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Found 14 results

  1. ¡Apreciados jugadores de Escape from Tarkov! Lamentamos que hayáis tenido que lidiar con servidores inestables durante este fin de semana. Como compensación, os proporcionaremos 1 millón de rublos en el juego de forma gratuita. Podéis reclamarlo durante los próximos 3 días, a partir de este momento. Se trata de un mensaje en el chat con una carta de disculpas y contiene 1 millón de rublos. Se almacena en el chat del juego durante 48 horas desde el momento en que inicias sesión en el juego. Queremos aseguraros que estamos trabajando incansablemente para mejorar la situación de los servidores, aunque no siempre depende de nosotros solucionarlo. Lamentamos profundamente las molestias y le agradecemos vuestra paciencia y comprensión.
  2. bbcokeley

    Free trial codes

    Got 2 free trial codes to give away, if anyone knows some one who wants them let me know. None of my friends are interested (whom haven't already purchased it) EDIT EU.
  3. Going to be raffling off a copy of the standard edition of the game to celebrate a 24 hour charity stream for Wounded Warriors Canada! To enter, just come visit me at www.twitch.tv/goat_47_ and drop a follow. Once you have done that, you can type "!raffle 1" in the chat to enter your name into the draw! Hope to see you there :)
  4. Hello, so me and a friend of mine were looking at this game. The thing is, i bought it for myself, but his birthday is coming up in 8 days, and i was wondering if anyone has any edition key that he could use. I will credit you to him and i will tell him to thank you if u want. I know he really wants the game and i want to somehow provide him with a nice gift. I can't afford to buy it myself, otherwise i would. If anyone does indeed have a key and are willing to help him (and me) out, please let me know via a PM or something. We are both from Europe, i don't know if that is important. If anyone can help, please, please, let me know. Thanks a lot and have a great day. (Thanks for reading) If i broke any rule with this post please let me know and i will delete it. I read through them and i didn't see anything about it. Thanks again and have a great day
  5. RatCommander

    trying to be generous before the wipe,

    so here i am before trying to give back to the scavs and hatchlings before the wipe i load into factory find an innocent hatchling who wiggles it for me and then i give him a bag with an i case and money in the i case which spells LoL (1.2mil rub), unfortunately the hatchling died as i walked away, rip payday.
  6. GhostHunter420

    Who Wants Free Cash And Gear?

    WANT FREE GEAR? Just PM me I'm kinda selling my pc so I'm not playing and giving out my gear anyone that struggles to get gear is welcome, but not gonna give to fully geared guys.
  7. Cudzy696

    Probably not..but

    Just wondering if there is any free codes to try the game...i know there was some recently to try the standard version of the game i think, but will there be any again? Nearly convinced a friend to buy it but he wants to try before he makes up his mind...fingers crossed.
  8. gbrown719

    7-Day FREE Game KEY!!!!

    Hey dudes!! I have some extra keys and I am wanting to give them away! I hope you all enjoy KEYS SMV7B-6C8DU-LEKLK-29S5U YIN7B-6C7YC-WV11S-K8T5U
  9. Edible_Banana


    if you go to your profile, then scroll down some you will see a little box with free gear, click receive, then in your messages(in game) you will see a message that sais receive gear, and you have yourself 2 amazing guns and some use full items, maybe this was obvious but i had'nt noticed it until i randomly was in my profile page. Hope it helps
  10. Hallo alle, die Devs haben uns ein großartiges Geschenk gemacht, aber irgendwie nichts dazu gesagt... also einfach die Schritte unten durchführen und Ihr bekommt einen kostenlosen Schlüsselbund. Viel Spaß damit! Source: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-kostenlose-extra-items-schluesselbund/
  11. Should this game get an open world feature where all of the sections are connected, where players will have to actually pack equipment for a long haul, possibly adding roaming Scav gangs, possibly a third A.I. PMC faction, and other features? Comment what you think!
  12. I got friends who are interested on playing EFT but they are not really sure about buying the game before trying it. They are registered already, but they have not received any email confirming the opportunity to try the Beta. They don't have the option in the site neither. I my account, I do have an option to install the game. The reason why they want to try it first is because in the past we all had some bad experiences with other purchased games. The games were left there and it was just a wasted of money. Can I send an invite to them fro my account? If yes, please advise how. Thanks in advance guys for any useful information provided.
  13. Hi to all the devs, im from Argentina, i currently dont have a credit card right now and i dont think that you guys ve some sort of payment but just credit card, so im asking you guys if i can get a free copy please? greetings from argentina, i want this game so bad. PD: i ll stream this game and promove it on my fb page
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