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Found 17 results

  1. cupohnoodle

    Escaping with a teammate?

    Just a friendly looking for some teammates or even 1 do to some duo's on any map. I've got most of them down decently besides interchange and labs mostly, at level 14 this go around. mature players please
  2. We are a fun community looking to grow our members and would love more tarkov players. If you are bored of playing alone and would like to have some friends to play with then this is the place for you. We accept all from noobs to pros and from all around the globe so players can always find someone to play with. Can setup private rooms on the discord for streaming times and events if need be no problem. https://discord.gg/5TQhjqD
  3. Hey guys ! Join our Gaming Community and come play Escape from Tarkov with our 300 players ! We're a friendly and mature community which our intent is to not over-moderate, encourage maturity and educate the toxic player / negative people into being more friendly and positive or leave. Feel free to share your content or just come to chat with us ! We're looking for more active chatter https://discord.gg/e6fB9a8
  4. Can we expect the scavs to get an IQ increase that'll reach the double digits, where they realize "Hey, this guy just domed the scav that was shooting at us, maybe he's on our side" instead of "Wow, that douchebag just killed 5 of our friends, but this guy who killed him is clearly an enemy as well." Cause right now, if some scav player shoots at you and you kill him in return fire, the other scavs become hostile. What're you supposed to do, roll over and take his big meaty scav shotty? Super frustrating poo right there fam.
  5. xWar91x

    Need a Group? Join my discord

    were a small group of friends just looking to expand our ranks and what better place then the tarkov community lol i dont care if your a veteran at the game or complete dogpoo(no disrespect intended) you will have a place here we dont just play tarkov we play League of legends NA Monster hunter world(pc) once its out Scum once its out Fortnite (SAVE THE WORLD) Path of exile Dauntless(like monhun but f2p) and a ton others if you wanna play sometime your welcome to add me on steam--->https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129848822/ Discord link https://discord.gg/4ZmhGZp
  6. postboote

    The wiggle

    Well it seems to me, the wiggle is just accepted on Interchange. On any other map i get shoot on sight, even if I make signals with the weapon light and scream while someone is looting or else. Summary: I get shoot on any map other than Interchange if i wiggle! Does this happen to you, too? Is the wiggle dead?
  7. ogreslayerr

    Looking for People to join my new clan

    I've just started up a clan with a couple of my friends that play eft, and was looking to get some more skilled/experienced players to join in on the fun Restrictions: 18+ ITF Group, we do accept new people but do not accept people that are not willing to follow instruction/learn our call out and tactics as we are just starting up we are still looking into making this a interviewed process but currently we are open to anybody over the age of 18 all nationalitys are accepted we currently have 2 from the united kingdom and 1 from united states. Send me a private message or reply to this thread and i will send you the discord link Thank you for reading and hope to play with any of you
  8. RegHex

    New discord

    Made a discord for anyone that wants to play with just others in the community. There are roles such as creator limited to me, First mates for those who play with me who get better permissions and the ELITE who are the alphas on the server and are to be treated with respect (have to come to me to become ELITE) https://discord.gg/KcKZFUD
  9. RegHex

    New discord

    Made a discord for anyone that wants to play with just others in the community. There are roles such as creator limited to me, First mates for those who play with me who get better permissions and the ELITE who are the alphas on the server and are to be treated with respect (have to come to me to become ELITE) https://discord.gg/KcKZFUD
  10. airelek


    I just had the most beutiful run ever I went in paca kiver with ak74N first dude i meet hides behind some barrels and wiggles helplessly at me because i shot out his legs. So i drop him some painkillers and an AI2 kit to heal up(edited) he follows me i kill 2 scavs he loots them up we proceed to go into 3rd floor aps and rain havoc upon everyone and everything.(edited) 5 min later hes all jacked up i find him a scav with a tbag that had painkillers and a 206 key in it we run to extraction i drop him the bag hes wiggling out of happiness for the poo i dropped. A tear started to form in my eye as we were about to extract not knowing eachothers names i drop him an extra ak74N i found and he wiggles in refusal not accepting my offer. Emotions of bromance flowing through the air we both extract wiggling at eachother and shooting around the room. I will now pimp out the extra AK i found in honor of my wiggly friend.... Forever missed, never forgotten.
  11. Hey! Looking for mature people to play EFT with. People who love to take games seriously at the right time with fun too.... I'm a Noob and really only want to play this game with a small squad because I feel survival would be a lot easier. My name's Mike, I'm 30 and I'll be playing on EU servers. Talk soon
  12. Starrel

    Arm Band for groups system

    I think a simple arm band system that appears on each group members character would be perfect instead of adding any means of GUI. The team arm band colour is chose at random the group is informed of the colour before match start and once spawned into the game every member of the group will appear with and arm band on the right of left arm of that groups colour. Great game. Keep up the good work.
  13. Alpha25

    Looking for Team/Cooperation (US)

    Im been trynna get my friends on to play this game but their lazy asses never get on and solo running can only be so enjoyable for so long, so if anyone is willing to group up and play add me on DS: https://discord.gg/WTquceT or Steam Id: AlphaFox or use http://steamcommunity.com/id/Alpha2552Fox/edit I play on the East side of the US, American specific mates but if you speak English at all I'll enjoy your cooperation! I look forward to anyone who is willing to play!
  14. dougthedingo

    Make Party-Killing Give No EXP

    So me and a couple of my friends were in a factory raid where I accidentally killed my lvl 33 friend cuz his dumbass walks in front of me while I'm spraying a scav down. And after some yelling about FF and poo I escape and end up getting XP up in like 18,000. But I never killed the scav I was spraying at or anyone else except my party-mate, and came to the idea that this could be used for easy boosting if you had a few high level players and a newbie in your group and wanted to level them up fast. So I suggest that when you have someone in your party, there is no XP gain for killing them.
  15. Brothers of Tarkov is a Gaming Community made for people who not only want to just play games but at the same time make friends. We are super friendly, and looking for ANY players of ALL skill levels, anyone can be taught how to play with time. You can join our discord here. Welcome to Brothers of Tarkov.
  16. Memnon2212

    To the guy I owe my life !

    I just encountered a guy on factory who spared my life and even gave me a fort amor,a shotty, and the p-91 of a dead scav.You lovely motherhugger probably wont find this,.... but know one thing if you do. I love you <3. I was on a hatchling run on factory ( no hate, I got a full stash and just wanted to see how far i can get with my axe) and got hunted by some players and a scav who shredded both of my legs. I barely escaped in to the bathrooms to patch me up. I heard suppressed gunfire from the staircase and was pretty sure that my coughing character( i ducking love this game) already exposed my position. So ,me, started to limp towards the red door to encounter my maker....he opened the door...but instead of a bloodthirsty COD kiddy ...i encountered a knight in shining armor ( fort armor, helmet, t glasses). He aimed at me . And I closed my eyes. My life was flashing before my eyes. All the love I experienced ,,, all the amazing people I met...all the achievements I reached.... but....but... I heard no gunshot....no....instead.... i heard a dull impact on the ground...a backpack...and in it ... a fort armor... I picked it up . I looked at him with tearful eyes. He just stood there, wiggeling like the true champ he was. All that i could do was wiggle back. Suddenly, i got shot by a scav through the hole in the wall and I tried to limp towards the stairs. And like the true hero he was, he simply faced the threat and shredded that bot into pieces. At that very moment i knew, i fell in love. Another scav made his appearance but this time we struck him down together, me with my p226 which I had in my gamma case and he with his silenced ak. I took the loot and we started our journey to the exit. Me limping and he covering . We arrived at the exit and both started to wiggle again,,, one last wiggle,,, one last jump,,,3 2 1 . And he was gone. I will never see him again. But i will continue his legacy. I will safe every Hatchling ps.: kappa, i will kill every single on of these annoying fuckwits hahahahha
  17. BiodecayYT

    Epicest raid story ever

    Gah! I literally Dragged my body Across the map While bleeding and legs broken To the extraction point Killing like 10 people along the way While having to constantly heal my head and entire body with bandages in mid open otherwise I was gonna die I made it and I feel accomplished I literally was hanging out with my friend Its really easy to make friends in this game half the time u get axed or shot But the other half is like a giant community of friendly tomahawk men I literally watched my friend die. And thats what made me keep going To get rid of the factory To Leave Tarkov... Forever... Best Survival story ever 2017
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