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Found 5 results

  1. Tomohawk

    Flying Player

    Dunno what caused this, if it was hacks or good old Tarkov desync. Two of us sprayed into the player with no result, still alive and non-lootable. He didn't move the whole raid so desync? Anyone else seen this before?
  2. airelek

    PlayerScav Hackers

    Player scavs should have the original player name displayed when you get killed by them. Me and a friend just got killed by a player scav that was flying sideways and shot us through a bunch of walls with 0 sound shots. Giving player scavs anon names is the most inviting thing for a hacker right now.. even though there is no report system yet it will be easier for players to help with the cleanup if they had their PMC names on display. Heres a vid of it. In the video i thought i died from the barbed wire but my death screen showed the scav name. Skip to 8:20 sry for the poo recording
  3. Noxis_

    Report Hackers

    I'm not sure where to do this so starting a thread here. A player by the name of 'FKiller' is using flying hacks. Please ban!
  4. xkrakenx182

    Reporting a hacker

    Me and two friends of mine went to CUSTOMS a while ago and got single shoted by a flying dude,see for yourself on the video above His nickname is "Givi Bugor"
  5. Tajin

    AI placement

    Apparently there are some issues with how bots are randomly placed on the map... Take a look at tree in the background on this screenshot...
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