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Found 13 results

  1. kpol95

    Problem z FPS

    Witam mam problem z fps po formacie komputera z 90/100 klatek spadło do stałych 62, a podczas celowania scope x4 / x6 mam stałe 48 klatek, może jakieś pomysły ? Pozdrawiam AMD Ryzen 5 2600 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 6 gb 16 gb ram ballistick 3200mhz ssd sata 500gb
  2. hello ppl (first of all I would like to apologize for my bad english, I live in Austria) I recently built a PC with the following parts: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600x GPU: RXT2080 (few days ago I got a MSI RTX3080) RAM: 16GB Vengeance RGB PRO RAM 3600MHZ Mainboard: MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX Monitor: SAMSUNG G7 2560x1440 240HZ (but 0.5 Downsampling Ingame) 850Watt PowerSupply I play EFT with low settings and still only get max 80 - 90 FPS (On Factory max 100). I have a lot of BIG FPS drops (until I only have 30FPS). I installed the latest drivers and the game runs over my SSD. I've already heard that the game is running on a pretty degraded engine called Unity and that that's one of the reasons the game runs so poorly. It can't be true that I have such a bad performance with a PC more than 1500 €. Are there any ways I can boost my FPS? If so, please share and help me.. I really hope that someone can help me..

    AI Scavs heavily tank the client´s fps

    I tested 3 times in offline mode and my results are always the same. I opened Reserve map offline with pve enabled and my fps are good for the first couple of minutes but then start degrading in waves. From 90-100 I go to 70-80 within less than 5 minutes. Then after a few minutes (when the next scav spawn wave is happening) my fps keep lowering even more, and after a third wave I end up with steady 40ish fps no matter where I am or where I look. I got gpu-z open in my second monitor to check that my gpu was mostly idle sitting around 30% usage, so it´s not lack of gpu horsepower. I could look straight at the sky, go to the underground tunnels or anywhere in the open, the fps doesn´t change at all. When enough AI scavs have spawned, my client simply cannot handle it, even if I have no one on sight, just for the fact that they are spawned somewhere in the map. Changing settings to the lowest did not make any difference either. Settings does not matter, I tested any combination possible and it made no difference. And to check it, I opened several times again the same Reserve map offline but with pve disabled. My fps where steady and smooth around 90-100 fps. I could run and explore the map with no issues and the game felt the way it was conceibed to be played. So I just open this thread because I don´t know if this is a known issue for the developers or not. It´s a fact. Having many AI entities in the map tank fps at least for some people like me. My specs: i7 4790k stock 32 gb ram @1600 Mhz RTX 2070 8gb vram ssd samsung 850evo 1tb Asus mobo z97 deluxe PSU evga supernova 850watt 80plus gold Windows 10 Pro Monitor lenovo legion Y27gq-25 1440p 240 hz g-sync 27´´
  4. before patch 12.8 I bought EOD edition because of how much I like the game. for this money I got 10-15 minutes of entering a raid or more, fps are below 60 FPS. I've never had such problems before. Nikita, I'm begging you just give us fps and normal time to enter the game i5-8400 16 ram rx5700xt
  5. DelightfulHug

    Reserve Almost unplayable

    I play resered a lot last wipe and didnt have this problem. This wipe Reserve is pretty much unplayable its the only map that takes me 15+minutes to spawn into and is a map that my FPS is in the teens. No other map has this issue, and ive tried everything putting my graphics all the way down, closing all applications except tarkov, I even thought it was a problem with my SSD so i put it on a new empty SSD I just recently gotten and still had this problem with reserve. If there is a way to fix this problem please let me know, thank you!
  6. Hello, My problem is that i have randomly fps drop for about 2min then it returns to normal about (50-60) fps with cap on 60. I have thoes drops since i remember. I have strong enough laptop that should handle Tarkov... My laptop specs are in attached files. (graphic card is 6GB memory) Also my ingame setting are in attached files. I was changing all setting trying to fix it but it doesn't help. Also with high setting my game runs with 50-60fps but still fps drops for a while. I'am using script to run all my cores to run tarkov. @ECHO OFF START "" "E:\BsgLauncher\BsgLauncher.exe" :LOOP TASKLIST | FIND /I "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ( TIMEOUT /T 5 GOTO LOOP ) TIMEOUT /T 30 PowerShell "$Process = Get-Process EscapeFromTarkov; $Process.ProcessorAffinity=1365; $Process.PriorityClass=[System.Diagnostics.ProcessPriorityClass]::AboveNormal;" With and without this game still drops fps... My laptop is plugged to energy source all the time, i set up max performance on my laptop. I nottice that tarkov heat up my cores up to 80 degree of Celcius. I haven't change new post processing setting yet, I'will try thoes and give feedback if it helps. Also i have internet connection with high speed fiber if it matters. Game is installed on SSD disk with a lot of free space. My system disk is clean. I tried to reinstall game many times, i delete all file even from reg. I also changed Compatibility setting -> Change high DPI settings to aplication ... Also didint work. Yes i was instaling game on HDD disk and SSD disk the same situation. Fps from even to 8-15fps so its really hard to play with it... My nvidia drivers are updated
  7. Alexravnsbo

    60 FPS Locked or free 120 FPS

    So, quick question. Is it better to cap the FPS at 60 and have a non-fluctuating fps? Or is it better to set it at max limit of 120? On reserve and shoreline, my average fps is in the general area of 75-90. Sometimes it goes above 100.
  8. Hello When I ADS on some maps (Like Reserve) I’ll get horrible frame drops. I can keep a consistent FPS at 95-110 on low settings, but when ADSing it will drop to as low as 50-60 FPS and it is very noticeable Any solutions that could possibly help? I’ve tried A LOT of different stuff. I have a Ryzen 9 3900X CPU GeForce RTX 2070 Super 16GB RAM 3000 consistent 1TB SSD (Water cooling system also)
  9. I run with a GTX 1070 8GB, Ryzen 7 2700, 32gb of DDR4 ram and a 650 watt power supply. I run on the lowest settings but get around 30 fps on reserve and interchange-sized maps. This is a really big dealbreaker for me because I can't compete with anyone. Please help.
  10. CarrotSeedThief

    FPS Help

    I know my setup is trash but could I get playable frames, thanks for any helpful input besides getting something better to play on
  11. Hi, I've been playing EFT since August 2019, and recently I started having a lot of issues with the game. It started stuttering like crazy ( like 1-2 sec freezes) and frequently. I have not changed any settings and the game was running almost perfectly fine before. My last raid ended while I was in one of those stutter, and when the game came back, I was dead loosing everything obviously. As much as I love the game this type of lag is completely unacceptable even more so when the game was running fine before... Am I the only one with this issues? Is there a known fix? I already tried reinstalling the game + launcher but the game still freezes here is a video to show you how it looks like : https://imgur.com/a/9W4je03 Thanks for your future help
  12. Guten Tag liebe Community, ich spiele EFT eigentlich mit guten FPS z.B. auf Customs mit ~120 fps. Nun ist es mittlerweile so, dass ich zwischendurch Frame drops bekomme und meine FPS kurz nach unten brechen. Diese führen zu kurzen lags bzw freezes die natürlich zum Tod führen können wenn ich im mich im Kampf befinde. Habe auch kein Muster entdecken können woran es liegt. Habe schon google gefragt aber nichts hilfreiches gefunden. Ich wollte mal fragen ob ihr eventuell das Problem kennt und eine Lösung dazu habt? Es kann echt nervig sein. Specs: I7-9700k, 16Gb Ram 3000 Mhz, GTX 1070, EFT ist auf einer SSD installiert Lg. DeaNozzo
  13. azsamurai

    FPS Drop near another player

    So i’ve noticed that anytime i’ve near another player (not npc) or gun fire starts. my frame rate drops to an unplayable level while in Raid mode. It seems that in Scav, i dont have as many issues, still some but no where near the massive frame drop that i get in Raid. Is this my system isnt up “beefey” enough or simply the game is still in beta and not optimized? my system: MSI 350 board MSI 580 w/ 8GB VRAM 8GB of normal ram Ryzen 5 1600
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