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Found 5 results

  1. arangechicken

    Fps Issues

    So I’ve recently purchased tarkov and my first impressions were amazing. Playing with friends and my close family really made this game 10x better. The only issue is that I’ve been experiencing really low fps on certain maps. Factory and Woods are really the only ones that give me no problems. My question is if I can do anything with my video card settings or in the ingame settings to help improve my performance. The settings that I have currently are just the default ones, I didn’t touch any of them. My specs are: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Intel Core i7-9750H CPU 2.60GHz 16 GB of RAM I’ve been told that I have a somewhat decent system but I don’t really know a lot about that sort of thing. Any tips or answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. hello ppl (first of all I would like to apologize for my bad english, I live in Austria) I recently built a PC with the following parts: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600x GPU: RXT2080 (few days ago I got a MSI RTX3080) RAM: 16GB Vengeance RGB PRO RAM 3600MHZ Mainboard: MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX Monitor: SAMSUNG G7 2560x1440 240HZ (but 0.5 Downsampling Ingame) 850Watt PowerSupply I play EFT with low settings and still only get max 80 - 90 FPS (On Factory max 100). I have a lot of BIG FPS drops (until I only have 30FPS). I installed the latest drivers and the game runs over my SSD. I've already heard that the game is running on a pretty degraded engine called Unity and that that's one of the reasons the game runs so poorly. It can't be true that I have such a bad performance with a PC more than 1500 €. Are there any ways I can boost my FPS? If so, please share and help me.. I really hope that someone can help me..
  3. Hallo alle miteinander, Ich habe nun schon sehr vieles selbst ausprobiert und bin langsam ratlos da es auch nur mit Tarkov auftritt. Ich bekomme seit meinem neuem Rig weniger Fps und das komische dabei ist das meine GPU, CPU nur 50% Auslastung haben. Mein Rig: i7 6700 OC 4Ghz GTX 1660 Super 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz Rog Strix B250G Gaming Ingame Einstellung: Ingame Auslastung: (Bild wurde im Offline Modus gemacht) Ich habe schon DPI Skalierung und tausend andere "Fixes" probiert aber nichts scheint wirklich zu helfen. Am meistens verwundert mich halt die Auslastung, da dort noch genug Platz noch oben ist aber das Game nicht mehr abrufen will (i guess?) Energieoptionen sind in Windows auf Hochleistung Factory ist die einzige Map die normal läuft, weiß echt nicht mehr weiter LG
  4. Hello all, thank you for reading, I´m playing at my laptop equipped with: - i7-7500 [email protected]/2.9GHZ - 16GB of ram (8GBx2 ddr4) - nvidia geforce gtx 960m GPU - Two SSD´s having windows on separate built in m2 (240Gb sata3 & built in m2 slot with OS) The issue is for me that two weeks ago I was able to get around 50-60fps on customs, but now i struggle with 30ish with lags during shootouts which is terrible and basically unplayable. I want to state that I have tried almost everything that I could find around reddit, youtube and forums, my nvidia settings are all set to performance as visible on the pics, also the battery settings, compatibility of the eft.exe file & the hdr and bloom in txt file, the ingame settings are also in the pics, I´ve set priority to high in task manager, deleted the pc´s temp.files etc. etc. I´m currently clueless about what to do. Do I have to upgrade the hardware? Is there something wrong with my settings? Is there a problem on the other side?-dev´s; as I was able to play before normally and now I struggle. I have really enjoyed the game so far and I would definitely like to continue playing with my friends, but with 30 fps, its just such a pain. Is there anyone out there having the time and will to help a fellow out? Thx for any replies!!!
  5. Hallo Zusammen, seit dem letzten patch vom 08.04. (glaub ich) hab ich plötzlich Teilweise 50 fps auf Interchange (vorher immer uim die 80-90) Einstellungen hab ich nicht geändert. Hardware ist ein i0 und eine gtx 1080ti Hab ich etwas übersehen ? Vielen Dank im Voraus.
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