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Found 5 results

  1. Всем доброго вечера ,как я понял в этот раздел можно закидывать свои видосы ,тогда почему бы и нет . На данный момент видосов не много ,но по этому закину ссылки на все одним постом (и в дальнейшем буду пополнять ) Все материалы из этого пача Первые видосы были в достаточно не высоком качестве ,но последние уже в хорошем ,всем приятного просмотра. Видео по дате заливки на Ютуб :
  2. Hey! 1.) What do you guys think about a sling attachment? It would increase weapon change speed very slightly. You could switch to and from frags faster as well with appropriate animations. It would simply be another amazing attachment in the game 2.) HIGH level camouflage paint for your weapon: This should only be done at very high level, to replicate a hard core SF unit. But having an option of painting a color scheme over your weapon would be amazing... 3.) Camo wrap for a specific marksman rifle: Be it an M24, Dragnov, RSAS, and SV-98.(God forbid, right?!) As well as a simple helmet with some ghullie material ontop of it. Now i think it should be minimal for both the rifle and the helmet, because the balance of these items can get out of control quick! But, there would be no gamebreaking effect from only the rifle cover and helmet ghuillie material attachment. Literally, could simply be 2 different shades of grass that you attatch/wrap onto your new 6B47 helmet Cheers brothers. keep up the amazing work.
  3. Hi folks! We represent you hot fragmovie with SCAVs gameplay. Watch, like, comment, subscribe, do what you want.
  4. Given how often grenades are used in urban warfare, solid mechanics for their employment in EFT is going to be important. I've never liked the typical "left mouse hard throw right mouse weak throw" you see in most FPS. Something like what they do in Insurgency or Red Orchestra 2 would be ideal IMO: (For full disclosure, I did make that video.) Left mouse cooks and tosses the nade, right mouse tosses it normally, middle mouse is a underhand high-angle toss. Additionally, an arming sound when grenades are thrown wouldn't be a bad idea. Real RGD-5s make a loud pop when they are thrown.
  5. Will the availability of frag grenade and or effectiveness will be reduce for open beta ? I have watch a lots of streamers , and grenade spam from naked guy seams to be so effective that you can take on groups of 3 to 4 peoples having loot or got 2 to 4 grenades ... the frag grenade availability and effectiveness seams to be way to much ... I think , having more " flash " or Smoke grenade , or even molotov would be better than having this much availability for frag grenade ...
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