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Found 23 results

  1. MeRCyMadman

    A Slight Change to the Flea Market

    It would be nice if there was some way that the flea market would automatically sell items up for barter if someone else requires that same item for their own listing. I.E, if I list an 11SR for a Dorm Marked key, and someone else lists a Dorm Marked for an 11SR the game automatically makes the trade for you.
  2. B3rl1m

    Flea market rework

    The current tought is: Let's level up our PMC and unlock Flea Market. It doesn't have to be like this... Let's explore our options: 1 - Now we have the Scav Karma(is working slowly): I can go and find my items by myself. I need luck, but, i can do it and many scavs are helping me with that! 2 - Streamers INSANE RUNS: Flea Market level based on wipe: Unlock Flea Market only after 30 days(for players level 10); 3 - This game cannot be only Flea Market.. I don't buy a game just to emulate Ebay shopping cart... 4 - Flea Market Fee to consumers(like taxes): Now with Scav Karma this game can be based on finding what you need and not buying everything from Flea Market. With taxes we can buy just what we really want and increase the "wipe" sensation. Another games like Diablo 3, turned off the auction system because players stopped playing just to sell items.. For this to work we need to nerf the Flea Market. We need to put high fees and encourage players to run for items and not buy them on the market.
  3. On the flea market, it should remove the filter by item filter when you try to search, instead of having to remove it and restarting.
  4. DilligsonHD

    Fleamarket selling

    It would be nice if the game would ask you ,if you really want to sell the ITEM with this amount. Because I had this many times that I sold the wrong item for the wrong amount and to prevent that I would suggest that.
  5. Hello, me and my friends having the problem that i cannot build my weapons out of the building preset screen. When I click buy missing parts I can only buy parts that are sold by the traders. When I switch filter from "trader" to "any" it won't show me active flea market offers. Only solution for me is to build the weapon in preset mode and then go to flea market and buy the cheapest offer. Can anyone help me? I tried the search function but I didn't find any related posts. greetings and a happy new year to you!
  6. battlecator

    Out of stock items

    Hello, I 'm trying to purchase Metal fuel tank from Jaeger. The item is going out of stock the moment the trader restocks. Any help? Because the options are two. Either pay double the price on flee-market or use some kind of trickery.. Anyhow, Thanks for reading : )
  7. So i have just unlocked the flea market and i understand that in the last update a change was made, in which only items that have been found in a raid can be sold on the flea market. This stops people from buying items and then re'selling them for a profit. But i have noticed that a large amount of the items that i have in my inventory can't be sold on the flea market. But all of the times with the exception of my starter content has been found and collected in raids. After running a few tests I found that the only items I could sell on the Flea Market are items that I have successfully extracted with. But say i die but i managed to put a graphics card into my case, is it by design that i'm then unable to sell the graphics card on the Flea Market, even though it came from a raid? because that seems to be the case at the moment. If that is the case, whats the purpose behind it, in my eyes it just incentivises people to hack, hackers will most lightly win 95% of the fights they get into meaning they will always extract with the best gear, which then they have the ability to sell Flea market for a bigger profit.
  8. To buy the case you need to have Therapist 3 unlocked, however you can still start earing euros on the flee market once you unlock it. Euros, from skier, are worth 149 roubles a peice. alternatively to buying euros and burning your wallets, start selling items for euros on the flee market. Take a good price and divide by 135, this is the magic number! you will not only be making euros but in more worth, contrary to if you sold it for roubles because the flee market vaules a euro as around 120-130 . Therefore your listing higher up and you will be making more money than the listings around you.
  9. I recently crafted a Magbox and purchased two further Magboxs (Rubles left account) to craft a Scav Box. I went straight to crafting from purchasing and although the purchased Magbox’s show up I was unable to select ANY item (Bolts & Kex included!) when I went to my player inventory, there is a purchased Magbox missing?? Is this a known glitch? What do I do? Any help gladly accepted PS. Sorry for the crappy res it was a screenshot grabbed from phone. But you can clearly see the 6 boxes there!?!?
  10. it would be a simple and extremely convenient function if we had a "back" button on the flea market page. just a button that will take us back a page to our last search or item in the flea market. this would allow us to link search an item to find its counterpart, and if we decided to buy both items (for instance an altyn and its face shield) i can just purchase the item on the screen and then instead of having to link search again or type into the search bar for a second time, we could simply click "back" and it would take us back one page to the last flea market page we were on. this may seem small but that out of raid time really starts to add up.
  11. Dear Battlestate Games, I am really sad that one can't sell items which are not found in raid on the flea market anymore. I suggest that you re-add the function in a very new way with another tag beside "Found in raid" You would have 3 types of item tags: - None (No icon) - Found in raid (✓ Icon) - Not sellable (✗ icon) The sense of "None" and "Found in raid" should be the same as before patch 12.6.7456. You can sell both on the flea market and you only need "Found in raid" for quests and other things but not for the flea market. The "Not sellable" tag should cause the item to be not sellable on the flea market but you should be able to sell it to dealers as it is now with "None" items. In my opinion, if you end a raid with the "Run through" status, items shouldn't get the "Not sellable" tag. If you would like to keep the same principle that exists now (the principle that you can't sell items from a "Run through" raid on the flea market), the "Not sellable" tag would also be a good solution for that. I know that another problem was that people bought many items from dealers just to sell them for a much higher price on the flea market. That's something I wouldn't have any problems with, but to prevent this problem, you could also give items bought from dealers the "Not sellable" tag. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to tell me, I would really like to talk about this topic more! Best Regards, Lenkradfreek
  12. TheLoudBird

    Flea Market "Found In Raid"

    So I have been playing Tarkov for a long time and love the game, BUT for the love of god can we please get rid of this dumb found in raid only poo I dont know how many times I will successfully leave a fking Raid WITH THE ITEM get out to sell it cause it is worth a lot of money only for the flea market to tell me I didnt find it in a raid that I just got out of! Really issing me off an making me not wanna play with this dumbass set up for the flea market. I tried to add a picture showing this but I had an Item case, attack 2 pack and a mosin. no not the gun or the bag is worth much but I can sell the item case I just found that is really fuckin stupid
  13. Pontinz

    Flea Market LvL Requirement

    Put the minimum level to use the market back to 5, Level 10 is too high and pointless. The game is almost unplayable as my stash has been full since level 6. I have optimised space as much as possible. I am just holding items for no reason because Im not going to sell rare items to a trader for stupidly low prices. I cant even play as a scav to get weapons to level up my PMC because I will have nowhere to move the weapons to in my stash. Either make the lvl req back to 5 or make it so you gain xp from playing as a scav because I literally can not play the game until im lvl 10.
  14. I had placing a filter on flea market of the price of 43,333 rubles. After I enter the price, it automatically switch to select my RIP ammo which have 150 rounds. I pressed place order without noticed it, and I finally found out the 150 rounds RIP ammo cost me 4,000,000 rubles and at least 1 reputation on flea market lol. It f me up and I uninstall this stupid game, I type this topic to remind all new comers to be careful of all stupid settings on this game.
  15. Hey there, Noticed you can't buy Dogtags anymore on the Flea, the category is simply gone. I looked through the last few changelogs and couldn't find anything. When have they been removed ? Why doesn't it show in any of the patch notes ?
  16. Does anyoone else has this problem that the fee is much more than asking price? anyone know a fix? restarting does not work. Thanks in advance.
  17. Blastie

    Found In Raid Update + Flea

    Hi there my IGN is CSA_Blasti3_TV I would like to ask your opinion on "Found in Raid" items ,that cant be sold on Flea and not used in quests... I want to ask why... Hatchlings will continue in their job ,but they will give items to players on maps and players will pay them in bitcoins... Its not bad with killing at least scav / survive 10 minutes to live ,but... There are more and more extract campers waiting for you ,then stealing your loot and GTFO from game... How are we supposed to make money ? We cant run reserve ,becouse there are no extracts ,where we are safe... Shoreline dont have much loot for players on other side from Resort... I've seen running with my friend and we saved items in gamma / alpha made profit and then went with gear on maps to enjoy some gameplay :) But now we worry to even survive and make at least 10K roubles from it... I just want to say ,that your update didnt help with hatchlings... It will make more players Hatchling :) So please Fix your servers to we dont have 100000 PlayerRTT and Pleaseee fix your "Found In Raid" stuff Prapor : Bring me Tank Battery Me : ˇBrings Tank Batteryˇ Prapor : NICE ! Thanks ,but.... did you found it in raid ? Me : Yes sir ! Prapor : And did you survive ? Me : Ehmmmm... No ? Prapor : I dont want this cheap poo ,even so its same like found in raid... Me : ˇLooking inside my walletˇ (0 € - 0 $ - 0 ₽) Prapor : But i can buy it from you for 10 ₽ even so it cost 900K ₽ on market :3 Market : What would you like to sell ? Me : Ehmmm 2x Graphic Card Market : Hmmmm looks new... Found in raid ? Me : Thanks ,but no... i died and it was in my gamma so i could sell it... Market : We dont want this bye ! Like WTF xD Is this how to make "Your game"? Nikita said: We dont care about money or how many people plays our game ,but we want to give our players best experience Yea sure :D Last wipe was better... Thanks for Extract Campers and more Hatchlings Nikita <3
  18. Hey - people! First post here - I hope I am doing okay! When creating a new offer on the Fleamarket some Item is preselected for selling. This preselection sometimes leads to selling the incorrect item if the user is doing things very swiftly. [Including myself] Since those actions create fees and influence the Flea Market reputation I think it would be a simple improvement to not have any Item preselected for selling when creating an offer. I hope you people agree - I attached a poll to this topic to see if I am the only one. Anyway thank you!
  19. Please stop destroying the game as weeks go by! STOP making unreasonable changes to Flea Market and Cases! Some parts of the players, like me, aren't EFT Gods to be able to survive raid one after another! We can't play this game made just for the elites, like top twitch players. You need to start thinking of your hole community, not just Pesilty, and hackers. Don't make our game harder just because of them!
  20. Sh4Tex

    Fleamarket Bot with API

    Hello Guys. I wanted to ask if somebody knows how to make a Fleamarket Bot on Twitch that can list all the prices of all items. I saw that Bots at LVNDMARK and robn_live's channels. I'm a small streamer and wanted to do the same system but I don't know how this works. It would be very nice if somebody could explain it to me or send me something where I can learn it.
  21. -STATUS OF 12.6 CHEATING FROM MY PERSPECTIVE- I've seen a lot of low level AMERICAN buyers of in-game currency this patch and its still only week 2 (EX. lvl 9 players with Labs tier/ M61 MDR loadouts but they're trash at the game and die to me with a shr-1mp from point blank). As a Russian-American, I digress, in week one of 12.6, even, day 1 and 2, I was getting lag switched out of raids, aimbotted, and ESPed certain times when I picked up anything valuable or got a full bag in-raid. I say that 10000 bans a week is not enough bans because at the rate which I encounter these sketchy persons, it seems like one in seven can't play the game normally, and one in 15 are buying with currency from these cheaters. I've done close to 160 raids since wipe day, and those are my statistics as of right now. I can tell when someone is using information they shouldn't have because I know the maps like the back of my hand and I have over 5000 hours logged testing just about everything offered in the experience in multiple builds of the game. There are cheater situations, and not all of them are obviously breaking the physics of the game. Someone who is using radar and actually knows how to play competitive can be a larger threat than some pleb who is trash even with an aimbot. Its part of the reason why its not safe to just stand still and not make sound. On another note lag switchers are the worst and I don't see any deterrents for preventing that though. -CONCLUDING OBSERVATION- With three types of cheaters corrupting the experience (cheaters, lag switchers, and radar website abusers), only obvious cheaters are being addressed by anticheat, and incentive to cheat or buy money is still very high. Found-in-raid system as it stands benefits cheaters because they will be surviving and with more valuables. Fundamental changes to flea market, trader tasks, skills, or further discretion are necessary moving forward in order to generate interest in new and old players. -SUGGESTIONS- First of all, I love all of Eroktic's content, and shame on BSG for the DMCA scandal. Negative hype is literally everything the scavs say and it hurts just to understand them on loop. Just putting that out there. Change scav lines/ add more. I get that they're supposed to be offensive, but there is not enough variety in what they say. Much of the scav audio is not heard in game despite having the line diversity for each voice in the link below. Is this where I sign up to be a voice actor? I can speak russian without an accent and I think I would be ideal as a multilingual russian-english actor. I especially like Eroktic's new idea for faster or monthly wipes and a separate but simultaneous permanent character mode would mitigate this need for trash skilled players to buy loot from the cheaters because they can play the permanent endgame character to have fun and use loot. Essentially this would be like a non-hardcore mode. Making loot worthless and increasing accessibility to end game loot in the long haul would prevent cheaters from making money. One way to do this would be to make tasks more relevant to the gameplay loop instead of just random sequences of linear challenges with trackers. Having more people participating in the grind for a more achievable Kappa end game would be time friendly for people who can't play as much (those more likely to buy currency); this idea would be more relevant for a permanent character. As for the monthly tryhard wipe league that i would like to participate in 50+ hrs a week, changes to flea market to make it even more restricted (reducing it to found-in-raid in-game equipment with all current systems and removing barter items from flea market) would further prevent cheaters from generating currency by creating a barrier to their sales. Getting rid of expensive items on flea market makes it more difficult for them to liquidate their assets for a head start on normal players. Auction-only would be a more intuitive feature for the sale of in-raid barter items. Using my recommendations, developers can address both the supply and demand of this issue by reducing both demand and supply. Creating two character modes will split the playerbase into the casuals that want to pvp, and the sweaty nerds who want to climb the ranks. There will still be cheating, that's inevitable, and radar website abuse will still be unaddressed using just these three suggestions about wipe, flea market, and auctions. The overall experience would be more enjoyable with my fourth and final suggestion as a deterrent against the radar/esps (concealed cheating); a post-raid killcam/spectator mode after the timer has ended. It doesn't even have to work that well, but it should be like the one in playerunknown's battlegrounds. The more capabilities it has, the better. I know that a reporting system is planned, but proper spectating would make it more effective. The spectator mode project could generate excellent content on the internet, increasing the popularity of the game. I would like to hear other arguments against this type of killcam/spectator mode other than it would be hard to code or it doesn't fit the vision of the game. My vision of the game currently is that its full of these cheater POS and they're sometimes preventing me from being competitive in the wipe. I want more immersion and less cheesing of gameplay loops. More animations, better tasks. -CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS- Here is my creative idea: Imagine a bullet/grenade cam in slow motion like in the fallout games by bethesda; the game would be UNPARALLELED and even more unique in a very cool way while also benefiting the hardcore experience. This kind of feature would make this game ESPORTS relevant and much more popular. Why not add live dismemberment? I want to see my enemies' try and crawl away to staple their appendages back together after an RGD explodes from under them. Granted the servers would need yet more upgrades. Thanks for coming to my Tarkov TED talk, - Maladyetz
  22. qulky_

    Item-lock feature??

    You're about to go on a raid, but you need a bag. You scramble to the flea market and buy the first one. Quickly clicking through the process you buy your bag. But just as you press confirm you see the price (est. 56 ) youre heart sinks as you just bought 10 Tri-zip backpacks for your precious Red Rebel Ice Pick. Now you just dont feel like playing I know I am not the only one to have fallen for the "Remove Barter Items" filter not being activated when it displays above, or being in such a rush you forget to read the price of what youre buying. Can we get a "Item Lock" feature in an items drop down menu, that prevents it from being consumed in any regards (Barter, Hideout, etc.) A simple button where you enable it and to disable it, a player must right click -> unlock item -> confirm unlock. There is nothing more frustrating then seeing 6 mil go down the drain when i accidentally buy 320 wires. I know that it is pure player error and carelessness but i feel like this feature would only do positives regardless.. Cheers!
  23. For players to buy all of the limited amount of bullets from dealers and sell them on the flea market is an exploitation of the system and makes it so the players who buy first can sell at an extreme mark up price. Please make it so you can only sell found in raid bullets. Thanks
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