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Found 5 results

  1. Itz_MAGp13__

    freelook is trash.

    make the fov more like arma/dayz where you can actually look behind yourself using freelook, and make it so you actually lower your gun when your not aiming. i hate the disgusting cod style 1pp. anyone who has ever held a gun knows that you don't walk around with your gun in your face everywhere you go.
  2. As with most recent 1st person shooters, they allow the player the ability to move in one direction while looking around... EFT has tried something similar however i feel the implementation thereof is lacking. 1) Increase the range of free look to at least 2 - 3 times it is now, it feels like you literally have only 15% range of view either way from dead center! It's way too limited to provide any benefit to players in the state it is now. 2) Allow players to adjust ( or just reduce ) the mouse looking speed when freelook is toggled - right now you SNAP your neck when using this. 3) You can further restrict player head movement based on the current helmet being worn ? Just some suggestions on how to perhaps fix the freelook which will be a great addition when implemented correctly. CP out
  3. Ledrhosn_Charly

    Freelook auf ALT ?

    Hi zusammen, habe mal versucht mir das freelook vom default mausrad klicken auf s linke ALT zu legen. Wie in PUBG in fpp eben.... das klappt auch solange man nicht geht / rennt - wenn man dann im rennen umschauen will mit ALT bleibt er immer stehen und schaut die waffe so komisch an !! is das n bug oder was soll default ALT links sein ? Bin es gewöhnt das sich der char hinlegt wenn man aufs mausrad klickt ... deshalb das remappen...
  4. phipple

    Game Feel/Improvements

    First off, congrats on a really awesome game! It's very immersive, tactical, fun, beautiful to look at, and engaging. The concept is really well executed, and I think this game will go far. I am a new player and I just have a few simple suggestions regarding realism, game feel, etc. Aside from these few suggestions, I think the game is perfect. FOV - FOV is too low for a tactical FPS game and should at least be allowed to be increased to 105. I know this is a topic of debate, but I feel like it's inevitable. A wider FOV feels and looks much better. Leaning - The leaning mechanic in this game leaves a little to be desired. It barely feels like you can peek from behind objects. Lean needs to be increaesd, which leads me to my next suggestion. Cover/Tactical positioning - Tarkov would benefit by adding a simple (non-automated) cover system, given its tactical nature. By non automated, I mean it shouldn't be like whack-a-mole (like the terrible cover systems in 3rd person shooters). In other words it should be an extra leaned skill required (like leaning) executed by a button press which puts the player into a position that's looks realistic and makes more sense tactically. It would allow you to "stick" to surfaces via button press, prop your gun up for a more stable shot, etc. for the best tactical positioning or cover. The trade-offs would be setup time and disengagement from surface. Vaulting/Climbing - The game feels clunky and looks clunky jumping around. You should be able to climb and vault over surfaces, which seems more in line with what the game is trying to do. Movement feel/Player momentum - The movement in Tarkov doesn't feel very realistic. It does have some realism elements but the forward movement feels arecade-like and doesn't have a lot of weight or momentum. I would add that to feel more like ARMA/PUBG. Free look - The range of motion for free look is really odd. You should be able to turn your head a little bit past your shoulder while walking or running. I really hope you consider these suggestions. Thanks very much!
  5. i did a search and couldn't find anything in the suggestions but having free look in a tactical game like this is essential. being able to move your head separate from your weapon opens up doors for better tactics employed in the game. it could be as simple as in arma (hold alt to move head seperate from weapon, double tap alt to toggle freelook) but regardless it should be in so please dev's, add free look
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