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  1. azsamurai

    FPS Drop near another player

    So i’ve noticed that anytime i’ve near another player (not npc) or gun fire starts. my frame rate drops to an unplayable level while in Raid mode. It seems that in Scav, i dont have as many issues, still some but no where near the massive frame drop that i get in Raid. Is this my system isnt up “beefey” enough or simply the game is still in beta and not optimized? my system: MSI 350 board MSI 580 w/ 8GB VRAM 8GB of normal ram Ryzen 5 1600
  2. Hey Guys, Hope someone here can assist me in the matter. I bought a 3080 end of October, and EFT was better than ever hitting Fps Cap on all maps with a few dips to 105-121 Fps here and there. After recent patches im Hitting 27-35 Fps and the game is not using 30% of my Gpu. before i would use at least 80% Gpu and 60-70% Cpu. i have tried re doing Nvidia Drivers , tested with a few other Drivers up until the latest Driver. when i enter the raid Gpu sits at 80-90% Gpu usage and fps at around 100-122Fps and 15 or so seconds later you can see the Gpu ramping down to around 500-
  3. Hallo deutschsprachiges Tarkovforum, hier eine aktuelle Version des Escape from Tarkov FPS Guides Der Guide wurde unter Windows 10 Professional unter Verwendung einer Nvidia Grafikkarte und einer Intel CPU erstellt. Möglicherweise sind einige der unten aufgeführten Tweaks in anderen Windows Versionen anders zu finden oder nicht verfügbar. Achtung, wie für alle anderen Guides hier im Forum, gilt auch hier: Für eventuell auftretende Schäden an Hard u. Software, sowie Datenverlust kann keinerlei Haftung übernommen werden. Einige der hier aufgelisteten Tweaks benötigen die Ve
  4. Rawvvi-

    BEST FPS Settings 2021

    O sa postez aici setarile pe care le folosesc eu pentru fps-uri bune in Escape from Tarkov. Sper sa ajute pe toata lumea. Spor la joc.
  5. Hello everyone, I was just posting today to ask about your graphic cards. I'm currently playing on an RX480, and on good days I get 60-70 FPS on customs. But the moment I get any scope that's more than 2x and look at a tree on woods I easily fall to 30. Lost quite a few kits to that hardware problem and it's very annoying. So I was asking to see what cards you guys play on! Do you guys get good FPS? What are your graphic settings? Looking for some cheap upgrades that would work nicely as well. Heard some people talk about GTX1080ti, would a GTX1080 work just as we
  6. how do you remove or change the framerate limit? is there a way to do it through the console commands or no? when you type fps 1 in console it clearly shows there is a 120 fps limit i'd like to try the game uncapped for example just to see, and maybe limit it to more like 144?
  7. Bornagain


    Welcome, thanks for reading. P.T.S.D International is a community for meeting new people. Feel free to join us, self advertise and play games if you want to. We do not have any written rules nor requirements, just have fun. Discord - https://discord.gg/AezwdC7
  8. Hello! I suggest that Battlestate Games expand on the FPS limit, allowing us to set it to higher values. This would be better than the work-around (enable v-sync in EFT and disable in Nvidia). Here are some reasons: 1. The work around breaks lobby FPS limit setting. My computer fans are always running at high speed when my fullscreen application is active, even if I'm just watching the main menu. I don't need 300 FPS in the menues. 2. G-sync requires a FPS limit slightly below your monitors refresh rate to work efficiently. Currently we have to limit ourselves to 120 FPS (even if
  9. I have been playing ETF for over a year, never has been this bad before. My FPS in game is struggling to hit 35 on any map except Factory. I have gone through what I believe to be all settings tweaks and youtube fix videos with zero changes. My game is also getting stuck at the "loading map 100%" for minutes on end. Looks like alot of people are having this issue and nobody has posted a fixed update. In the in game settings it does not matter at all what I put them on, fps will be the same. If I turn everything to low...30 fps. If I turn everything to the max...30 fps. Auto ram cl
  10. Wowzors

    Unusually low FPS

    I have recently upgraded from a 1080 to a 3080. My rig is as follows: 6800k @ 4.2ghz EVGA 1000w G2 EVGA 3080 XC3 461.09 drivers 32gb ddr4 @ 3200 windows 10 up to date Samsung SSD . 1440p 120hz Gsync monitor for some reason since going from my 1080 to my 3080 I have seen my fps tank dramatically. The odd thing is in offline I get 120fps locked, I hop into a scav run same map 45fps average. Really not sure what's going on or if it's a server issue or what. images are offline vs online. The usage is so low I have a very hard t
  11. Hey guys it's just been a few days since I started to Eft. I cant figure that out how should ı set my graphic options. I'm playing with rx590 8gb, amd ryzen 2600, 16 gb ram. My average fps is 60 when ı deployed. But then its getting down and down every minute till its hit the 40- 42 fps. I think ı have a overall type of gpu. But its looking like a garbage when ım playing. Shortly what can ı do about that problem ? Is there any solition about that ? And lastly ıs there anyone playing with rx 590 to ? Additionally you can see my options ın attach.
  12. Hey, Fairly new to the game but been playing some hours on my rig i7 7700k GTX 1070 8GB - 16 GB RAM 3000mhz without any noticable problems. Since yesterday, when im standing at the bridge in customs, which seperates the waters between big red and factory, when im looking towards the other side of the bridge i notice a big drop in fps all the way down to 55, some other places it can drop to around 61 but it usually run around 80-100 and this is on ultra settings. Is this just me or does this happen for alot of others with as good specs as mine? Also when im scooping with sniper scopes my fps
  13. aggrssv3


    THE BEST SETTINGS for 1920x1080, priority at HIGH vsync "ON" max FPS-Guide!😄 Have FUN! leave a commend!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. Ingame FPS all of a sudden took a huge dive after the latest update Now im locked to 60 fps when im on VSYNC even though my monitor is 144 hz Lobby FPS was 145 but ingame gets locked down to 60? Its like the ingame fps limit and lobby fps limit got switched??? After today's patch
  15. Hi guys, I've recently purchased tarkov, even bought extra RAM for the game. SPECs: i7 8700k GeForce 7600 GTX 6 GB 16gb 3200 mhz RAM I'm getting around 120fps constant fps on factory, and only playing customs outside of that because I don't know these maps and learning 1by1. On customs I can get drops to 60 fps but running 70-90 mostly on low settings. I've watched countless videos, read through many guides about optimizing, toyed with gsync, ticked/unticked the VSYNC, downloaded process lasso, did everything I could find online (approx 10h research now
  16. kpol95

    Problem z FPS

    Witam mam problem z fps po formacie komputera z 90/100 klatek spadło do stałych 62, a podczas celowania scope x4 / x6 mam stałe 48 klatek, może jakieś pomysły ? Pozdrawiam AMD Ryzen 5 2600 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 6 gb 16 gb ram ballistick 3200mhz ssd sata 500gb
  17. I had been seeing serious GPU throttling in Tarkov and through my searches I'm not alone. Not a lot of answers either. So I was fiddling and found some things. my GPU overlay was doing some weirdness. I'd throttle down to 600-800 mhz and 500mhz ram. super cold like 40C only ~75watts consumption from an oc'd vega on water. Interesting. I turned on all I could find active metrics wise and started just seeing what was going on. SO I found out when I was sitting dead still the game was running 30fps locked! When I started looking around it would issue micro-stutters and jump UP t
  18. AdmiralAtago

    Any of you watch anime?

    I watch quite a few, haven’t been watching as much lately as I should be. I’m not entirely a fan of this Moe era, I kinda missed stuff like ghost in the shell and all those. But hell, I know I still watch some of these Moe shows and all that like Yuru Yuri. The gf has been keeping me occupied and away from games and all that kinda stuff with her Netflix and always wanting to go somewhere or do something. Not that I mind though..
  19. To get right to the point (as I have dedicated so many hours already to this), I am having unplayable FPS issues. 3600 (stock clock) XFX 5700XT THICC iii (no OC) 3200 16GB RAM (in the correct slot and ensured XMP is on @ 3200MHz) ASUS B450 TUF PRO 1TB SSD I have been trouble shooting this for days now and I seem to be hitting my head against a wall constantly. I am aware of the differences between FPS stability between maps like Woods and Customs so I have been troubleshooting mainly on Customs as in my mind, if I can get it sorted there, it should r
  20. Hello everybody, I know a lot of people already asked questions similar to this one, but I've followed every possible advice/guide and I still can't solve my problem. This forum is my last hope and I hope to figure something out. I'm playing EFT on a PC with: RX 480 AMD FX8350 16 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHZ SSD 1080p 60HZ MONITOR My only problem is I can't have a steady framerate except for Factory. Every other map runs at 50/60 FPS (I can't complain) but my framerate drops to 20/30 during fighting and other crucial situations, and that's what I'm tryi
  21. Kroomenz

    Kurze Standbilder

    Meine Spiel läuft grundsätzlich sehr flüssig. In der Fabrik habe ich durchgehend 120 FPS und auf anderen größeren Maps wie Shoreline oder Customs 80-100. Aber wenn ich auf den größeren Maps in die Runde reinjoine bleibt mein Spiel immer kurz hängen und meine FPS gehen kurz runter. Wenn ich dann in eine Richtung laufe habe ich ebenfalls so alle 5-10 Sekunden ganz kurze FPS drops. Das geht dann die ganze Runde so. Zwischen den kurzen Standbildern läuft mein Game flüssig. Ich habe mir auch schon etliche YouTube Videos zu dem Thema angeschaut, doch keine der Tipps konnten mir wirklich helfen.
  22. hey guys so i have a laptop with the following specs: 159300h rtx 2060 16gb ram and the game is installed on an ssd. but i still only manage to get 50-60 fps on customs and as low as 30 to 50 on reserve. i am playing on low settings at 1080p
  23. AbsolutCold

    Problème de performance

    Bonjour a tous, Je vous donne ma config Ryzen 5 3600xt, 1080 ti aorus xtrem, 32 gb de ram en 3600 Mhz, et 850w en alim. Alors voila j'ai des problème de performance malgré le jeu , Nvidia etc .. optimisé : .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nowRW4riy-Y&t=1s. j'ai déjà suivis ce tuto (il faut retirer les points) Mon ami joue sur un i7 9700k et a 120 130 fps avec une 1080. on peut voir que mon processeur tourne a une trentaine de pour-cent la ou mon, ami est a 90% on a opti le jeu de la même manière dans l'attente de vos réponses merci de votre aide .
  24. So i have my kinda ''High end'' computer, i dont know if consider it high end but is more than enough to run tarkov. My Specs are: -i7 7700K non overclocked -RTX 2060 Super 8GB -16GB RAM 2133Mhz -EVGA 800W PSU. And im getting like 55 fps on reserve, with kinda high stutter. Tried process lasso, ISCL, xmp on and off. Closing everything and playing only with tarkov open. Another thing to note is that somehow my ram is sitting at 12gb usage (97%), my ram should be enough to run the game, since i can play literally any game in high/ultra with no issue, while tarkov
  25. lilbicky

    Can’t get 60fps in Tarkov

    For a while now I’ve been struggling to reach a solid 60fps in Tarkov. Lately it’s been horrible with my frames staying around the 30fps mark. Any other game I play (Valorant, Apex Legends, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, etc.) runs perfect with solid frames and no issues, yet I struggle with Tarkov. I’ve done tons of internet searching to find an answer but have only managed to learn that Tarkov is a CPU intensive game, and that you should increase the quality of graphical settings to take some of the load off of the CPU and onto the GPU. I’m currently using an AMD RX 580 8gb graphics card, so I sh
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