed from my invintory and up on the market after taking the offer down an hour later due to a lack of sales it never came back not a single bullet. it even tells me my offer was removed but it was never seen again. this has happened before with ap 6.3 and it was far more ammo than the sp-6.
  4. Ha sido arreglado, hoy martes 21 de Mayo, el problema relacionado con el problema de la reputación del jugador en el mercado de pulgas.
  5. Leviath4n

    Various Ideas

    Okay so the TL;DR We need individual sensitivities for scopes or magnifications because sometimes it just feels completely off and hard to use (example: Valday PS-320 1x/6x Scope, has a slow 1x sensitivity and a very fast x6 sensitivity) A sort of jury-rigged attachment system where you can modify things to fit where they normally wouldnt. (example: taping a light onto a shotgun without a rail system) The interface in the trading menus needs to be changed so that things can be bought together instead of one by one with a window similar to the selling tab. Basically, flea market cap of 3 items is kind of annoying and I know has been touched on before but it needs to be increased. obviously, the best way is to just increase it with your rep. Most importantly of the changes I'm suggesting is definitely the ability to either set the sensitivity on a per scope basis or the ability to set sensitivities for each magnification level, much how PUBG does it. The best example I can think of is the Valday PS-320 1x/6x Scope. It has a weird sensitivity issue where it's fast on the x6 and slow on the x1 magnifications. Its almost as if they're inverted. This sucks cuz it's my favorite scope but it is sometimes unwieldy. The best scope in the game in terms of functionality for me is the PSO but it doesnt fit on nearly enough guns. This brings me to the next point of having a sort of more crafty or jury-rigged manner of putting attachments on guns. So for example maybe a way to saw off the extra parts of a PSO and attach it to any gun using tape or glue or screws (or anything that would make sense) and other things like taping a flashlight/laser onto a shotgun (or any gun for that matter) without a rail system. It would add so much diversity to the gun builds and some great immersion maybe midraid where u tape a laser or something onto your shotgun at night on factory. Could be cool. The buying of weapon mods can be quite tedious when you have to individually buy each attachment and fill in the roubles. So why not just have a buying window as you have for the selling window with a little pop up window for buying in bulk/larger quantities (like for ammo). That way you can choose everything you want to buy from a single trader all at once and purchase it all at once. Just a nice little quality of life change. And finally the least important change. Just allow for a higher allowance of items you can put on the flea market at any given time. This could rely on the rep system which as it stands doesnt really have a use at all past i think 0.50 rep. everything after that is kind of just a number. Maybe for every 1 rep up to 5 you get an extra slot or every 0.5 even up to 3 and then every 1 up till 5 and every 2-5 until 10 rep. Would just make it more manageable and would be cool since a cap of three kinda sucks. Thats about it, let me know about any suggestions or changes you guys think of. Cheers and so you in Tarkov.
  6. Simply if you buy something for a price which is unusually high compared to average price then it should warn you. This should also be true for bitcoin and such. This is because of the people that put something up for what is a common price but in euros or dollars. I was thinking you could restrict wallets, money cases or stacks of money from being available for trade however just warning people would be better. EDIT: Also just thought of one more when you buy something and you press buy all it should buy all thats left. In my experience if you do it and even 1 has already been bought then it will disappear from your list and not buy it.
  7. Cyver

    Flohmarkt Q&A

    Escaper, wir haben ein paar Fragen und Antworten bezüglich des Flohmarktes für euch gesammelt. Q: Ab welchem Level kann der Flohmarkt genutzt werden? A: Charakterlevel 5 ist erforderlich Q: Wieviele Slots sind beim Start verfügbar? Wird es mehr geben? A: Anfangs werden 3 Slots verfügbar sein, wenn ihr eure Handelsbewertung erhöht, könnt ihr mehr Slots nutzen. Wenn eure Handelsbewertung sinkt, werdet ihr weniger Slots zur Verfügung haben. Q: Wie funktioniert die Berechnung der Bewertung? A: Wenn eure Waren gekauft werden, steigt eure Bewertung. Werden eure Waren über einen längeren Zeitraum nicht gekauft, wird eure Bewertung geringer. Q: Wieviele Punkte erhalte ich für einen erfolgreichen Handel? A: Die teureren Deal bringen euch mehr Bewertungspunkte. (Berechnet wird nach einer speziellen Formel) Q: Ist es möglich den Zugang zum Flohmarkt zu verlieren? (z.B. bei zu negativer Bewertung) A: Wenn eure Bewertung auf -2 fällt, wird nur noch ein Slot verfügbar sein. Q: Was ist die maximale Anzahl Slots die ich erhalten kann? A: Es können bis zu 100 werden, abhängig von eurer persönlichen Handelsbwertung. In Zukunft werdet ihr den "Tradesman" Status erreichen können, welcher euch zusätzliche Vorteile geben wird. Q: Plant ihr eine Schaltfläche, die es ermöglicht alle Gegenstände auf einmal anzunehmen? A: Ja, das ist geplant. Soon. Q: Niemand hat meine Gegenstände gekauft, sie sind im Flohmarkt nicht mehr sichtbar, wurden mir aber auch nicht per E-Mail geschickt und erscheinen auch nicht in meinem Stash. Was kann ich tun? A: Das ist ein Bug, für den wir weitere Details brauchen (Bug reports erstellen! :-)) Q: Warum gibt es eine Verzögerung, bis meine Angebot im Flohmarkt erscheinen? A: Diese Verzögerung ist vorhanden, um einen günstigen Handel zwischen Spielern zu verhindern. Wir haben diese Verzögerungen eingeführt, um anderen Spielern die Möglichkeit zu geben, eure Gegenstände zu finden und zu kaufen. Q: Wird es die Möglichkeit geben, Artikel als persönlich zu kennzeichnen? (Damit beispielsweise nur Freunde oder Clanmitglieder es sehen? A: Nein, das wird es nicht geben. Q: Wird es möglich sein, bereits erstellte Angebote zu ändern? A: Ihr könnt nur den Angebotstimer erweitern. Um das gesamte Angebot zu ändern, müsst ihr es vom Markt nehmen.
  8. ivantuvieja

    Boicot a los especuladores.

    Como muchos os habréis dado cuenta, con la aparición del flea market ciertas personas están acaparando todo el stock de diversos objetos/municiones para luego revenderlos en el flea a precios desorbitados. Aun por encima el tiempo de restock de los traders ha sido aumentado a tres horas haciendo que muchos acaben comprando en el flea la municion u otros objetos pq no pueden/quieren esperar otras tres horas para probablemente no poder comprarlas de nuevo. Lo que yo propongo es lo siguiente, cuando vayais a comprar balas o cosas que se compren en grandes cantidades hacedlo de 1 en 1. Por que haría eso os preguntareis, pues pq por cada bala que compres le llega un mensaje al vendedor con el dinero, eso quiere decir que si compras 200 balas el tio va a tener 200 mensajes que tendra que abrir uno a uno para recoger el dinero. No solo eso sino que, debido a lo mal montado que esta el sistema de mensajes actualmente, puede llegar a crashear tu juego (o al menos dejarlo a 2-3 fps) si tienes una cantidad grande de mensajes, con lo cual entre el tiempo que pierden en recoger todo el dinero y los problemas técnicos que puede suponer conseguiremos que no les salga rentable. Idea sacada de este post: Estoy seguro de que habrá gente que no esté de acuerdo o que le parezca una putada y está en su derecho, no obligo a nadie a hacerlo pero, viendo como esta el mercado y la cantidad de gente quejándose de la especulación en el flea, me pareció oportuno compartirlo. PD: No querías ventas? Pues toma 500
  9. Olobaid

    Flea market revamp

    After fiddling with the market a few things came to mind. Feel free to add, will update. Let's get a clean list for upcoming versions. Convenience: retrieve all earned money at once - coming soon™ UI: Limit maximum offers per page to screen, allow individual values for listings or afix a bar at the bottom. Scrolling up/down to be able to change pages shouldn't be a thing. UI: Overhaul UI to make market more corresponding to user input. Another case where desync and lag influence a bit too much UI: Remove additional information from flea market entirely. The information can be accessed via right-click. Save that feature for auctions only. Stacked containers: Either disallow entirely or fix searching of subsequent cases/backpacks Canceling orders: Canceling sale offers should be possible before said offer goes live Average price: Instead of calculating average price by current high/low on market use actual sales for increased accuracy. Estimated price: Use value from average. Current approximation does not take the actual market into account. The item has been sold: Message not accurate, for sometimes you will still get the item regardless. You receive the slide-up window that gratulates you on a successful buy in both cases. The item has been sold: Change to slide-in at bottom instead of popup dead center. TL;DR: Yes, there are more important matters to tend to possibly. However, as long as as EFT ist still work in progress let's keep pushing.
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