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Found 19 results

  1. BsgRacetrackPio

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    Hi all. We all know that players wearing Armor Vests (Class 2 or 6) must be hit many more time get killed, you first have to breach their vest and then they get really damaged (or you can score hit on non-covered parts of the body) I know that this fact isn't really realistic due to gameplay problems and this is okay and fun. But when you wear a Fort Armor and you get hit by a Shotgun from 2 meters, you don't die off course because you wear the armor but at least you are very stunned from the hit you got. I suggest to add a Stunned Effect like grenades do, maybe less invasive maybe less durable just a second or 2, but I think this is very important for gameplay. You don't die but the game cannot let you go around like nothing happened, at least a few second of stun must be added, or smomething like this. Maybe the player hit can fall on the ground on his back, being able to shoot back after a second.. I think you understand what I mean Off course you don't die but you got an Hammered in your chest like if it was Thor launched the shot
  2. TheBigZwiebula

    Fort 6b43 armor preis

    hi geht es nur mir so oder seid ihr auch der meinung dass die änderungen an der fort armor scheisse sind? mit der anpassung des schutzes von 70 auf 50 konnte ich ja noch leben aber 45 finde ich ist zu wenig, eine kiver hat ja schon 40 und die kann man einfach kaufen. mmn soll die fort ja was besonderes sein, weswegen man sie auch nicht einfach so kaufen kann aber seit diesem patch ist sie einfach nur eine kiver mit anderem design und 5hp mehr. ich bin mir darüber vollkommen bewusst das dies ein hardcore shooter ist und ich möchte auch gar nicht als ultra tank rumlaufen aber momentan sehe ich keinen grund platz in meinem inventar für eine fort zu verschwenden wenn ich mir für 16k einfach jedesmal ne kiver kaufen kann. in meinen augen sollte man entweder die fort auf 50 hochstufen und wieder mit geld kaufen können oder erhöht den schutz auf 55-60 und die goldketten auf 6. ps ein beinschutz wäre auch was cooles, natürlich nur mit entsprechender verlangsamung zb nur noch lormal laufen oder langsamer
  3. VTechas

    Best scav run yet?

    Spawn in as a scav > see 2 geared players > kill 1 of them > reposition 9999 times to kill the 2nd one > get 2 forts, a fast mt, 3 m4's > extract. Solid scav run I'd say haha https://youtu.be/CfC28C-mBLs
  4. Apsalar

    Fort Armour Scavs?

    Hello. New player here. I just wanted to know if late game scavs still have a chance of having fort armour equipped. I need to find fort armour for the first Skier task. The last video guide on the topic is like 1+ months old so I'm not sure if scavs were changed since then. I already have a Kiver helmet I found in one of my raids. While I'm at it, is it possible to find the armour first, then start the task and complete it right off the bat, or do I need to find the armour in the time frame the task gives me once I start it? Thanks in advance!
  5. Tspanks


    WHAT IS THE POINT OF RUNNING THE BEST GEAR IF IM GOING TO GET KILLED BY SOME AK74U camper laying prone in a corner 10 minutes after a factory raid starts. PLAY THE GAME LIKE A MAN, AND CAN WE GET SOME HELP ON OUR LEGS?
  6. SPLM

    Grinding but no luck...

    i've been grinding so hard to get this skier quest and every other quest to suceed. But the skier one, may i say OH MY ducking GOD that poo is impossible (i know it's not impossible cuz it has been done :)....) i've been grinding factory and woods for 8 hours whenever i had time (we are talking 10-12 just today of grinding for fort armor). Only once have i seen the fort armor, had about 2 seconds with it before i drop dead right after i picked it up. (i had to examine in order to pick it up) i've been playing this game soooooo much it's INSANE and still cant finish the quest. i've found a poo ton of kiver helmets but no fort. - i dont like the fact that it all depends on wether you are lucky or not. IMO the fort is waaaaaaaaaaay to RNG. Idk if what to do about it though, maybe make the missions "a solo player thing" where you progress on "offline servers" against waves of AI who progressively get's harder (and then the for armor guy at the end) I think i've heard of this ebing their idea with the quests but im not sure. im not saying that all quests should be offline, the one where u have to collect 5 salewa kits if fine online. but the fort armor one is damn to hard if you ask me (it's the interaction with other players that makes it even harder, espcially all of them tryharding factory bitches with their fancy m4's and poo. duck those guys #kappa) good day y'all.
  7. I searched on google for how to farm fort. I tried wood, shoreline, custom (factory is too hard for me yet // just bought the game) what i have tried is scav or PMC stay on game untill very last like 5min before time limit and try to join the game on night or dawn and wait on scav spawn area I usually kill scavs for next wave but it just doesn;t work for me I'have been farming it for 2 days now but i have never seen single scav with fort armor or helmet what am I doing wrong? any more tips?
  8. Peti0127

    Fort armor

    I need a fort armor before I get that big minus, but I don't find it anywhere. Can someone maybe sell one for me?
  9. SnekFurce

    Buying Fort Armor for 400k

    Ives tried for 5 days now and I just cant get it. Ive tried doing factory runs but no scavs have it. Ive stayed in raids till 30s left and no scavs spawn with it. I am will to buy Fort Armor for 400k roubles,
  10. billyboban

    Desperate for a FORT armor.

    Hi all, I'm desperate to buy a fort to do skiers 1st quest. Can anyone help? Can pay for it. This quest is a pain. Thanks, Billy
  11. ill trade almost anything in my inventory for a kiva, thats all i need, i accidently took the skier mission and somehow got the fort by luck, kiva is pain... please respond, only 15 hours left or sumthing like that lole
  12. ill trade almost anything in my inventory for a kiva, thats all i need, i accidently took the skier mission and somehow got the fort by luck, kiva is pain... please respond, only 15 hours left or sumthing like that lole
  13. Hunter2219

    Possible Hacker?

    Once again this is just a question but my friend and I got one shot from someone who we couldn't see within half a second of each other by someone (my friend my mid hop over a fence) there name was YogiBear and I don't know if it was hacks or not could of been a number of things I guess but just looking for some guidance or a possible explanation so please let me know.
  14. I went into a raid as my scav and killed a guy fully geared. I then took his stuff into the next raid and killed everyone!
  15. Finale

    Too much Fort Armor

    Played the new patch now for 80 hours and i have to say that the new spawnrates of bots with fort armor and goldchains in safes seem a bit off to me. Maybe even 100% more than what we used to from the last version. I knew its a beta and giving out rare items to players so they can test them is fair but for me it seems like those items are not rare anymore. Kiver helmets that doesnt protect you that well dont have a trade up anymore. You can just buy them now. In generell the game got easier this way which i dont support. If the spawnrates are well thought out than maybe consider lowering the spawns on the factory map because the time you need to clear the hole map is way shorter in comparisn to any other map. For me it was always a challenge to search for and find rare items. This feeling is quite dwindling with the new patch. What are your thoughts on this topic? Finale
  16. Skiers` first task in my mind is a bit rediculous. I know that the tasks are not supposeed to be too easy but at least make the first few tasks reasonably attainable. The fact that people are saying that, if you spawn in late into factory you may find a scav with fort armour, is frankly a bit of a joke for the first task, especially when now you are only able to level a trader up now by completing these tasks. It just seems to me that this task is deliberately aimed at slowing the progression of new players and making it almost impossible to catchup to the better geared players. I mean, even with Paca armour on, you come up against someone wearing fort armour and you might aswell be wearing a mankini. Come on, please sought this out, and give all players an equal chance.
  17. The video contains everything
  18. CharleyConway

    Fort Armor.. Where do i find it?

    I've heard that fort armor will sometimes spawn as scavs but i've yet to see any. Is that true? And are there any other possible locations to find some? Trying to complete the first skier quest.
  19. BiodecayYT

    Where is the Defender/Fort?

    I've seen that getting fort/defender have been rare on scavs recently compared to previous patchs. I would like to know why you decreased the already rare rate of getting it by (estimating) a woppin 99% I've seen it on Scavs and I have literally played for 2 days straight and not encounter a single Fort Scav.
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