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Found 24 results

  1. Hello fellow dev community With all my heart and pain i want to give you the bad news. A fellow friend and Tarkov operator has passed this morning. He was battling with Leukemia for the past couple of months. Abel for us as friends and as Abelkun_04 for our community. The love of his life was Tarkov, you could find him looting by himself in any map then he would say to us "guys, i didnt play all day" having the most loot ever. Sometimes you could find him fighting invisible scavs with his shotgun very scared, so scared that when he aproached a door he would shot or tos a grenade just to prevent being caught by surprise, even if there was no one near. He was always happy about the game, asking us about news and twitts from Nikita or the Devs because he didnt knew English. Sometimes he use to watch the state of the game just to laugh at "how the russians talk" he loved Russia. He one day started yelling "CYKA" without even knowing the meaning of that word, but his fellow scavs did. I could tell endless things about our friend and how happy we where playing with him. I want to ask for you if is any posibility to honor his name in any way for the world to remember him when we play again. He may not be able to be conected from now on but we want him to be remembered for the happy and silly guy he was. Sincerely Juakuak, Melkor_08, Tio_Palta.
  2. Hi there, Completely new player, just booted the game for the first time today and I wanted to try it with a friend who is in the same condition. However, when I tried to messege him, I appear as having been blacklisted. What is that? And how can I do in order to play with my friend? Thanks!
  3. Jackt0169

    Searching for teammates click this topic!

    Hey, i bought this game 3 days ago. I enjoy playing the game and its very fun and sometimes also very stressfull.... I come from the Netherlands i am 15 years old and as a new player i am trying to find an duo, trio, squad to play with. I am still trying to learn the maps as its very hard for me to find extraction points. and ofcourse the other stuff in the game. The only thing you need to have is a mic so we can talk about where we are the game and other stuff.... ( a normal mic pls not with a lot of noise of you have one with a lot of noise pls use push to talk ) You can contact me trough this topic or my discord: Jackt169#9313 Oh and i dont know if i should say this but i chose for the character: USEC ( idk if i can change this ) I still have a lot of questions about the game and still dont know anything about teaming up or how that works. Server: Europa Time: Amsterdam CET Thank you for the time!
  4. I'm new to tarkov, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out and do some runs with me teach me. I want someone mature, I know there are some people that are going to help me and then end up killing me and taking my stuff. Please add me on discord if you're interested. 𝒦𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎#9985
  5. Duvelke

    Looking for Partner

    Hello, I'm kinda new to the game and I've played a few rounds but only solo, I know my brother has tarkov as well but his laptop is crap so we can't play together. I would like to have a partner to kinda watch my back sometimes if I have the oppertunity to play the game. I'm a 28 year old male, a dad of 2 year old twins, I'm a nurse and I live in the Netherlands, I usually play for like an hour in the afternoon when the kids are sleeping or in the evening again when the kids are sleeping and my wife is okay with me gaming. So are you also looking for a friend or would like me to join your group so we could try and play a raid together sometimes contact me.
  6. madigen

    LF Duo Buddy

    New to the game. I like all the maps. Hit lvl 20 LF someone to play with and to bs with. I don't have gar fear, still getting gear. I am just looking for someone to play with. ' 18+ (language) Also have kids so you might hear them in the background.
  7. InsideBlaster

    Looking for some mate(s)

    Hello all, I'm an 18 year old male based in Texas. I'm just looking for someone or a group of people to tag along with to learn the game, I'm currently only level 3. I'm willing to play other games as well just whatever you guys are wanting to do. My work hours are flexible and I'm not sure when I'll be on, but I can let you know! Discord: SAMM#0746 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SAMMOFF/
  8. Blackworm


    Hello Im a friendly player, most of time play with random "hatchlings" or players gear up, then finish the raid together. its a random "nameless" guy , i just meet him in raid. So my suggestion is, we need second dogtag or something , which I can throw away. With my names, maybe next time i can inv him or send friend request etc. ofc, this "namecard" valueless, just a paperthing with my name. Atm i dont know who is my random buddy :P MY english not perfect but i hope u know what i mean guys :) Psi: if we can throw out this dogtag its fine for me too :) ( but looks like a glitch , if u have high lvl friend )
  9. Zoraxon

    War Stories 2

    Bringing back this thread in this format, in this location, because the old one seems to have been destroyed. Keep the showing off to a minimum. This is a thread for stories that embody Tarkov in the eyes of the viewer. As with the first one, I'll start. Finally got enough knives together to get the MP5 from Peacekeeper. Decided to run it on factory (SMG, factory. Made sense). Grabbed a vest, some ammo and mags. Soft body armor, comtacs. I was going in to have fun, not get kills. Spawn by forklift in breach room. Check forklift spawn, and I see a tomahawk, a USEC, standing in forklift room, looking at the back wall. I pop off a few rounds instinctively, tagging him once out of three shots. He runs to cover and I push. I reach where he stood, right beside the staircase coming from the tunnels. I see him behind a forklift wiggling like mad and I line up a shot, aiming center mass, full auto selected. I hold for a second, recollecting every time I've been in his shoes and been just shot down. I lower my firearm and wiggle back. I know I am taking a risk. There's no denying it. I have no helmet, and tomahawks have a tendency to be aggressive and accurate, especially on factory. I hear footsteps by concrete shack coming out of ramp and spot another tomahawk. This one a BEAR running to tower. I let him be. He'll either die or get loot and become a threat. Either way, I'll deal with him as he comes at me. I push to bridge over the catwalks, but as I approach cat-hole, I hear scav chatter and footsteps on the other side. I check the gun. Full auto, full mag, and peek, dumping the better half of a magazine unto the Scav's chest and legs, then watch him drop. Another USEC comes around from '86, running. He dives for cover when he spots me. I shout "Stop" and "Hold Fire!" when he peeks back out to see if I've run off, myself wiggling the whole time. He loots most of the body, but I spot a keiver helmet that the USEC left behind. I secure container it. The comtacs will be more likely to save me. I hear the equipped USEC escape safely, and I feel better off knowing he got out. I push through cat-hole to bridge and checked locked room quickly. Nothing but trash. I back to bridge and close the door behind me. A few tense seconds pass by as I wait to hear something. Then I do. Slow but not sneaking footsteps in pit. I take a vantage point and watch the stairs coming out. A tomahawk exits and holds near the top, peering over to see if he can spot anything. As he tries to leave I see a scav walking up '86 ramp and shout stop. The tomahawk stops just out of the AI's line of sight as the AI turns and walks around far side of silos. I wiggle at the USEC and he wiggles back. I run to gantry with the tomahawk following below me. When we meet at gantry, I identify him as the USEC I tagged earlier, spotting the bullet wound on his chest and hearing him complain about being hit. I chuckle to myself and think "Small map, isn't it?" then cover him as he gets into position to loot. After some consideration, I toss him the helmet from earlier. he'll need it more than me. He grabs it and starts looting boxes. Some searching and a single headshot on an idle guard scav later, he secure container's the helmet as I hear footsteps coming up on us, accompanied by the sound of Russian chatter. Before I can do anything the tomahawk peeks around '86 forklift and gunshots ring out. I rush to the aid of my unknown comrade as he backs away to cover. I round the corner to see a scavenger in Fort armor with a rifle (I sadly know not the kind) and open fire, killing him with a burst to the head. I begin to search the body, my intention being grab the fort and drop the soft armor for my ally, but hear more gunfire and take a hit to my vest. I look up and see a scavenger with a shotgun unloading on my position. I return fire, but ultimately loose the firefight. To the tomahawks I helped, put the gear to good use, and GG. Bit long of a story, but I felt like sharing it.
  10. Seeing as the new patch just dropped, I imagine there are going to be a lot of new players looking for someone to group up with. You're all more than welcome to join my server, where there are plenty of people who love to play the game who will be willing to play with you. We're noob friendly, Speak english and while it's not a requirement we'd prefer 18+ Here's the invite code: AW8cvAG can't wait to see you there! Have fun, and always remember to stay cheeki bois
  11. Let me know if you are interest in playing next wipe.
  12. paintedbird

    Discreet way of indicating teammates

    Since i started playing the game with my friend, i noticed that the game miss the system of indicating friendlies. I know, that some people will say, that this option would decrese the realism of the game, but i think i got an idea bout the system that will show if a player is your friendly or not in a polite way, without ruining the realism. As we all know, the more hud you will see on the screen, the less imersive the game would be. So i tried to figure out how to indicate friendlies without showing any popup, an arrow over a player or his name while looking on him. With my friend we found an idea - maybe a system of armbands, which would differ the collor, depending if the player would be in team with you, or not. Blue for example, when you are with someone in team, but for other players it would be appearing as red or not at all? We all know, that in real soldiers are using uniforms, and even partisans and millitary groups are wearing those kind of bands to recognize themselfs from the other. I know that the system might be problematic to implement, not sure if possible at all in the enviroment that the game is being created. But in my opinion, since game is still a game, and we have limited perception and possibility to recognize the characters in the game - we need some augumentation. In normal life people are different by look, height, weight, voice and other things, that cannot be used to recognize people in the game. By the way - im having statement that the game really needs a system for customization of how your character looks. Despite the fact that all characters that we see are clones of Ivan Ivanovic, really - most of the characters are ugly as possibly they cant be. No matter - USEC or BEARS - all looks like neanderthals who just gone down from the tree. It should rely on pre-made elements, to avoid turning the game in simulation how the society would look when everyone would look like Adolf Hitler, but i really think that the game need to have an option to change your look.
  13. Zitronen

    A True Story Of Brotherhood

    I don't know who you are, and I may never see you again, but you left me with the best Tarkov experience I've ever had. What started off as a misunderstanding in customs, soon became our greatest strength. There I was, doing my 30th factory key run, you shot first. You missed. Luckily for us I was curious, and followed you to the customs checkpoint, observing you from a bush. I got too close. Shots were fired as I dove behind the UN car. You ran out of bullets. Lucky for me my desperate cries of pain were heard by you. You were sympathetic. You let me live. We parted ways. Later, I would be searching for the key in the dorms. You snuck up behind me. You could have killed me like so many others had. But you didn't. You let me live and when I turned I was startled to see you doing the happy wiggle. I felt as though your left and right movements were speaking to my soul. I knew we would explore this dorm together. As a gesture of good faith, I gave you half the Rubles I had just found, and you gave me a CPU. We quickly ran upstairs to plunder old rooms and share loot. You had a key for a room on the third floor. I watched your back as you looked through the room, but that's when I heard it. The rustling of bushes right outside. With vigorous shakes of my head I pleaded for you to stand still and listen. You heard them too. Here we were, two little hatch-lings stuck in the room. We quietly made our way down the hall into two separate dorm rooms, across the hall from each other. You bravely risked your life to peek around the corner. They saw you and you retreated to your room, but they did not check mine. OUT I LEPT like a lion after a Gazelle! Swinging endlessly until both of our foes had fallen. We danced for joy in those apartments. We gathered the gear and ran for the exit door. We sprint as fast as our legs would carry us. We crossed the bridge and headed up the hill! The crossroads were upon us, but not just physically. The crossroads of destiny lay upon us as well. You could have ended it as I took the lead. You could have taken it all. Instead, you chose friendship; you chose us. As the clock begins to count down, I can only begin to reflect on our experiences together. 5 Who was this man? 4 Will I ever see him again? 3 Am I worthy to be in his presence? I've committed such heinous crimes against others. 2 Does he think the same about me? 1 Darkness. Its over.
  14. jakalpipboy

    We are here to help (Mature's Only)

    Are you new or a veteran at escape from tarkov and looking for a community that has mature players, or just want someone to show you the ropes of the game??? Than come join Jakalpipboy1 who is a twitch streamer who has a fast growing community of EFT gamers and also other games who wants to teach others and also learn from others :D.. Come join the community at: https://www.twitch.tv/jakalpipboy1 Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/MDqpcj7 P.S: Only Mature Players, No Kids
  15. nickyarocks

    Dog Tags ruined Friendlys

    Hey Everyone, Now ive been playing this new patch and i thought right what happens if i even take my knife off just to find to see if anyone will hold back on the fire and here are my results, 50 raids in factory, killed everytime by player 40 raids in customs, killed by player 25 times and 15 times by scavs Now i know the results are small but its clear to me that no one is willing to see someone and be willing to trust them in a group because the prize of that guys dog tags is worth more then an extra hand and a friend for a raid. Tarkov needs to fix this by either bringing the price of dogtags way down or giving them a different purpose entirely because its just a get rich quick idea for alot of hatchlings and other players alike. if anyone wishes to talk to me about this or is also willing to team up my discord is as follows. Discord: https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2
  16. I have had the game since early 2017, but never really played much. I am now getting into it more. I need some friends that play this game that are mature and are willing to be patient with me. Especially after all the updates that went on while i was at work. I have a discord server as well.
  17. KngRetro

    Looking for friends!

    I currently play with a group of 5 max most arnt on at same time unless weekend. Ages 15-18. Idc for age just don't be an idiot. Add me on steam. name: KngRetro I'm level 19 with standard edition so the stash is a pain and probably the only issue I have with this game. Currently working on quest but not willin to let you kill me repeatedly for a quest as that's lame. Cheers
  18. Lackiie

    A way to make friends.

    I just finished running through a Scav "raid" and I met a fellow player Scav. We had a great time killing fully geared players on Customs and i would love to play with him/her again, but at the moment there is no way to add a friend mid or after the game. Im not sure how you would implement this into the games current state and not ruin the games immersion. But i think it would make the community more friendly. I seem to get shot at a few to many times by fresh spawn Scavs like myself if there was a way to "friend" a player this could make it feel like there are two teams, Scavs vs PMCs (even tho not all the PMCs are friendly towards each other obv!) Lackie
  19. Hey guys, I've been running a discord server for a few weeks now for people who play this game to get together and play with eachother. If you're new to the game and looking for some direction, or are sick of playing solo just to get killed by groups or by scavs feel free to join our group and we'll help get you into the game and will be glad to play with you. There's almost always someone playing, and we have members from all over the world. We'd prefer you speak english, but it doesn't have to be perfect. Here's the discord link, see you there guys! https://discord.gg/5CjJFj2 Stay cheeki breeki my friends!
  20. MearsLife

    Looking for a partner

    Just looking for someone to Team up with, send me a message on here and i'll get back to you asap. I'll be hitting the refresh button for my message for then next 15-30mins after this is posted. Please be mature, 18+ wanted, but if you're younger and mature i'll be fine with it. Just tired of going in alone.
  21. Hello! Today I experienced an amazing run together with a hatchling who decided to follow me. After a quite eventful journey I sadly got shot and I would have loved to know the player I had the pleasure playing with. Sadly it is not possible to know his name so I talked about this in Global Chat. As far as I'm aware of, there won't be any other communication methods implemented (which is okay in my opinion). Another player called BloodyInsane made the suggestion of Dog-Tags that you can handout to people. You'll find the Nickname of said player on it so that you can add him after a game to continue playing. I found this to be a very good idea as it has no impact on gameplay and can only happen between players who are friendly towards each other, as it requires them to actually pick a dog-tag up in order to know the other player. Please leave feedback on this idea, I'd love to hear your opinions on this. Thanks in advance, -Toeli
  22. Icepick1815

    Looking for new mates

    Hey guys, Relatively new to the game, love it so far but it is 100x more difficult alone. Looking for some chill guys to game with and enjoy the beta into full game release with. Look forward to meeting some of y'all! regards, Icepick1815
  23. heke90

    Spawn Killing

    Hello New to the beta and to this game, i just chose USEC side and decided to join on Woods map, however as soon as i spawn, i usually die within 5-10 seconds because another player is beside me and killing me, i noticed that he is also USEC same faction as i am, due to his clothing. The player isen't always the same, and i't easy to see that it is infact a player due to a unique gamertag name. So my question is, why there is these factions if they don't mean jack poo, and why is there so shitty spawn. I've been killed countless time over and over again on the spawn location in Woods map. This game is almost unplayable, so can't really test anything because of the spawn killers.
  24. RedFrosted


    I thought I saw a topic on this so I apologize if I did in making this topic but I could not find it when I searched. This game needs one major things Gestures. That would be huge! If I could say to someone with hand movements "I won't hurt" you or "HI" or "I surrender don't shoot" People could really work together. Right now I try to let people know I won't shoot them (if I see they only have a melee weapon) by jumping and crouching. Now if they have a gun I don't have a choice. I really don't want to kill some of these people but if I cannot communicate and they cant we will end of firing at one another. Similarly, if I just have a melee weapon why kill me if you are decked out. Right now people are super trigger happy in this game and it needs away for people to show they are not a threat. Thanks and Keep after it!
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