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Found 9 results

  1. calkilicgil

    Game is constantly freezing

    Hi guys, the game is constantly freezing during both at gameplay and main menu. Last night i've played 5 raids and freezed 8 times and one of the freezing resulted as deserting and i lost everything. I've updated every driver but i still don't get it. What could be the possible problem. Please let me know, it is getting crazy everyday. Please help guys.
  2. Hey guys, I’ve owned Tarkov for roughly a year now. Recently my entire computer has began freezing in the middle of Tarkov raids and even on the main menu, requiring me to hold the power button to restart it. This will happen 3-4 PER raid, every raid unless I'm killed while restarting. I play a variety of other games on my computer, all at max settings, such as Call of Duty, GTA, and Fallout. I don’t experience computer freezes whatsoever with any of these other games so I’m having a hard time understanding why this is happening to me only on Tarkov, and why it wasn’t happening last wipe but is now. I’ve done extensive internet research prior to posting this to figure the problem out on my own but I’m not finding much relevant information. I've updated all my drivers, installed memory cleaning software, and even cleaned my computer and its fans, none of this made any difference. Specs: Intel Core i7-6700K- Nvidia GTX 1080-Ti Samsung 860 Evo 1TB G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 2400 C15 2x8GB If anyone has any troubleshooting ideas, program recommendations, or advice they could offer me that may help me determine the cause of these freezes it would be greatly appreciated. I have no problem providing additional information about my computer you may require to better assist me.
  3. Jebb

    Game freezing in gunfights

    My game stutters like crazy after I load into a raid and start moving and looking around and as SOON as the shooting starts (at me) my game freezes for 2 seconds and I hear gunshots as I start falling to the floor from multiple shots to the head. What solutions are there? I have tried almost everything and I have great specs that I run on medium settings so why is this game crapping itself? Or is it just the crappy servers? Specs: CPU Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Graphics 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (Gigabyte)
  4. Seitdem ich das spiel besitze friert das spiel in der Spielersuche oder beim laden in die Karte regelmäßig einfriert und anschließend anschmiert. aber auch nur in diesen zwei Situationen ansonsten läuft das Game sehr gut und beansprucht meinen Rechner kaum. kennt jemand das Problem vielleicht?
  5. wl3073

    need help plz

    my computer has these; gtx 1660 ryzen 5 3600 16gb ram but i always gets 50-60 fps at low setting. my 144hz monitor doesn't seems worth. :( i found the videos in youtube have same hardware just like my computer but they hit 70 fps average. why only my computer sucks? any help is appreciated
  6. GGilly

    Freezing Issues

    So I bought the game last night and I played a few games of it and it was running completely fine. The next day I attempt to play it and it freezes at the screen that asks if I want to play as a Scav or PMC. The game freezes but the audio continues but I cannot see a change to the screen. Sometimes the game doesn't freeze at this screen but when I attempt to load into a map it crashes. Has anyone got any fixes? I've tried restarting my PC but it didn't work and I've not really got any other ideas for potential solutions. Thanks.
  7. Lexyy

    Freezing and Lag

    Hi, I need help.. i got horrible lags while loading game,in game and sometimes even my game freeze in loading menu. Is there some fix or something going on with updates,fixes now ? I cant even play now. And worst for me is Shoreline map. win10 64x i5-6500 8gb ram 950 gtx OC
  8. Hello. Aby one have a sucha problem ? I know that there are couple seconda frezes, but mine pc is freezing until i restart the game. Sometimes i can play 6 games on 60 FPS without freez and the other day i can't totaly move. When this problem showing up i van see this marking Red. Any advices?
  9. Rabonzo

    Game Freezes

    So, today I wanted to play a little as I have a day off, all of a sudden, I get constant "Freezing" on the computer like we had the issue a few days ago, only this time it takes around 4-5 minutes before it encounters, whereas last time we had this bug, it was around the 1 hour mark for me. I was playing Shoreline, and I could hear alot of other people roaming around, so I am not sure if it is just "me" (some people) or everyone that is affected by this bug. Has anyone else had issues today?
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