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Found 6 results

  1. Every time I go on the main metal stairs on Labs, my game freezes. I can still hear myself moving around and shooting, but my screen is frozen on one frame. I cant tab out or anything, all i can do is alt+f4 and re log, but after freezing on stairs, i will pretty much always load back into being killed while not able to play. Any tips or advice is appreciated because Labs is the only map i have fun on right now. Thanks.
  2. WolfsAce

    Game Freezes

    Alright, I've had a new problem come up, and that's when the game freezes. Game freezes when Opening the game, Trading, In inventory, and Looting. And the game will remain frozen till I quickly Alt Tab out, and back into the game. Gets really annoying and has caused my death endless amount of times. Edit:Recently got a new keyboard, going to use my old one again to see if the same problem still applies. Edit:Still having the same issue. No difference between old and new keyboard.
  3. I have to restart the game, it freezes. I have tried to reinstall nvidia driver, or use the studio edition, a different version, none of it helps. Could somebody debug my crash log, or give me a clue what is happening? It will be annoying, if after the wipe I can't use my hideout. I made severeal report in game. AMD 3600X - ASUS GTX1060 6GB - 16GB RAM 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 application.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 backend_queue.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 errors.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 nvidia.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 traces.lo
  4. TeknoKraut

    Game Freezes On Loading Map

    Whenever I load into a raid my game freezes on loading map 100% for about a minute or so and I end up spawning in late and missing out on all the goodies and what not or just getting spawn killed. When I first got the game it didn't seem to do this but now every time I load in I get stuck on loading map, does anyone have am idea why this could be happening? It seems to be maxing out my GPU after it loads map but i don't know why it would just all the sudden start happening. Might I need a new GPU? Is 4 gigs of VRAM not enough? Also all my settings are on the lowest of low... My specs:
  5. Moin Community, Ich habe mal eine Frage... geht es euch auch so oder nur mir, dass die Performance seit 0.12.6 das Spiel absolut unspielbar gemacht hat??? Ich habe Die beste Hardware die man nur haben kann in Sachen Gaming Leistung: CPU: i9-9900K GPU: MSI RTX 2080TI Gaming Z OC 11G RAM: 32GB GSkill Trident Z RGB 3600er Win 10 Build 2004 x64 Prof. Nvidia Einstellungen alles auf Max performance Windows Energiesparplan: Ultimative Leistung (Höchstleistung auch ausprobiert) GameMode ON/OFF ausprobiert Nun zur Sache...: Vor dem Patch hatte ich ab und
  6. Baumgarten

    AMD Nicht geeignet?

    Moin Moin, ich hab seit längeren ein neues PC-System. Das Problem ist, ich habe teilweise echt starke Framedrops, Freezes und solche Phänomene wie Closequater(Also z.B. man begegnet sich in Factory und man fängt an zu ballern), solche Situationen fangen gerne an stark zu Ruckeln. Gefühlt läuft das Spiel besser auf meinem Asus ROG Laptop, was mich halt stark irritiert. Auf dem Laptop sind die Settings auf max. Ich befürchte, dass es vielleicht an den neuen AMD Prozessor liegt, da diese noch nicht ganz optimiert sind für alle Arten von Spiele. (Ist leider nicht das einzige Game-
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